Sunday assorted links

1. Markets in everything: the “my girlfriend is not hungry” option takes off.

2. Joao Gilberto has passed away, music here.

3. Very good sentences: “The level of supply chain effort and professional polish that goes into the smallest cup of coffee is mind boggling.”  From Balaji Srinivasan.

4. Nuns resurrect endangered salamanders.

5. Michael Strain opposes the citizenship question on the Census.

6. “We move from jealousy to hate…”  Meet the anti-woke left.


Antonio Carlos Jobim was who I thought died, but he died at an early age years ago. What does "woke" mean? Time to check the slang dictionary.

I think "woke" describes a self-anointed, angelic person that believes he/she is morally superior and more knowledgeable than everybody else; and if one is so evil as to hold a different opinion one is a "racist," "fascist," or any of a dozen or more progressive pejoratives du jour. In fact, that person is an hopeless imbecile.

Good thing she is anti-woke. Or else she would be a "hopeless imbecile." We wouldn't want that now would we, Dick?

a self-anointed, angelic person that believes he/she is morally superior and more knowledgeable than everybody else;

That sounds like a typical conservative, or at least like you.

Left wing version of term "redpill".

But used as much as a form of sarcastic mockery as sincerely these days, in place of what "virtue signalling" was used for in '16-'17, until it was decided that too used by older people and right wing newspapers.

in ’trepəd/
Fearless; bold and brave.

Woke is the opposite of Deplorable.

Or: "woke" is a description of the sort of people who will be burned alive once the wokest are in charge.

The world keeps getting better and better as I ride of Jeffery Epstein’s plane!

Oh the Epstein plane has nothing on a good ol’fashion British Tory party conference

Trump and Epstein both like them young.

Bill Clinton had a frequent flyer account on that airline.

"Woke" started out as a black thing, then something happened. I think there is a woke term for it.

1. " the “my girlfriend is not hungry” option takes off." - That's funny and brilliant marketing. An amusing commentary on human nature with a commercial twist. Naturally some people without any true sense of humor will find a way to be angry over a very small thing.

6. "Meet the anti-woke left." - That's an interesting take, though I'm curious as to what percentage of the Left would anonymously agree and what percentage would publicly agree. I suspect there would be a large delta in those two numbers.

Just listen to Chapo for your daily dirtbag needs. Marianne Williamson was on the show before Tyler's call out.

After trying "No, I want to eat all six of the gyoza I ordered" and getting the pouty face for the rest of the evening, I tried "Are you sure you don't want to order a serving of gyoza. No?" And still got the pouty face.

Now I always order 12 gyoza for myself and let her eat two or three. Problem solved.

'“The level of supply chain effort and professional polish that goes into the smallest cup of coffee is mind boggling.”'

Well, professional polish is hard to quantify, but clearly Balaji Srinivasan has not enjoyed much coffee in Ethiopia.

Doesn't that apply to everything? The level of supply chain effort for my toe nail clipper and box of big, black dildos is mind boggling too. Of course Tyler won't think my sentence to be very good but the point still stands.

Maybe next time he can do a pencil?

6. Strawmanning. "Woke" went from mild insight to mild humor, only to be resurrected again by the humorless.

Insight: There are lived experiences we have been oblivious to.

Humor: People get carried away with that.

Late call by the humorless: OMG people can get carried away with that, and now I will use this brush to paint all my old enemies.

Basically, "anti-PC" has lost its zing and "anti-woke" is the replacement. A wonderful way to fight a side, by strawmanning worst examples.

BTW, for something with a little more science and grit .. from the American Economic Review, no less:

Does watching television make people stupid?

That link is a bit misleading, because the headline makes it sound like it applies to TV in general, but the article and study are almost entirely about a single particularly low quality TV network in Italy. There's no proof, as far as I can tell, that other networks reduce your intelligence.

MSNBC and Fox most assuredly reduce the intelligence of those who watch.

There might be a correlation/causality issue.

People with poor cognitive ability might find content with simplified views appealing, for instance.

#6 - Perhaps, perhaps the alt-left?

>But how much can Marxism really illuminate today’s mad world? ‘Twitter call-out culture’, Frost concedes, ‘has no Marxist explanation. It makes no sense economically or even logically.’ Marx cannot account for a ‘social phenomenon where you rat out your closest friends’ and ‘describe them as reactionary’: ‘Why would you do that? Of course it will be bad for you.’

There is nothing more Marxist than Marxists hating another group of Marxists for not being Marxist enough. Alt-left, anti-woke left... I don't think we need a special name for them, they just sound like unaware Marxists.


It takes a Marxist to ignore the consequences of basing your politics on something called 'false consciousness'.

So what's your point here? Call-out culture is actually good?

Inevitable, rather, given the ideological proclivities involved.

(And I don't mean a desire for redistribution, as childish as that is in and of itself.)

Splitter! Wrecker! Running Dog! Deviationist!

— Judean People’s Front

Some people were not feeling the idea, however — blasting it as sexist and one-sided.

“More like my *boyfriend* isn’t hungry,” wrote one Facebook user.

“It works both ways,” another said.

Ridiculous. No, it really doesn’t go both ways. A man will almost always order his own food. He might steal food toward the end if his portion was too small, but he will not pretend not to be hungry and refuse to order.

+1, it might charitably be a 90/10 split.

6. I have to hand it to the dirtbag left, they are maleducated, hide crappy ideas behind a veil of irony and are only capable of deconstruction, but they have functional BS detectors and that is a great virtue.

It is not that they have BS detectors but as ironic nihilists they detect everything as BS. Subtle difference.

Actually they're right on the money:

"Three years on from the 2016 presidential election, Democrats are still largely in denial or in despair about Trump’s victory. The now-discredited Russia-collusion narrative provided an excuse to avoid any soul-searching. "

that's exactly what happened. The democrats still just can't accept that what they were selling was so bad that people were willing to vote for **TRUMP** instead! That's bad.

As a consequence, despite Trump's bizarre presidency, they may manage lose yet another election that's theirs to win.

The powers that be inside the Democratic Party needed a distraction from just how dumb and awful their 2016 campaign season was. Russia fit the bill.

It's classic Iron Law of Institutions at work-- those on the inside of an organization would rather the organization fail than lose their place inside the organization.

can the meme zombies detect this postmodern bullshit!
seriously, thought transformation camps!

#3..."..mind boggling" And what follows from this? Mind you, #6 actually is mind boggling.

#2 Pretty sad when a real giant dies. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family and the Brazilain people.

6. commie, pinko, hippie, peace-nick, America-hater, liberal, Birkenstock wearing, limousine liberal, jihadist, elitist, feminazi, libtard, socialist, progressives, cuck, PC, snowflake, woke...

Name-calling is core to the right wing tantrum.

Fascist, racist, sexist, homo/trans-phobic, classist, redneck, white trash, intolerant, hater, jackbooted thug, authoritarian, warmonger, imperialist, chickenhawk, capitalist, neoliberal, neoconservative, reactionary, fundamentalist, theocrat...

Name-calling is core to the left wing tantrum.

'cept those are true

And that's the kind of bubble any ideologue lives in. You'll note Anon7 just pointed out that name calling is silly but common. McMike lives in the delusional world where he thinks the name calling is actually true when applied to people he doesn't like.

Completely doesn't apply to Trump.

Trump is a special case. Trump doesn't discriminate on an ideological basis. He's as likely to call a nominal ally a name as much as the opposition. His criticism of Nancy Pelosi isn't notably worse than his criticism of John McCain.

Though, in simplest term, yes McMike and Trump are much alike in their view of people they don't like.

McMike is Presidential material now? Who knew?

Given a choice between McMike and Bernie Sanders, I'd pick McMike.

#2... A true classic.

"Getz/Gilberto is an album by American saxophonist Stan Getz and Brazilian guitarist João Gilberto, featuring pianist and composer Antônio Carlos Jobim (Tom Jobim), who also composed many of the tracks. It was released in March 1964 on Verve Records. The album features the vocals of Astrud Gilberto on two tracks, "Garota de Ipanema" ("The Girl from Ipanema") and "Corcovado". The artwork was done by artist Olga Albizu. Getz/Gilberto is a jazz and bossa nova album, and includes tracks such as "Desafinado", "Corcovado", and "Garota de Ipanema". The latter received a Grammy Award for Record of the Year, and launched Astrud Gilberto to international stardom. "Doralice" and "Para Machucar Meu Coração" strengthened Gilberto's and Jobim's respect for the tradition of pre-bossa nova samba.
Getz/Gilberto is considered the record that popularized bossa nova worldwide, and was one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time. The album was also a commercial success, selling more than 2 million copies in 1964. It was later featured in Rolling Stone's and Vibe's lists of best albums of all time. Getz/Gilberto was widely acclaimed by music critics, who praised Gilberto's vocals and the album's bossa nova groove and minimalism. Getz/Gilberto received Grammy Awards for Best Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or Group and Best Engineered Recording - Non-Classical; it also became the first non-American album to win one for Album of the Year, in 1965."

Exactly. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family and Brazil's government.

For me Corcovado was a superior composition than the Girl from Ipanema even though the latter was the one that made the pop charts.

This may be my favorite Gilberto tune. Great lyrics too.

#6: George Orwell, in 1937: "The typical Socialist is not, as tremulous old ladies* imagine, a ferocious-looking working man with greasy overalls and a raucous voice.

He is either a youthful snob-Bolshevik who in five years’ time will quite probably have made a wealthy marriage and been converted to Roman Catholicism or, still more typically, a prim little man with a white-collar job, usually a secret teetotaller and often with vegetarian leanings, with a history of Non-conformity behind him, and, above all, with a social position which he has no intention of forfeiting. This last type is surprisingly common in Socialist parties of every shade; it has perhaps been taken over en bloc from the old Liberal Party.

In addition to this there is the horrible–the really disquieting–prevalence of cranks wherever Socialists are gathered together. One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ’Socialism’ and ’Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ’Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England.

Still true. It's rather natural that the exceptions to the above still feel the need to make fun of "the typical Socialist".

*Which is what the "tremulous old ladies" of the MR comment section also seem to fear.

And the typical right winger is not a angry mask-wearing tattood white supremacist, but rather an unemployed bachelor living on fast food in his mommy's basement.

Sadly, you're not nearly as clever or skilled with words as Orwell, Mike.

Still, at least your "And" acknowledges the truth in his insight into society, even if what follows that is a bit ridiculous.

A blog post commentator is not as good of a writer as one of the English language's great writers. What a zinger, M!

Did you think he deserved a carefully crafted, cutting "zinger" for that effort?

For the rest of us, please do so our eyes don't bleed.

and you are at your best when you are cutting & pasting other people's words.

"an unemployed bachelor living on fast food in his mommy's basement"

So you take the most common description of the left, and try to flip it? Some say the left is all about projection, I say they just lack imagination.

Gamergaters lean right and match that description to T. Don't let reality offend you.

To be fair: "In addition to this there is the horrible–the really disquieting–prevalence of cranks wherever Socialists are gathered together. "

This comment could equally apply to most hard core Libertarians.

The comment could equally apply to most hard core anythings.

Now? With the like of Jordan Peterson's "beef only diet" and folk who believe in eating only butter to remain in perfect health, perhaps. Then? Orwell would have said so. (He had many hardcore criticisms of Tories and their ilk, better ones than McMike, but those were not that).

1. If she was woke she'd order a steak.

Note proper use of the term. Insight into the experience of another, but humorously, and not overly seriously.

That's the irony, ain't it? The "my girlfriend is not hungry" phenomenon exists because a woman is expected to be constantly on guard for a waifish figure, and therefore internalizes the pressure not to be seen wanting food. The woke girlfriend recognizes the ridiculousness (or, if overseriously woke, the "tyranny and violence") of the expectation, and eats what she wants.

In the meantime, the boyfriend wonders why she doesn't just order a meal in the first place.

6. " The phrase was coined by Amber A’Lee Frost, a writer, commentator and activist, to describe a loose constellation of American leftists who reject the civility, piety and PC that has come to characterise much of the left."

Odd statement; I think most critics of the post-Obama left would assert that the piety and political correctness of the left leads to a total absence of civility, and therein lies its problem.

Yes, the word civility doesn't fit. There's nothing civil about the behavior of the "woke". Antifa is woke, they could be a text book example for uncivil.

6. The dirtbag left prefers class struggle over identity struggle. Did any readers of this blog actually read the link? Do they really want the left to make class warfare rather than identity warfare? I don't think so. Because the lower class is HUGE. I'd prefer the populists on the left to argue about gender, race, immigration, whatever that divides them, but not what unites them, which is that they are all part of the lower class.

I don't know rayward, this sounds like plain old schtick to me:

I asked how the seeming frigidity of the #MeToo moment, let alone the alleged epidemic of uterus removals, sits alongside modern feminism’s ‘sex positive’ celebration of polyamory, pansexuality and sex workers. ‘It’s because these people would rather negotiate sex than actually have it… They don’t want to take responsibility’, says Khachiyan. ‘That’s why nerds love this stuff’, says Frost. ‘It’s huge in Silicon Valley. They like games and rules. These are people who consider themselves leftists but probably don’t like anything about socialism except the gulags.’

Who would even seriously talk about an "alleged epidemic of uterus removals," let alone link to it from a libertarian economics blog?

Does uterus removal result in "utility" or something?

If they manage to rid us of the identitarians, I'd be willing to take my chances with them igniting a neo-neo-neo marxist class struggle. Leftists have tried that for a century and a half in the U.S. and didn't make much headway.

I'm having a hard time thinking of Gates, Allen, Buffet etc as lower class.

I read it. Frost holds herself as a "trade unionist". Well, my best friend has a flooring business that employs a couple dozen union flooring guys. They're having a good year so he sprang for a golf outing recently, which I attended.

I am here to report that the overlap between these union flooring guys and Ms. Frost is zero.

How so?

"Who would even seriously talk about an "alleged epidemic of uterus removals,""

Well that's a complete mystery? Who could that have been? Oh yeah, a couple of Lefties, specifically, the self identified socialist Amber A’Lee Frost.

And of course: "Lena Dunham wrote a whole fucking essay about it.’"

lol, that's what I'm talking about. Who did you just name? 2-3 people? Sure, sure, let's group the 245.5 million eligible voters divided by 2, left of the mathematical center, with them.

That's not strawmanning at all.

"lol, that's what I'm talking about. Who did you just name? 2-3 people? "

Sigh, do you even realize what you are talking about?

First, she is referring to hysterectomies. That's what a hysterectomy is moron. the removal of the uterus.

Second, She wasn't strawmanning. Though perhaps you could say the author of the piece was strawmanning Ms. Frost, because he's the one that used the words "alleged epidemic" where she just uses the vague expression "lots of American women".

I'm not defending the socialist, but she does have a point. It's clear that Lena Dunham who is pretty irrational did write an essay on the topic. And frankly, there are about 600K hysterectomies in the US per year.

Okay, no I had no idea that 2-3 people were attempting to politicize hysterectomies in this day and age.

Do you think 245.5M/2 people are really down with that?

You know you could just admit you didn't realize that she was talking about hysterectomies. Instead of admitting you were wrong, you just try to move the goal posts around.

Do you think you've won on points or something?

Once again I am where I started. This is about strawmanning "the left" using a few oddballs. The exact nature of those oddballs doesn't matter.

They don't represent for 245.5M/2 people.

If you call those oddballs "woke" in a new strident voice, they still don't represent.

No, I think you are incapable of admitting when you are wrong.

"Okay, no I had no idea that 2-3 people were attempting to politicize hysterectomies in this day and age."

Claiming the US performs too many elective hysterectomies is hardly the position of just 2-3 people.

Very boring new goalposts.

Of course the medical profession reassess procedures.

But you are now miles and miles from "feminism’s ‘sex positive’ celebration of polyamory, pansexuality and sex workers" and "the seeming frigidity of the #MeToo moment"

You are in the weeds.

"Of course the medical profession reassess procedures."
Yeah, I'm really shocked you would refuse to admit you were wrong.

"But you are now miles and miles from..." {things I never mentioned}
And continue to move the goal posts around even further.

This discussion is pointless because you are more a troll than an honest debater. So, you win, congrats!

Run. Hide.

He’s not the troll.

His name is the evidence. Remember, you’re the one who said he’s a rat stuck in Putin’s maze for dismissing the Russian-Trump Manchurian Candidate conspiracy. Which you ranted about for 18 straight months.

You’re batting .000, but not only have you been wrong 100% of the time, you’ve vigorously attacked the moral character of anyone who has deigned to question your priors.

You’ve been wrong on your Manchurian candidate theory, you were wrong on the immigrant soldier discharge theory, you were wrong on literally every prediction you’ve given.

Recently you’ve been smart enough to not predict or offer policy or do anything but engage in attack on your Outgroup.

As far as I can tell you vigorously oppose nuclear power, hate Republicans, and that’s it.

Carbon tax? Who knows
Negative income tax? Who knows
School choice? Who knows
Immigration policy? Who knows
Foreign policy? Who knows
Tax policy? Who knows

All you do is troll and attack.

Offer opinions outside of absurd ad hominem attacks.

Or ... you’re just a troll.

lol, buy some self-awareness for a dollar.

(I have never actually said "Manchurian Candidate," but if I had a nickel for every time these guys claimed I did .. well I'd afford a coffee at least. It might take another year to earn the avocado toast.)

Let's remember, this is the full quote you have put yourself in the odd position of defending:

"I asked how the seeming frigidity of the #MeToo moment, let alone the alleged epidemic of uterus removals, sits alongside modern feminism’s ‘sex positive’ celebration of polyamory, pansexuality and sex workers."

There is nothing remotely mainstream left in those words.

That's just setting oddball vs oddball and calling it political science.

6: We are in a very strange place when a couple of classic Leninists are seen as the rational ones.

Well compared to the Stalinists......

6- for context Amber is hated by almost the entire fanbase of podcast she co-hosts (number one podcast on patreon). And Anna is the co-host of a podcast that only exists because her co-host is the fiancé of a co-host of patreons third highest grossing comedy podcast Cum Town. This is a Brooklyn soap opera. Don’t read much into this.

Really eh? I listen to that podcast, I think Amber is pretty good.

6: ‘Twitter call-out culture’, Frost concedes, ‘has no Marxist explanation. It makes no sense economically or even logically.’ Marx cannot account for a ‘social phenomenon where you rat out your closest friends’ and ‘describe them as reactionary’: ‘Why would you do that? Of course it will be bad for you.’

I guess these people never read Kafka, or are aware of the Maoist show trials or the Khmer Rouge way of doing things. In fact Marxism in practice looks exactly like the twitter call out culture.

As for the rest, they should join a union. If they find the current SJW and intersectional left ridiculous and tedious, try to do anything in a union shop.

Barack Obama was the first President to exclude a question on citizenship in the U.S. Census.
But today, the Trump administration is being assailed from the Left for its efforts to include the question.
The Left has responded typically, with accusations of racism. The question of nationality, they claim, is a danger to immigrants.
That screwball of a URL is Human Events, a reasonable mag.

The point here is two things:
Clearly an attempt by Hispanic politicians to inject race into a race neutral constitutional provision. How do I avoid calling Hispanic politicians racist pigs? They all seemed to support this position. I am not trying to be racists, but I see this kind of racism all the time in California, deliberate foul racist laws promulgated mostly by Hispanic politicians.

Second, Justice Roberts is mentally ill, unsuited for the Supremes. How can we doubt that?

6. “We move from jealousy to hate…” Meet the anti-woke left.
These two leftists agree with me, using the PC term 'identity politics'. It is in fact, Nazi, anti-white racism, pure and simple. At some point we will have to name it what it is.

The link at #4 says "This may be the first time a religious group has been involved in amphibian breeding program, an expert says."

The following seems to be a Hindu example of the same, where a temple revived an almost extinct turtle:

#6. Not new. The left has always tried to co-opt anti-racist movements and shift the focus to anti-classist movements, as they continually try to hijack everything every objection to comtemporary American society and turn it into a species of anti-capitalism. I think if you spoke to some Black Lives Matter activists they would vociferously object to the idea that "the real issue is classism", and tell you that no really, this issue is NOT classism, or capitalism, no, it really is racism.
In other words, the "anti-woke" left is really just the old socialist labor union left that is trying to woo back working class whites into the Democratic party. It is neither interesting nor new.

Another clueless comment from Hazel Meade displaying her total lack of knowledge.

BLM activists would tell you that *both* matter, and that the bourgeois are every bit as bad as the white socialist left propose, but the white bourgeois are even worse than those would admit.

(Of course, they'd also ignore any attempt to engage statistically with their claims of excess police violence directed towards black folk that find those claims false and wanting for evidence - which is to all well put together analyses of this phenomenon). But that's not directly relevant to this post.)

People like you believe that stoking and supporting left wing racial and ethnic activism is an alternative to people organizing around the principles of mutual class based interest, and so to a measure you encourage it and cheer it on, and that accepting every non-evidenced claim of racial oppression as the null hypothesis (no matter how slight the positive support) is the thing to do.

But it's really a complement, a catalyst and an intensifier of movements based around those ideas. You find that building a world view around oppressed classes exploited by the privileged tends to spread, even if you attempt to confine it to "Racial/gender oppression is real; class oppression is not" lines. You'll get as much Marxism out of it, with a lot more racial tension...

Who gives a shit?! ALL ABOARD THE EPSTEIN PLANE!!!!

People like you believe that stoking and supporting left wing racial and ethnic activism is an alternative to people organizing around the principles of mutual class based interest

No, that's not what I think. I think concerns about racial and ethnic prejudice are legitimate issues and that classed based resentment is not. It's not because I have some secret plot to undermine legitimate class-based organizing by stoking ethnic resentment.

I also think that by denying that racial and ethnic prejudice are legitimate issues, you essentially hand the Marxist anti-capitalist left a weapon. Because if you aren't acknowledging that racial prejudice is a problem, they will, and they are going to seize upon those issues and use them to argue that capitalism and racism are intertwined.

Racism and classism are not "complementary", and racism is NOT a "catalyst", except to the extent that abandoning the intellectual field to the left allows the far left to use it as such. There is no necessary connection between racial equality and socialism. You can have racial equality and a free market, and your contention that you can't is in fact playing directly into the hands of the enemies of the free market. The way to preserve capitalism in American is not to pig-headedly refuse to acknowledge that American society, culture and governance has any problems whatsoever, on the grounds that any criticism of American inevitably evolves into anti-capitalism.

In other words, your argument is in short: "We can't admit that racism exists, because that will inevitably lead to socialism!!!"

What's your take on today's populism? You say classed based resentment is not a legitimate issue but populism is politically legitimate by virtue of winning elections all around the globe. Isn't this exact failure to acknowledge people's concerns why Trump and other troglodytes (sorry, can't help myself) got elected?

No, my argument is that social phenomena exist which are supported by evidence, BLM's specific central claims have no evidential support, and its morally wrong and post-truth to support their claims. And that is the reason to oppose them. If they were, then you would have to support them, regardless of the consequences - since they're pandering lies that appeal to Black racist paranoia, that's not a concern, happily.

But my argument is also that cheering on claims of racial oppression on an absent evidential basis and without car for of they're actually true (because they are the sort of thing "social liberals" ought to believe or some nonsense) *will* lead to an increased prevalence of class based oppression claims on a similar dubious basis.

If you cheer on racial "subaltern" oppression politics without careful use of evidence and reason, why would anyone arguing claims of class based oppression hold themselves, or be held, to a higher standard?

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