Tuesday assorted links

1. Very good science educational channel on YouTube — Primer.

2. Joe Weisenthal on negative interest rates.

3. “The results provide evidence that referees favor home teams, teams losing during games, and teams losing in playoff series. All three biases are likely to increase consumer demand.

4. “This country does not rest on socialism and secularism. It rests on a bedrock of Jewish identity that has a lot to do with people who came here from Baghdad, Aleppo and Casablanca, and understand things that are deeply important about being Jewish in the Middle East and the Arab world.”  Link here.

5. ““In these fights between criminal factions, I root for the machete,” said Gilson Cardoso Fahur, a congressman from Parana state…

6. “Thanks to Hewlett and a few other people like him, I calculate that about 3% of billionaire philanthropy goes to climate change, compared to 0.01% of the federal budget.”  Or try this: “…the government recently admitted that its California high-speed rail project was going to be $40 billion over budget (it may also never get built). The cost overruns alone on a single government project equal four years of all the charity spending by all the billionaires in the country.”


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