Thursday assorted links

1. The world’s biggest MOOC?

2. Popular culture has stopped warning us against the dangers of nuclear devastation.

3. For economists: “receiving an education from a top 20 ranked university reduces the need to self-symbolize even when the scholars work for a non-top 20 university after earning the doctorate…academic maturity shows a tendency (albeit not a robust one) to reduce the need to self-symbolize.”  Link here.

4. Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes to start a new conservative media company (they are looking for investors).

5. “…with these new kinds of policies, all it takes to get the financial ball rolling is the occurrence of a trigger, a previously agreed-upon event: an earthquake of sufficient size, say, or a hurricane with winds of a given speed.

6. What a North Korean official says (NYT).  A good piece.


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