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According to publisher Penguin Random House, [Becoming] has sold more than 10 million copies — including hardcover, audiobooks and e-books — since its November release. That puts it near the top, if not the pinnacle, of all-time memoir sales.” It’s already the top-selling hardcover of last year, and it has outsold both of her husband’s books put together.

Here is the full story.


I am a great admirer of the USA, probably the greatest country in History. So, please, please, dear Americans, stop trying to make me look like a fool.

What in the post made you feel less for America?

She is not a kind woman, not a beautiful woman, due to the selfish look she always has on her face, and nobody really likes her. She never said a word while her allies supported the abortion of three little African American babies for every one white baby who was aborted. Nobody will respect her a hundred years from now. And only foolish people respect her now.

And she is the best selling memoirist in this sad country, where people like her are unpleasant, rich and famous celebrities, because they have power.
May God forgive them!
If you are so coldhearted that you do not understand why that is sad, well, God bless you. Hope that answers your question.

What a pathetic little comment. I am embarrassed for you.

Great comment!

Do you want to know the moment in my life when I was most embarrassed?

Do you really want to know?

Fuck off, you racist bastard.

Do you think your pro-abortion anger bothers me?

I am ashamed for you.

Why do you find it so hard to just say you admire a woman who admires people who support a regime that ensures that 3 African American babies are aborted for every white baby who is aborted?

I am ashamed for you.

There is nothing morally problematic about abortion, moreso than appendectomy or some other moderately invasive medical procedure.

I mean, it would strike me as odd if someone *wanted* to do it, but it isn’t something I lose sleep over.

They are cells, not a baby. Get over it.

No, they are not just "cells." An appendix lacks complete characteristics of life as an independent organism. A fetus has all of them at the moment of conception. A fetus is alive and distinctly and completely a human, genetically and structurally. It is a human at an early stage of development.

Your knowledge of biology is deficient and you are morally bankrupt. You are being willfully obtuse in order to defend an indefensible position.

So... every time there is a miscarriage you hold a funeral?

The woman does...

Abortion is the final solution to the progressive, secular state that manufactures poor, ignorant and violent people whoare a burden to that state.

Spoken from ignorance. Do you have children? Do you like children? Abortion kills a child. Simple as that. NOT an appendix, a child.

tell me again about that time "Michelle" spoke out about the EVIL of
people who don't like black people and are totally cool with planned parenthood aborting 3 times as many black babies as white babies.

and when you tell me that then you will have the right to call me pathetic, you racist.

or just shut up.

Silence in the face of great evil is the best we can do.

Let us pray for each other.

and, when you pray, ask for God's forgiveness for pretending you were embarrassed for that guy who was upset at evil people who fully supported those evil people who supported aborting little black babies at 3 times the rate that white babies were aborted.

Or if you are an Ivy League type, tell me why it is ok to abort little black babies at three times the rate that little white babies get aborted.

If you can't you are a racist.

On the other hand, thanks, nobody has ever been embarrassed for me before.

Seriously who is embarrassed for the drill sergeant who does a good job?

Tell me I don't understand this world.

Good luck if you try.

I am angry at the fact that the powerful among us are happy that 3 African American babies are aborted for every white baby.

If you are cool with that, tell me why, so i can mock you as the racist that you are.

I'm glad that you care about babies of the world but please take your SJW BS elsewhere. This is a cuckold blog.

Seriously how can you not care about people aborting babies who WANT TO LIVE?

You are the cuck, the uber-cuck, if you do not care about your own children

I guess that every single school and university in the US has bought a copy of the book.


I wouldn't be surprised if they ran vans with loudspeakers while reading excerpts from the book.

I just wish the Obamas and the Clintons would go away quietly.

It will never end ...

Only after they have been in the limelight as long as Donald J Trump has tried to hog the limelight and succeeded in his view. I knew of Trump before i knew of Clinton. And of Trump for decades before I heard the name Obama.

And no one named Clinton or Obama said "I alone can fix it". Since he said that, Trump has been listing hundreds of people who must fix problems Trump promised to fix single handedly.

It is interesting that this sentiment seems to preclude that it is simply a good book written by a compelling person. It could be (maybe?) that the book has sold well because actual humans were purchasing the book simply *because they wanted to read it*.

I wonder why the most people here need to find some reason that the book sold so well outside the quality of the book.


I just can’t, think, of a reason...

Not sure what's supposed to make her a more compelling person than Nancy Reagan. I don't think Mrs. Reagan's memoir sold 10 million copies.

But, and i know you know this, but you (yourself) finding someone compelling isn’t a measurement of whether others find her compelling.

For an objective measurement you may want to turn to some sort of readily available, broadly based metric, such as, I don’t know, book sales?

But, and i know you know this, but you (yourself) finding someone compelling isn’t a measurement of whether others find her compelling.

Thanks for the condescension. Been an education. And when you're done with that, you might offer an explanation of what you find compelling.

I understand she did not write it and she had a ghost writer.

I can't find a link on that.

The mayor of Baltimore was just exposed in a scam where millions of copies of a book she wrote was bought by a medical syndicate she favored in a huge contract. These conspiracies really do happen, a lot.

I have no doubt that millions of sheeple bought a book written by this unremarkable woman whose only achievement of note was being married to a president. Being popular doesn't make someone admirable. People who say they admire her are engaging in cheap talk for virtue signalling. They are really not inspired to go out and do anything that she has done or to be more like her. I'm far more likely to attempt rock climbing or become a vegetarian after watching Free Solo than I am to marry a president or wear sleeveless shirts after reading her book.

Buying this book is nothing but leftist virtue signalling. You wouldn't want to be the only person in your clique that had not read it.

(s)Top trolling Tyler.

She's the most admired woman in America and it isn't even close. So who is surprised that her memoir is extremely successful?


So sad. There are all these amazing women with stunning accomplishments, but nah, forget them.... let's admire the woman who married well!

What accomplishments has she had?

She successfully insulted about half of the country when she said, "I was proud of my country for the first time."

Well, which accomplished women would you put above her?

All the lady veterinarians I've known in recent years. (There are two at the practice we use, two at the emergency center I can recall by name, and one at the previous practice we used, who did intricate surgery on our cat). They completed a demanding course of study, passed licensing examinations, and earn good honest coin (commonly as partners in small enterprises). And I understand what they do all day. How about the lady internists I've had since 1997 (there have been two)? How about the accountant who prepared my taxes for 20-odd years? She built her own practice. How about my cousin the OBGYN?

You want a public figure, how about Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina? You want a political figure, how about Sarah Palin, who was a public executive for 11 years - mayor, state bureau chief, governor? You want someone quite obscure but did real noticeable good in a public sector position, I give you Patricia Adducci, who was the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles in New York and got the ball rolling on service improvements in that troubled department.

And how about the dear woman I know who birthed and raised 10 children, now aged 22 to 39?

Those all sound like accomplished women with an interesting story to tell.

Michelle, otoh, married a politician who became president. That's it. Nothing notable.

She also insulted our country - the same country that elected her husband.

She's famous for being famous.

Not the biggest fan of Michelle, but Sarah Palin? Really?

Granting every reasonable criticism of Palin, she was still a popular and effective mayor and governor.

Michelle was a president's wife who wasnt particularly successful in her chosen profession despite first class credentials. I'd credit her for being a good mom and fine First Lady. I'd like her as my neighbor.

Not the biggest fan of Michelle, but Sarah Palin? Really?

Yes, really. You got any complaint about her that isn't snotty and shallow? Most liberals don't.

Diane Feinstein

I don't even like her politics but she has a vita of accomplishments a mile long.

The fact you (or anyone else) thinks Michelle Obama is admirable or accomplished is a stunning indictment of how low American expectations have become. This is why we are getting presidents and representatives who aren't qualified to run a successful lemonade stand. Style and identity have so far supplanted substance that substance is now a detriment to office. Incompetence is now a job qualification. Stupidity is smart. Weakness is strength. Illegal is legal. Enemies are our allies and allies are our enemies.

Where have I heard this before?

Agreed. Feinstein performed adequately running a municipal government and she was in her prime the odd liberal politician who wasn't a herd thinker. (Helpful to her career was having husbands whose income could pay the bills. The political positions she had prior to 1979 offered only token salaries).

for anyone seeking to make this a political issue, do follow the link to discover melania trump breaking the top five.

What has she accomplished?

She plagiarized Michelle Obamas speech!

At least she knew where to look.

Did she? Or did her speechwriter?

On the topic of plagiarizing speeches...Biden.

Melania has her nude pics all over the internet. That's a milestone for a sitting First Lady.

I didnt buy or read that book either.

So, Oprah remains an important figure in the American book selling universe? https://www.oprahmag.com/entertainment/books/a24860789/oprah-new-book-club-pick-becoming/

Oprah is a legitimate billionaire during an era when Trump has made claims of being a billionaire, or allegations by Fortune of being a billionaire, a sign of questionable character due to the seven deadly sins.

Each of those sins used by Trump to gain the limelight.

Such is life in Trump's America.

How many get to the end?

You can say that about any book, sir.

This fact is about as impressive as:

A Justin Bieber platinum album
1.5 million pet rocks sold
Big Mommas House earning 173 mill
Taco Bell
People actually paying Nigerian lottery winners

Prince Glory Akubu is gonna come through for me, just you wait, smh.

Genuine LOL.

Perhaps add to that 'Helen Hunt's Oscar'.

All-time bestseller is actually impressive. Bieber and Big Mommas House might be guilty pleasures but aren't all-time anything.

Sales figures of books by political figures should be viewed with extreme caution, and those big advances are another fine way to dress up a political contribution

Who wrote it?


The contents of any manuscript would generally be reviewed and perhaps modified by editors for both style and accuracy and no doubt that was the case with Mrs. Obama's book. More interesting is that publicity for the audio version of Becoming states that she herself narrates it. This was not the case with the memoir of the former secretary of state.

She could have written a series of travel guides with all those junkets she took

Chicago and Baltimore are similar in many ways.


That's definitely part of the equation. Not sure how much of it, though.

The Washington Post defies any attempt to be read by me. I dutifully turn off my ad blockers, as their spectacularly confusing directions order me to, and refresh, but it never works. Does Tyler get a kick back from the Post and from the WS Journal for these completely unreadable links he posts?

The truth about bumming cigarettes
a yellow bucket, a bottle's shape, an amphetamine
spiders sent by crass mirrors.

force a castration,
jelly fish and reminders of
drawing birds

the dark underbelly colored by money below the sandy fork-debauched wood, there the music is alive.

How many million among the various formats have been secured for the Obama Presidential Library? (By some reports the OPL Bookstore Annex may yet prove larger than the formal OPL facility itself.)

I hope we have three or four more black presidents so the Obama hero worship can stop and people can start treating him for what he was — a slightly below average president.

Will be among top 5 for sure. Easily v among the smartest, no question his economic and policy records were top notch, and he was an excellent communicator.

Even though he divided the country along racial lines?

He did? How'd he do that?

But I agree...not top 5. Maybe top 10.

Maybe it was the racists who did the dividing in response to a perception that having a black president was somehow status lowering for them? Although I guess Obama did wear a tan suit once. Can see how that justifiably infuriated the alt right.

Do you recall the riots and the burning cities that magically ceased after he left office?

Yeah, Obama caused burning city riots. Did you notice the Charlottesville alt right race riot magically started after Trump came into office?

Yeah they were probably emboldened by Trump taking office. Unfortunate situation that resulted in a death. Still pales in comparison to the anarchy that prevailed for years under Obama. Obama and Dems did not speak out against the violence.

Will be among top 5 for sure. Easily v among the smartest, no question his economic and policy records were top notch, and he was an excellent communicator.

I can never figure out if remarks like this are meant in earnest.

Top 5?!? Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Jefferson, then...Obama. Another pathetic Obama Kool-Aid drinker.

I'd actually put him ahead of a couple of those. They've been mythologized a bit. ;-)

More like crack head. Bottom five, yes. His whole Iran debacle was forced because he was leaving office after 8 years and was desperate for his first foreign policy win.

One is reminded of Baltimore's present mayor. I would not be surprised to find that Michelle Obama's book is bought in 10,000+ unit block purchases by political supporters. It is an easy and legal way to buy political favors. Of course, she may not run for office, but the purchases are a kind of insurance.

Or maybe she's extremely popular and people want to buy her book?

So what kinds of favors can I get from bribing a former first lady? Should I buy Laura Bush's book too just in case?

1. The Bushes aren't running anything analogous to Obama for America

2. The Bushes packed up and went home to Texas.

3. The Bushes never sicced the IRS or the FBI on the political opposition.

Well #2 and #3 are meaningless so only #1 has any relevance. What can Obama For America do for me? I need to know before I buy all those books!

Looks like Tchen was able to get Jussie Smollett off the hook on multiple felonies so maybe there is something to having a good relationship with Michelle?

She's not running for anything (and has said very clearly she will not), nor does sure hold any political position now, so your theory doesn't make any sense.

Is she going to explain why she quit practicing law, what she did all day for the Mayor's office when she was employed there, what she did all day when she was employed by the Chicago housing department (during which time her license to practice lapsed), what she did all day for the University of Chicago Hospitals, what she did all day for them which persuaded them to double her salary, and why her position was eliminated when she left it?

And what about her emails. I mean, she was sending emails! EMAILS!

She was a fundraiser for Chicago All Saints Hospital. Give today! Make your check payable to C.A.S.H.

She seems like a high-quality human being, but I don't get it.

Pretty simple: it is established Dem law that we are all supposed to worship the Obamas, despite the fact that neither of them accomplished anything.

Ergo, let's direct all our praise to the one who was never supposed to in the first place.

Really? Getting elected President is not an accomplishment? In his 8 years he accomplished nothing?

It is a measure of the current level of crazy amongst the Democrats in the race to become their party’s nominee that Obama — a solid moderate left Democrat — probably couldn’t win the nomination to contest the 2020 election, if he was an up and coming now.

I think he did the best he could and wasn’t a fanatic. The same could be said of his immediate predecessor GWB.

Winning? sure, he ran a great campaign.
His 8 years, no, not really. A lot more damage than good.

The ownership of slaves was increasingly costly and doomed long before the civil war. Removal of the practice would have resulted in productivity gains for everyone, almost immediately. The South got 'stuck' with slavery for one generation only until mechanism started, right about civil war time. Slavery was losing wealth rapidly, endogenously, states actually giving up the practice as too encumbersome.

So... She's Running!!! So much for Warren, Harris, Biden, and a cast of thousands....

Buying the book from Barnes & Noble or Amazon is silly. Many thousands will be available at a steep discount at Goodwill, SA and other thrift stores, presented right next to their many copies of "The Audacity of Hope".

This comment section is a cesspool.

I didn't open this page until just now. Probably because I didn't expect anything good. I agree that it is worse than that.

Tyler *could* enforce one screen name per email, and make it a little work for drive by trolls to set up an "identity." And of course remove the impersonation game.

Except in this thread the crap comments are from regulars who should know better.

Partisan Democrats have no point-by-point responses, so you get remarks like this. Your icons are fairly inconsequential people. You might just get over it and quit slandering others.

I knew going in that this comments section would be a little reminder of all that's wrong with the Internet and America. Can check off that box for the day, guess I don't need to check my Facebook this morning.

I love these comments. You conservatives are a pack of pathetic losers. Whining that the Obamas won't go away? Book sales conspiracy? You guys are the biggest special snowflakes around. Pathetic!

If you weren't the most egregious waste of space on these boards, you might just suggest what's objectionable about what anyone said. (Other than blunt talk about the reality that is Mooch offends the sensibilities of partisan Democrats).

Would you like some cheese for your whine?

Maybe could you shed some tears about how offended you are that Michelle sees the antebellum and Jim Crow eras as bad? More tears please.

America loves its queens, its First Ladies, full stop. Hillary Clinton seemed like one of whom we were less fond and still managed to parlay the gig into winning the popular presidential vote. Michelle Obama's chief drawback was her perpetually sullen expression; but for that she'd probably have sold 20 million copies by now.

Read the book. It's about a conservative woman by nature selling her soul to the devil of Progressivism. It provides the excuse of racism for people not taking the responsibility for their own lives. The only way to get ahead is to lobby government. Find excuses to fail instead of reasons to succeed. Students in black areas dodge bullets while black men dodge responsibility toward those kids.

The top-selling book that the the author didn't write and the readers didn't read.

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