Tomas Philipson as the new CEA chair?

Supposedly so, here is the Politico article.  Here are previous MR posts on his research.


Does the CEA tutor Trump in economics? Or is it just an echo chamber? I suspect the latter.

it is the homespun blanket Captain Bolsnaro has been waiting for.

Not sure why Trump would pick someone known for his expertise in health care economics, not unless Trump intends to renew his effort to repeal Obamacare. But that's unlikely. Maybe Trump picked him because of his many appearances on television and he makes a good impression on television. That's not intended to diminish Philipson's academic record, which is excellent, but to point out the obvious. Tabarrok may like the appointment because of his research regarding the FDA (Tabarrok's skepticism of FDA hedging - something proposed by Philipson - wasn't because of the concept but the risk of information leaks at the FDA). Cowen may like the appointment because of his research on the value of life (a topic Cowen has blogged on recently). Anyway, Philipson has some ideas besides the usual tax cuts for the rich.

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