A new Emergent Ventures tranche

I am pleased to announce a new and special tranche of the Emergent Ventures project at Mercatus.  I describe it as a new allocation of funds specially dedicated to:

“advancing humane solutions to those facing adversity – based on tolerance, universality, and cooperative processes”

So if you have a relevant project along these lines, I would very much encourage you to apply.  The rest of Emergent Ventures will continue to operate as before.


I face adversity based on tolerance, universality, and cooperative processes. If it weren't for tolerance, universality, and cooperative processes I wouldn't be living in a one-bedroom apartment in a Mexican neighborhood paying $850/month in child support while adjuncting six classes in the coming semester.

We thought that it was a court that was responsible for the $850/month in child support. And though American courts do claim a certain amount of universality, they have never been particularly noted for their tolerance nor cooperative processes when it comes to making judgments based on the law.

As C. Dickens once said: "The law is a [sic] ASS".

Google Vincent Chin, a Chinese-American killed in Detroit in the early 1980s by white rednecks, as they thought he was a Japanese auto worker stealing their jobs (!), and they got a suspended sentence with no jail time (but one of the two had a judgment in civil damages in the millions that were never paid off and he's still under garnishment and a lien). The judge felt the men were not criminals deserving jail time, just men who made an error in judgment. V. Chin's death however was not entirely in vain, it started the laws written for hate crimes.

"hate crimes" is a brainless category. They murdered a man: hang the bastards and leave the law alone.

And, given what happened, hang the judge as well.


Life is hard; is even harder when you're stupid. - Donald Trump Jr.

Not when you have a sweet ride and a nice pad.


Why don't you try harder to improve your situation? It's pretty obvious to everyone reading your comment.

'Emergent Ventures project at Mercatus'

Wonder where the suggestion to be more accurate is describing the project came from.

Nothing wrong with giving the team behind all those moon shots credit.

“advancing humane solutions to those facing adversity – based on tolerance, universality, and cooperative processes”

I'd rather see humane solutions based on effectiveness, particularity, and the milk of human kindness.

Why not a project for those facing good luck and privilege. Maybe it gives more bang for the buck as those with adversities seem to be receiving constant attention already.

This will add liberal street cred to the project. Just need LeBron James to be the evaluator of proposals.

Lebron is too busy losing with the Lakers. If Tyler wants liberal street cred, he should do a collab with AOC. That will make everyone's head here explode. Maybe yours too.

Agreed. It is unacceptable in 2019 to have any selection committee that is only old white men.

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There's a foundation in Finland working to "diminish social inequality and exclusion of children, youth and families" by using modern approaches. Info at https://www.mesaatio.fi/in-english/

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