Monday assorted links

1. Francis Hutcheson speaks to veganism.

2. “The Jamaican Stock Exchange sits on the waterfront in Kingston and has surged more than 300% over the last five years. Last year, the main index tracking the country’s stock exchange rose 29%.”  And the resurrection of Buju Banton.

3. Robin Hanson on *Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero*.  For purposes of context, I see Robin as leading a sustained mood affiliation crusade against hypocrisy, rather than performing comparative analysis of hypocrisy vs. the relevant alternatives.

4. Claims about brain evolution, and Lamarck, speculative, arguably unfounded.

5. “Across multiple studies, we find that access to Spanish‐language television is associated with decreases in turnout, ethnic civic participation, and political knowledge.

6. New development is called “IMBY.”

7. Aaron Carroll on what we can learn from the Singaporean health care system (NYT).


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