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For a change let me recommend a completely different link: here is a long left-wing critique of classical liberalism from a well-read Buddhist Atheist (offered without comments):

But I already know the left wing critique of classical liberalism: I have that critique shrieked at me every day by the legacy print media, by NPR, by CNN and the like. What I’d LIKE is the classical liberal critique of the left wing, but thoughtful, measured, intelligent, etc.

Nobody is stopping you.

Read it. Very mediocre intellectual history. Reason is bellicose? Skip to freshman overview of Nietzsche, pad with some Foucault. For goodness sake where’s Locke, Hume and Smith? Where are the intellectual heavyweights of classical liberalism? That was ever so disappointing.

But that was likely given this kind of blanket statement: “Suffice it to say that all liberals, espousing all forms of liberalism, have been completely wrong about the role that reason plays in our lives.”

In addition, post-modern liberalism is hate.

Orwell provides useful critiques of the left, which the left use as guide books.

I like where the comments on your post are going.

beware the postmodern" harvard climate review scam"

Bad, if all too common, intellectual history that classical liberals were merely "elitist" "bourgeois" advocates who did not, for example, address topics like slavery or feminism (given the amount of exoteric textual evidence you don't need to be a Straussian to figure out the egalitarian political thrust of their doctrines). So Jefferson was a hypocrite, but Hamilton, Franklin, Adams, and many more were not, but that doesn't fit the narrative, so let's just ignore them.

And since we allegedly don't reason on the basis of facts, scientific evidence or phallocentric logos, there's no good reason for the author to waste time writing such drivel (and no, the author is not likely performing some postmodern language game).

#3: So we could reduce cannabis demand by having more people learn economics, in particular learn to ignore sunk costs?

2. Psychedelic therapies can or could work, but the efficacy of therapeutic outcomes might depend upon what a therapist thinks or believes the psychedelic experience to consist of.

These ideas and beliefs vary somewhat:

Psychedelics can produce far-reaching, long-lasting therapeutic outcomes, possibly beneficial. By comparison: what if any goods can "empathy" and "effective altruism" boast?

Brazil's president couldn't free himself from being trapped in a paper bag (or prison, which is where they eventually end up anyways).

"Brazil's president couldn't free himself from being trapped in a paper bag"

He totally could. He was trained as military parachutist/black ops officer. He was recently awarded an Army medal for having saved a soldier under his command from drowning. He is a national hero. Half his son have earned Brazil's most important condecoration One of his sons is the Congressman who was given more votes in all Brazilian history!!!!

"or prison, which is where they eventually end up anyways)."

Only the corrupt ones. In Brazil crime does not pay. Actually only two former presidents are behing bars and only other two are under federal investigation. Meanwhile, Trump has vowed to "lock her up" and nothing happens. Was he manipulating the rubes?!!?

Clearly Brazil's presidents find it easy to manipulate rubes like you residing in your favela since you were singing the praises of Temer (speaking of presidents in prison) until very recently.

I don't live in a favela. I live in a college town.

If only life were so simple as simpletoms think it is... Evidently, criminals don't publicize their crimes. Only when Brazilian authorities discovered what happened, we learned about the crimes Mr. Temer and his associates commited. It is no different from your Watergates, Iran-Contras and Whitewater. The point is, in Brazil, crimes does not pay. As former judge Mr. Moro, who sent former President Mr. Lula to jail and is now Brazil's Minister of Justice, has said, "it doesn't matter how high you may rank, Law will always rank higher than you do". Meanwhile, Trump's solemn vow of "locking her up" has come to nothing because it was, since the very beginning, a lie, a ruse, a ploy, a stratagem, if you will, to pray on the unsophisticated and the weak-minded.

Only a simpleton would shill for someone like Temer until after it was undeniable that he was as corrupt as every other major Brazilian politician. And your pattern continues with Brazil's current little fascist president.

1. The tyranny of ideas.

Whenn I get addicted to an idea, I try to blame it on someone else, the old 'standing on the shoulders of great men' game. Or construct the new idea using the semantics of old ideas, another trick. A sort of 'He dunnit'.


We love to talk about every tyranny except the tyranny of the poor people. The excessive influence that the worthless pieces of sh*t (AKA poor people) have on all our social, political, and political discourse.

#5: Sorokin, 28, was a Russian immigrant - 'If a man is not an oligarch, there's something wrong with him'.

International Russian conspiracies are much vapourware, but the international spread out from Russia of a sort of particular brand of shallow, ostentatiously wealth obsessed amorality post shock therapy Russia purchased on the cheap by the oligarchs certainly seems a bit more tenable.

1. So basically when a public intellectual develops a cult-like following, it is to the detriment of all parties.

Basically, anyone with -ite attached to their last name. Good on Tabarrok and Cowen for staying away from the event horizon.

Quite the opposite, actually.

#5 - Free this woman.

Not quite the same as the "tyranny of ideas," but it reminded me of Burroughs' claim that the "word is a virus."

#4 Brilliant reading of Knausgaard by Hägglund. Powerful way to attach time to ontology—quite Heideggerian in fact. Looking forward to reading his latest book, on the same theme.

second-rate, but brilliant...

or brilliant, but second-rate? and repetitive of what we already knew?

one often wonders why people don't care about each other, unless the people they care about make their lives more interesting. what is so hard about caring about people who have nothing to give?

One often wonders why people don't care about other people unless those other people somehow give their life "real meaning" ---

given how easy it would be to care for people who are not, as Jesus said, those who everyone cares about - that is, we gladly give gifts to those from whom we expect gifts in return --- that is easy --- but it is also easy to care for people who have nothing to give in return, that is what Knausgaard misses (Augustine missed it too most of the time, so there's that, but he was not a first-class theologian, except in some isolated quotes).

Caring about people who have much to give in return is what Knausgaard described and if he described no more than that he is far from being anything but a second-rate thinker. Sort of a Laura Ingalls Ryder writ large, I guess. Maybe a successful person, albeit an aging one, becoming less interesting every year; and I wish him the best ---- but I am not sure he will ever be someone who really has much to say about real life.

to be fair I think Proust and his epigones (Haglund writes about the best of them - you can check that out on Amazon) were second-rate too, for similar reasons, so there's that. There are, to be fair, a few lines in Proust where the famous author describes caring about those who nobody else cared about --- a few lines here and there in the tens of thousands of lines in that well-written book Proust wrote in the last decade of his life.

"I will repay the years the locust has eaten" said Joel the Prophet.
Good times

"as for me and my house we will serve the Lord"

if you want to be a good writer someday remember that
"as for me and my house"
is a description of more than just the people who you find interesting and useful to know, or who treat you well because you are related

as always you are free for the advice

someday someone may ask you if you were there for someone else who really needed your help

you don't want to say no I wasn't I was way into my hobbies and my social role at the time

more free advice for future authors or critics:

for the record, two authors who were not second-rate ----

George MacDonald
George Bernanos.

Read some of their quotes, available in seconds on the internet, or some of their better passages, available with a little bit of effort, intermittently while you read Proust or one of his epigones and you will see what I mean.

But it is never about the writers, or about books, it is always about the real underlying truth ---

God loves us all with a love that might as well be infinite
Proverbs 8

Hagglund is a very good critic by the way, and I too look forward to his next book.

He would be a better critic though if he showed more understanding of what I just explained.

Or maybe I am wrong.
Maybe I don't understand people, or literature.
Or what people could be if they were better, or what literature could be if it were better...

Funnier, kinder, with less bragging, without that smell of the paraffin lamp that accumulates in our dreams towards the end of those winters where long-awaited spring has tarried too long and we forget we were born for joy and to speak ( cor



as friend to friend with the good angels who in turn, speak


with God, who is good, and loves us all


What li/a loves is critiquing people for falling short of writing about a universal love ethic, which is not the same thing as taking actions which express this universal love toward people one personally encounters.

hey that is almost correct. and thanks for reading my comments on this day-after and desolate part of the internet, remember it does not matter where you are or who you are with, it only matters if you have a heart that cares .....

actually though I have lived a life full of pain - which will eventually be a thing of the past - a life of pain that most (well, a large minority of, anyway) people could not imagine as being bearable over the course of a lifetime --- and I pray for people every day, hundreds of them, during the hours when I would be having a good time if I were healthy.

Also I have given away a huge chunk of the money I had saved towards retirement, and I spend thousands of hours every year with people who I would not spend time with if I were selfish and pleasure seeking.

I like you too by the way. You have a lot of insight into people, even if you were just a little bit wrong about me (I hope !!!!)

in matutinum laetitia (Psalm 29/30 ---- Joy in the Morning!!!!)

and yes, Proust and all his epigones are second rate. Had Proust lived a few years more I could have given him good advice but alas! we never met.

I remember.
(you can quote this whole comment in any language you want I will not claim copyright)

and yes, I was writing about a universal love ethic.
I pray for Judas, year in and year out. and all his ilk.

and don't mock me unless you are absolutely sure God does not listen to my prayers.
I mean if you mock me that is fine,
I will consider it an attempt at innocent humor, but you are better than that

as one of my favorite people, Lon Solomon, who spent hundreds of nights in emergency rooms, when he would have preferred to be elsewhere, likes to say:
Not a sermon just a thought

14 short paragraphs. feel free not to read:::

and for the record I am not nice to people because I think God will reward me, and I do not give money away because I think God will reward me.

I do it ( I treat people kindly and I give away money - this is an economics blog after all) not because I love God (although I do) or because I want God to love me (actually I am indifferent to that - I would never have left Him alone in the world as long as he left me alone in the world) more than he does (and God loves me a lot, in spite of the decades of pain I have suffered despite my prayers) (trust me, I have seen the face of angels when they looked at God and I was humbled but not embarrassed or envious) - I do it because I hate evil. And yes, when a genius like Proust does not write as well as he should, that lack of goodness is a form of evil (of which I think the poor fellow repented - if you read the biographies it is not clear, but hope springs eternal in the human heart, and he obviously was someone who was a better thinker than a writer)

Some of us create good (good parents, good friends, helpful and kind people) because we were created to be good. I hope you are in that group!

some of us
will never be parents of successful children
or rich
or praised

but there are some of us, childless, not rich, and unpraised, who try ...

in order to

in order to defeat evil, one boring dollar at a time, given to some loser in life to whom that dollar has real meaning, or one more hour at a time with someone who is not as fun to be around as someone else we could spend time with --- as you said, kindness in one's heart to those whom one personally encounters.

I am not that good of a person, to tell the truth, somewhere in the middle, but I am a millionaire in those two categories (giving money and giving time): and God, who knows that I do not care right now all that much if he loves me or not, because I have been alone and out of his home for so long, God may or may not remember.

If he does, fine, we will be friends again, if he does not, fine, at least I knew what I was doing when I was being kind.

Cor ad cor loquitur.

By the way if you are an Ayn Rand fan ---- and reading this comment with disdain --- let me tell you this: the poor woman would have loved to have me as a boyfriend, and it would have taken me less than a week to explain to her why she was wrong about oh so much .....

but in this world apparently it did not work out that way.

Oh well.

It is no small thing to be a friend to a creature who never had a friend in this world.

Faulkner, a good writer, was a big appreciator of the short form, he thought it was a better thing to write a short story than a novel, take these next 17 paragraphs as a short story that is worth reading, or ignore them, and if you do not ignore them, well ..... you too know people who are beloved of God, and write a better story someday, and if you don't it makes no difference, you are loved by God and for that reason alone you are an artist, a poet, a real person, a part of creation without which creation would be infinitely poorer .... trust me on that ....

I am in a good mood tonight so I am going to say something I have never said before on these sad little obscure internet byways.

Between the age of 17 and 22 I had four or five or more - I do not remember the exact number - let us say 5 ---- I had something most men have never had ---- I had several beautiful young women fall in love with me, when I was young and poor.

They fell in love with me first because, back then, I was extremely good looking - through no effort of my own - but they would not have fallen in love with me simply because I looked like Gary Cooper or John Wayne but without that stupid expression the poor guys often had around the eyes and the mouth (I remember) = they fell in love with me because they knew that they would not have fallen in love with me, if they did not think that here, at last, is a man who is proud to be a man, a simple kind-hearted man, who does not manipulate others for his own pleasure, and who will be in the future someone who any woman would be happy to be married to.

Well I am in a good mood tonight so let me add this:
I wanted to get married when I was a teenager, but I was poor, and nobody cared about me (trust me God in his heaven did not even seem to care about me - but God cares about you, without a doubt --- you are not me, and please thank God for that) and in case you think all Americans are rich, no we are not, and there were one or two women who would be my wife today if I had not been poor when I was a teenager. They are living another life, with loser mullet dudes who had rich parents when I did not, and I hope they are happy, but as God is my witness there has not been a day since 1977 when I did not think my life would not have been better if they had wanted to marry a poor young man like me.

Another one or two decided I was too intense, I certainly wasn't, God bless their hearts, I know what their lives must have been like in the last 4 decades with - or without - their cool, non-intense, choices of a partner. If you do not know what I am talking about go to one of those franchise restaurants and look at the old couples. God loves us all but for God's sake you do not want your daughter or your son to choose a spouse because they seem to lack intensity and passion, and because they think that is necessarily a good thing (note that I said necessarily //// intensity and passion, or the lack thereof, are not good in and of themselves, wake up sheeple, as they say, we all know that).

Don't respond. I ike GOD but he has spent the last few decades asking me to understand what I need to do to be happy. God has answered most of my prayers and I like Him and me and Him are pals and there is a beauty in this:

sometimes when we really really respect someone,
we understand this:

Silence, between friends, is more powerful than

.... silence between friends can be more powerful than any power on earth ---- God loves us all.

( I Like to walk around suburban neighborhoods where the cost of the houses is not too high, but where the residents respect each other enough to keep the houses looking trim and proper.

I LIVE IN A LITTLE APARTMENT and I could have a nice house in a nice neighborhood but I have GIVEN AWAY TO PEOPLE WHO NEEDED IT so many dollars, enough to buy a nice house in one of those neighborhoods I walk around, sometimes, that I no longer have enough cash to buy such a house. Sad! Maybe I will never own a house.)

Like I said, I have given away a huge chunk of my retirement savings.
I have spent thousands and thousands of hours with people who are not fun to be around, because I know what they should be, and what they are, in the eyes of those with eyes to see.
And I have not had a pain free hour since 1980.

And when I go on the internet to say, hey, maybe our famous writers should be a little fucking less selfish, all I get is silly criticism:

maybe I exaggerate. I hope I do.

Anyway, don't respond, I don't care.

I mean, I care and all that, but ....
what can you tell me that I do not already know about what it means to spend thousands and thousands of hours taking care of people who CANNOT EVER repay what you did for them, and what can you tell me about what it is like to give away years and years of your retirement savings to people who have long ago passed away and who wish you the best but who cannot ever ever help you in this world .....

(just kidding, of course they can help. Trust me. there is no real barrier between friends, ever)

"In matutinum laetitia"

sed prae matutinum gaudium nobis non cessabat, nobis clare annunciatum est, gaudium non cessabit in totis horis dierum et vespertinorum)

(they say there is joy in the morning but I tell you there is joy before the morning, the evening too is God's, there is joy well before the morning)

the wish to pray is a prayer in itself

"to try to be brave is to be brave"

I hate evil

Join me

Defeat evil

you won't regret it

tell me again about my failure to take actions to express divine love to those I personally encounter

tell me in your own words

God loves you and so do I,
thanks for reading
and it is ok

that you were so so wrong about me

just kidding , don't tell me anything.

feel free to live in a world where people like me have never existed.

it doesn't matter, all that matters is how you treat people who care about how you treat them, and as God is my witness, I want you to know this...

God loves you and nothing you can say can just my feelings

(although that shtick about my "Failure" did make me laugh)

(I meant to say nothing you can say can hurt my feelings)

God loves you

all that matters is how you treat people who care about how you treat them

you are welcome for the good advice

"falling short"


and you know that I have "Fallen short" how?

Of course I have but there is no way that you could know that I have.

Wake up and treat people kindly

Be the man God created you to be.

And if you don't want to be, well, recognize that you were wrong not to want to be what God created you to be.

you can get this right

corrections - God never left me alone, that is a riff on one of the famous lines in the Psalms ...
a "nice house" in Saskatchewan can cost less than my "not so" little apartment in the USA ... making my claimed generosity perhaps not much greater than at the level of the yearly standard deduction in American tax lore ...
also many of my memories appear to be sort of fictional, just like everyone's, but I exaggerate for humorous or other rhetorical effect (it works in real life, when I know who I am talking to, probably not so well in comments sections)

for the record - I don't have research assistants - God forbid! - but I have friends who are willing to go through the approximately 100 hundred thousand words per year I leave in comment sections like this one and a few favored others, and who are willing to say to the world - 100 hundred thousand words, and a few of them - one in ten , one in twenty - are worth reading, and rereading, with that glow in our heart we feel when we know that someone has understood what we understood, has felt what we felt, and was brave and kind-hearted, and said what needed to be said.

You see, my friends, words are important - not super important, what is important is the kind gesture, the charitable gift, the decision to spend hour after hour with people who are old and sick and (unloved by all but not by God) want companionship, that sort of charity is so important!!!
but words are still sort of important, if you keep it in perspective

Sorry if you read some of those 100K words a year I have been kind enough to write out in various places, and sorry if once in a while you thought you were reading a rant, I am humble and I know that only sometimes do I say what people say when they are speaking the truth.

Yes I understood a lot more than you think I did.

Poor Falstaff! poor Hamlet! so far from God !!!!

The wish to pray is a prayer in itself.
Life is short and you should never ever do the wrong thing.
Because God is your friend, and friends don't let friends down.

Proverbs 8.

Joy in the Morning

#1 A lot of this dude's ideas about the tyranny of ideas seems to have come from Lil Wayne's failure at Rock. He failed at Rock because he was trapped by the idea that he's Lil Wayne, says the author.

Let me offer an alternative: On average, rap requires much less skill than rock, which requires much less skill than jazz or classical. Rappers are judged on rap standards. Lil Wayne was apparently decent as a rapper, but didn't have what it takes to succeed at Rock. Just like Roger Waters was great at Rock, but failed miserably when he tried his hands at writing that shitty French revolution Opera or the recent disaster that's the Indigo Girls playing with symphonies. Ot Yngwie playing with a symphony. Or [insert rocker] playing with symphonies.

People didn't reject Lil Wayne because he was trapped by the idea of being Lil Wayne. He was rejected because he sucked. Just search for videos of people reacting to Lil Wayne playing guitar. Had he been better, people would have embraced him. Dylan wasn't trapped by the idea of being a horrible whiny fake folk singer and found success being an electrical rocker and then a creepy ladies underwear spokesman.

I think the author is trapped by his idea of tyranny of ideas.

Nadia is a she, unless you are offended by preferred gender prounouns like me.

My mother tongue is annoyingly gender neutral, so pronouns are always difficult. Also, the writing was kind of douchy, so I just assumed it was a dude.

Listen to Rick Nelson's song "Garden Party."

#3. N=43 in one case and N=103 in the other. I suppose R squared was 0.6, the gold standard for studies like this. Let alone the noise that leaks in from the supposed measurement of attitudes of ‘sunk costs’. Give me a break. Can Tyler really say he would post a link with such a flimsy abstract if it didn’t somehow conform to his political views? He has no right to complain about the replication crisis being ignored when he continues to give a forum to dreck like this. Jeesh.

+1 for your use of "dreck." That's a word that's not used enough.

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