Monday assorted links

1. “In Israel, Tel Aviv-based agency Gefen Team has created a reusable chip bag made of the same terry cotton you’d find in a towel, so you can eat out of it, then wipe off your caked fingers on it.

2. “Contrary to conventional wisdom, movements in the outflow rate account for most of the variation of the labor force participation rate: the LFPR increases in tight labor markets because fewer workers leave the labor force, not because more nonparticipants enter.”  Link here.

3. “Yes, and the best part of it is that most of my studies were actually in philosophy, and I never put that on my CV—that I have a degree in philosophy—at all.”  Norway’s sovereign wealth fund manager.

4. How Steph Curry learned how to shoot.  An excellent look at how many dimensions of training are required for excellence.  And pulling data from Reddit threads about NBA players, including about discrimination.

5. Only male movie stars matter for box office.

6. Economist Donald Harris is upset and the Jamaican media is all over it.


6. Maybe all women are stars?

Did they look at movies with no women at all to decide male stars boost box office revenue?

Just noting that one class of films depends almost totally on the women staring in the movie, who also get paid more than the men, who are optional half the time.

Opps, 5. not 6.

6 fit just as well.

The study only goes back to the 1990's. Hollywood decided decades ago to put women in male roles. They are beating people up, shooting the bad guys and climbing out of danger on a rope. It isn't really believable or entertaining. When women are acting like women in movies they have more of a realistic star quality. You have to go back further than1990 to see good female roles.

If you would like to get much from this piece of writing then you
have to apply such methods to your won website.

#5 does not feel right, I think something is wrong with the study, or, as Mulp says, there are no women non-stars, only male stars. However, a perusal of the the below link shows male actors always get more than female actors, for year 2018, by a significant margin, George Clooney being #1 at $239m a year, wow, and he's not made a film in a while. So maybe the study is right after all? -RL

Clooney didn’t get paid for being in movies, and neither did Jolie.

Male stars are dominant predictors, since they make up the majority of the screen time. Out of a 90 minutes movie, around 70 minutes is devoted to the male stars and only the rest to female characters (and this may be an underestimation).
So they earn more, because they work more. That said it's the problem itself, but since most Hollywood heroes are built around the story of exterminating enemies/saving the princess I don't see how this could change.

According to the experts there are only seven plots possible. All of them have the female lead as a mother figure or a beauty who is really there to look good.

why do you speak to me of stones? It is only the arch that matters to me.

I see you understood.

In North America, it is only the Canadians who have been consistently kind to each other.

In the Levant, it is the Israelis.

In South America, the Costa Ricans, in Asia, the Thais. In Europe, it was the Poles.

However you look at it, is is more important to work for harmony in one's own country than to play at being a hero in a performance that will, at best, be widely remembered for a generation or two, and even then only among the more nostalgic of your grandchildren.

That being said, in our pixel-screen-addled world, it is difficult to get young people as interested in architecture and sculpture as they should be.

Who among the youth of today has passionately wished to create, as the poor sinner Michelangelo passionately wished to create, a sculptural design, complete with overarching Night and Day and the best possible use of the flickering candlelight (at night) and the window-filtered daylight (after sunrise and just before sunset) shining, one with reflected waxen holy glory, the other with solar (Genesis, Chapter One - I remember) drama, or, if drama is too strong a word, friendship - who, one wonders, among the youth of today has sought to create, for example, a vision in marble of Adam and Eve grieving with Cain and their grandchildren over lost opportunities, with consoling angels of the future presiding over the tableau?

The question answers itself, unless I am mistaken.

Which I may be .....

amusingly enough

"Only male movie stars matter for box office."

Such is life in Trump's
“Yes, and the best part of it is that most of my studies were actually in philosophy, and I never put that on my CV—that I have a degree in philosophy—at all."

"Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to cash on it".

“In Israel, Tel Aviv-based agency Gefen Team has created a reusable chip bag made of the same terry cotton you’d find in a towel, so you can eat out of it, then wipe off your caked fingers on it."

Also on the news, Nazi Germany invents revolutionary orange drink, Fanta.

It is a sad state of affairs when movie stars are being objectified by the media. Why not read a HBS case study on the economics of slander? This is the type of behavior that leaves people holding on to Jwatts coattail.

I have been reading some of my own writing in this regard.

Growing up, friends had appeared out of nowhere and they were everywhere; the culture of youth cast a line for friendship. In professional life, it was the opposite. Worse, his friends reasoned the friendship was a sunk cost. The shared memories went up in a blaze of smoke—poof; Jonathon retreated entirely in the hapless turn of fate, and what remained was the Parthenon; or, it was as if declension had been part of their plan all along. This seemingly ordinary thing impaled his ability to enjoy eye contact. There ended up, however, being a whole new world online, where after a long while, he even met a girl on OKCupid named Kyra.

In a certain way, it is a consequence of the failure of the American system.

Curry's course on is worth watching, it's incredible how he can explain so much of the mechanics of shooting and ball handling. Let's not forget that he is talking about procedural knowledge, which, by definition, cannot be put into words.

#5. Geeesh, don't let the Hollywood girl power feminists see this.

The way the traditional 'box office' movie biz is going down the tubes, does anyone really care anymore?

How is it going down the tubes? Inflation adjusted U.S. gross:

2018 $11.9 billion
2008 $11.3 billion
1998 $10.6 billion
1988 $9.6 billion

The U.S. population is 29 percent larger than in 1988, but I don't see a 24 percent increase since then "going down the tubes" - just flat.

So...I guess I was a bit misinformed. Domestic ticket sales continue to decline, but revenues are actually up, thanks to higher prices enabled by swankier theaters and Imax and 3D type formats.

#1: Excellent. Seems like one of those inventions people will look back at and think "why did it take so long to come up with that?"

#6: She was on a morning show that tries to be funny, no? Maybe don't take everything that's said in that context 100% seriously? Meh, then again, this woman's whole candidacy is based on identity politics. Live by the IP, die by it.

#3 People look down on philosophy degrees as 'throw-away' but this is due in part to what I feel is a strong correlation to personality typologies hell-bent on proving some abscure point. When taken as a methodology to develop critical-thinking skills I think it is underestimated. It's amazing how underlying bayesian predictive models for how people believe the world does or should operate are important in figuring out micro-economic details that matter in the real world, down even to the personal household level.

#5 Chicks hate chicks. Even the lesbians. This is not new news.

#5 So female movie stars are overpaid? That seems as wrong as the claim that female movie stars are underpaid.

6. Media are, not is.


"Jamaican media" is singular

Nope, plural.

No, not according to

"Ten dollars is a high price to pay."


Rule 9. With collective nouns such as group, jury, family, audience, population, the verb might be singular or plural, depending on the writer's intent.

When you are referring to a single instance of a group, it's a singular subject. There is only one Jamaican media.

#2. Fine, but the real story over the past few years is how the economics profession underestimated the potential workforce in this country by millions of people. Good thing we didn't listen to you.

#6: It fascinates me when a near relation of someone poised to take high office, doesn't think to themselves "this could be good for me" (good for Jamaica?) - but instead thinks, I want to blow this up.

Maybe when a parent, it's a penalty for children of divorce. This reminds me of Princess Meghan's hapless father. A love match that must be, that he didn't derail it.

6. Economist Donald Harris is upset and the Jamaican media is all over it.

We are missing the inside story on this. Is California a Narc state, that is the issue. In the past year a whole series of sudden meth and fentanyl rings have been showing up in local communities. About half get solved to their source, generally cartel managers living in Ventura County and Sand Diego county, managing the flow of newly minted high quality meth and an abundance of fentanyl, likely pointing to a state actor. The problem is no Kamala, the problem is the entire government of California is compromised. The Australians just nabbed 1.5 tons coming from Long Beach, exported to Australia, kind of just short of a nuclear attack and apparently encouraged by Gavin and Kamala and Nancy. That is the problem, California is now, everywhere in the globe, a narco exporter and every export going through California (read 70% here) have to go through a Narco inspection protocol, and Gavin and Kamala and Nancy have no way to explain the problem without crossing the political correctness line. That is a serious problem for all of the USA economy, and I see it now cropping up in Ireland will be popping up in other p;arts f Europe. The worse case so far has been the discovery of an Italian crime group partnering with a California cartel, like really bad news for any exports out of California.

Look, I don't want to dispute your deep state actor narco narrative.

But you can't honestly discuss it without mentioning Reagan, Bush, North...

#6 Can you imagine if a white male said what Kamala Harris said? Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth! It would trigger a lefty lynch mob. That makes sense as it was the Democrats that lynched thousands of innocent blacks in the American South.

It is good to remember on this President's Day that it was the Republican Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves and white male Irish immigrant transcripts that defeated the Confederate Army.

"It is good to remember on this President's Day that it was the Republican Abraham Lincoln"

How many statues of Confederate leaders he has built? Nowadays, Republicans seem to be into it.

Virtue signaling. How does tearing down statues of dead men on horses edify anyone or advance anything?

Similarly, the Inquisition in the Middle Ages would exhume and burn corpses/bones of decedent heretics.

Insulting your political opponents that don't want to trash dead Confederates' statues doesn't advance domestic tranquility or generate economic growth and prosperity. It enrages deplorable populism.

It is a seriously good day. This Presidents' Day is the third one since 2017, that America is blessed with a Commander-in-Chief who is not an America-hating communist.

"How does tearing down statues of dead men on horses edify anyone or advance anything?"

So were the Russians wrong to tear down all those statues of Lenin and change the city's name to St. Petersburg?

Tearing down the Berlin Wall had both practical and symbolic outcomes.

Were the Russian renamings and tearings downs conducted pursuant to democratically-elected legislation?

The question isn't right or wrong, it's productive or unproductive.

Are the long-suffering Russian people more successful in their lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness because they ripped down a dead man's statues?

I had one great-great-great grandfather who was KIA with the NY 69th Reg. (Union Army) at First Bull Run.

Ask the American Army why it took out Saddam's statues. Or the Eastern Europeans why they attacked Lenin's statues or Dzerzhinsky's. Or why the statues of terrorists who tried to keep human beings as property are so important for the far-right.

The men learn that, in response to the Emancipation Proclamation, the Confederacy has issued an order that all black soldiers will be returned to slavery.

...."This Presidents' Day is the third one since 2017,..."

Yes, it is indeed the third one since 2017.............

Curry still has an ugly shot. It still kind of looks like the chucking style shot that middle school kids have.

How much of Curry's success is due to rule changes that have made hand checking and tight defense impossible in order to promote 3s? Would he even have made the NBA in the 90s?

The handchecking thing is way overstated. The first couple years where it was a point of emphasis there was a legitimate change, but it gradually regressed, because no one likes a game dominated by the refs.

Watch Curry (and only Curry) for a whole playoff game. He gets grabbed all the time -- especially off the ball in the playoffs teams manhandle him. Curry would've obliterated the 1990s NBA.

Agree that his shot is weird and not classically great form like Thompson. He seems to use his core strength a lot more to get a quick release. It makes me wonder if teaching shooters overemphasizes a mechanized reliability.

Curry's got a hell of a shot, but the 90s NBA would have handed his ass to him. He's be lucky if he remembered his name after a game. You forget how rough they played back then.

The thing is, every superstar in this league comes with drama, or baggage, or both. They all got haters, and they earned them.

But read this, and think about how he plays, and tell me there's any way you could say a bad word about this guy? Almost no one does, and those that do are morons. Giannis is kinda this way too.

TMC, did you read the article?
So, tell me where I'm wrong. This article is fascinating just :

Steph Curry’s Game Is More Than Just His Shot


1: Fine but now I've got this greasy terry cloth bag that I'm schlepping around.

4b: The second author is economist Matt Goldman, who's been doing a good amount of research into basketball (usually on-court performance rather than off-court popularity). By coincidence a couple of days ago I checked out a book, _Handbook of Statistical Methods and Analyses in Sports_ that has a chapter on basketball strategies by Goldman and Brian Skinner.

This Brian Skinner is not the former LA Clipper forward, but rather an MIT physics post-doc. He like Goldman has also been doing basketball research on the side, his most original (but of uncertain validity) research was using network theory and Braess's Paradox to explain why losing a good player might enable a team to play better. Nice theory but I think decent measures of what makes a player "good" would eliminate this paradox, assuming that it even occurs -- it might be like Giffen Goods, theoretically possible but empirically irrelevant.

4. Clearly the wiry strong shall inherit the earth ....or at leat the basketball court.

Like Nigel Griff, from "The Replacements"...

"I thought you told me he was solid muscle!"

"Oh, he's much stronger than he looks."

"I'm Wiry."

Is this a rhetorical question?

5. Because women will see a movie if they like the actor.

I think I farted again. Tee hee!

6. Geez, Reagan and Cheney's kid at least had the decency not to badmouth them until after the election.


I did not see Kamala "badmouth" her dad. Rather he is badmouthing her foe her remarks about Jamaicans and smoking pot, which he may have grounds for doing. But she did not badmouth him. Do you know how to read?

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