Those new (?) service sector jobs

Teen mail boat jumpers: “Rain or shine won’t keep these mail jumpers from their appointed rounds. Each year a bunch of high school seniors try out as mail jumpers on Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva and it may be the best summer job ever. The challenge is to dash to the mailbox and race back to the boat before it pulls away. The boat slows down but never stops so you have to…”

Via Jamie Jenkins.


Lake Geneva is also the birthplace of modern astrophysics, and home to the world's largest refracting telescope. (Unfortunately the observatory closed last year.)

Ah, Yerkes Observatory. Of course there's a reason no one ever bothered to keep making big refractors.

Birthplace of Dungeons and Dragons.

It's also the birthplace of Dungeons and Dragons.

So Americans are training in careers to jump on and off boats while China is accelerating the development of their high tech supply chain thanks to Trump's tariffs. You tell me who will rule this century in 30 years.

These will turn out to be important competitive skills once China has caused global warming to swamp coastal cities across the world.

Ah, I think you mean 'while China finally catches up to the rest of the world after destroying a century's worth of economic progress and stagnating for 40 years'.

Also, Trump is President for 8 years - max. You act like his doing the same crap his predecessors did for the previous 24 is what is finally going to tip us over the edge into irrelevance.

Trump is actually doing something different from his predecessors. He raised tariffs, accuses Chinese companies of spying, and putting sanctions on them. This has the intended consequence of hurting China short term but has the unintended consequence of plugging holes in their ecosystem long term. Self-sufficiency is a cornerstone to the thinking of that corner of the globe, and even if they don't achieve it (see N. Korea's JuChe), they will make a good run at it.

While it is unfortunate that Yerkes Observatory ever closed, let us not forget that most people in the USA can , here in 2019 , obtain really good telescopes for less cash than they would spend on big screen TVs,
and such telescopes, if understood by the artisan type of person, with good skills and respect for hard work and precise work, can produce results similar to the results the Yerkes telescope produced when it was a mere newborn telescope, back in the day. And even people who have not been trained in the craft of astronomical observation can still see so much with just an average current telescope.

In poorer countries than the USA, most such telescopes are out of reach of all but the most fortunate amateurs. If you have the energy, take a trip to such a country after having contacted the local astronomy clubs, and help them out.

Geology is what it is, even our mountains and deserts are changing, and losing much that has not changed for a million years, and more, and God knows that these are difficult times to be a lepidopterist or a botanist, knowing what those of us with such knowledge know about the ill effects of the millions of worse than mediocre scientists and engineers and chemists of the blighted generations that have preceded us - verb. sap. sufficit - but astronomy, alone among the observational sciences, is still as pristine today as it was when our grandparents were young (except for local neighborhood mistakes - intemperate moon landings, "space junk", comets interfered with, and ridiculous "radio messages" and hubristic "space probes" that reach further and further away from their starting point every day ---- but you already knew that.)

I am in a good mood tonight so I am going to say something nice to you that, most likely, nobody has ever said to you before.

You know how people go on and on and on about how much of a genius Picasso was (oh so creative! so talented! so ground breaking!) or Mozart was ("take away one note, there would be a diminishment, take away one chord and the structure would fall". etc. blah blah blah), and how much of a genius Shakespeare was ("He taught us how we speak to ourselves" ... "the supreme poet")

It is all nonsense. You have as much inspiration and potential for angelic art in your heart as Shakespeare and Picasso, probably more if you simply pray with a good heart for more. Even I, merely an ordinarily gifted person, have heard, in the course of daily conversation, thousands and thousands of observations that were more poetically expressed than Shakespeare at his best (usually people bragging about their kids, but thousands of other subjects - well, please remember I have gone out of my way to talk to thousands and thousands of people, I like people, and I see in every one I meet at least some of what God saw when he created them, one by one, with great love for every SINGLE ONE OF THEM) and even I, who can hardly draw a reasonably round circle, have seen people with similar talents TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES produce art works that were, if looked at WITH TRUE OBSERVATION, so far beyond the small soul of poor Picasso that it makes me almost cry to think of how brutally he was deceived by his flatterers (as for Mozart, I was just kidding, he was truly inspired by angels, Panis Angelicus, Laudate Dominum, Kyrie Eleison ... not to mention the works for orchestra or solo piano ..... that composer knew what it was to feel true compassion and true inspiration)

And don’t forget about those cats. People speak about them poetically, too. And the videos!

Don't bother responding unless your response is

long ago

I remember

having prayed for EVERYONE I have ever met.

anything less would be failure

that is why Shakespeare and Picasso were second-rate

trust me

life is long and if you pray a little bit every day you too will understand

go away cuck boy.

please get help.

try and think of what is good about you, and try to work on that.

I have healed people with greater sadness and pain in their soul than you, not only by prayer but by good advice as well.

Have a nice day!

btw I knew you would want to respond.

not sure if you are reading this, though, I do not have the gift of looking into the souls of others :

but if you are reading this:

You are not as complicated as you think, and God loves you and
God wants you to be all that you can be.

and I have dozens of nuns and monks who have agreed to pray for you
God loves you

and no I am not a cuck and I am not a boy
you are a liar if you say that in an unironic way
a sad liar with little self-respect

if you knew me in real life you would be as respectful to me as any private is when the 2 star walks by

I am patient though
as are the nuns and monks who pray for those I ask them to pray for
like you

you will get better some day

My nuns and my monks are God-fearing miracle workers

If the speed of the craft is determined by the speed of a girl then even a distinctly sluggish boy should find it easy to do.

+1 They need to hire some boys.

They just need to enforce the rule that the mailbox is situated at the end of the damn pier, not the middle. Then anybody could do the job.

Anyways, does anyone still get physical mail? Other than Amazon packages, that is, which surely don't get delivered this way. This seems to have the same practical usefulness as a medieval cheese-rolling contest.

"Anyways, does anyone still get physical mail?" The past 5 residents of my current apartment get quite a lot, much of which has URGENT stamped on it in bold letters.

An unfair comparison since constantly playing Star Wars Battlefront has given sluggish boys the ability to use the force.

I don't know. Shorter leg length, lower body mass and lower centre of gravity look like being advantageous for the running part - faster acceleration, easier turning - although longer legs might be advantageous for jumping back.

Women are way more prone to knee injuries because they have splayed hips.

Lower muscle to body weight ratio, too, though, which, uh...doesn't help you run that much.

When I did similar seasonal work for UPS (get out of the truck, hustle over to the door and back – although actually running was discouraged for liability reasons) I'd guess that the gender breakdown at the training sessions was like 20:1, and they'd hire pretty much anyone with working legs and a pulse.

Why is anyone bothering to consider differences between boys and girls? Surely, since swimming ability is 100% necessary for the job that is the most important factor? As only 54% of people in the US have basic swimming ability vs. 90% in Australia, clearly only Australians should be considered for this position as we are all 66.6% better at swimming. After all, it's not as if statistical averages lie.

You don't have to swim. You do have to jump and run though.

Most boys would do this a lot faster and be more sure-footed. It's actually kind of painful to watch.

I think you gotta swim if you end up in the drink.

And I don't think the average boy would be much better, as we have a thing called an X-Box now. But it doesn't matter because as long as girls or boys have the basic ability to do the task at all they will rapidly improve. It doesn't take that long to rewire some neurons in the old cerebellum and takes less time in a young one.

Hopefully Cosmo Kramer's try-out video will be available shortly.


Tobias Funke's as well.

thats what i was thinking.

Me too! Wasn't he trying to get a sandwich before the subway train moved?

A gyro. 3 dollar. No change.

Very much an "old" thing. I'd file under "path dependent markets in everything" See:

When I went on that boat 30 years ago, one mansion stop was easier because a dog would run to meet the mail carrier and take the mail back to the house with its mouth.

"it may be the -best- *worst* summer job ever"


I see workers comp claims in their future. Amazing this isnt an OSHA violation. Completely unnecessary.

How bout moving the mailbox closer to the end of the pier? Or throwing a mail bag?

It boggles the mind that so many people don't understand that nowadays this is essentially a touristic attraction.

stop pissing on the last gasp of rugged individualism america has left.

So, what happened when the girl missed the boat? I'm sure it just circles back for her, but they sure make it seem like it's life or death...

Coffee's for closers.

The mailboat started operating over 100 years ago. Don't remember exactly when but the centenary was a few years ago. Jumping mail started becoming popular in the 90s and 00s, until then it was just part of the tour guide job,

When the jumpers miss the boat, the boat circles back.

There's no actual need for maritime delivery (in fact, mail needs to be explicitly marked as marine delivery or forward to the piers mailbox). Amazingly, comments here and on YT suggest many people believe no one ever considered more effective and less flamboyant mail deliveries.

Tips are normally great. If a boost is necessary, a jumper will slip and fall into the lake.

Where are the minorities? They need to strengthen their minority outreach programs.

There are 50 shades of blonde in Wisconsin.

FYI, 14% of Wisconsin is non-white.

What does that have anything to do with their also being 50 shades of blonde?

Women are the only majority that also counts as a minority.

I watched this on Saturday. Our second time — it’s a nice tour.

Sadly, Yerkes Observatory ( where Hubble observed the redshift effect in nebulae ) closed last fall.

I'm advocating for T-Shirt canons (more fuN) or centrally located delivery areas (more efficient).

It's kind of quaint, kind of cheesy, unique to the place, fun to watch, mostly harmless but not entirely, and free to the public.

For all these reasons it must die.

But I am surprised they're not in helmets

Wherein we have teenagers learn how to jump off a moving boat, run the length of a dock and then return while the boat is in motion, when they could be learning literally ANYTHING else. Even data-entry is more valuable to the development of their human capital. What an absolutely worthless activity. Just put the mailbox at the end of the dock and have a deckhand pick it up. If the homeowner refuses to put their mail at the end of the dock? Don't deliver their mail. Phase out all paper mail deliveries by 2020 and don't look back. Personally I am tired of watching young people risk injury to themselves so that illiberal, reactionary dinosaurs get to maintain their comfortable habits. It's time to move on into the future and stop pretending that those over 40 have any right to maintain their often terrible and inefficient processes.


The mail should be right at the end of the jetty (perhaps in a small cage) in a provided waterproof bag with easy-to-grab handles. Anyone could pick it up and leave a replacement bag. Why the heck are mail jumpers employed?

Also, am I the only one who thinks about the personal injury suites that this sort of thing is inviting, especially in poor weather? How is this a thing in contemporary America?

First off, congrats to the guy who made this about Trump. There is no one on Earth who is more thrilled to live rent-free in other peoples' heads than DJT. People like you make his day, every day.

Secondly, is there anyone here (besides Tyler) who does not realize this is a one-day thing for show? Did you see all the news cameras? Did you realize this would never work in the rain, or the wind, or the winter, or on docks that were not completely empty?

OSHA violations? Really? Step it up, people.

It is not a “one day thing.” It is a summer thing, June to September. It’s a cruise boat, and this is part of the entertainment.

In 1974 they switched to all girl crews. More entertaining.

Be interesting to see how they handle the workplace injury aspect. Were those girls considered crew, the Admiralty law Maintenance and Cure could crush a small operation like that, not to mention Jones Act claims.

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