Wednesday assorted links

1. Robert Wiblin podcast with Mark Lutter and Tamara Winter.

2. College selectivity over time.

3. Switzerland signs Belt and Road deal with China.

4. Ross Douthat on Notre Dame (NYT).

5. The Economist on Joko Widodo.

6. “Not all Chinese warm to hotpot. Some older Sichuanese disown it altogether. They complain that it is causing an escalation of chilli-use in other dishes that drowns out subtle flavours. Chua Lam, a celebrity food critic based in Hong Kong, caused a stir in December when he wished hotpot would disappear from the face of the Earth. He dismissed it as “the most uncultured form of cooking”, requiring no real culinary knowledge.”  It’s better in Chengdu (The Economist).

7. Business is not running the show in D.C. (The Economist).


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