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#2 - Interesting that during the Grant administration serious acts were initiated to add The Dominican republic as a territory and then a state.

Canada would be an obvious choice except for the Canadians.

New countries?
How about A New English Language Empire?

#2 "Japan"

I mean, Pearl Harbor haven't been attacked lately and Americans could make more exercise. A dearh march would help.

That would mean also acquiring Japan's mangy lapdog, Brazil. Bad deal.

I don't think Brazil is a lapdog. Quite the opposite. Brazil has fought the Axis and has sent Japanese people to internment camps. I think Brazil has a solid, responsible anti-Japanese position we should respect.

Brazil switched sides during WWII only after the U.S. forced it to. Brazil is second only to Peru in S. America in licking the boots of Japan.

Not at all. Brazil always supported America. Brazil's regime had already imposed strong restrictions on the Japanese. Internment camps do not build themselves. Here you can see Brazilian keader Mr. Vargas and Roosoevelt exchanging jokes in a car.

Little Dude don't joke about the Bataan Death March.

Unless you have suffered unimaginable sufferings, you have no right to make a joke like that.

And I am guessing that, no matter how bad your life has been, you have never been forced to watch your comrades tortured to death by the evildoers of the old Japanese Empire in the years where it was almost demonic, and maybe actually demonic, in its lust for evil, while you were subjected to vicious war crimes day after day.

Just saying.

Don't joke about the Bataan Death March ever again, if you have any respect for yourself.

I like soldiers that don't get captured. Those Bataan marchers are losers.

It is not a joje. It is a fact. Apparently, now we like the people who march Americans to death (and rape civilians).

"I like soldiers that don't get captured. Those Bataan marchers are losers."

I would rather be a complete failure in life if the alternative were to be some disgusting vicious ungrateful little sad excuse for a human being who could think that it was worth saying that.

Oh I get it you hate Trump!!!!
I don't care if you hate Trump or not you are a vicious human being who just laughed at every single one of the people who suffered so much at the hands of the Japanese.

That was evil on your part, and don't think that you are a good person because you misquoted Trump because you think you are wonderful.

Don't ever joke about the great Americans who were tortured by the Japanese.
I don't care if you hate Trump. You disgust me. I don't care if you consider yourself full of righteous indignation.

You flat out mocked people who were tortured, brave Americans who were tortured and killed by the Japanese, because you thought you could score some points.

That was evil and you should be ashamed of yourself.

I know you think you are a good person because you hate Trump.

Do you realize that you just mocked all the men who were tortured and killed by the Japanese, because you misunderstood something Trump once said, because you only listened to poor little Steve Colbert's version?

You disgust me.
Well Steve Colbert disgusts me too, so there's that.

The US should add Taiwan just to troll China.

It is a good idea.

Greenland would be a good investment precisely because ain't nobody going to cut CO2 emissions in time.

The US seriously offered to buy Greenland in 1946 for $100 million. Denmark didn't accept.

Well then, we'll just buy Denmark

And what about the yak butter tea? Is it actually good, or just what they've got?

From what I've read, it depends on weather. At sea level, it's horrible. Do heavy labor at high elevations in bitter cold, though, and it's pretty good.

youtube-dl is a great way to reduce CO2 excess when saving streams to your local drive, without ads or any of the other overhead involved with streaming.

Admittedly, no idea if it works with porn sites.

For porn you want DownloadHelper extension for Chrome or Firefox.

I don't see how downloading a video and then watching it saves any CO2 over streaming it and watching it there, unless you return repeatedly.

'I don't see how downloading a video and then watching it saves any CO2 over streaming it'

It is much like this web site - if I were to turn on javascript, images, etc. when visiting, instead of a couple of hundred K text file, I would be downloading several Megs of additional files - many of those files served from other servers. Basically, the way I normally use this site involves maybe a tenth of the normal expenditure of energy/bandwidth etc. of other visitors.

Just as happens with something like youtube, which delivers considerably more data, pulled from multiple (often dynamic) sources, than a simple video file.

I assume that the porn sites are roughly equivalent to youtube in this regard.

Makes sense, thanks.

Does it come from downloading or from all the panting?

#1 - Another reason for mass castration . . .

The opportunity of a lifetime?

You know, I have been meaning to enter business for a long time. Now, I read that Brazil's President Capitain Bolsonaro has vowed to strike down environmental restrictions and liberalize Brazil's business industry. He has vowed to create a Brazilian Cancún to attract foreign tourists and hard currency.

I think I will invest in Brazil. Think about all the sun, good food, good music, new infrastructure funded by foreign investments and how all those things can attract hordes of tourists. I think investing in Brazil right now would be being in the right place at the right time. Like buying Apple shares in the late 70's or opening a sushi restaurant in Manhattan in the early 80's or investing in Red China in the early 80's. I am really excited with this idea and decided to share it with fellow blog readers.

Yes, the music was good, once. Great, even. Sadly no more.

On the other hand, the beaches, the sunshine...

But it would be a shame to lose all that rain forest.

There is still good music ifmyou know where to find it. And part of the money could be used to gund forest preservation. And, as President Captain Bolsonaro dismantles environmental protection areas, there will more beautiful areas tourists will be able to visit, wjich means more money, which can mean more money for forests. Think about the new opportunities for investments.

#2. The year 2025 is too ambitious. The cultural and linguistic barriers are too too vast for this to be practical in the short term.

By 2075 this could work.

By then, instant language translation will have been flawless for some time. Furthermore, (current) US political / cultural attachments to certain HATE BASED CONCEPTS (like the free speech and gun rights) are likely to have been destroyed by the tech mafia and a few 'progressive' administrations. Integration with other countries without HATE would be simplified. Of course, the cost of this re-alignment may mean flyover USA will be littered with re-education camps and no-go radiation/chemical zones. But that'll be a small price to pay for a future so vibrant and diverse.

No, free speech and gun rights are why the US federation has been so successful for so long. I know you're being facetious, but free speech and gun rights are two great reasons why the US should just start inviting polities to join it as states.

Adding IsPaJo to the US is a horrible idea (though the addition of 4 million lefty Jews to the US would hamstring AIPAC), but the name would obviously be Holyland.

#2 Puerto Rico is almost an state, albeit the others don't want to let it in ;)

The majority of voters in PR agree in opposing statehood.

In 1787, under The Articles of Confederation, the USA set forth the procedures for adding new states. That resolved the question of an American empire.

In each referendum, the majority of the people of PR voted against statehood, and voted either for continued associated commonwealth
status or independence.

Actually, PR's most recent vote was in favor of statehood. The independence vote is extremely small.

Right, if you ignore the massive boycotts of the referendum in protest of the biased ballot question written by statehood advocates, you can pretend Puerto Rico voted for statehood.

The fact is, a plurality of Puerto Ricans have perpetually favored continued associated commonwealth status, and a majority combine against statehood for either the status quo or independence.

That advocates for statehood have been resorting to ever-more-desperate tricks to try to obscure the will of the Puerto Rican people simply demonstrates their moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

PR should be detached from the U.S. and sent on its own merry way.

No. Then China will make overtures to PR a la USSR-Cuba. Don't let your hatred of the brown blind you to the realities of the Reds.

Russia's leader, President Lieutenant Colonel Putin, has nominated his friend, businessman Donald Trump to be Russia's president in the United States.

This nomination will help to fix the damage past American administrations, leftist ones, did to the Russia-United States relationship.

Russia's President Lieutenant Colonel Putin has pointed out that Russians and Americans share many practical interests and cultural traces. A Russia-United States bloc would be more than twice as big as the United States at its height, have the biggest military budget in the world, have the biggest economy in the world and control entire economical sectors, such as oil, natural gas, timber, copper, zinc, bauxite, nickel, silver, gold and helium. Russia's strategic position makes it the ideal place from which a nuclear assault on North America could be launched.

The newly expanded United States of Eurasiamerica would have 135 federal subjects. As before, the citizens of this great new country would rally under the white, blue and red banner and jointly elect a new president.


It would be an empire on which the sun never set, though perhaps difficult for Americans to absorb the cultural wealth of a country so much it's senior, and with much deeper geopolitical experience. Still, the shared religiosity of the populations and awareness of the "southern threat" should bind them together!

5. The photons entangled in Glasgow we can see as an image of Scottish cities' entanglements with English cities (prevailing quantum non-localities and all)--perhaps here, Glasgow and Liverpool.

Another image of quantum entanglement would almost equally portray a Brexiting (?) London's entanglements with the neighborhoods of Edinburgh.

#2. If you're looking for a province to acquire, wait and see if Trudeau is re-elected in Canada. Because if he is, Alberta and Saskatchewan may be available. Separatist sentiment is higher now in those provinces than its been since, well, the last Trudeau was PM. The federal government is doing its best to choke off access to oil and gas markets for both Alberta and Saskatchewan, while demanding that they pay 'equalization' payments to Quebec and Atlantic Canada. People in those provinces are getting very tired of the shenanigans.

If you'd tried hard in 1945 you might have been able to buy Newfoundland.

Hiroshima was pretty affordable towards the end of the year, too.

Cowen's Fourth Law (I recommend): Purported photographs of exotic physical phenomena usually aren't.

I don't know my position on this, but I certainly know my velocity.

How about 'First claimed photo'? (of a previously unphotographed physical phenomenon)

The alleged black hole photo from a few months ago was rather suspect too.

That being said, the LIGO experiment was amazing.
Gravity waves, correlated with optical telescope definition ....

look you can think you are some great engineer, maybe even
God's gift to engineering

but could you do any better than that?
probably not

If I look at any more photos of exotic physical phenomena, I'm worried I'll generate more CO2 than Belgium. You're right though; most of them are faked; no quantum entanglement is THAT big.


Cowen's 1st Law is so muddled that he included a longer parenthetical statement with it -- in attempts to explain it

His 2nd Law is just a rehash of the famous Harry S Truman quote

1. You have to subtract all the energy generated by self winding wrist watches.


most people with need to read twice
or more

millenials will never get it ever

This activity is much less environmentally damaging than others, like making babies.

#2 I would just be satisfied if we could grant statehood to Guam.

Why? The population is 1/4 that of the least populous state and most of the population is Chamorro.

Guam punches above its weight, geostrategically

1. destroying the planet, 4.75 minutes at a time

thats still less energy than crypto though, right?

#2 Right in principle, wrong in detail.

The correct states to add are:

* Each of the states of Australia -- New South Wales (1), Queensland (2), South Australia (3), Tasmania (4), Victoria (5), and Western Australia (6).

* New Zealand (7), Ireland (8), Northern Ireland (9), Scotland (10), Wales (11).

* Each of the seven kingdoms of the English Heptarchy -- East Anglia (12), Essex (13), Kent (14), Mercia (15), Northumbria (16), Sussex (17), and Wessex (18).

* Each of the provinces of Canada except Quebec -- Alberta (19), British Columbia (20), Manitoba (21), New Brunswick (22), Newfoundland and Labrador (23), Nova Scotia (24), Ontario (25), Prince Edward Island (26), Saskatchewan (27).

* The State of the West Indies (28), comprising Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, and both sets of Virgin Islands.

The capital would be moved to Canberra in the current Australian Capital Territory, the Constitution being amended to allow a federal district larger than 10 miles square and switching DC's electoral votes to it. DC would be retroceded to Maryland.

Puerto Rico gets statehood when either the language of the majority is English or Hell freezes over, whichever comes first.

“There’s a vintage car show,” she said, “I think the kids will have set up lemonade stands and a gift exchange.”
“Gifts for what?” he said.
“For love of knowledge,” she said. Sara put her fork on her plate and placed her knife in the one of the rivulets. It stayed turned up like a bird in its nest as she went to refill her glass with water. The silver stood like a liquid against the deep blue of cabbage and the vinyl of the radish. Against the midnight blue of ceramic outline, the plate cut through into finely tuned wings.
“Wow, a commercial exchange of knowledge,” he said.
“A guaranteed one-inch if you’re interested” Sara said.
“What’s he want with a what-if?” Tom said.
“Andrew comes to visit, and you’re suddenly grumpy,” she said.
“As a demon,” I said.
“And her and them, angels?” he said.
“Preyed upon, apparently,” she said, chuckling.
“Animals have oratory and humans dance," I said. "But children pose questions.”
“You mean, like a catch all?” Tom enquired.
“Sure,” I said.
“He meant interpretation,” she insisted.
“In that case, I think Sara is more flame than fire.”
“And a demon," she said, "what’s a demon made from?”
“That’s easy. Sound.”

2. I appreciate not attempting to shoehorn Australia in there. But I think Japan might be too culturally similar to Australia to join the US.

I agree, but one of the main purposes of expanding federation is free riding, something that japan has been doing for quite some time now. Eliminating free riding without coercion requires compromise, and federation ain't a bad route to take...

#2: Of course not. We should be weaning Puerto Rico, not adding territory.

Why Greenland? It's too sparsely populated to be a state, by a factor of about 10. What's wrong with it remaining a Danish dependency? Aside from the Eskimo dialects, have they taken up some language other than Danish as a lingua franca?

There isn't a good argument for taking on any more dependencies, either. Compare the condition of the British Virgin Islands to the American Virgin Islands. We just do not have a natural aptitude for that sort of thing. We should have turned the whole load over to Britain, who know how to do that sort of thing (but do not, alas, wish to do it anymore).

Aside from the Eskimo dialects, have they taken up some language other than Danish as a lingua franca?

English is taught in their schools from the first year. But let's give them (and thus the Danes) Nunavut while we're annexing English-speaking Canada.

Alaska should be set free to its own sovereignty.

Greenland needs to stay part of Denmark to show that the large Danish welfare state is not so great.

5. First photo of quantum entanglement.
May the force be with you.

2. Some ideas of the US Constitution were good, such as federalism and the Bill of Rights. Other aspects have not been so successful, such as the two-year electoral cycle and the division of powers between the presidency and the Congress.

Rather than contemplating the admission of the Prairie provinces to the Union, a wiser policy would be repeal the US Constitution and to seek to join Canada.

The article states that "Northern Ireland wants to rejoin Ireland". Any time the majority of N. Ireland vote to join Ireland, they can. The traditional theoretical rationale for preferring British rule to Irish rule among Loyalists was the preservation of the freedom to practice the Protestant religion - exactly the sort of thing that becoming a (very small) US state would guarantee. The catch is that the traditional rationale of the Nationalist minority for union with S.Ireland is indeed Nationalist - a romantic attachment to the Irish Language and the revival of a specifically Irish (and Catholic) culture. The US would gain a state with a small minority dedicated to pursuing the direct opposite of a melting pot and a track record of pursuing this with violence.

This raises a worry with the whole idea of the US gaining states - despite its enthusiasm for self-determination in others, US history suggests that states which joined and then had second thoughts would find themselves facing the notion that the union must be preserved at all costs, and that any political idea which deviated from the ideals supported by the US government must therefore be evil.

#2 Dotards never learn from history. Does US want to be as Greece in EU? As Free states US cannot uses the phony excuse of "National Security" to avoid the taking over of its economy and university places, and the free movement of the populations.

U.S. goods and services trade with Japan totaled an estimated $297.5 billion in 2018. Exports were $120.4 billion; imports were $177.1 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with Japan was $56.8 billion in 2018.

U.S. goods and services trade with Korea totaled an estimated $167.6 billion in 2018. Exports were $80.9 billion; imports were $86.7 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with Korea was $5.8 billion in 2018.

U.S. goods and services trade with Taiwan totaled an estimated $94.5 billion in 2018. Exports were $40.3 billion; imports were $54.2 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with Taiwan was $13.9 billion in 2018.

U.S. goods and services trade with Israel totaled an estimated $47.7 billion in 2017 (latest data available). Exports were $18.4 billion; imports were $29.3 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with Israel was $10.9 billion in 2017.

As US free states their access to the Chinese market will be curtailed. That might make them hungrier for the US markets.

So what? I have a goods and trades deficit with the local grocer and gas station. What should I do about that?

You have net goods and trades surplus elsewhere. Do US have net goods and trades surplus?? If you have increasing mortgage deficit with your bank, what will eventually happen to your house?

You seem financially ignorant.

#1: The transmission and viewing of online videos generates 300 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, or nearly 1 per cent of global emissions. On-demand video services such as Netflix account for a third of this, with online pornographic videos generating another third. .... Online video accounted for 60 per cent of global data flows in 2018, the report states, or 1 zettabyte of data (one thousand billion billion bytes). The report’s definition of “online video” does not include live video streaming such as Skype video calls, “camgirls” or telemedicine, which account for another 20 per cent of global data flows.

That ratio is a surprise; I'd have thought even taking into account the er... 'heaviest users', Netflix+Youtube would ratio YouPorn in a big way.

(I probably have to revise my preconception that vidporn users don't spend a lot of time on search and 'testing' videos, like Goldilocks before 'consuming' them).

Netflix+Youtube are smaller than we think? Poor quality estimation?

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