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The scooters in Nashville are currently under a 30 day notice to improve or loose their licenses to operate after a man was killed. A substantial amount of scooter drivers are drunk tourists who are often obnoxious and occasionally dangerous to both themselves and to pedestrians on the sidewalk.

It's likely that at the end of the 30 day period they will all be banned.

Where is the NRA ?

Scooters never cause problems! People cause problems!

Ban people, not scooters.

Or Planned Parenthood? My body my Choice!

The city or state (depending on the details of local laws and state Constitution) are free to require licensing to operate a powered scooter on public streets.

They don't seem to care about that, though.

Everything has risks. The issue that should be addressed is to insure that anyone using the scooters knows the risks and accepts them. Crosswalks have risks. Far more people are killed crossing the street than riding scooters. Should we ban crosswalks?

If you ban scooters only criminals will have scooters.

Last week, a man was killed by a car in Paris while riding a scooter. The week before that, a man was killed in Helsingborg, Sweden, the day after the scooters were introduced. In Oklahoma, a 5-year-old boy died when he fell off the scooter he was sharing with his mother and was hit by a car.

Multiple anecdotes are all the data I need; get rid of 'em!

Lots of reports of peoole killed and injured with guns, far more than involving scooters, so you must be a big supporter of total gun bans, even of police carrying guns, given the innocent people they kill with guns, in larger numbers than deaths associated with scooters.

Absolutely. The big killer in the US is car accidents, though, and so I naturally favor a prohibition on automobiles, as well, at least on public roadways.

"Right now, a stunning number of e-scooter users are getting seriously hurt"

A 'stunning number' which we are not actually provided with. I'm guessing he's got about 10 anecdotal stories before the well runs dry...

Yep. And these kinds of deaths never occur with those riding bicycles! Ban those infernal newfangled contraptions!

That said, I do expect they're probably less safe than bicycles. A 15mph top speed, small wheels, and pot-holes seem like a really bad combination.

At least regarding Nashville, the complaints are less against the idiots who drive the scooters recklessly across traffic and get run down, than the one's who run the scooters down hill at 25 mph on the side walk. Since, they've been introduced there have been numerous incidents of drunks on scooters routinely using the sidewalks. It's less about the actual accidents and more about people being afraid to walk on the sidewalk.

I haven't seen any statistical evidence yet and haven't made up my mind one way or another.

One might almost suggest that the drunks should get arrested for some variant of reckless driving (or whatever fits the extant legal framework), or a new law made to criminalize "recklessly driving a powered small vehicle while drunk".

Or just ban all scooters, you know, because of that. That sounds very liberal.

(Sarcastic, but I do mean little-l liberal in the old style.)

Gotta love NIMBY liberals. Scooters are amazing from an environmental and congestion standpoint. They're practical and affordable. They're everything liberals should dream of, but the moment one is blocking their way on the sidewalk, they're screaming to ban them. I think they just want to make as many laws as possible.

I think part of the resistance comes from the fact that these are provided by for-profit startups. Around here, the city, university, and non-profits poured a few million bucks, I think, into a silly bike-share system that virtually *nobody* uses. Then the scooters showed up and were immediately zipping around everywhere. Made a bunch of folks in and around local government look dumb. So of course they're looking for a good excuse to give them the boot.

Sounds like Baltimore; same thing happened here.

I routinely bike around Baltimore, and while I think the scooters are a good idea in principle I hate them in practice because their riders are so incredibly unpredictable and careless. Motor vehicles and bicycles have certain limited, sonewhat predictable ways of screwing up. Pedestrians. especially those with noses glued to their phones, do more dumb stuff but except at crosswalks (and alas, the harborside bike lane) pedestrians don't usually share spaces with bikes. The scooters are everywhere, their riders often wear headphones so they can't hear traffic or shouted warnings, and they'll zip right out into my lane without so much as a turn of the head to see if anything's coming. I even had to deal with one trying to race me and cutting right in front of me then slowing down. If I wanted to play silly games like that I'd stay home with my new kitten. The streets are not the place for asinine one upmanship.

As it happens, a 65 year old lady I know was flattened on the sidewalk just last week. She was coming out of a restaurant, saw 4 or 5 buzz by .. stepped out, oops one more.

Stepping from a restaurant door onto the sidewalk should not be a dangerous operation.

#1 I own a Raptor 5000 electric bike. It's pretty much an electric motorcycle considering its range and speed. With that in mind, I ride it with complete understanding that above 20 mph it's using me for protection, not the other way around. As I recall, these scooters top out at 14-15 mph? 14-15 mph plus a 200+ pound rider vs. pedestrian vs. car vs. pole vs. hole in the ground is potentially fatal and I've seen them buzzing around in some cases with 2 occupants, much less one. Sorry, if they're using public thoroughfares and they're motorized they need to be regulated just like cars. No free rides.

#2 The moment I heard the story, I immediately knew it was a suicide.

2. Mass murder plus suicide, but I would say the story has been successfully .. starved of oxygen.

#1. Another pay walled article... I guess if I really don't like getting those pay walls, either A, pay up, or B, stop coming to sites like this?

what helps us is
we look at paywalled articles as an opportunity
to work on satirical narratives

When you click a link to a WaPo/NYT article, you have a few seconds to hit CTRL+A, CTRL+C and copy all the text to dump in a Word file.

bless you!

Have you tried opening the same article in a incognito/private window? I've noticed that this sometimes gets around article limits.

Yes, I absolutely try read articles in incognito/private mode.

This article on NYT says, "You’re in private mode." and blocks access. WaPo does something similar.

Erase cookies, close browser, re-open browser, you get a fresh start, no pay-wall.

In Chrome, hit F12 to open dev tools, then go to Application > Clear Storage and click on Clear Site data. Your limit will reset.

#1 - the author keeps citing fatal incidents in which someone driving a car kills someone riding a scooter, but there is zero awareness that perhaps cars, the things easily capable of killing humans, could be more regulated rather than the scooters?

Also no mention that a problem is our cities are designed for cars and not for bikes/pedestrians/scooters and we should rebalance our infrastructure investments?

I'm disappointed the author thinks one issue is that scooter-riders are inadequately "trained" to ride with cars on city streets. That's true, though you could give someone lots of training on a scooter in traffic, but the cars will still be incredibly hostile and angry that you are on their roads and make it unsafe for you to be on a scooter. Drivers need to be trained to respect when bicyclists and scooters are properly using city streets as much as cyclists and scooter drivers need training.

Slow vehicles like that don't belong on major thoroughfares clogging traffic.

It's the traffic clogging the traffic. Scooters and bikes are a much better way to travel within cities.

You perhaps weren't in Nashville when the pedal taverns were trolling the streets, making long wide slow arcs around corners and slowing traffic even more. These seem to have fallen out of popularity in the last couple years.

Plus, in Nashville and West Los Angeles, some workers with relatively short but agonizing commutes between built-up business and apartment neighborhoods have started using the motorized scooters, which take up a lot less room on the roads. A possible benefit.

I'm not saying these are the future of transportation, but the phenomenon is interesting.

I'm waiting to see what happens when someone -- pedestrian rider, whoever -- dies in a scooter accident and the scooter company is sued. If I ran an insurance company, I'm not sure I'd want to write policies for those outfits.

Perhaps you're unaware that we have a fairly extensive motor vehicle code already regulating cars?

I got hit in the back by a motorized bike in Shanghai...totally my fault....Their road...rush hour

#1 - I'm genuinely curious if the author feels strongly also about regulating cars, which even pre-scooter mania, were involved in tens of thousands of fatal crashes each year.

How about bringing drastically lowering speed limits, no turn on red, more protected bike paths, better built and visible pedestrian crossing, more enforcement that is SCF (swift, certain, and fair), more road diets - all these things could drastically reduce the number of fatal auto accidents, which would be far more # of lives saved than banning scooters.

Perhaps the author is simultaneously advocating for these things and treats non-scooter auto fatalities just as she does scooter-fatalities - I would suspect not and that really this is more a dislike of scooters with the pretext of being concerned about safety issues, but would enjoy being proven wrong.

I feel the same way. Person riding scooter gets hit by car and killed. Solution? Ban scooters..? Why not a call to ban cars?

Ah - glad that the MH370 piece was brought up on a site I read that allows comments. (I understand the difficulties of comment moderation, but it's annoying that The Atlantic doesn't have them.)

I've been interested in MH 370 for a while. I read Jeff Wise's site off and on for a while. On the one hand, Wise is basically a conspiracy theorist on this issue. On the other hand, the site was updated regularly, had a lot of commenters, and seemed like a general clearinghouse for MH 370 info. Alas, it seems to be diminished/gone now.

Anyways, The Atlantic piece is good, and good counterpoint to the conspiracists that can dominate debate when a topic like this is out of the news for a while. That said...

1) I wish the article had better addressed the underwater searches that have already been done, and why those have come up negative. Basically, if the conventional wisdom is true - that the electronic pings and such can be relied upon, and that the plane crashed in the south Indian Ocean, near the arc of the last ping, then the search was presumably in the right area, but nonetheless unsuccessful. My (pretty uninformed) speculation is that:
A) The wreckage was so fragmented, so deep, so scattered, and perhaps somewhat sand, etc. covered that the search went over the site but missed it.
B1) For cost reasons, the search wasn't broad enough, and the crash site wasn't passed by the search
B2) The route calculations were wrong in some fashion. The plane might still be in the south Indian, but further from the targeted search (perhaps significantly so).

A seems more likely to me than B1/B2. But I don't think I've seen anyone address in detail the accuracy of the search methods, and the likelihood that such search methods could "miss". One way to test this would be to seed a similar area with some similar artificial debris, at a known point, then "search" for it. I wonder if something like this has been done.


A main point of the article is that the Captain likely did it, and that there were markers there of his mental instability/depression. That might be true. Wise's contention though, and that (I think) of other posters there, was that the Captain was pretty well grounded and stable, and an unlikely candidate to do such a thing. Hard to get a good feel for this without a much deeper biographical/investigative dive into the Captain, and a further contention of the Atlantic article is that the relevant authorities in Malaysia are not eager to dive deep there and/or publicize what they do know about the Captain. Interesting angle overall, and not all that well explored in articles I can recall, prior to this one.

Cool story, bro.

The captain had practiced the exact flight on his home simulator, literally what more evidence would convince you?

What's amazing about it? That Wm. Langeweishe throws around the term 'incompetent' in regard to people exercising skills he almost certainly knows nothing about or that someone from Malaysia evidently stole Wm. Langeweishe's lunch money back in the day?

Beg to differ. Of all of the people in the world, he is one of the most qualified to talk about it. He's flown planes for many years and his father literally wrote the book on flying. He's investigated and reported on dozens of other aviation crashes. He's more than qualified.

Looks like I’ve been cucked yet again!

his father literally wrote the book on flying

His father wrote a trade book on flying which appeared a half-generation after the advent of commercial aviation and a generation after the advent of military aviation. The book was published 70 years ago. Not that this matters. His father's skill set isn't his.

Mr. Langewieshe can fly aeroplanes. There's no indication that he knows enough of the work of air traffic controllers in Malaysia to be referring to them as 'incompetent'. He completely and repeatedly mischaracterizes Malaysian society, which is enough to make a prudent reader distrust anything else he says. That aside, it's also a reasonable guess that parts of the account are fabricated. (The conversation with the 'friend' of the pilot). And, again, his scenario is speculative.

Dude I think you’ve been cucked on this one again. Better lay low for a while.

It's so sad to hear about the death of a child doing something as fun as riding a scooter. I'm not totally sure, but I think if we're talking about these Lime or Bird scooters - not Vespas - my city has seen one death so far, a foreign tourist who got mixed up and went onto the (24/7 dangerous) freeway ramp at night. Something like that. Awful to think of his family far away getting this news. In some way the rarity of an event makes it more noteworthy, but also seemingly easier to grapple with. Like, we haven't had many of these deaths yet, so we can nip this in the bud and not have any more. While deaths from cars and trucks exited our consciousness a long time ago ... On the neighborhood forum, some folks began arguing pretty vehemently about the need to kill a particular, shy poisonous snake whenever you see it, not a pit viper but a snake that has to chew, whose bite has resulted in one fatality nationwide in forty years.

Now do dogs. No, of course I didn't say that! I'm not looking to be run out of town.

2, Aviation deviation: Boeing sells an aircraft that Boeing knows is defectively designed and disaster results, while Malaysia Airlines airlines uses a pilot who is deranged and disaster results. And I thought aviation was the poster child for deregulation.

You're a lawyer who doesn't know the difference between health and safety regulation and mercantile regulation. Why not quit making a clown out of yourself?

In five years of meditation, I watched the grass grow, the weeds tend to themselves; I found in the minutiae of detail a place where flies and spiders and ants leap-frogged eternity. My skin turned brown, tufts of chest hair showed freckles, and between the silken rhythm of surfers and old-fashioned hats of fisherman, I learned invention controlled belief. An integral personality requires the trade of entertainment for loneliness. I ate strawberries, apples, oranges, cashews, almonds through-out the day and boiled pots of legumes for dinner, losing forty pounds in the first year. The touch of gold marked my fingertips, the corners of my smile, the length of my neck, and lined the cracks of my palms. The tips of ball point pens conspired with the tips of quill pens as their black ink aligned over the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, and once or twice, now and again, I got to turn the sunflower seed in the creases of my fingers and against my nails, experience the breaking of its hull.

that was good but you need to bounce those phrases off women. and refine your game, because one day some woman will appreciate the fact that you are trying to be someone whom women want to love ....
Does not matter if they are hot or not.

Most women were with you until you started talking about your fingertips, sure you need to have good hygiene as a male but you do not ever talk about your fingertips with women. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT! well I guess that, now that I have told you, you know it.

Good luck, I assume you want to be more eloquent in the future than YOU ARE TODAY and if some day you are supremely eloquent


not because I care (I do, but that is besides the point - trust me) but because people who like me (people who like me, not people who are like me ----God why do I live in a world where I have to explain these things) ---- people who like me will be happy to know that

if someday you are supremely eloquent

(and I am serious about this, I mean literally, I am writing this in the hope that someday you will be SUPREMELY ELOQUENT, the way the patriarchs would have been if they were eloquent ---


if you say what you need to say at the right time ......

the grass grew because people like me, who is giving you such good advice, wanted it to grow


I will show you that God wants you to do what you can to make the future the place it is meant to be

Fear not, my friend, let not your heart be troubled

the grass grew because people like me , who is giving you such good advice, wanted it to grow

God loves us all
God loves us all
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Remember that, and do the right thing.
Don't ever do anything evil


people want to find leadership, they want to look up to other people, they want, after years of suffering, to know how to be a faith healer

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nice comment but I can say he did not know as much as he thought he knew

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There are so many people who just simply want to be kind to the people who are in their family or who they see every day

That is good but that is not enough

pray for everyone

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You better show me for respect or else you're not going to have me to kick around anymore.

"you better show me for respect"

definitely not something I would ever say to someone with potential goodness in their heart !!

Interesting take, though.

Proverbs 8 is your go to chapter in the Bible if you are starting from a place where you do not know God loves you

if you know God loves you start with Philippians or Ephesians

Think about it this way.

Here you are, reading yet another sentence from somebody who .... who wrote all those other sentences. and you are reading this sentence with at least a little sentiment in your heart, with at least a smidgeon of tolerance, a little potential acceptance of the potential fact that I know what I am talking about, or writing about .....


which is simply this ...
God loves you and God is ready to give you everything but God can't really give you the one thing you can give God

the free loving choice to do the right thing, the desire to be kind and good and to take care of other people who need your help

God could force you to do that
but you should want to do that anyway

"let the love of God shine on the shadows of your doubt" - Corrie Ten Boom

"you are the only Bible that some unbelievers will ever read" ((D.L. Moody, I think, preaching to a congregation of believers, knowing that some of them would bring others to Christ)

"we write our autobiographies this way: by the way we expend the gifts that God gave us" ---- (Randy Alcorn, the famous writer and pro-life activist)

to give credit where credit is due , "Wake up Wake up" is a quote from the interesting song by the Scottish musician Donovan

and, more importantly, from the point of view of whether my rhetoric is effective or not, I often quote without attribution Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

Say what you want but don't say I didn't try to explain

2. Here's an article that is critical of The Atlantic story:


He's identified the weaknesses in Langewieche's case. Among other things, Langewieche offers no evidence that the cabin was ever depressurized, nor any discussion of how it is technically possible to depressurize a cabin, repressurize it, and reliably incapacitate everyone in the plane but yourself.

Over a 35+ year career as a military and commercial pilot flying large aircraft (KC-135, 727, 757, DC-10, MD-11), I can state that at least those aircraft can be depressurized at altitude. This can be required for smoke and fume elimination or to deal with a cracked window. The author was also correct in stating that the oxygen supply behind the cockpit is limited, only sufficient for emergency descent to a safe altitude or to return to the cockpit.

Over a 35 year career ...

well that is impressive ....

nice humble brag, but I got you beat by a few years .... I could tell you a thousand things about passenger jet planes circa 36 years ago, but I won't

Lion of the Blogosphere got this right within a few weeks.

Absent some unusual chain of events that has never been encountered before in the history of aviation, the story that Langeweishce recounted is almost certainly correct.

Sad, but true, Almost all pilots are good people but there are a few sociopaths among them.

I think it’s more scary than that. There is medical evidence that people can turn bad after a while, without signs and being perfectly functional people before.

He explains that only the pilot has hours of oxygen- everyone else has about 15 minutes. So that part at least is solved.

I don't know if it had the right takeaway - I don't remember, and wouldn't have known one way or another; I remember sharing it with my pilot father and he made no comment - but if you want more Langeweische, his 2003 story on the Columbia space shuttle disaster was extremely gripping.

#2. I'm betting most of the info in this story came from Don Lemon at CNN. He was all over this story.....until a black hole caused the plane to disappear.

I second the recommendation of his piece on the shuttle Columbia. It also contains the best explanation of earth orbit weightlessness I’ve read.

Reading the article I learned that Malaysia is inept - why would anyone fly Malaysia Airlines? I also learned that there are weird people in the world who take it upon themselves to solve such mysteries, the globetrotting "Dude" in this case. I recall a few wealthy truth tellers who spent their fortunes trying to prove that 9/11 was an inside job. Not sure if the Malaysia Airlines pilot was crazy, but truth tellers most certainly are.

Why? To get to Kuala Lumpur (KL). I also flew to Malaysian Borneo via KL. My experience is that nothing beats Singapore Airlines but Malaysia Airline is/was very very close. Air New Zealand is a distant 3rd for me and all the North American and European airlines I've experienced can't hold a candle to Air New Zealand.

The repeated insults directed at Malaysia, which has had a highly successful experience of economic development and has been (with scant interruption) among the most congenially governed of 3d world countries is just galling.

Malaysia's per capita growth has been 3.5% a year on average since 1990. Not bad at all.

Good economy and corrupt government are not mutually exclusive.

#2 " Circumstances suggest that whoever was at the controls deliberately depressurized the airplane."

I don't doubt that it's possible to depressurize the aircraft from the cockpit, or that trying to breathe at 40,000 feet altitude isn't going to work so well, but, assuming you don't depressurize by breaking a window or something, how long would it take to depressurize something the size of a 777 using the cockpit controls?

And if it took some time and the plane was not obviously descending once the air started getting thin, why wouldn't there be a rush to batter down the cockpit door? Wouldn't there be some on the airplane who would understand there was something very wrong if the plane was depressurizing without descending?

In any case, "Circumstances suggest" really needs some more explanation. What is the evidence that the plane depressurized, and are there no other scenarios that could account for what happened?

Remember this was a night flight over water, so the plane occupants didn't know their altitude. Also remember that feeling pressure changes during flight is normal. Also remember that bashing in the cockpit door is very difficult, as proved by Germanwings 9525, even when the plane is pressurized.

If the pilot took manual control of the air conditioning and pressurization system and shut down the air conditioning packs, (inflow), and completely opened the pressurization outflow valves, the plane would depressurize very rapidly. I am thinking it would take less a minute.

When depressurization occurs at 40,000 feet, one has about 15-20 seconds of useful consciousness. So, even if the cockpit door were wide open, a passenger revolt inside a depressurized cabin would have no chance of success.

On second thought, a slight exaggeration: If the cockpit door were wide open, there would be just enough time for the first officer to re-enter and don a mask. But otherwise, incapacitation due to hypoxia occurs very, very quickly at 40,000 feet.

I guess we have to weigh the scales here. On one side we have: the problems of 1.25 million automotive deaths per year; global obesity epidemic that is probably related to people sitting in standstill traffic for hours per day; potentially catastrophic climate change; alarming growing evidence of the cognitive costs of inhaled pollution; and the sadness of a culture where people are afraid to let their children outside because they'll be crushed by cars. And on the other side of the scale we have a few people's grumpy pre-verbal "just so" irritation and their claims that they were nearly (always "nearly"!) hit by a scooter once. Huh, hard to decide which side we should come down on, rationally.

Bravo, exactly.

By that logic I shouldn't complain about people littering on my street, neighbors having wild parties till all hours. or even muggers holding people up.
That old saying about walking and chewing gum? It's a truism that's actually true.

Motorcycles have approximately 25 deaths per hundred million miles traveled. there have been over a million trips in Nashville on these scooters. You do the math is you like, but by my calculations having one fatality doesn't seem out of line... unless you think no one should ride a motorcycle either

Doing the math, 1 death per million miles works out to 100 per hundred million miles. That's a fatality rate that's four times higher than motorcyclists', which in turn is a notably dangerous form of transportation (about 28 times higher than the fatality rate for passenger cars, which in turn are notably more dangerous than buses, train, airliners, elevators, etc.).

OTOH, bicycling seems not to be very safe either. Pedestrians are hard to compare, but it may not be particularly safe either.

1 death of every million miles ridden in Nashville does not equal "one death per million miles ridden on scooters."

From what I can tell, the death/injury rates of scooters aren't really out of line and there's a lot of pearl clutching for no discernible reason. I can't be the only person who is somehow not really bothered by these scooters.

I'm hardly a conservative but why do we have to take Official Government Action on every damn new thing that comes along? This is a manufactured crisis to please the "get off my lawn" populace.

The Safety over Liberty debate continues. When the "Libertarian" economists hedge on the side of safety, you know liberty doesn't have a chance. Been nice knowing ya.

The Safety over Liberty debate continues. When the "Libertarian" economists hedge on the side of safety, you know liberty doesn't have a chance. Been nice knowing ya.

1. Do they have these kinds of debates in Asia? In Taiwan or South Korea? Why is the NYT wasting space on something so trivial, and boring? If people are going to use scooters, put up protected lanes for them and bollards to keep them off sidewalks. If cities in the US cannot even manage that, it makes me doubt the GDP figures for the country, because even developing countries can find the resources to do such simple things.

Not that impressed with the article about the Malaysian airplane. Too much focus on this guy Gibson who seems to be a publicity hound and is quite marginal to the story. But perhaps the author or the magazine felt American readers needed to have an American at the center of the story to be interested in it.

#1 " Assault Rifles."

About the scooters: I am living in Denmark. They have an ingenious way to avoid conflicts between bicycles/scooters and pedestrians/cars. They have a separate lane for those.

> Brady Gaulke, a 26-year-old Nashville man, was killed in a collision with an S.U.V. while riding a scooter. His grieving parents have started a petition to ban the devices in Nashville. “[E]-scooters are unsafe at any speed, and we are calling on Mayor David Briley and the Metro Council to ban them from the streets immediately,”

Weird was it the SUV that killed him or the scooter? 🤔

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