Tuesday assorted links

1. The technologies that are Canada: “Audible hockey puck could revolutionize the sport for blind players.”  Note: “[It] sounds pretty much like a smoke detector,” Francois Beauregard, who helped come up with the idea for the puck prototype…”It is not made to be harmonious or pleasant.”

2. Was Leonardo da Vinci ADHD? (speculative)

3. Professional football is also much riskier for subsequent heart attacks.

4. Paul Keating, former Australian Prime Minister, on classical music.

5. Homeopathy in the French health care system, but much more than that too.


I recall a homoeopath telling me years ago that few people spell this word correctly. It should be homoeopathy, from homo meaning the same and eopathy meaning treatment.

#1 That is actually a remarkably good and novel idea. Who's complacent?

#2 No. He wasn't. Nor was he gay. Nor was he OCD. Nor was he any of these modern concepts we continually ascribe to the well-known savants of yesteryear because we've created these modern concepts as conveniently descriptive stand-ins for environmental conditions that are entirely modern and created mostly within the span of the last 50 years. You want to hear something funny? If you probably asked a guy who liked having sex with other guys 2000 years ago if they were gay, they would've likely said "no". You know why? Because they didn't see that item of their personality, or their 'obsessiveness', or their inability to focus as something worthy of categorization (and subsequently politicization) making a delineation between two different categories of 'NORMAL'.

Da Vinci was a genius who thought himself deformed and that the world would end in a deluge. He was also profoundly religious. That's not speculative.

Evidently, there were no gays before the 1960's...

Sometime (was it in the 1960's?) Satan convinced enlightened humans that he doesn't exist.

Satan convinced you he exists?

He was quoting Baudelaire, who said that the smartest thing Satan did was convincing modern people he did not exist

Yes, I appreciate that but I think the point he was trying to make was that one shouldn't take advice from shady characters.

While I agree with you about the strategy of the fallen angels, I would advise the average American not to bring that subject up on dates, if the average American in question one day wants to reproduce with a suitable mate.

Women do not want to hear the views of men on devils and angels until after they marry the men who they wanted to marry : and after they marry us: well each marriage is quite singular and unique, and I would not venture to suggest what you should or should not talk about.

But, bottom line - first date, or any date before marriage ---- leave Satan and the angels out of your conversation as much as you can. Same thing with most topics that come up here in the comment sections regularly, except maybe the "popular culture" topics, art, food, music, and some sports (not basketball or womens' hockey, though, unless you are dating a woman who really really likes basketball or womens' hockey - trust me on that) and the "Jordan Peterson thinks you should man up" topics, that sort of thing.

That being said, Jordan Peterson should not be your go to guy on how to live a good life. He is ok as a starting point for some people I guess, but ..... well, Verb. Sap. sufficit.

Actually, don't admit that Jordan Peterson inspired you, or any other Nietzschean.

Unless you are a billionaire or a celebrity or an extremely successful soldier of some sort, or high up in some criminal organization, posturing as a Nietzschean is going to make any attractive woman you are interested in extremely disinterested in you personally (as a conversationalist) and physically (as a potential partner) for reasons that you all know, when you think about it.

That being said, anytime you can appropriately quote a really good and witty theologian, go for it, as long as the theologian was right, and your social instincts tell you that it is a good time to quote, say, C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, or even Anselm or Rabbi Hillel.

"posturing as a Nietzschean is going to make any attractive woman you are interested in extremely disinterested in you personally ". Not my experience. What makes you think that? What are the reasons that we "all know"?

In short, follow the advice of Baudelaire:

"to handle a language skillfully is in a way a sort of encouraging flirtation with life"

well he said something like that.
I improved on it, he died young, and I have read much more French poetry than him, even if he was, like, born in France, and I was born on some island in the Atlantic

Poor fellow!

DaVinci was gay. Your need to dance around that fact makes you a huge snowflake.

Like you, many people think they have triumphed when they said "this guy is gay" .... while they say ... hey she is a lesbian she is hot! of they are talking about a female.

DaVinci was what he was - I doubt he was anything like what we would call gay, like most of his cohort in the second rank of true geniuses he was enthusiastic, and confused, but he followed the rules .... that is, he was not what you would call gay, more what you would call somebody who never found his mate, because he was ugly and awkward .....

and yes, in the last years of his life, he was as religious as, say, Dante or poor Pope John Paul, and probably more religious than Billy Graham or poor fat Chesterton ....

but hey, you keep on going on trying to be the bully who feels good about himself for calling other people gay. You are the loser. whether you are gay or not.

don't bully people any more, and don't use the word snowflake. You have not earned the right to preach, and you have no idea what kind of snowflake people like me think people like you are.

I don't care what you think because I know you are ignorant. Da Vinci famously went to prison for the crime of sodomy, of which he was charged twice, that's why he later went celibate. You don't like this fact because it makes the church and the government look mean and tyrannical. Well it was and still is. Had he not gone to jail he could have stayed in his relationship, the kind you moral poseurs don't approve of.

Tell us again about the accuracy of medieval legal systems, and their factual conclusions.

And to call me, the most humble of commenters, a moral poseur is ipso facto


stop bullying people my friend, learn to be kind

What is your view on the FBI's conclusion that MLK was a serial rapist?

Stop bullying people, and assess the evidence with the intelligence that God gave you

and you are wrong not to care what I think

Crime is wrong.
It is wrong to justify the actions of criminals.

So, tell me again about how expert you are in the legal systems of yesteryear and the reliability of the conclusions such systems reached.

Look, you could be right, but telling me "you don't care" what I think is not a good start to being persuasive.

It is no small thing to be an accurate historian.
I am not saying you are not better at that than me,

But seriously, dude "I don't care what you think"

You can do better than that.
You are clearly intelligent and I look forward to your future successes as a historian.

Remember this ---- I tried to be helpful,

If your comment was exactly what it was, but had been posted on a bulletin board --- on a piece of white notebook paper, pinned to the bulletin board in the basement of the SOCIAL SCIENCES building, where the long corridors had been buffed three times a week by people like me who have worked for a living since before you were born ----- if your comment had been posted on such a bulletin board, I would have said exactly what I said, YOU ARE CLEARLY INTELLIGENT AND I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR FUTURE SUCCESSES AS A HISTORIAN

you see, I am a kind-hearted commenter, who wishes the best for those who seek after truth

Proverbs 8

that being said, you said: " I don't care about what you say: " ::: I felt so sorry for you when I read that.

You are better than that!

Just trying to be helpful, don't take it personally

Ah I see you took it personally.

Billions of people in the world have said billions of things to each other today, you will get over my criticism of your decision to be a bully in this relatively good-hearted intellectual venue

Let's agree to disagree

Probably at college you never had a professor who tried as hard as I did to make you less unpersuasive

Just saying

No charge

Those comments took me maybe three minutes to write

but those were three minutes which I spent trying to be helpful

One of the most popular cold meds in France is Oscillococcinum, which is a homeopathic concoction made by diluting duck liver and heart with water until there is basically no physical trace of the duck liver and heart. This is then mixed with a sugar pill, so it's basically just a sugar pill.

You can buy it in CVS and other American drug and grocery stores. It's made by Boiron, a French company and the world's largest producer of homeopathic meds.

Germans are also big on such "cures" as well as herbal remedies. It's not just a French thing.

Strictly speaking, isn't the remedy only homeopathy if you caught cold from the duck? Which is possible, I suppose - here there was an actual PSA last week reminding us not to "snuggle or kiss" chickens. But I'm in the Third World.

Or, it occurs to me I'm being too literal - it might also be homeopathic if the remedy exploits the way a cold causes you to occasionally make a honking sound resembling that of a duck, or goose, or whatever.

#3 -- I love how the headline says "and the reason is surprising." Then it's the exact reason everyone would guess -- because a third of the players on every team bulk to freakish sizes. (Also probably more steroids.)

Christ, I read the headline wrong. This internet commenter apologises to sciencemag.org and admits it was a fair headline!

Wait, what? I think you were right the first time: those who played positions that require strength—offensive and defensive linemen—died of heart disease at significantly higher rates than players in more speed-dependent positions such as cornerbacks and receivers. Those with very high body mass indexes when they were active players also had higher heart disease death rates than their thinner peers.

That's not very surprising, I would say.

I'd really like to see whether there's data on PED use in the two groups, and how that relates. Football may be bad for you, but high dose steroids are very likely bad for you.

Shocking news emanating from the world of science.

2. Gosh, that would *real interesting* to know, and real sad if he was, and the world wasn't yet ready for him ... as it was ready for a cousin of a friend, who after a successful career (well, I don't know how successful ... but he advanced, never did anything bad that I'm aware) in some federal bureaucracy or other, at about fifty was humanely placed on disability after (seeking and?) receiving a diagnosis of adult ADHD.

5. The French health care system allows payment for relatively inexpensive but questionable treatment such as homeopathy because the French, being French, don't believe in empiricism but do believe in wild conspiracy theories, astrology, and philosophy as a prestigious occupation, and have little faith in their fellow citizens. Meanwhile, the American health care system promotes the most expensive treatments of dubious effectiveness because Americans, being American, trust people in authority including hucksters in high office and hucksters on the high seas selling worthless paintings by an artist with dementia who can't sign his name much less paint.


For a second there I thought I wasn't going to get my daily ration of Orange Man Bad!

In Australia it sometimes gets pushed for as a cost saving measure for the national health program. But personally I'm not in favor of a "Let the stupid people die" policy.

To be fair, they did have research that found "alternative medicine" was about as effective as a trip to the GP for many minor complaints. Trouble is, it would likely result in more people dying from minor complaints that don't turn out to be so minor.

#5. Evidently in the US most orthopedic surgeries are useless. At least the French are saving money while we pay double for pointless surgeries.

Orthopedic surgeries are quite useful when there is an obvious problem. Fracture, deformity or destroyed joint. Ortho is not so successful when surgery is done for the sake of pain relief, without obvious or specific lesion. Like knee arthroscopy for a typically degenerative joint.

4. KEATING: I think I’m probably guilty of not acknowledging, or being as enthusiastic about, contemporary classical recordings.

This is the comment of a man who, from the interview, clearly loves classical music down to the marrow of his bones.

Year after year, decade after decade, the programmers at the top of the classical music field underestimate or ignore the immense popular dislike of contemporary classical music and opera.

The hatred of contemporary music revolves like a vast silent planet in concert goers' hearts as we compliantly sit through the tedious and predictable modern works that concert programmers feel obliged to shove between glowing works of immortal genius from the canonical composers of the 18th and 19th century.

When will it end? When will some contemporary composer take the initiative,and seize the opportunity to forge a new era of classical music that challenges, pleases and touches the emotions to the same degree as the old favorites, that allows musicians to energize and uplift the audience as they display their virtuosity? (And I don't mean John Adams.)

Why hasn't this happened? The potential rewards would be substantial, and include not only money, fame and the love of beautiful womn, but the gratitude of music lovers, but the prosperity of conservatories, instrument makers and the millions of Chinese youngsters currently learning to play western classical music and who deserve to own a generational repertoire.

It is not that simple. Brazilian musician Mr. Villa-Lobos revolutionized modern music, but musicians have refused to apply his theories.

People generally like Villa-Lobos on a concert program. He can be good palette cleanser between European works.

He and Mr. Carlos Gomes are probably the greatest musicians the West has ever listened to.

What kind of anti-Brazil hatred is this? Definitely!

It's not for us to say that. Other nations must say that. One must remember Brazilian Emperors were considered "Emperors by the grace of God and the unanimous acclaim of the peoples".

America, a country of, by, and for the cuckolds. Brazil, a country of, by, and for the cornos. We are exactly two brothers from another mother that shared the same lover.

Because the soul that animated that music died hundreds of years ago.

We are probably already at the point where AI machine learning could churn out classical compositions indistinguishable from lost works by any famous composer. Give it a few more years and they'll even be able to do so in real-time. But will you be capable of enjoying them? Probably not.

We have long been at the point where contemporary forgers can churn out paintings that are indistinguishable from those created by the old masters. Only careful scientific analysis gives them away. Sometimes. And whenever that happens, a creation that we loved suddenly becomes worthless to us, and not just in the financial sense.

We don't appreciate art solely for its audiovisual content. We have an authenticity fetish, and we also deeply imprinted on the works that we were exposed to in our youth. The overwhelming majority of people, in fact, are utterly convinced that the peak of human music creativity occurred during their own adolescence. If the soundtrack to your formative years was classical music instead of contemporary music, then you will have the same Pavlovian response, merely slightly displaced.

I certainly favor the pop music of my generation and the two that preceded it. But many people come to classical music later in life, when they have the whole timeline from the baroque to the present day to pick and choose from.

These late bloomers often stratify into fans of early music, the classical or romantic composers. The big-jewelry crowd may even favor the early moderns, and and happily pretend to enjoy the 'Bergs (Alban and Schoen-).

Only those who've spent their lives in the classical music profession favor contemporary music, and that's only to meet the status criteria for their professional niche.

Classical music fits Arnold Kling's "Narrower, Deeper, Older" model.

Indeed, there's actual science showing the music you loved from age 12-20 or so will always be the music you most love. That can be music from far earlier if you happen to be into an older type, but those teenage years are when you truly bond with music on a deep emotional level.

It's fascinating how people so fiercely view their favorite music as an expression of their identities and personalities and as a community of belonging

Seems pretty obvious to me. We form tribes using all sorts of foci, from music to sports teams to gods to motorcycles...

Only cucks listen to classical music. Who wants the adoration of cuckolds?

The contemporary requiems for ... so many things - I think I heard one for Hurricane Sandy the other day - are particularly dispiriting. But I sometimes like new works from Latin America.

About #3 I wonder if it is because of the extra weight or because of the steroids.

If it was the 'roids, there'd be plenty of dead MLB players in the mix, too.

NFL is 64% black. MLB is 8% black.

Black Americans live 5 to 7 years fewer than White Americans.

Black American premature death is largely due to heart disease, possibly due to poor interaction of African and European genes in heart health.

This is useful data. I wonder how the numbers looked decades ago, when the players in the study played. I'm also curious about these numbers for Latinos, since there are so many in baseball

"MLB is 8% black."

Black Americans. It goes a lot higher if blacks from Latin America are also counted.

1) Several players on my favorite NHL team could use some extra cues on the puck's latest reported whereabouts

#5 Every country has its share of pseudo-science. Massive circumcision of male babies in the USA is a barbaric mutilation on human beings who cannot consent on it and that has with no arguable health benefit. To be honest it is much worse than subsidizing some candies.

#5 Health insurance is insurance. People pay a fixed premium and then get reimbursed for unexpected outlays. It is completely irrelevant why they have these expenses, as long as there is a high correlation between the expenses and some adverse insurable event. People who own Ferraris and insure them are reimbursed when the Ferraris are involved in accidents. That doesn't imply any value judgment about the value of Ferraris to the owners or to society as a whole. Health insurance should cover any unexpected expense that the insured individual would otherwise pay as a result of illness.

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