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6. Politicians and rent-seekers in one half of the city, 'hood rats in the other.

6 psychopathy/state
24 - that's pretty good!

regarding psychopathy by state
why did the 50th least psychopathic state not make the list?
and the 1st state the district of Columbia is not a state
doesn't that mean there are 2 states missing from the psychopathy list ?

They used Rentfrow's data which excluded the non-contiguous Alaska and Hawaii.

what we are saying is that
we wanna be #23
not #24

1. Average is over.

OT--how about some kind of comment on the nomination of Stephen Moore to the Board of Governors of the Fed.

1. The Japanese fish processor I worked for sent young someday executives over to the states to gain experience. They were all given temporary English names so we had something easy to call them.

4. Some folks see the image of Jesus in their mashed potatoes. How do we shift from an economy dependent on rising asset prices and high levels of consumer debt to an economy that relies on investment in productive capital funded in part by a shift from consumer debt to business debt and stable asset prices without causing a massive drop in aggregate demand, collapsing asset prices, and another depression? More tax cuts for the rich? This week old reliable, Martin Feldstein, who supported the Trump tax cut that will increase national debt by between $1.5 trillion and $2 trillion, warned of rising debt and proposed cuts to social security as the solution. I'm reminded of the insult thrown at the fat girl jogging alongside the road: "It ain't working!"

So you’re a lawyer. Cool.

Asset prices are based on estimates of discounted cash flow for the company in question. The idea that people borrowing for consumption will ruin the economy is a morality tale, and false for the most part.

What you need to understand is that there’s a market for funding for firms, and whether the investor is American is immaterial. Savings in one part of the globe can fuel start ups in another.

"Savings in one part of the globe can fuel start ups in another"

Except the foreigner pays a conversion fee since the foreign money derives from a different yield curve then the local US economy. There is a mathematical account, exchange insurance cost, it is the cost of covering volatility in exchange rates because terms mismatch.

#2 -- Looks like commuters don't like cost savings. SGTM. $1 surcharge for tickets purchased at the Hamilton station, the proceeds will go to hiring a new employee. Markets in everything.

#6 From the attract:
"Among the typical predictions made regarding psychopathy, the variable with the closest bivariate relationship with this new statistical aggregate is the percentage of the population in the state living in an urban area. "

More dense cities more psychopathy?

Time to plug time in nature again, good for everyone, widely available, and protective in many ways.

Cities don't create psychopaths, they attract them - lots of suckas to be exploited.

If I were to further my wellness recommendations, available to many in the big cities, get some tacos at a place where they mostly speak Spanish. Get some banh mi at a place where they mostly speak Vietnamese. It'll be cheaper than most burger combos, tastier, healthier. Smile and break down some barriers.

Warren 2020:

“we will give tacos to child rapists and then take them to the park. Then their sociopathy will be cured and we can release them.”

Trees and tacos are not going to turn sociopaths into functional people. There’s enough evidence that removing lead from the environment is a good idea, but throwing tacos at gangbangers in the park is a hilariously stereotypical liberal faux solution.

There might be a relationship between high trust social groups and sociopaths being highly functional. But that’s probably an argument for Mormonism. Maybe we just cut a check to practicing Mormons as determined by the church.

I was thinking that there might a bit of a slide, and that nobody starts as Nth stage psychopath.

But congrats on going from tacos to gangbangers!

General pricing for a banh mi, at least in London, is about twice as much as a burger combo from McDs, and slightly more than a meal from a good chain sandwich-sushi-salad shop (Pret, Itsu, etc).

I'd be surprised if it's any different in the US, where your fast food is ridiculously cheap.

Banh mi are great but going out and encouraging people on a tight budget (tight enough that saving a few units on lunch matters) to seek out ethnic restaurants spots for a cheap lunch isn't very clever.

My last take-out banh mi was $3.75, buy 2 get one free.

Bánh Mì Chè Cali

Being a psychopath in rural areas is a poor long term plan

6. Remember, if you detect psychopathy, it just means you are a big narcissist. Similarly if you detect fraud, obstruction, or collusion. Or lies, infidelity, hush payments. Or disrespect to national heroes. Or to the infirm. Or bad judgement in foreign policy with communist dictators by tweet. Or self-harming trade wars.

It's never him, it's you.

Weird list. I think you're right. It is you.

When I read your comments I want to vote twice for Trump.

Don't forget, if you detect the economy is expanding; asset values are soaring; trade deals are being written; consumer confidence is highest in 17 years; unemployment is at record lows; Obama's lethal school leniency policies were ended; the Iran deal was quashed; ISIS was destroyed; US embassy was moved to Jerusalem; Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and a hundred rational judicial appointments; . . . It's probably Trump.

From item 3:

I’ve learned over the years that ‘rational discussion’ accomplishes almost nothing in politics, particularly with people better educated than average. Most educated people are not set up to listen or change their minds about politics, however sensible they are in other fields. But I have also learned that when you say or write something, although it has roughly zero effect on powerful/prestigious people or the immediate course of any ‘debate’, you are throwing seeds into a wind and are often happily surprised. A few years ago I wrote something that was almost entirely ignored in SW1 but someone at Harvard I’d never met read it. This ended up having a decisive effect on the referendum.

Personally I feel confident that I am being more real, grounded, and responding to the fact based reality.

If you can't keep up, I'm not going to sweat it.

That's self-confidence, for anyone in the home audience.

So McCain is now a national hero? Weren’t you one of those who scolded him for singing — as a joke — “bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys? The only reason McCain is valorized now outside of the military and a few right wingers is that he loathed Trump (for being boorish). Moreover McCain was instrumental in supporting, and serially leaking, the spurious Steele dossier.

You don't have to agree with heroes to respect their accomplishments.

But maybe that's just what all us narcissists say!

(I probably agreed with McCain about half the time.)

The mouse is above normal human frailties like bias. He is a pure, unbiased, problem solver using rational thought processes, logic, and statistics.

He is a god.

You too can walk in nature, eat inexpensive ethnic food, and develop self confidence!

Insane asylums are packed with people like you who think they are sane.

You poor guys. I suggest the most benign middle class activities, and you try to work up a backlash.

Today we will go to Costco for some tires and maybe eat a chicken Caesar salad.

Truly I am a monster.

2. One of the tweets- "So Dunkin Donuts is responsible for a NJ Transit Station? Is Krispy Kreme in charge of the airport?" LOL! But
6. I'm from Connecticut so I might be a psychopath with some strange sense of humor. Do psychopaths have a sense of humor? Now I'm worried...

Such is life in Trump's America.

NJ Transit runs on Dunkin'. They weren't kidding with that slogan.

Wouldn't it be much better if it ran on thyme?

4. Krugman reminds me of the pro min wage crowd.....

There’s no evidence that the min wage hurts the economy at all. Ok so if murky data equals evidence. And evidence equals law then why not make it $50 an hour....

And if tax cuts don’t help economic growth on the margin then why not set the high marginal rate to 100 percent? And why is it that if tax cuts aren’t 100 percent stimulative at the moment of conception then they must be totally worthless? I mean are not most investors baking a 33 to 39 percent high marginal rate as a function of the current US political equilibrium into their perceptions of the US economy?

Maybe it will take some kind of serious political shock to get the economy to move in some direction as a function of Tax policy....

Only a right win-corporatist cabal would argue against an ever growing min wage and income tax rates. Because there’s clearly no evidence that countries with lower tax rates and regulation grow more....

#3 Cummings has been on this argument about how his Vote Leave strategy and his team has been decisive for the Leave vote pretty much since the end of the Brexit referendum.

Basically it's trumpeting the horn of his own strategy and trying to use it to direct events. This is actually a weird, undesirable thing considered from point of most of the vote base that voted Leave and mostly ignored his campaign, since Cummings strategy seemed to involve a good dose of duplicity that casts shadows on the legitimacy of the vote.
Imagine a man shouting about dodgy adverts on the side forever; this is where ideas that Cummings strategy was decisive takes us (hence part of why I'd prefer that isn't true, as well as finding his arguments that it was to be "Just So Stories").

It was doubtful then and doubtful now. We're talking about dynamics which are fairly close to even and rooted in deep trends, shifted by cultural forces outside his control, subsequently subject to attempts at rationalization, not ‘men going at it blind'. He seems to understand that there are dynamics that could not be predicted in advance, but seems to attribute loads of it the actual Vote Leave campaign.

I understand why politico types like this sort of thing, and Cummings is one, despite his contempt for that set and self construal that he really belongs with 'eggheads' who are above mere politics. They don't like the idea that what they do in campaigning is pretty fucking meaningless set against powerful dynamics beyond their control. Terror management theory meets a deep anthrocentric bias Doesn't make it true.

cummings sounds like a kook. i did not read the entire thing but this sentence struck me as odd: 'If Cameron/Osborne had had a top notch person like David Plouffe running their campaign and they did as they were told then they would have won (>95% confidence), all else being equal. They were warned many times by their closest friends about Oliver and Llewellyn, including by Gove, but would not listen.' ok, but i doubt it, sounds like a story to me. claims about confidence intervals just give a patina of respectability. how does he know? from what i can tell, the remain vote was just a protest vote, akin to people voting for trump.

The Leave vote not the Remain vote was a protest vote is what I meant.

1. My girlfriend back in college, whose parents immigrated from Taiwan, was named in a similar manner. She had an unofficial Chinese name to maintain the traditions of her family, but her parents specifically wanted her official US name to be a common girl's name.

Some cultures assimilate better than others.

Yeah, "assimilate". That is why Red China spends so much in conventional weapons and nuclear weapons. To be "assimilated".

#5 The Guardian article gives the official version of what's happening in De Wallen (the supposedly overcrowded red-light district). Here's a blog post from a woman that works in De Wallen, putting the city's ban in a less positive light.

4. NYT runs long column producing evidence against the secular stagnation thesis.

"Yet the tax-cut zombie shambles on. Somehow, despite decades of practical failure, there’s a phalanx of billionaire-funded think tanks promoting trickle-down economics, and a loyal army of right-wing politicians supported by wealthy donors who keep insisting that they have faith that the next tax cut will do everything it promises. Really."


Decades of wash,rinse and repeat sounds like stagnation to me. Naturally he blames the group he doesn't like, but it is still the secstags. The cure is the same regardless of the cause, unstagnation will do the trick.

I live in the least psychopathic state studied. No, not bragging, it's more like ... Now I'm *really* worried about the rest of you US states.

Although none of the top 5 psychopathic states really surprised me except perhaps Maine. I mean, we deliberately send our most popular psychopaths to DC, and a significant portion of the others volunteer to go to NYC.

#1 a hoax, of course:

#1 - that Chinese baby-naming story is fake news that was debunked almost 3 years ago (for reference, Google a Buzzfeed story called "This Girl’s Viral Chinese Baby-Naming Site Is Full Of Stock Photos And Fake Babies"). I wouldn't blame MR for not realizing that, but am surprised (and disheartened) to see that Australia's "number one news site" fell for it.

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