Friday assorted links

1. “Grant abstracts that are longer than the average abstract, contain fewer common words, and are written with more verbal certainty receive more money from the NSF (approximately $372 per one-word increase).

2. Loss aversion in professional golf.

3. Women in economics, from Journal of Economic Perspectives, here, here, and here.

4. Economists in tech companies.

5. The university as sting operation.

6. “Today they’re priced at -$.05!

California Tortilla (@caltort) Tweeted:
BRR, IT’S COLD! This Thursday, warm up by paying the #windchill temperature for chips and #queso 🧀 For example, if it’s 8 degrees, the price will be 8 cents for the day. And if it’s -12 degrees, we will pay you 12 cents when ordering. Stay tuned for the price tomorrow morning!


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