Monday assorted links

1. “In Israel, Tel Aviv-based agency Gefen Team has created a reusable chip bag made of the same terry cotton you’d find in a towel, so you can eat out of it, then wipe off your caked fingers on it.

2. “Contrary to conventional wisdom, movements in the outflow rate account for most of the variation of the labor force participation rate: the LFPR increases in tight labor markets because fewer workers leave the labor force, not because more nonparticipants enter.”  Link here.

3. “Yes, and the best part of it is that most of my studies were actually in philosophy, and I never put that on my CV—that I have a degree in philosophy—at all.”  Norway’s sovereign wealth fund manager.

4. How Steph Curry learned how to shoot.  An excellent look at how many dimensions of training are required for excellence.  And pulling data from Reddit threads about NBA players, including about discrimination.

5. Only male movie stars matter for box office.

6. Economist Donald Harris is upset and the Jamaican media is all over it.


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