Thursday assorted links

1. The politics of CEOs.

2. My BBS comment with Michelle Dawson on social motivation and autism, full set of comments here.

3. Spain’s economic success.

4. Lama’s questions to ask people (“Skip the small talk”).

5. “Privatization of public goods can cause population decline“: but it’s about microbials.

6. More Magnus.

7. Many academics give advice to their younger selves — many sad, pathetic and whiny, self-pitying answers, really an indictment of sorts.  Why did so few of the respondents say: “I had one of the most remarkable guaranteed jobs in history, and I used it somewhat to help the world, but I wish I had used it so much more”?


#1. Wait. I thought big business was progressivism run amok!

Made me feel better too.

Big business is run by cucks.

Get help you pervert

Seriously, nobody likes perverts, get help.
After you get help them you can comment again.
Until then shut up, pervert, nobody wants to read your nasty takes.

take your meds.

Thanks for the good advice, I have been overworked lately.

I don't do "meds" but I did indulge in a nice long walk this afternoon, in my beloved Northern Virginia (the crepe myrtles are at their peak, and I remember every single birdsong from every previous year, it does my heart good to hear them all singing their infinitely beautiful melodies, year after year, because I know that they love this world, God bless the birds) and, to tell the truth, I did feel like I should smoke a couple of really good cigars (and my friends have been very kind to me this week, and the kindness of friends is the best "meds" any of us can have in this sad forsaken world)...

again, thanks for the good advice. If I were in a good mood tonight I would explain why anyone as witty as you HAS TO KNOW that those of us who love the God who created us rarely need to resort to meds ...

just kidding, I am actually in a good mood tonight, and you already knew that.

that being said, there are many people who can live better lives if they just call a good psychiatrist, schedule an appointment, and work together with the psychiatrist (mental health is not something any of us can achieve alone, if we have such challenges) to be a better, healthier person

I criticize because I care, please read Proverbs 15:4

We are all capable of being friends of God

Lots of "rappers" read my comments, I think, and so I am gonna get real serious here, and maybe 10 years from now you will hear echoes of this comment on some sad little "cool" radio station...

Feel free to plagiarize, you are never gonna read anything like this again
(that phrase, beginning with FEEL FREE, was just a riff on poor Kanye at his narcissistic peak - actually the story I am about to tell is just the story of everyman - but I like to shout out to my peeps)

For reasons I do not know I was a kind young person
and back in the day, when I was a lot kinder than I am now
in '74 at Sunol I was climbing some cliffs
and I fell
I fell the equivalent of four stories and I thought
"hey I am gonna die"
but I had so much bravery in my heart I only thought, "oh well, such things happen"
please keep reading I am not crazy .....
through no merit of my own I had been kind a few times to bad people who hated me, MERCY is something real
and at Sunol, near Pleasanton, in 1974, I fell hard and fast
hard and fast, a fall that would have killed most people
(I was completely healed within a couple months, please keep reading)
the result: broken bones, two collapsed lungs, the doctor thought my spleen could not be saved, and the nurses told me most people had gone into shock and died from such a shock after such a fall , before they reached the hospital ....d

stay with me now ....

and I remembered this .... in the first few moments where I could have died if I HAD NOT DECIDED TO TRY AND LIVE TO BE NICE TO THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD HAVE BEEN SAD IF I HAD DIED (to tell the truth, there was actually nobody who would have been really sad, had I died I would have been forgotten and unlamented within a month - when I was young nobody really cared about me much - trust me)
if I had died there is a good chance I would have gone to HEAVEN

and I fought off the desire to GO INTO SHOCK
I fought off the desire to just go to heaven ...
Looking back, I remember it all ....
I remember the ladder to the afterlife, the archetypal after-death experience (Silver ladders to heaven in an environment of joy)
I remember the joy in my heart that God is real and God loves us
but I Foolishly thought that if I died I would be missed
(I would have been forgotten in months, I was not the sort of person who people will grieve for very long .... I know that now) ....
well out of the goodness of my heart I DID EVERYTHING THAT ANY SOLDIER WOULD DO TO STAY ALIVE (I actually am a veteran of the foreign wars - VFW Lodge xxxx - but that had nothing to do with this story)
because I mistakenly thought that if I died people would mourn for me
(I am now amused at my youthful hopes, I would not have been mourned for very long .... it amuses me to know that truth) ----
and as the years went by, after I fully recovered (the lungs regenerate, broken bones heal)
I remembered something that I had not remembered in the early years after almost dying, near Pleasanton, in 1974 ....

I remembered that as I was climbing, happily, that wonderful ladder to heaven, that along with me, trailing me with gentle humble hopes, humbly but hopefully, dozens of the poor little demons that had plagued my life theretofore (had plagued my life up until that moment - Shakespeare would have phrased this right, maybe he would have said it this way - dozens of the little demons who before that moment had tried to plague me .... without a second thought, or even a first thought)
somehow, I remember that they were trying to follow me, and I was happy .... very happy help them be what God wanted them to be, former demons .... creatures who had for so long been so far from God, but who saw their chance to RECONCILE WITH GOD .... and I remember, now, that as I was on my way up that beautiful luminous ladder, I was thinking, please climb that ladder with me, you poor demons ----- maybe I can help you understand that God not only created you and loves you but that God can arrange things so that things will work out for you, after you have spent YEAR AFTER YEAR hoping for real repentance ...

and when I decided not to die, at the moment I foolishly thought that there were people who would be very upset if I died, I had a thought that most people who comment on the internet have not had, but which so many people can identify with -----

God bless us all, even the poor little demons who see us poor humans with no love in their hearts until that moment where we tell them

God loves you

I remember

Pleasanton 1974,

If you are reading this before it is deleted pray for me
and remember
if I try to communicate with somebody it is because I know this:
God loves us all
I have no hatred in my heart for anyone
I wish everyone the best

Maybe we are all performance artists
but let us be kind
to the creatures who think they are farthest from God

My friend, you cannot be as far from God as you think you are

and please don't tell me you are too intelligent to be religious

you aren't

well that is my humble little personal take on Proverbs 15:4

probably gonna be deleted soon, but my pals in Silicon Valley will keep a copy

if it makes you feel better, think of "efim polenov" as a joint project ... not a person you need to insult, but a collective (think Bourbaki or Monty Python) effort to say some things that are not often said ...
tonight I am thinking this:
so many interesting people have criticized what "I" have said on these humble little bulletin boards which one thinks of as
"comment sections"
and after being criticized perhaps 50 times, perhaps 100 times (or "mocked", but "mocked" is a very dramatic word, and not really appropriate in these circumstances) ...
one thinks to oneself (as one does)
well, who cares, thanks for the bandwidth,
thanks for the conversations.
Route 110 on Long Island is

but I have much more personal connections to ROUTE 112,
also on Long Island.

Proverbs 8, John 7, and those beautiful chapters in Deuteronomy and Isaiah that I, and so many of my friends, have MEMORIZED

Life is short
God is good
God loves you much more than you know
Trust me on that

why do I bother?

you know why I bother

there is a chance you do not know how much


and I am here to tell you

GOD LOVES YOU much much more than you can imagine

trust me, you are not intelligent enough to be an "atheist" or an "agnostic"

seriously, think about it


and I have prayed for you every day over the last half century and
if I were older than I am
I would have prayed for you longer than that

you are welcome
you have no idea how much I have wanted you to understand

have a nice day

God loves us all
Dios en su cuerde nos ama todos
Le Bon Dieu ne peut pas autrement que nous aimer TOUS
Velikiy Bog Lyubut Vas BSAYIKH
Ya pomniou

Our greatest hope - when we think about it, as we often do - our greatest hope is this - that God sees little difference between justice for us (good) and injustice for us (irrelevant, the evildoers need our prayers)....


don't worry my friend I am praying for you and GOD HEARS MY PRAYERS

Don't trust me, trust the word of the Lord

I am a big fan of Ephesians but there are other good books in the Bible


well God bless you, maybe you have friends who know in their heart what it is to tell someone that

everything will be all right

this is not really 2019
this is the year of the Lord
this is not a world where you have any need to remember the evildoers who were unkind to you


how very very important you are

Pray for me, pray for anyone who needs your prayers


as Jesus had mercy on you, and ascended to Heaven, have mercy on those who are unkind to you


it is no small thing to be a friend to a creature who never had a friend in this world

it is so so so sad not to know what God loves us, and that our greatest joy is


(not a huge fan of Dante, but that was the basic theme of the last 4 or 5 cantos of the Purgatorio (you remember) and most of the cantos of



#7 Is it an anti-drugs PSA? People keep talking about saying no.

#7 Don't fool yourself into thinking your marriage is loveless and get involved with an overseas lesbian in a love-triangle scheme with a tranny that fakes pregnancy as a vector to ruin your life, take your house, scam your money, and destroy your reputation and your job.

Sound wisdom.

It reminds me very much of this Dilbert cartoon


You have to scroll halfway down the article to get to the Dilbert cartoon and yes it is worth it.

That is a fate that realistically could befall a goodly number of my ostensibly normal Arts Faculty male colleagues. Yikes.

Believe it or not, something similar happened to a well-regarded professor at Texas A&M, though his situation did not have the cosmopolitan cover of his wife's "permission." A "trans" person and extortion was involved. Were he soldiering on with his life, it would be uncharitable to bring it up, and maybe it is anyway, but the continuing cultural love affair with pathologies of all kinds up until the moment something goes so badly wrong it can't be ignored, suggests a record should be kept. In any case, events led him to commit suicide:

Eventually Tyler will get around to talking about Kevin Williamson's new book. There will likely be, in the comments section, back-and-forth about the virtues of the people Williamson considers himself fortunate to have gotten away from.

I can't say about elsewhere, but if you live in the South, you understand that the epithet "white trash" exists for a reason, and know to keep your guard up around such people.

Williamson said two or three hateful things that were so hateful that even I , who am a forgiving person, realized that he is not worth listening to

EverExtruder, you left out the kicker in that story.

"teaches a Harvard Law class on “Judgment and Decision-Making,” which analyzes those elements of human nature that allow us to delude ourselves and make terrible decisions."

Some students deserve a refund.

I've been married 41 years in September - three of the best weeks of my life!

I never gave a second thought to doing anything like that. If I decided to end it, I'd walk out. Then, I would have looked for her replacement.

The health of the mentalities of "the higher trained" does not look exceptionally robust, from these citations. (If the emotional health of well-trained mentalities is so poor, why would anyone be surprised at how stupid "cognition" has become among our "cognitive elites" [quickly and deservedly becoming a mark of strenuous rebuke]?)

Why does "cognitive strength" not compensate in overwhelming fashion for addled affectivities and vulnerable emotional states?

Why do our cognitive elites fail to model the "rational affectivity" their extensive training seems designed to elicit?

"I had one of the most remarkable guaranteed jobs in history, and I used it somewhat to help the world."

This may still describe an R1 job. But increasingly, it does not describe a 4-4 job at a LAC or a directional. And there are many more 4-4 jobs than there are R1 positions.

Are you sure it is not the other way around? (in terms of somewhat helping the world, not in terms of the number of positions)

Yes, it used to be the other way around in many cases, because professors at teaching institutions could do much for their students. But now, at many 4-4 institutions, professors have larger classes, more unique preps, more college service, more paperwork, and less time for students. I'm not sure how much "good" they can do anymore when their time goes increasingly to meaningless reports on poorly defined learning outcomes, high impact practices, and other administrative flavors of the month. And because of funding cuts and declining enrollments, these professors have less power to protest destructive encroachments on their time.

R1 professors, ruled by the publish-or-perish model, can still have a consistent positive impact through research activities--if they choose a research focus that provides some societal good, broadly defined, and if they provide mentoring support to graduate students and junior colleagues.

...”larger classes, more unique preps, more college service, more paperwork, and less time for students.”

This. And yet we keep adding more VPs, Deans, and Diversity staff (the latter cohort seems to be expanding robustly).

Academic "director of diversity" has become, in the words of a former colleague, a gig. Like accreditation guru. You can make a nice living churning out 200 page reports taking the institution to task for not doing enough.

I was once told by an industrial chap that "the success of your work on XYZ has paid for your whole academic career: teaching, research, overheads, everything". (And he assumed, wrongly, that I would spend all my career in academic life.)

Jolly good. Pats self on back. And still I urged the younger generation of my family: do not do a PhD, do not consider academic life.

#4 skipping the small talk is parodized here:

Perhaps, small talk is NOT small talk after all =)

Small talk is useful. It provides a non-aggressive/non-intrusive way to connect with someone using universal experiences. A good conversationalist can expand on these if need be--or not, if need be. It's an easy entry point into a relationship with no consequences if either party opts to not develop the acquaintance further.

Also, I always like to point out that what appears to be small talk may not be. I grew up in a rural area; talk about the weather was about as big as it gets.

Small talk also provides a socially acceptable way of making and maintaining eye contact with a member of the opposite sex, so you both can decide and signal if the relationship is to proceed further. The eyes tell the story, not the dialogue.

7. Misery loves company. Anyway, I ended up an economics major in part (large part?) because my micro and macro teacher was so happy doing what he was doing, always smiling, never criticizing, and believing what he was teaching was important. I have commented before that negative is the default setting for humans: not surprising since we evolved from being prey. Life was short and the end likely unpleasant. Today, the end is likely unpleasant, but is life that miserable? The pursuit of happiness makes us miserable is the best description of life today that I have found.

>but is life that miserable?

Only for Dems.

Positive Charge of Entropy
How do I invest in a fixed time frame
1)reinvest, keep reading (durative) – determination is expensive
2)Divest (comparison shopping) (existential) - lustigkeit
3)Coordinate (note taking) (the vital) – symphonic
4) locative (thankfulness….whispered last wishes of thankfulness (poetry)
Taxes – flat (dead weight loss of note taking) – test taking – failure/self confidence hits
Incremental (Opposing forces, energy) – transmeditation / energy loss/ bi polar disoder
Regressive (Causality, naseua/vomiting/posttraumatic stress) – evolutionary science

I wish I knew. I can follow some of what you write but much of it is above my grade. Positive entropy means more disordered, while negative entropy means less disordered, the balance ("solve for the equilibrium" in Cowen-speak) requiring both. I am a balance of power (Kenneth Waltz) sort of guy, so that appeals to me. I am also a cradle Episcopalean, so moderation appeals to me. Keep commenting.

Sorry to chime in from a Christian perspective, if you do not want to read God bless you, this comment is long but I COULD NOT HAVE MADE IT SHORTER

i have been kicked around in these comment threads by God knows who, God knows how many times, by people who have nothing better to do than to say hurtful things .....

none of which hurt me, I have so much compassion for people who want to say harsh things ....

the poor creatures .....

so, if your first reflex seeing a long comment is to think
hey let's say something mean to the hypomanic commenter
(I am not hypomanic, but I can see why someone would think I am, and I do have allergic reactions to several of the badly designed medicines of our day - the sulfa drugs, and several of the anti-allergen drugs ---- but that is not important)


read the aphorisms of Don Colacho if you are not atheist, read dozens of them and try to understand the truth

God loves us all

I am truly sorry that you have been fooled as to your level of understanding, God loves you anyway ....


I would succeed .... I Hope

But here is what is important:

I have met and talked to many many people who thought they were "not wonderful", or who were the sort of people - some of them atheists, most of them something like atheist or agnostic of just sadly unaware of what world we live in ---- who did not know what I know:

In real life, the way I explain this is like this: nobody cares who gets in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, all anyone cares about is if tonight's concert is going to be be good

the reason Finnegans Wake was such a great novel, beyond the fact that the poor little fellow who wrote it finally abstained from stupid jokes about blasphemy, is this:

Just as a mediocre saint here and there has cured THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE of lameness and blindness and other ills of the flesh ....

in Finnegans Wake Joyce wrote hundreds of lines in praise of our Savior.

"la nuestra ultima esperanza esta la justicia de Dios"
"La nuestra ultima esperanza esta la injusticia de Dios"

Both true? one true, and one not true? Neither true?

"La nuestra ultima esperanza esta ...... de los tres, FIDELITAS, ESPERANZA Y CARIDAD"

you know the answer


Millions and billions of almost lost souls realizing that all along

God loved them

Waking up and realizing

God loved them all along

Try and picture it, or try and think what it would be to remember such a thing

Millions and billions of souls remembering that, all along, the good things and the love they had in their heart were created by God
God bless them all

One of My Favorite Hobbies is reading or rereading all those old Dover paperbacks about number theory, prime numbers, perfect squares, all that good stuff, and when I way MILLIONS AND BILLIONS i know what I am talking about

God loves us all, easily

Nobody reads what I write? I am fine with that

I know everything that was said in every Dover paperback about large numbers, prime numbers or perfect squares or similar numbers with similar outstanding attributes that distinguish them from the other boring numbers without those attributes ....

wait ....

I take that back

I am a supremely gifted number theorist who knows that there is not a single number that is NOT JUST AS INTERESTING AS EVERY OTHER NUMBER

God loves us all

You have no idea how interesting your guardian angel is
either when conversing with other guardian angels, as they so often do

or just out there, in an abandoned place that you used to live at, but which you do not remember

Be kind, follow the commandments, and you too will understand

God is good

or if you think I am wrong, tell me, in 50 words or less, why I am wrong to say


sorry to have been rude, and to have interrupted a conversation between two very interesting people .... I do not like to be rude .... but you guys are gifted in ways you do not know, and do not need to read what I write (your awareness of the Bible is, I am sure, at an elite level) ... again, I apologize for a rude interruption, but I try to reach out to people who are searching for someone else in this world who knows what they are going through,

and that group of people includes people who do not know what you and me know, what it is to live in a world that seemed like it was made for us ....

nobody is going to tell me I am wrong in 50 words or more because I try so hard to tell the truth....

once again, sorry for interrupting a good conversation. I did it because I care about the sort of people who will NEVER EVER EVER forget that I cared about them

sorry to have been rude, and to have interrupted a conversation between two very interesting people .... I do not like to be rude .... but you guys are gifted in ways you do not know, and do not need to read what I write (your awareness of the Bible is, I am sure, at an elite level) ... again, I apologize for a rude interruption, but I try to reach out to people who are searching for someone else in this world who knows what they are going through,

and that group of people includes people who do not know what you and me know, what it is to live in a world that seemed like it was made for us ....

nobody is going to tell me I am wrong in 50 words or more because I try so hard to tell the truth....

once again, sorry for interrupting a good conversation. I did it because I care about the sort of people who will NEVER EVER EVER forget that I cared about them, and I hope you take it as a compliment that I did such a thing while you were commenting .....

Animals that are prey don't snore. Nor do they have offspring that are horribly noisy.

What we have evolved to be scared of is other humans either coming for us or not being there for us.

There should be a sequel to the movie Independence Day, where instead of blowing up the White House the UFO should instead blow up a major university.


Comment if the day!

Seen elsewhere on the mind destroying internet: "End inequality! Abolish the Ivy League!"

I'm so bad. Seriously. I remember sitting in my office a couple hundred yards from the WTC on (9/11 thinking, "Why didn't they ram that airplane into Congress?"

Tom Clancy fan?

Wasn't that the target of Flight 93? Haw haw haw.

#3 "A full answer would require a long explanation, but the lack of a colonial inheritance (with all the racial and class divisions it creates) "

I would like Mr Caplan to explore that idea.

#5. The Nature series of journals is becoming more like the Onion with every issue.
#7. These don't seem too whiny; it actually doesn't sound like advice much different from outside academia. Seriously, with all the crap published in academic journals, can Tyler really say that most academics (and the world) wouldn't be better off spending more time on a hobby or with their family rather than writing one more paper? Didn't he read the paper he linked to at #5?

#6 - good video of GM Magnus Carlsen playing 3 minute blitz chess. Even when he blunders he's fine. His moves are accurate, like a PC.

ramble on_rambling man_riders on the storm_basis of faculty

Did he just say with a straight face that there are no class divisions in Spain? And as for racial strife, Basques and Catalans and such may be the same skin tone as other Spaniards but...

You aren't allowed to say what everyone knows: the real reason Spain is richer than Mexico is because Spain is full of Western Europeans. "Colonialism" and "class divisions" are just placeholders for the genetic/cultural factors that can't be brought up.

1950 was a blip (Spain contracted from 1925-1950 and was between the 10th and 12th biggest economies from 1880 to 1930); the real question of interest is why the economy was so bad then, and not "Why has Spain regressed to the levels of its neighbors?"

Like, yes, Fernandez-Villaverde is right about what happened -- Spain liberalized, they built strong, capable institutions, and that led to various sectors of the economy thriving -- it's just that plan only worked because Spain is Spain and not Panama.

So you get these awkward gestures (colonialism! class divisions!) that vaguely allude to why this hasn't happened other places but are clearly mirages.

t's just that plan only worked because Spain is Spain and not Panama.

Actually, the ratio of Panama's gdp per capita to that of the United States has doubled since 1973 and is currently running perhaps 30% behind Spain and 25% behind Portugal. Panama and the Dominican Republic have been the most dynamic Latin American economies over the last 30 years.

Panama and Chile lag behind only Puerto Rico in the region in per capita product and their rate of improvement has been such that they might achieve European living standards in a generation or so.

By "European living standards" do you mean those you expect to pertain in the Islamic Republic of Sweden?

4) Good questions, maybe more for introspection than conversation. Looks like an interesting site -- and it has Why Are The Prices So Damn High

3. Again, the cherry-picked point of origin from Corina's man-pet. The position of Spain and Portugal vis a vis the world's anchor economy reached its nadir in 1945 and Caplan selects his point of origin from that era.

In Maddison's calculations for 1885, 1929, 1973, and 2016, the only Latin American countries which registered a per capita product higher than Spain's were Uruguay and Argentina, and only in 1885 and 1929 was that so even for these two. (Spain also scored behind Puerto Rico in 1973 and 2016, which requires some interpretation). The stories of note over the last four generations have been Portugal's relative decline and revival and the relentless decline in the relative position of Argentina.

"). The stories of note over the last four generations have been Portugal's relative decline and revival and the relentless decline in the relative position of Argentina."
And the rise of Brazil to the eight biggest economy spot. As Brazil enters a period of economic miracle, we can expect great changes in South America.

Oh God, they're not going to invade people, are they?
Brazilian Exceptionalism!

Sorry, in no measure of per capita output (PPP GDP or nominal GDP) does Spain in 2016 rank anywhere near as low as Argentina or Uruguay. I have the Maddison Project Database right in front of me and I don't see where you got that information.

#5, More like "population relying on public good is easily disrupted by one actor capturing / exploiting the public good." Far from a defense of public goods, it's an example of how precarious they are.

Wait, academics are whiny and pathetic? No fucking way, bro!

7) "What are three of the most significant numbers in your life?" I copied this question from the article and was going to comment that this was basically the grown-up version of the third-grade "what's your favorite color?"...and then I got to the end of the question list:

"What color best describes your personality?"

I know she's trying to be interesting but dear God do I want to avoid her at parties.

"What are three of the most significant numbers in your life?"

e, i, and pi: and they are the most significant in your life too, whether you know it or not.

I hope someone gave that answer.

Oh, God! Not that equation! ;)

Personally, I'm rather fond of Schrödinger's equation. Dirac's is baffling, but I am still learning ...

2. My BBS comment with Michelle Dawson on social motivation and autism
Autistics do not bother dealing with delusionals. Why bother?

1. Like trust fund babies, most CEOs like Jeff Bezos, the Pritzkers and Crowns like leftist politics. They put people like Obama in office to prove how liberal they are, even if it destroys the middle class. They don't have to worry about about socialism. They buy everything in the private market, let deplorables eat cake.

The answer is easy. They got rid of the communists. See "the Global Age" by Kershaw.

3. The answer is easy. They got rid of the communists. See "the Global Age" by Kershaw.

#7 -- Particularly near the end of your PhD / postdoc period:

Figure out your drop dead number and drop dead date.

As in "I will have a real (non time limited) job that pays $X by Y date, or I will look for something else."

I'm not talking about the power of positive thinking here. I'm talking about having the willpower to resist settling for bad opportunities.

The current job market has a small number of reasonably paying jobs with reasonable security, and a large number of terribly paying jobs with no security. There's always the temptation to take one of the second type of job in order to extend your window to apply for the first.

If you don't have a drop dead number, you'll find yourself drifting into bad opportunities while telling yourself you're working towards good opportunities.

This is a rule I honored more in the breach than in the observance. But my life got way better after I worked up the courage to say no to what would have been a dead end job.

#4. Lama sounds like a blast at parties.

You: "Hi. Nice weather we're having."


This is because universities are generally rotten at generating production from human capital, both in teaching and research. The model functions as if it was tailor made to take bright minds and give them with no incentives to push themselves onward other than internal motivation.

Contrast this to high functioning private sector organizations where there is a true sense of urgency- midnight emails, early morning meetings, clear payoffs to effort, someone angry with you if you fail.

Academia is one of the best jobs in the world if you can motivate yourself- max stability, max freedom at the cost of low pay (which can be made up other ways). Unfortunately most people’s production function is optimized by a social structure more conducive to striving.

2. This is basically my experience and it's something I think should be emphasized more when it comes to ASD.

5. What are the implications to copyright and patent policies?

There is certainly a selection biais in 7. Academics who in retrospect are pretty satisfied with what they have done thus far in academia and what academia has done for them are less tempted to answer this kind of tweet, lest they give the unpleasant impression of being too self-satisfied and arrogant.

This is how Tyler's proposed answer looks to me and this is certainly how I'd look if I played the game: I would say to my PhD student self : "work more and spend more time with the best people. You still undervalue academic stuff and overvalue partying and fucking around". But another part of my current self would say "oh, let him be already!".

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