You still underestimate YouTube

Birmingham was brought to a standstill on Saturday, with motorists abandoning cars and the city gridlocked for hours after thousands of teenagers flooded the city centre to see a 19-year-old YouTuber make a 30-second public appearance at a cosmetics store.

Many shoppers were forced to cancel their trips, while parts of the bus network ground to a halt and road traffic was at a standstill, as fans hoped to catch a glimpse of James Charles, who is known for his online makeup guides.

Here is the full story, via Anecdotal.


A teenage male make-up vlogger? Not sure youtube is the story here, Tyler.

Let's see there is fat shaming and then there is crazy displaying. This is a mental health issue and doesn't say anything good about millennials.

Girls like boys and girls like makeup (well, at least lots of girls do), therefore a good looking teenage male make-up vlogger will tend to become very popular among girls. What is the mental health issue? The fact that he chose to not strictly follow prescribed gender roles by anglo-saxon culutre?

I consider it a bit odd. I like girls and I like lifting weights, but I do not have any special desire for a girl who lifts weights. Quite the opposite.

You think it is odd that girls do not share your sexual preferences?

Quite the opposite

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And your preferences are relevant here because......?

Quite obviously a lot of people disagree with you. Can you provide any reasons why your preferences should be given special status over and above the preferences of those who are taking the actions in question?

As an aside, some of the drive may not be sexual. It may be that this guy is simply that good. We don't know the reasoning behind why people went to see this, and psychoanalysis of strangers based on a single fact is, to say the least, problematic.

Well, a lot of makeup artists are male, right? And hairdressers... etc.?

Let me guess you are offended that a MAN is famous for giving makeup advice. Why can't a man be good at something like that? It is deeply sexist to think otherwise. Is this toxic masculinity to you?

not sure MAN is the word you're looking for

You are all missing the point. YouTube is a game changer like the printing press. We are witnessing the democratization of the media, at least until Google puts it's big tyrannical thumb on the scale.

The printing press allowed Martin Luther to get his message out, which ended up loosening the grip of the Catholic Church, launched a series of bloody wars in the Reformation, and created the modern nation state.

In colonial New England, the printing and distribution of treasonous political pamphlets helped fuel the revolution that led to the Constitution.

Up until the advent of YouTube, big media companies, and many small ones, had a death grip on news and culture. Not anymore. My son's generation get almost all their content - music, news, commentary, diy, how-to, etc from YouTube, and unless Google interferes, and I think they will, there is no Central control.

This is an interesting time for us old guys - I am 65 yo - because we are living in the transition. I have gone all in on YouTube - I subscribe to Amazon Prime and Netflix but almost never watch either. I cut the cable long ago, so I do not see any network content.

In contrast, my best friend for more than 50 years is technologically illiterate. Never goes online, doesn't know how, has never watched YouTube, and still uses rabbit ears to watch 3 network channels. He also likes to listen to talk radio, which is a shadow of it's former self. I miss talk radio and local news

Consider the impact of YouTube in the creation of modern media stars that never would have passed through the left-wing controlled media outlets - Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, et al.

It's amazing!

Rene Girard was brilliant.

mankind as hamlet, the power of harmonica, the governed as children as in a Polish diplomacy, "during the intervals of our destiny (nabakov) , so what is the wish fulfillment?" Absurd!

Schroeder (to Lucy): Beethoven was brilliant.
Lucy: He was?
Schroeder: The first time I heard his piano sonatas I got the chills from his brilliance, I had to stay home from school the next day because I got a cold.
Lucy: If he is so brilliant why does he not have his picture on a trading card? Huh?
Schroeder: (blank stare of incomprehension)

(that is from memory, I have slightly misquoted the actual 4-panel comic strip, circa 1955-1965).

Once when I was in kindergarten, and I was kind of scared of toys and rebuffed by the aquarious zone, I settled on the beads and threads, and I grew an affinity for infinity, and it was scary.

Infinity is not scary at all, the false news about Cantor is just that - false news.

I will tell you what is scary -----
no actually I won't/

I have friends who have taken care of all the scary stuff,
so there is no need for you to worry about all that,

Just be kind and good and follow the words of God, who teaches us that nothing is more important than being a friend to those in need (it is no small thing to be a friend to a creature who never had a friend in this world) and you'll be fine.

It might be time to bring back Marshall McLuhan.

#1 I think that the whole demonetizing/content crisis of late has shown that Youtube really is the only game in town. You can go "off-ad". Fine. You and several other tubers can walk away. Fine. You can go and create your own aggregator. Fine. The views are not there. It's still hard to believe - for an advertising company - I watch 95% of their content with no advertising and 5% with while I turn off the sound and hit "skip" in 5 seconds. If "I'm the product" I'm a very poor revenue source for youtube.

#2 Those girls are getting make-up tips and pointers on how and what's attractive from a boy. Boys acting like girls. Boys "being" girls. Boys dominating and appropriating female activities and spaces and girls letting them and boys "winning". Maybe there is no "war on boys" and that boys aren't losing, maybe it's that women suck at everything.

#3 That video is so "Hunger Games" it's not even funny. Welcome to the soft-dystopia.

#4 The look on that guard is priceless. Yes dude...the world got pulled from under feet while you weren't looking....

#1 This is all true for me as well but it was also true for me as a TV watcher. Maybe we are not the majority here? Idk. I do think the whole advertisement model (not just for you tube but for all media, analog and digital) seems very weak and hard to measure. But I guess that is the only game in town, so companies feel like they have no other option

"...seems very weak and hard to measure."

I'm starting to get the idea this is the whole point (for the advertising model...not just youtube). The model is to make it up as they go along. Inflate here, deflate there. Fake views here and dash of fake profiles and upvotes over there. None of this is real.

Isn't the old saw something like "only half of advertising spending works, the problem is no one knows which half"

As a moderate Eisenhower Republican...

This man is the epitome of a white racist misogynistic Trump supporting monster. Or...

Let’s see:

Makes extremely misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, and racist commentary. He’s terrified of a queer teen sexual male making cosmetic videos?

How much of a repressed gay dude are you? A queer teen making cosmetic videos on YouTube prompts an invasion of Poland scenario.

This is a safe space....

You are so SF Bay Area. Do you live in Berkeley?

You are a caricature of a human being, captivated by a set of silly ideas.

Have you considered that this might literally be a caricature?

"None of this is real."
What's real is the cold hard cash money that you can put in the bank. All those unemployed coal miners need to learn how to apply some amazing eyeshadow and lip gloss fast. The economy demands it.

YouTube also has revenue from direct sales. You can pay YouTube for no ads and their special music content. They also get a percentage on super-chats donations, patron special videos and also video sales for movies and special content.

"Maybe there is no "war on boys" and that boys aren't losing, maybe it's that women suck at everything."

We feel your pain.

"Those girls are getting make-up tips and pointers on how and what's attractive from a boy."
Boys probably have a better insight on what they think is attractive than girls or middle age whinners.

Clearly his ex-wives sucked at picking a husband.

My girlfriends would disagree with you.

Presuming they are women, they suck at everything, so not sure how much weight to give their opinion. You sound really secure in yourself though.

My girlfriends don't suck everything, just me, quite well in fact. Thanks!

I hope they are better than you at projecting self-confidence. Having settled for you, I have my doubts.

This thread is prime for deleting, unless Tyler is actually trolling this sort of foolishness from his audience.

W even TF man.

I suspect you're correct. Even Ray has stopped talking about his young escort.

Redeeming value in archiving for the ages the nonplussed bafflement of msgkings when confronted with the idea that a man can be critical and gently mocking towards women while still having good success with wives and girlfriends?

("Bbbbbbut men who don't have relationships must because they're mean to women and don't understand them as people who are just like they are." No, silly.)

The incels are getting funnier and funnier.

"They felt like... bags of sand..."

"gently mocking" LOL

Here let's try this: guys like M have trouble finding a romantic partner because they suck at everything. Was that gentle?

"finding a romantic partner"

You sound gay, dude.
You know that right?

Maybe I am, so what? Not sure what's gay about that phrase. Not like I said "oh my god did you see what Babs Streisand was wearing at the Emmy's??"

EverExtruder, your fleshlight doesn't count as a girlfriend.


Economists will say the sudden stop was due to bad monetary policy and be confused for 80 years. Someone name Friedman will study the monetary history of the USA and find that a bank error in the small town caused everyone to leave their cars parked in the middle of the street. A bunch of MIT nitwits will then invent a theory that manipulating the money supply can change the frequency at which people exit and enter their cars.

Will all be incredibly more stupid for 80 years.

I notice the insider stuff was not noticed in the comments, hence my response.

This post is all about why, after 80 years, only one economist lady from Berkeley PHD actually asked, why did folks suddenly stop in 1929.

This is behind the scenes in economics right now. Economists, via shrewed DSG analysis, discovered that folks suddenly stopped in 1929 for exactly the same reason, a radio star was down town selling couches and traffic jammed, exactly and precisely like this episode, and it happen in every large city at the same time and a depression resulted.

Economists are just now discovering this after 80 years of blundering in the wilderness.

It's pretty amazing for a website and service that may or may not actually be profitable for Alphabet and Google (the fact that they're not boasting public figures bragging about its profitability suggests profit margins on Youtube are slim to none).

How do I put have no idea what you are talking about.

Gonna have to be more specific than a vague drive-by comment.

What, you refuse to accept that msgkings (or an impersonation - at this point, the MR comments section has become a playground filled with fakes) is an expert on whatever he claims to be an expert on merely because he says so?

After all, most people here are far too intelligent to actually provide information or links to back up whatever they say.

Who is "you?" I don't underestimate YouTube. But I do think people overestimate Netflix. Get Z watches one and not the other.

Netflix is a profit centre, YouTube is a... God knows, but not profitable. Presumably it is a loss leader for Google, a cheap offering to prevent consumers from using a different company.

Netflix is something like 12B in debt, and just borrowed more to keep going

Sure, Netflix is profitable but debt-financed. YouTube would be in even more debt were it not owned by Google, but it probably can't make a profit.

In 2018, Netflix earned $1.211 billion on $15.8 billion in revenue

In 2018 YouTube is estimated to have brought in $15 billion of revenue, but Google doesn't break out its specific profits

The problem is that netflix capitalizes its show production but in practice it is a recurring cost of business.

I guess they can ascribe production over several years. e.g. I think they show a lot of "Friends", 20 years later. If they can repeat that, pretty good.

Well, you certainly put Brett 'you have no idea what you are talking about' in his place, after he wrote 'a website and service that may or may not actually be profitable for Alphabet and Google....'

Clearly, he knows far less than you in this subject, as seen by the precise information you provide in writing about an estimated '$15 billion of revenue but Google doesn't break out its specific profits.'

Estimated and no actual profit figure - yep, that certainly is convincing, and a fine example of how to put things.

I used to underestimate Brahms until I heard he liked, after the sardines in the tin had been eaten, to finish off the meal by drinking the left-over liquid.

That, I then said to myself, is a real composer, a real artist.

For years afterwards, I overlooked so much - his failure to understand that he was not as simpatico as he though with the more mellow woodwinds, on the one hand, his clear understanding, on the other hand, that he could only do so much (but so so much!, to be fair) with the tympani.

So now, some days I underestimate Brahms, somedays I overestimate him, but on the astronomically rare occasions when I am asked, Aimez-vous Brahms? ...
on those rare occasions I always have something useful to say, although to be honest the tympanists and the woodwind players, in this world I am describing, would really really want me to underestimate Brahms, so that they could demonstrate Musically Honest Memory (which reminds me of Esperance, known as Esperanza in her family home but simply Suzy to me, Suzy with the kind and sad but laughing eyes and smile, who sent me the nicest ever cards that one winter when I was working in Alaska as a seasonal worker).

Not everything I say necessarily makes sense but this does: it is one thing to write "well" for woodwinds it is something else to charm not only the music lovers in the audience at the Summer Hall of music, but to also charm the jaded monkeys (who danced for a living , on those sunny old world sidewalks, to the tunes of an organ grinder's dance rhythms), who were allowed, despite being actual monkeys, to attend the concert, and even to sit next to their business partners, and who did not expect to be so charmed by the music of this "Brahms" of whom, on the bright dusty sidewalks, they had heard so little.

3 footnotes - Brahms was a rejected name for a famous startup,

thought was misspelled on purpose in the third line

Khodasevich first described at least one of the monkeys

I still remember, later that night - this was back in the 90s - in a deserted downtown park near the center of a Balkan city you all know, me and some temporary friends sitting on the empty benches, playing a card game - some odd foreign cousin of poker - I Remember (Memini), me and my three Serb friends were playing cards, while their monkeys, all three of them, were sitting cross-legged, as monkeys sometimes do, on the edge of the little cone of light provided by our one obsolete parrafin lamp; their eyes were dark and bright but their little gold vests were more honey colored than gold in the night ---- I remember how they seemed preternaturally quiet, and lacked their eternal self confidence, and how they even seemed a little dazed, and I asked what was different about the monkeys, and the youngest of the Serbs, not as good at keeping secrets as the older ones, said that they had heard, just that afternoon, for the first time, Brahms.

I got a postcard from one of them last year (from one of the Serbs, not one of the monkeys). (thanking me for good investment advice).

For the record I estimate Youtube rightly, I reckon.

"how they even seemed albeit happy a little dazed"
(that is my one revision to my previous post)

all day long the people of Israel listened as the guardians of the watchtower - Nehemiah named a few of them - read out the law

the beautiful law

look you might read this and think "why should I care about these words, which are really not any different from so many other words I have heard, on so many subjects, so many words that are clearly just "persuasion attempt", so many words that are just "counterfeit wisdom" at the going rate for "counterfeit wisdom"

I really did see those monkeys, dazed but happy

and you too have seen something like that

there are not many of us, humans who are creatures of God

and we all have seen or felt or understood so much that is eternally true.

So you saw something different, having nothing to do with monkeys, or comfortable July Balkan nights in lonely parks, or with musicians of any kind, humankind or monkeykind: but for God's sake, I saw the monkeys, reflecting on the Brahms that they had heard earlier that afternoon, in the Summer Hall, hear the end of the afternoon on that end of the century day.

That being said, let me say this one more time ------- the monkeys, in their charming little golden vests, musing on the melodic lines they had earlier heard in their monkey hearts at the concert at the Summer Hall, earlier that day, musing, as I said, on the melodic lines played by a woodwind section among whom quite a few of the fortunate musicians were students of students of musicians who had been friends of friends of Brahms - I saw those monkeys, and smiled at them as they looked at me, with friendship in their eyes ----- (I too am a friend of a friend of a student of Brahms, not that such a thing means anything except that I know what friendship can do when time tries to oppose it .....)

and you no matter who you are can say something almost as good, something almost the same.

look, I understand infinity, but even if a near infinite number of people will have read this one day, there are not likely to be more than a few dozen who have ever seen anything really similar to what I saw, that night in that Balkan park, under the summer stars and constellations, when I looked over at the unusually quiet and thoughtful and friendly monkeys, when I looked at God's creatures, in the form of monkeys, reflecting on the great hope we all have of one day understanding that God loves us all, as a friend loves a friend, and - to switch from the reflections that the monkeys were reflecting on to something that is more like something that I think about - you know, crime, even "legal crimes" (gas lighting, mocking a friend or sibling, lying to someone who does not expect to be lied to) is a bad choice and selfishness is a bad choice and that anything less than replying to God's invitation to be kind and brave and anti-badness with a full heart is a bad choice, too,

and you no matter who you are can say something almost as good, something almost the same

almost the same but better

if you understood what I said please do not reply, say something as important to someone you care about, or better yet to someone you have not cared about yet

if you did not understand, please do not reply, nobody wants to listen to an ignorant take on a speech they did not understand

feel free to come back in a few years and try again at understanding

if you had seen the look on the faces of those monkeys - so dazed and yet so happy, and so full of hope - you would understand

God loves us all

Follow the links on that story...

A teenager believed to be the YouTube star McSkillet is reported to be one of three people killed in a head-on collision on a motorway in San Diego.

An 18-year-old man drove his McLaren 650S supercar in the wrong direction down the I-805 motorway in San Diego on Friday afternoon. He collided with a Hyundai driven by a 43-year-old woman who was with her 12-year-old daughter. All three died in the crash, while another was injured and taken to hospital, local media reported.

My niece's bf is a professional Fortnite player. They don't need to cash my checks. Okay by me.

Does Tyler really want us to talk about youtube? Joan Crawford was supposedly a gay icon, now a boy who aims to look like Joan Crawford is an icon for teenaged girls, some of whom may indeed have crushes on him. Young girls don't necessarily know ... what's what when choosing their heartthrobs. I myself was once dropped off at a distant mall to meet Broadway dancer Tommy Tune, whom you'll not have heard of. I had seen "My One and Only" and was perfectly enraptured with him. Of course, Gershwin may have had something to do with it.

Another, almost certainly male opinionator on what girls want. Why would you even think that very young girls, children really, aspire to engage in a carnal relationship with a young and openly gay man. Really. They probably like his make-up and think he is attractive, without wanting to engage in a non-consensual carnal relationship with him, while they are young teenagers. Seriously.

Not sure where the "carnal relationship" (non-consensual?) would possibly come into it, but your experience of being a girl is limited if you've no notion how we obsessively pine (romantically, not carnally) for our silly crushes, even to the point of tears. Caitlin Flanagin's "Girl Land" is a good guide, though I don't think the subject is of terribly great interest.

Do you think peri is a guy?

I already thought of YouTube as completely world changing, but I don't think its greatest impact will be with a new type of pop star. I think that will still come from a changed relationship to knowledge. Like Wikipedia, YouTube is an immense library that is always there and instantly available to answer specific questions like how to tie a tie.

If I recall correctly, a "how to tie a tie" guy was the first one to stumble onto high returns from YouTube's suggestion system. I'm not sure this is the same guy, but pulling 50 million views, he's not doing bad.

It's the makeup, stupid.

AOC gets it:

Isn't that also "how to tie a tie?"

Or the girls and their "try on" videos, the boys and game strategy.

I have been arguing for about a year that the most influential media person in the world is Pewdiepie. God help us when these kids decide to get involved in politics...

They'll NEVER get off your lawn then.

If Tyler put his appearances on YouTube, he could similarly shut down a whole Korean restaurant in Annandale.

Thread winner.

I'd only add, maybe he should be giving makeup tips.

Where is Thiago Ribeiro to say (with good reason): Is this what America has become...Sad!

If you are curious, having watched him long before this story, this person's appeal to girls is more like that of a Kardashian than a pop star.

I am not sure that YouTube benefits in the same way as other internet brands from network effects. It seems easier to find videos via search engines than by following YouTube recommendations for instance.

Anyone with kids roughly 8-20 years of age does NOT underestimate Youtube.

I’m rubbing my eye balls with 180 grit sandpaper, Tyler. Curse you. Curse you.

YouTube specifically, or just user-generated video content generally? I.e., is platform important or is content important in your analysis?


That is all.

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