Tuesday assorted links

1. The father of Kamala Harris.  Here are remarks from the economist father.

2. New estimate of the death toll from the kidney shortage.  Yikes.

3. Claims people DMed anonymously to Austen Allred.

4. Arizonans attack self-driving cars (NYT).  Yikes.

5. AEA panel with Powell, Yellen, and Bernanke.

6. “With Caesars Entertainment’s Buffet of Buffets pass, you pay one price and get access to up to five buffets in Las Vegas for a 24-hour period.”  Yikes, welcome to 2019.

7. Glen Weyl offers a critique of liberaltarianism on Twitter, I am not sure how to thread it, here is his account just scroll down.  Here is one bit: “The key point is that the focus on social insurance, “regulation” and a simplistic conception of the migration issue and total lack of attention to enormously growing concentrations of private power, lack of fundamental research funding, news quality”


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