Friday assorted links

1. “Examining explanations for the rise of in-and-outs [labor force participation], I find little evidence to suggest that changes in labor demand are responsible.”  Other interesting papers at the same link, such as: “Overall, our findings suggest that there is no simple causal relationship between economic conditions and the abuse of opioids.”  And opioids actually seem to boost labor force participation of women.

2. “…we find no evidence that mothers’ education reduces their support for FGC.”

3. “Contrary to other groups, internet searches and reported cases of arrest-related deaths have a strong negative well-being effect within the Black community that can explain up to half the Black-White [well-being] decline after 2013.

4. Profile of Elizabeth Anderson (New Yorker).

5. Arnold Kling annotates Cowen, Andreessen, and Horowitz.

6. What happened to 90s environmentalism?

7. Spiders can fly hundreds of miles using electricity.


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