Michael’s short review of *Stubborn Attachments*

From my email, he said this was the entirety of his review:

A reflection on how to best worship humans or some form of enduring human community as a god or gods. From a religious perspective, such an approach may at first seem illusory, but an attentive reader will be left wondering how close that illusion is to the actual truth.


That is quite possibly the most beautiful and thought-provoking review I can imagine!

humans are an arrogant, self-important bunch

clinging to a piece of cosmic dust for an invisible instant in cosmic time, they see their tiny works and societies as near eternal benchmarks of the universe... and themselves as cherished pets of gods they create in their image

We don't cling.

And the rest of the universe? Do you know it to be anything other than gas and rock?

Imagine you only consider your own wellbeing to be important and consider you may live to be 500. Aiming for a safe and prosperous future for all of humanity is a good way to ensure safety and prosperity for you and your loved ones (and their loved ones and ...). The worship of a single human, yourself, could be argued to support for stubborn attachments’ theses.

Very clever. Two thumbs up.

As one long-forgotten wise man once predicted, "The important thinkers of the future will be religious thinkers."

"From a religious perspective, such an approach may at first seem illusory": satire of a high order.

You don't need to assume a 500 year life span. Just trying to maximize the happiness of yourself and your grandkids would be enough.

True. However, more and more people don't want/have children.

Michael who? This is an interesting review given Tyler's interest in transhumanists... indeed, the fact that he posted it on the blog means he may approve of this take. And why shouldn't the humans be the gods, when it is so apparent, from the beggar to the king, that we do most of the work around this place?

Michael Cancellare. I’m no transhumanist, and these are my most widely published thoughts on anything.

And where do you get your drugs?

the fundamental human limitation facing an apparent human (and the H+ Crowd) is the total absence of certainty about anything beyond the existence of the individual consciousness, Why plan and act for "the Future" when you do not even verify the past or present?
All philosophy distills to a single mystery.

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