Sunday assorted links

1. “Overall, our findings on tax-rate and tax-base avoidance of U.S. multinational and domestic firms explain the recent evidence that effective tax rates of domestic firms are at least as low as effective tax rates of multinational firm.

2. The Tony Soprano house is for sale (NYT).

3. “Trump’s four-minute video about the North’s bright future, showed to Kim in Singapore, may have had more effect than observers once suggested. By now it’s clear that rich and poor North Koreans were sorely disappointed by the breakdown in talks with Trump.”  Story here.

4. The history of the Laffer Curve.  It’s worth noting that Laffer was correct about many of the original applications of the curve.  Should there really have been Swedish and British marginal tax rates of 102 or even 95 percent?  How soon people forget.

5. The law and economics of literary fan art.


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