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5. PR stunt for Netflix show or something

What I like about Netflix is that it doesn't recommend crap videos like "Watch Ben Shapiro Destroy With Reckless Abandon a Transgendered Antifa Feminist" that Youtube forces on me.

Zoro criticises clickbait - Instantly Regrets It.

You won't believe what these Marginal Revolution commentators look like now.

Tyler Cowen's net worth left his fans speechless.

Mercatus Centre doesn't want you to know about this weird budget trick (try it today).

Heartbreaking economist photos seconds before financial disaster

Paul Krugman finds secret method to regrow lost credibility in [your area].

Attractive special interest groups want to meet lawmakers over 40 in [your area].

Alex Tabarrok shows how to get US visa easy (it really works!)

1. Its much nicer when a young, cute Japanese woman like Marie tells you to clean your room than when a cranky, old white guy like Jordan Peterson tells you the same. The fact that she is not a culture warrior is a plus. Why does everything have to be politics? I just want a clean room.

It is different. The arrogant Japanese regime wants world conquest.

We live in dangerous times. If either Marie or Jordan takes over America, you guys are next - 10 million clean rooms in Brazil.

This ain't no joke! This is serious, man!

I am talking about cultural imperialism? Have you noticed how anime (Japanese animation) is popular right now? Do you think it is a coincidence? Or is it part of patient, clever manipulation by the Japanese regime to enslave the West? Have you notice that schools talk about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but barely (if at all) mention the Japanese atrocities?! It is not coincidence.

Actually, concern about American behavior towards the Japanese (or Japanese Americans) during World War II is largely fading from school curricula. More recent Asian immigrants have been predominantly Chinese and Korean, and they hate the Japanese with a deathless passion. See this funny story.

The same is happening in Brazil. The former Japanese neighborhoods are being swalled by the Chinese and the Koreans. All things considered, it is good. But still, the Japanese propagands machine keeps its publicity offensive aginst the West. Anime, manga, J-Pop, Japanese exports, Japanese Olympic Games, sushi, whinning and more whinning about internment camos and Hiroshima, etc. Let us make no mistake: they hate us and want to enslave us. Nothing but nuclear annihilation can stop them now. It is a time for action.

You know, I never had an opinion about Brazil as an ignorant American but visiting this blog a few times and all of a sudden if someone mentions Brazil I immediately think of your comments about the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Indians that you hate so much and I immediately feel instinctive revulsion towards Brazil. Think hard if your brand of trolling is a good use of time or not. Peace

Thinking is not really in this guy's portfolio.

So that is it. Brazil must remain silent and be destroyed lest foreigners whine.

No that is not it. What it is is you are such a racist idiot that instead of gathering sympathy and support for Brazil you actually turn people against it. Which might in fact be your goal all along. You are probably Argentinian.

I prefer Japanese entertainment exports over the degenerate crap Hollywood produces any day of the week. No one is being enslaved. Charmed is a better word. BTW, what's happened to Brazil? You gave the world samba and bossa nova but not much since. Japan OTOH is evergreen, they can reinvent themselves. Brazil is lost trying to find itself.

Japanese media is fascist and decadent.

That Kondo show is so stupid. I watched part of an episode last night. You're supposed to say 'thank you' and kiss goodbye to your old shirt before throwing it out for all the hard work. And it's not like there aren't other shows doing the same. Anybody can throw out shit.

My point exactly. Japan intends to control Americans' minds.

I'd rather be controlled by Japan than Brazil. They seem to know what they are doing. Can't say the same about fascist Brazil.

Brazil is not fascist. Brazil is the world's second most populous democracy. Brazil is implement radical reforms at neckbreaking speed. I thank you President Captain Bolsonaro for his leadership.

Japan is clean. Brazil is a sh*thole country Trump told us it would be.

Not true at all. President Trump praised Brazil's new leadership.

Yvette Cooper can fuck off and die in the gutter.

John Rentoul is the last remaining Blairite on the planet. I don't think he is considered an "independent" source. But maybe the details are wrong but probably this is what will finally be agreed - some kind of an extension of the current deal while a new deal is negotiated. The main stumbling block will be the EU. If they continue to signal no-negotiation then the hard Brexit option looks more likely.

When I got divorced, I got rid of about 10 years of junk my wife and I had accumulated. Most liberating thing I've ever done. Taught me the truth in the axiom that the more things you own, the more things own you.

And don't forget, "He who laughs last, laughs best." That's another good one.

The cheap clothing store story is interesting; there is currently a meme that second hand clothing should not be exported to developing countries because that "kills" their local industries preventing them from developing. Of course this is silly nonsense, the benefits of getting free stuff far outweigh any developmental learning. Which brings me to the Ethiopian Airlines link. If there was a free market in Air Services no purely national airline would exist. It is true that there are some Ethiopian pilots and maintainence technicians getting good jobs, but nowhere in the article does it talk about opportunity cost of all the capital invested in the airline by the state, and the cost of the protectionism to allow the airline to survive. Development economics and thinking still seems to be at the simplest level unfortunately.

3. Too clever by half (especially considering the shambolic political leadership on all sides).

The EU's political leadership seems to be doing OK representing the EU - assuming that is what you meant by 'all sides.' Admittedly, a lot of the time, people in the UK seem to forget there are two sides involved when it comes to Brexit, and one of those sides seems to be preparing for a no deal Brexit. Oddly enough, it is not the side that decided to leave the EU, yet still thinks they are in control.

As noted by this passage - 'It could lead to parliament being forced to make a straight choice between Theresa May’s deal and postponing Brexit in order to hold a new referendum.' Parliament cannot decide to postpone Brexit unilaterally.

As noted in this very recent Post article - 'Amid the chaos following the British Parliament’s historic rejection of a plan for the country’s orderly withdrawal from the European Union, British lawmakers increasingly feel they will need to ask to extend their impending departure deadline — and that E.U. leaders will give them what they want.

The idea is splashed across British tabloid headlines. The London commentariat takes it as a given. Hard-line advocates of the divorce from the European Union say it would be a catastrophic mistake — but even they seem to expect it will happen.

The only problem? The remaining 27 E.U. nations are not sure they are willing to give Britain a break, according to diplomats involved in the discussions — and any reprieve requires their unanimous approval.

The misalignment in views means that the risk of an accidental and chaotic no-deal Brexit on March 29 is increasing, according to diplomats and analysts in Brussels. (Most analysts in London, who have faith some solution can be worked out, don’t think there’s a problem.)'

And yes, the article notes what the EU leadership has said in the past - 'That would mean asking the EU to postpone the UK’s departure until the end of this year – and EU leaders have said they would agree to an extension if it were to hold another referendum.' The problem is, the EU is getting tired of the British being completely unable to demonstrate that anyone is in control of the UK Brexit strategy, much less in control of the actual details. Simply leaving solves the EU's problem in this regard, even if it would be painful for the EU once the UK starts enjoying all the benefits and privileges of being a non-member of the EU.

Which ties together with this headline - '
Voters less likely to back Labour with 'stop Brexit' policy, leaked poll suggests

Unreleased poll for group backing second referendum finds almost a third would be less likely to back party'

Seems like the UK wants an amicable divorce and the EU is hellbent to make it as painful as possible. There are two sides, and one's being an @ss.

'Seems like the UK wants an amicable divorce'

Well, if by amicable it means that the British get to pick and choose whatever they want, sure. They want to be in the common market, but without free movement, they want to be in the common market but make their own trade deals, etc. The EU rejects this, unsurprisingly, especially as it is the British that decided to enjoy all the benefits and privileges of being a non-member of the EU.

'and the EU is hellbent to make it as painful as possible'

And how is the EU doing that? Till now (and we are talking more than 2 years), the EU has been asking what a future non-member of the EU wants, with that non-member not being able to deliver an answer. With the clock ticking the entire time. At this point, it appears the EU is actually more prepared for the UK crashing out of the EU than the UK is. Which while that may not be exactly what the British expected when they voted to leave, it is exactly the result of their voting to leave the EU. The British are in charge of their exit, not the EU.

Well, no one in the UK actually seems to be in charge, but it is pretty hard to blame Brussels for that one, though some people still seem to keep trying.

Just tell the f**ckers in Brussels you're leaving. No need for any of this folderol. If the Spanish government wants to be a prick to British expats, that's regrettable, but they'll ultimately be better off in a flat near their children or near their shirt-tails.

Indeed, the current proposal has been too widely exposed as worse than hard Brexit to think it can be saved. And it's difficult to see political success in arguing, "the EU is willing to inflict maximum harm on the British people in order to get its way, so BrItain should stay tied to the EU forever." Cut the cord and move on.

'Indeed, the current proposal has been too widely exposed as worse than hard Brexit'

Well, the current deal is certainly not the one the Brexiters expected that German car makers would tell Merkel to make, just one of a string of amusing Brexiter delusions.

'the EU is willing to inflict maximum harm on the British people'

The British voted to leave the EU, and will on March 29. How this has anything to do with the EU 'inflicting' anything requires an amazing ability to blame the UK taking back control on the EU.

The UK voted to enjoy all the benefits and privileges of being a non-member of the EU, and it looks like that is precisely what the UK will get. But considering how long much of the British press has blamed Brussels for all and any British woes, it is not a surprise to see the old habit of blaming the EU for everything dies hard.

You're missing the point.
Economics and social values should not be intertwined nor be the conditions of the success or implementation of the other.
If a country wants to be racist, culturally-isolationist, xenophobic, and wallow in its own mis-interpretation of its value in the world, who cares? Trade is not supposed to make the world a better place, but simply provide commodities, services, and otherwise enable the values of those who receive the trade. The world needs a lot less moralizing.

Actually, you seem to be missing the point why the EU exists, which is not 'Trade is not supposed to make the world a better place' but instead that trade among EU members is likely be an effective way to prevent war among EU members.

Of course, we are talking about Europe, and nothing last forever, so one can assume that the Europeans will return to their traditional slaughtering form at some point (the Yugoslavia break-up is just two decades ago). A point at which those leading the wars will not be caring about providing 'commodities, services, and otherwise enable the values of those who receive the trade.'

NATO (and behind it, the benevolent military might of the US) is what has prevented Western European countries to make war between each other for the longest period since the end of the Roman Empire. EU came after this period had well begun, when countries reassured by the perspective of peace could begin talking about commerce, cultural exchange, free circulation of persons and capitals, etc.

People are right here to say that UE bureaucrats have been trying to punish UK for leaving, for UE internal political reasons (namely, to frighten other countries that may want to leave), instead of searching the best agreement for both parties. An incontestable evidence for that is that the UE asked the UK to pay its contribution to Europe budget up to the end of 2020, not up to the effective Brexit date, before UE agreed to negotiate any other points. This means an "exit fee" close to $30 billion. And this was in the deal that was, no surprise, trounced in UK parliament.

No deal Brexit is the best option, for UK specifically I don't know, but certainly for a free and democratic Europe. Once again, we free Europeans have to rely on UK's fortitude to choose a "no deal" in our best interests.

Sorry, EU and not UE. I reverted inadvertently to the French word order in the seance paragraph.

The UK has agreed to leave. We don’t begrudge them. We just wish they would leave and be done with it.

The circus around the whole process is quite unbecoming of Europe, and the Anglos have more than proven their inability to assimilate.

Free trade means open borders. We have been adamant about this from the start. Free trade also necessitates a forced distribution of refugees to London. Free trade also necessitates the illegality of one country producing products that have an “historical affinity” to a locale. Germany might want to move its refugees to london and mass murder juden untermensch, but we will not acquiesce to an Anglo Saxon producing bratwurst and selling it in our markets. Trademarks must be preserved, and local products must have a monopoly unquestioned by “capitalist juden.”

Deutschland will not bow to a financialist capitalist country and you will be destroyed!

Obligatory Wikipedia bullshit.

"the Europeans will return to their traditional slaughtering form at some point"

I usually don't read your comments because they are so numerous and so long. But I do agree with this. I think Europeans are forgetting how things can quickly fall apart when there isn't a conscious effort to remain engaged. GP might not like the moralising but war and conflict ends up being a moral question that it is forced onto your door step at its own time and choosing.

'Just tell the f**ckers in Brussels you're leaving.'

They already did, and that is what is going to happen on March 29th, unless the British do something.

I guess I've been spoiled by too much quality TV-watching: I expected more from the "bizarre turn of events" teaser.

#3...Yes. The EU Crisis left the "bizarre turn of events" description behind years ago.

Not sure how to put this to you, but at least in Germany, Brexit is a more or less entertaining sideshow by now, leaving one laughing and crying in turns concerning what has happened to the UK. It is not considered a crisis, though it will likely cause problems with a no-deal exit - which seems to be the current expectation. Basically, the only way for Brexit to not happen on March 29 is for the British to actually do something which would then require a response from the EU. Or for the British to revoke article 50, which I think we can all agree is quite unlikely, as that and a no deal exit are the only two things that do not require approval by the EU.

#4 the route looks too much like the one someone finished a couple years ago. In reading that one's details, it turned out that the "walk" included detours by car (or was it bus & train?), boat and plane. Some countries denied him entry, others were just too damn dangerous, I mean seriously life-threatening (guess what the predator species was). I googled it, because 22k km didn't seem even to be in the ball park of the world record. Meegan walked 30k km over 5k days, so no TC, not even close.

In addition, there's a chunk of the Red Sea he'd either have to take the ferry, swim through, or go full Moses.

Canals aren't counted against?

@ #2 - How Ethiopian Airlines supposedly 'did it': the 'white paper' is nothing more than a glorified Powerpoint that whitewashes the fact that between 1946-1953, Ethiopian Airlines was nothing more than TWA rebranded. (Wikipedia): " After the liberation of Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie I asked the United States, the United Kingdom, and France to help him to establish an airline as part of his modernization effort.[12] According to the BBC News it is possible that the Emperor intended the creation of a quality national airline to help dispel impressions of Ethiopian poverty.[13] In 1945, the Ethiopian government began negotiations with both Transcontinental Air Transport and Western Air Express (later merged into TWA). On 8 September 1945, TWA signed an agreement with the American historian and foreign affairs advisor to Ethiopia John H. Spencer to establish a commercial aviation company in Ethiopia.[14] The carrier, originally called Ethiopian Air Lines (EAL),[15] was founded on 21 December 1945,[16][17] with an initial investment of ETB 2,5 million,[18] divided in 25,000 shares that were entirely held by the government.[19] The company was financed by the Ethiopian government but managed by TWA. At the beginning, it relied upon American pilots, technicians, administrators and accountants; even its General Managers were from TWA."

Apparently, in 1953, Ethiopian Airlines asked TWA to do a tech transfer so more Ethiopian pilots could fly, but it's not clear how many of these pilots ended up flying and when.

For safety, Wikipedia says it's a safe airline by African standards, with a mere: "According to the Aviation Safety Network records for Ethiopian Airlines, the airline has had 60 accidents and incidents since 1965, plus six more for Ethiopian Air Lines, the airline's former name. As of January 2013, these occurrences resulted in 337 deaths. One hijacking is the carrier's deadliest accident, when the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean due to fuel starvation in 1996. ...Despite this, Ethiopian Airlines has a good safety reputation, in contrast to other African airlines". I've seen some people claim the 1996 ocean landing was incompetently done by the pilot (albeit he had a gun pointed at his head), another saying this landing was deadly since the passengers insisted on inflating their life preservers inside the airline (which caused them unable to escape properly, and probably a lot of them did not know how to swim, very common in Africa and many Third World countries including the Philippines), and another version said the 1996 pilot was a hero, under the circumstances.

I'd fly them. Then again, I've flown Aeroflot in a rickety Soviet era plane in Cuba.

Thrift stores sprung and boomed during the Obama stagnation, but for some reason they started petering out about two years ago. Weird.

Weird? Seems like a perfectly normal life cycle arc for fads, and for pent up turnover on a new market space, and for the supply and demand overall.

At one point my little town had like five or six stores all at once. Thats one store per thousand people

That cycle seems quite similar to Macklemore's fortunes.

See the other post. Pay day loans and pawnshops are back in style thanks to Trump.

Interesting. Thrift stores close down when they don't receive enough donations. Paycheck loans and pawn stores are popular when people have short term cashflow problems. Put 2 and 2 together, the picture doesn't look good for the average person.

For those of you with aging parents, let me tell you right now that 99% of their treasured stuff is going in a dumpster. There is no market for overstuffed antique furniture, silver plate services they got as a wedding gift, or the collection of blown glass figurines. Nor for tools, picture frames, throw pillows, chain saw art wildlife, hard back novels. None of it

Going. In. A. Dumpster

There is always a market for professional quality tools, but a lot of people in the U.S. are likely unaware of what that means in several senses.

As for silver plate - depends on what you mean by 'silver plate.' Silver is still worth selling, at least if the amount involved is measured in more than 1/10s of an ounce.

Yup. Quality tools, legit silver, legit precious jewelry, top shelf sports collectibles, and any name recognized art work. Those are the only things worth segregating.

And you will still be disappointed by how little they are worth.

@McMike - And where do you think the dumpster contents go to? The Philippines. I can't tell you how much junk from the USA ends up here. One man's trash...

Once you get over the low value of the stuff, the next stage of grieving is to hope it finds a good home. That seems to be the point of this de-cluttering TV show (I've not seen it).

What the OP seems to be saying is that even that avenue is drying up (or rather getting buried). Anecdotal evidence to me says that's the case.

Fortunately those veterans' organizations will show up with a truck and take just about anything. Then there's always 1-800 Got Junk

That was one of the main messages from a “thinking about downsizing” presentation I attended a few months back.

One nice thing you can do for your kids is get rid of it yourself, rather than leave it for them to sort through.

Oh indeed, that can't be said enough.

My mother downsized to a total of six boxes by the time she had a stroke and moved in with us. She and her third husband had moved into a tiny apartment in an assisted living facility. Before that she had moved in with him and gotten rid of most of her furniture. We’re trying to do the same for my kids, but we have a long way to go. Free shredding days from my bank are a godsend.

Just yesterday I turned up at an estate sale expressly to buy something pictured in the internet listing: one of those plastic raised relief maps, the kind that crack easily. Of Arizona, intended for a gift. I paid $15, didn't dicker. You are right, though; I sometimes think, at an estate sale, I'm seeing stuff I've seen at other estate sales. Like, there's a quantity of collectibles in this town, moving from house to house over time, but the amount overall shrinking over time, because the kids don't like crap. That's an illusion: they do, but it's of a different nature, stuff that can be set out on bulky item pickup day without a pang (assuming you're not naturally frugal) and start the cycle of consumption over. Apt illustration: you play white elephant party nowadays, and most people will have gone out and expressly purchased something for the game. Making it a drearier pastime, if possible. Now don't scold, I don't let on these feelings in public. This is a safe space.

"Estate Sale" is a minor classic song; I like various covers of it better than I do Cheryl Wheeler's performance of her song but the lyrics are the really great part anyway, the chorus goes:

"Going through dead people's houses
Wonderful things they have collected
Open the drawers and trunks and closets
Don't leave a corner uninspected."

5. An engaging figure, who could produce academic papers and work for general audiences. And the issue of a certain time and place. It's a reasonable wager that someone of his disposition today would be successfully blocked from acquiring employment in a sociology faculty: tossed out of his graduate program, or unemployable for aught but temporary positions, or denied tenure, or subject to an investigation for 'misconduct' by the American Sociological Association.

For those of you with aging parents, let me tell you right now that 99% of their treasured stuff is going in a dumpster.

Actually, she had a house sale that disposed of the bulk of it. The residue is in a storage locker.

You're lucky. We tried finding an estate sales person to oversee that process, the only thing they wanted to do was cherry pick the good stuff. Sure, you hold the sale, and the vultures will poke around that house full of 50 years of stuff, but it won't net diddly for cash.

1. Clothing isn't merely cheap, it's "ugly". Yes, that's actually a style, "ugly" clothing. I wasn't partial to his white suits, but at least Tom Wolfe had style. I've dressed the same since I first saw Breakfast at Tiffany's. While Audrey Hepburn's dresses in the film are iconic, few even noticed George Peppard's clothing. The film could have been called Breakfast at Brooks Brothers. Style. I have a client who dresses impeccably, custom made dark-colored pinstripe suits and custom made light blue shirts with white collars and white French cuffs. Style. When did America become infatuated with "ugly". Have you been in an airport lately? Why would people go out in public in clothing that's more appropriate for bedtime. And when men do wear a suit, it looks like it was made for Pee-wee Herman. One almost feels an obligation to teach them how to cut their meat because you know they don't know how. Tech companies even have classes for employees to teach them manners and etiquette. What they need are a few lessons in how not to look like either a slob or Pee-wee Herman. Make them watch Breakfast at Tiffany's/Brooks Brothers.

I hate to tell you, but Brooks Brothers has been hedge-funded. Not to mention Jos Banks, holy crapified.

I remember when Jos Banks made its suits in Baltimore. Now they're made in Bangladesh.

It was a sad day when Britches of Georgetown closed almost twenty years ago. I miss those suits made in Canada of Italian wool. They even were exempt from the NAFTA rules of origin, making them quite a deal.

The ugliest thing in Breakfast at Tiffany's was Mickey Rooney.

At the airport, you dress for convenience not style since you have to undress a bit going through security check. That's why sweatpants that don't need belts and sandals/thongs that you don't have to lace are an advantage here. Also, someone who dresses like Tom Wolfe comes off as trying too hard.

Paul Theroux didn't walk, but he traveled overland from Cairo to Cape Town and wrote a book about it. Basically it was anarchy amid colonial (and post-colonial) ruins, with some interesting people along the way.

I wear tailored suits all week long so unless I fly for business (which doesn't happen these days) there's nfw I'll wear a suit in an airport. For long distance, track suits (possibly with a fleece jacket) are hard to beat.

The gold chains are a hassle at the security checkpoint, though.

The post has a typo in "Theresa."

Looking for links:
Which people are more valuable: business people or STEM people (not to be confused with which degrees are more valuable), i'm talking econo-socially. Perhaps this could be framed as: if we got rid of one group, which world would suffer less?

Doesn't matter which leg of the stool you break. It still tips over.

Could someone explain #3 to me? Can any MP out to a vote anything they like? May can’t refuse to present this amendment? What about Corbyn? Do all bills get this treatment in the UK? I didn’t think it was as chaotic as that.

1. Come to Chicago; it's the only place we can afford to shop anymore...

Ethiopian Airlines is singularly the worst airline I have ever, ever, ever encountered. This is a very serious warning to not use them if you value your sanity. There customer service is non-existent - they are rude and barely ever at their desks. My god I hate them.

You expect them to serve you? That's White Privilege.

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