Saturday assorted links

1. The next generation of Indian intellectuals? Is the list maybe a bit too high-falutin’?

2. How some of China’s spies operate.  And update on Chinese CRISPR patients, lots is going on here and we are seeing just the tip of it.

3. “Libraries are incredibly risk averse…”  And this bit: “We will err very much on this side of caution. We would rather not gather the information in the first place, then run the risk of holding it and losing it. And we do have to have information. With one exception, we get rid of it the moment we can. The only one exception is fines information.”

4. “Ontario Provincial Police say a seven-year-old boy called 911 to report his dissatisfaction with receiving snow pants as a Christmas gift.

5. More skepticism about carbon taxes, from Justin Gillis (NYT).

6. Scott Sumner on how to teach economics (recommended, there is much truth and wisdom in this post).

7. Top economists pick the best research papers of the year.


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