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I think Mr. Moretti explain pretty well the role of geography in economic growth. Evidently, state and culture have roles to perform if things are going to work well.

I think Brazil's trajectory from basketchase to South American tiger is an obvious example of the point that a blessed geography will do little for a country if it doesn't have the right institutions. It is ckear Brazil's leader, President Captain Bolsonaro, eill be remembered in the same breath as reformers such as Lee Kuan Yew, General Park and Korand Adenauer. It is morning in Brazil, and there is no reason to believe the sun will ever set in that likeable country.

Jonquil is a hue of yellow, and is native to the Mediterranean.

At least that should put to bed any remaining noise about Theil being pro-liberty or pro-free market.

Yeah, he's neither but will use those labels when it is convenient to do so. He wants Google to be investigated by the FBI and CIA in a "not excessively gentle manner" to claps from a supposedly pro-liberty, pro free market conservative crowd. GOP is merely an anti-left party. "Own the libs" the only binding 'conservative' principle.

4. Perhaps we will soon be rescued from the monotony of New American restaurants.

This week "Thiel said he is 'most scared' of Elizabeth Warren because she is 'actually talking about the economy.'"

As opposed, you know, to smiling blandly as the rally chants 'send her back.'

Thiel demonstrates bad judgement, lower values, and possibly the worst timing known to man.

My suggested counter-reading for the day:

via Steven Pinker

Twitter is rotting your brain.

Maybe take a break from reading about Trump 24/7? This cannot be mentally healthy.

I really don't know how long that gaslighting can hold up, that it's defending American values, that's the problem.

Assuming of course that you did read the link.

Every time I hear one of their hate-filled yammerings, I don't want them to go away. I want them to keep it up. It's good for America.

Each word from the Squad convinces thousands more Americans that democrats are out to wreck the economy, health care and their way of life.

To Trump's benefit, now the (circular firing) Squad is the face of the democrat party.

To be fair, they're little worse than Booker, Pelosi, Sanders, Harris, Schumer, Warren.

Since Reagan, 24/7 you saintly people have called us racists, fascists, homophobes, islamophobes. It all mean less than nothing.

Omar has made numerous anti-Semitic tweets, claiming "evil" Jews have "hypnotized the world" and "it's all about the Benjamins"

One of the Squad said she was going to impeach the "mother fucker."

Omar claimed Jewish lawmakers have "allegiance to a foreign country." What country holds her allegiance?

Omar compared Israel to Nazi Germany.

Omar dismissed 9 11, "some people did something." She left out "her" people.

Rashida Tlaib says she gets a "calming feeling" when she thinks about the Holocaust, rewrites history, and praises Arabs who worked with Hitler and conspired to kill Jews

Tlaib calls critics of her Holocaust distortion "racist idiots"

Ocasio-Cortez defends Omar's flippant 9/11 comments, and says we shouldn't be allowed to show pictures of the terrorist attack because it is "triggering"

Omar backs brutal socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro, and blames America for "bullying" Venezuela

What the high ground looks like:

"There’s nothing wrong with saying 'this person is awful, but' before saying 'she shouldn’t be treated like this.' The message that people we think are awful still have rights and deserve decency is essential. Explicitly supporting the rights of people you hate is American."

From @Popehat

I'm a little confused: apparently "mother fucker" is acceptable rhetoric, but "Send her back" is not? Can you set out some guidelines, so that I know what real Americans are allowed to say?

"mother fucker" in regular American talk is usually used in a joking or light way. "Send her back" doesn't sound like a joke and has the historical baggage of the US' nativist past. You can say it nobody will stop you but you have to allow the right of others to call you a racist or xenophobe. Free speech 101.

Don't make me laugh.

"Rights and decency" but not President Donald J. Trump or Brett Kavanaugh.

It ain't news if it doesn't advance the revolution, even when you need to fabricate it.

From an unbiased news man, David Steinberg.

“Three years ago, most American newsrooms picked Ilhan Omar — despite her Jew-hatred and evidence of an extensive criminal past — to be the transcendent face America needed to fight bigotry and federal corruption. Reporters apparently chose to lie about Omar to help birth a more trusting country.”

"She had written anti-Semitic statements indistinguishable from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. She had disturbing associations with Islamic terror-tied groups. Sources within the Minneapolis Somali community presented evidence, including a video, of the “East Africa Team” [terrorists] members of Ilhan Omar’s campaign openly threatening local Somalis who may have released negative information about her.

"Then came the harder evidence of corruption: Publicly available state records, viewed along with her own confirmed, time-stamped social media posts, suggested a breathtaking spree of state and federal felonies.

"The social media posts, visible to anyone who cared to investigate, were rapidly being deleted from Omar’s confirmed accounts."

Not to mention years of Federal income tax fraud. It would be racist to subpoena her tax returns.

She should be in prison.

You go, Trumptard!!!

I'm flipping out about Trump again because today's a day that ends in 'y.' Indulge my hysterics to make me feel like I'm sane for a change!

That is the straight stuff.

Pure gaslight.

The idea that a citizen's concern, with really any facts in evidence, can only be madness.

You don't have to like Trump. I don't care for the guy, either. The problem is that you seem to think other people care that you don't like Trump.

It's on topic. Thiel is Trump's boy. To the point that Trump is picking up his idea that Google is working with China in some nefarious way.

If you want to avoid such current events, maybe ask Tyler to run a more formal economics blog, endorsing fewer politically active "visionaries."

No, it’s not on topic.

Please provide evidence that Tyler endorses Thiel’s political positions.

That's just new goalposts.

Thiel is cited, and I am on topic with him.

Lulz. Six Degrees of Trump Derangement

But Thiel's remarks are like a hundred times more interesting than yours. Maybe some humility would do you good.

All I did was forward Steven Pinker's link. And one for Garry Kasparov.

This whole allergic reaction is in response to those.

Isn't it kind of bizarre that you want to personalize all that is happening in the world and make it mine alone?

Gaslighting again?

Or to rephrase it, you are trying to police the thread, to make it a safe place, a silo, where such does not penetrate.

Where you don't have to worry that Kasparov might be right.

If your reaction to literally anything is to make an unhinged non-sequitur rant about Trump, then yes.

That’s a sign of mental illness.

What we really need to do is nuke those Jew bastards. Nuke the Red chinky chink Chinese, nuke the Japs, nuke the Indians, and for sure nuke the Jooooos!


I wouldn't say that. Deporting them to their "national home" should be enough. You're either with the West or you're with Zionism.

Fuck that shit! You a Jew lover too?


No, I am not. I oppose Zionism, I can assure you, but I oppose needless brutality, too.

God damn you, it's NOT NEEDLESS.

FORCE and DEATH are the only things the evil CHINKS AND KIKES understand. Maybe you're one of them, have you ever thought of that?

No, I am not. My family is from old, noble Portuguese stock. I am a loyal Brazilian, who happens to be from a caucasian, Catholic background. I can assure you I just don't want needless killing. I think we can have peace by deporting Zionist agitators.

Give me a break. You're obviously Jewish, I can tell from the way you post and try to undermine Brazil! You're probably a CHINK who was recruited by the Zionists to undermine us with both your KIKE powers and your CHINK powers

omg, can't believe someone is actually writing this, whether it's for shock value or not

To get Tyler and Alex to delete Thiago's stuff when he gets too racist


Time for the big gun:


I can assure you there is nothing Asian or Zionist about me. I oppose Red Chinese totalitariansm and I oppose Zionism.

Bullshit, you're a lying Chinky Kike and it's obvious. Stop sucking the West dry you filthy slant eyed big nosed scum!

I am ot. I can assure you I am a real Brazilian. My farthest ancestor was a Portuguese noble.

You lie just like a chinky kike. Why would I believe anything you say?

Because I am telling thentruth.

That's just what a liar would say. Go back to Chinktown, dirty Jew!

A honest person would have said the same.

But you're not honest, you're a lying chink jew bastard.

I can assure you I am from annold Brazilian family.

To read exchanges between Thiago Ribeiro and Robert Johnson is like witnessing a person that suffers from bipolar disorder talking to herself.

I am pretty sure the allegued Mr. Johnson is a 50 Cents Party impersonator.

Or this one

Taffeta information, on which inspiration and madness depend,
there are no objects in the wilderness,
see mon cher,
every definition grants infinite wisdom for an indefinite time.
The wind blows,
the bottle’s touch
the prescription of equivalence, the preponderance, an eyebrow

Can't even tell if this is a parody of you.

You poor dudes. How many should I suppose were straight up Trump supporters, in these pages, in 2016?

And now you want a safe space.

With trigger warnings?

Dude, if your first reaction to any phrase in the English language is to rant about Trump you’re either mentally ill or intentionally derailing any conversation without rhyme or reason to satisfy some obsessive compulsive behavioral tic.

The real life equivalent would be walking up to strangers having a conversation about the weather or their kids’ school and shouting HERE IS WHY TRUMP IS THE DEVIL

There is zero chance MR is the only website you use as an outlet for this compulsive behavior. Which is about where that Florida Trump dude was before he was arrested by the FBI.

Fixation on a political figure or celebrity, seeing connections to said celebrity in mundane things, viewing reality distorted through a prism where everything is defined by connections to said celebrity....

...Paranoia, schizophrenia, delusional / magical thinking...

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

Theodore Roosevelt

If you have a problem with the content of the comments section, the logical course of action is to leave.

Go back where you came from.

Found on Facebook:
"Ironically the same people telling Americans that if they don't like their government they should leave, are the same people telling asylum seekers that if they don't like their government they should stay and fix it."

I hate all of this, but since you force me to defend logos, even if for a retarded cause (I take consolation in the hope that you realize I’m defending logic, not the position).

A conservative idiot who says, to quote South Park, “if you don’t like America, then you can get out” is not saying “if you don’t like the current politicians, you should be forced to leave.”

The admittedly on the nose South Park caricature is a conservative viewpoint which places a concentric view of loyalty into a position of virtue, against an equally idiotic liberal (and often libertarian) viewpoint which places America, specifically in this case, of being in a unique position of evil.

They are not a dispassionate Anubis, weighing the US on an a moral scale, sins against virtue akin to lead against feathers. They are reflexively against the US akin to leftist defenses of the Khmer Rouge and Vietcong. They see the US as a moral abomination and Che and Allende as moral heroes.


Yeah, well. If you are a serious observer, here is a serious link:

Protestors are attempting to shut down inquiry and cognition on very current questions facing our democracy.


Call please. I donate to this group. They’re not judgmental. They are focused on outcomes.

Call, or show a relative.

The amazing thing is that this game only works, to the degree it does, in a very particular kind of silo.

Behold what the nation is reading, ranked by referral:

Not one anonymous guy. Most everyone.

So many haters. Thank you for your contribution.

What I have never understood about this whole discussion is, how can anyone who doesn't have even one name on the currency call himself an American?

Dick, I just wanted your wallet

if this web site had a ospreycam
we reckon this is when we would start watching the ospreycam

6. Something related on computer vision:

6. Autonomous vehicles could be launched tomorrow if there were a dedicated right-of-way for them. But there's not, and there's not likely to be a dedicated right-of-way unless and until the American public agrees to pay for it. Are you willing to pay for it? It amazes me the number of articles about autonomous vehicles and none mentions the need for a dedicated right-of way. Do you wish to ride in an autonomous vehicle that shares the road with teenagers, distracted soccer moms, and self-absorbed bankers driving their Maseratis 100 mph not to mention drunk drivers? Even Google's engineers have acknowledged that absent a dedicated right-of-way autonomous vehicles will be limited to a maximum speed of about 30 mph. Of course, a dedicated right-of-way for autonomous vehicles means that autonomous vehicles are . . . . transit. People will believe just about anything.

Is it even possible for drivers to keep themselves mentally primed to take over the steering wheel when just sitting and looking is boring? When the novelty wears off how can people stay mentally engaged? The chances are when the need arises to take over it will be sudden and frightful. Can people go from bored to reactive fast enough?

#6 - This shows just how wrong some people are in the larger narrow AI vs general AI debate. We are far, far from anything that will truly disrupt our economy in this area. We are just not willing to accept the physical risks associated with it (and probably required to advance the tech in the first place)

Who is the "we"? Will China being willing to accept the risks? And if so, will the world be too timid to follow?

Self-driving cars seem pointless in China, a place where still less than half the population can afford any kind of car, and there's so many people that the need to automate away drivers is pretty small.

Half the population of China is bigger than the entire North American market.

1. Can't see all the important art for all the important paywalls.

Meanwhile: why have democratic/demagogic/philanthropic architects never designed museums and galleries WITHOUT interiors?

How ... do you design a museum without an interior?

I'd begin with a stand-alone wall with ample display surfaces on at least two sides, probably with a roof mounted over it: alas, I am no democratic, demagogic, or philanthropic museum architect.

1. I'm amused by the discussion in the piece. "What? We didn't pick any Mapplethorpe? Can't photography be something other than art? Please?" Or how they picked a piece that riffs off Warhol, but included no Warhol. Between that and the way that the march of technological progress that defined most people's experience of the past 50 years is really only summed up in how there's very little painting... the list says far more about itself by what isn't there.

#1 - am not impressed. As usual, the article missed the prolific Roberto Matta, always an underrated abstract artist that never makes these lists. Although some of his greatest works made it into the Art Institute in Chicago. Others they missed IMHO: Chuck Close and the photorealist period of the 70's, Marina Abramovic, didn't see Ed Ruscha either. Any others I missed?

Excellent choices!

YMMV, but Doris Salcedo or Ai Weiwei would be worth a mention, as well.

I can't read anything but the abstract, but I suspect that #2 basically proves that most "experts" are anything but.

I think the abstract indicts all of us, as pants wearing monkeys, who should be happy to be right as often as we are.

1. American parochialism never ceases to amaze me.

I read it more as New York City provincialism and cheap "lecturing the proles = important" nonsense.

Ask "America" about "important contemporary art" and you will not get that list.

1. I don't think so. Not a single Banksy?

Almost feel like this could have been compiled by doing a google image search and picking the top 25 entries.

Banksy emerged more in the 90's, but did follow many artistic trends from the 70's.

It's from the past 50 years, so Banksy definitely qualifies. But the list is aggressively New Yorker. K. does have a point.

"Gerhard Richter, he's a painter, right?"

Your NYTimes articles, while interesting, require a NYTimes subscription to be read. Can you provide links to subscription free versions???

4. As someone who lives within walking distance of the Refinery, the restaurant recently moved as the owner sold the original location of the Refinery, closed his second restaurant (Fodder and Shine), and relocated the Refinery into Fodder's old location.

The place doesn't have the intimacy and date-night vibe of some of its nearby competitors (Heights Bistro comes to mind), nor does it have the affordability of even its next-door neighbor (The Front Porch).

I would agree with the central thesis of the article, but his example may not be a great case to highlight.

1) They are wrong.

(I was actually just in NYC this weekend, and saw the Guggenheim.

Almost everything* in it is more "important" - and better art - than everything on that list.

"Posturing and lecturing" are not "important".

Those people are why people hate "modern art".

* Hell, the Guggenheim's drinking fountains are literally better art than that list.)

Art is subjective, Siggy

As a devotee more of buildings than the art that may be inside them, I particularly recommend the drinking fountains at the Kimball museum, Fort Worth. Observe the arc of the water.

The actual headline says "The 25 Works of Art That Define the Contemporary Age".

What defines the contemporary age better than posturing and lecturing. For that matter, what defines the contemporary age wrt to art as those pieces which illustrate why everybody hates it. I can't read the actual article, but well done NYT. Is this one of those "Straussian" things?

#3...Possibly the worst talk I've heard this year. Brain Plasticity and Genetic Transfer are major scientific developments, and I'm at a loss to understand where he gets the idea that he can sensibly comment on every area of knowledge known to man. There are lots of good universities in this country, producing lots of good graduates. Again, where does he get the idea that he can judge the quality of universities. Coming from a small rural town, college was an important part of my life.

The defense of protectionism is so lame and inimical to liberty, that. well, listen to Hayek...

"MR. MERRIAM: You would repeal all tariffs, would you? MR. HAYEK: I am a convinced free-trader, and free trade is part of the same philosophy. MR. MERRIAM: Without any limitations or qualifications whatsoever? MR. HAYEK: One thing which makes me unhappy is that so many people who take up my book are not free-traders and do not see that this is an essential part of the same philosophy. MR. MERRIAM: Are you against price parity for the farmer? MR. HAYEK: If “price parity” means that a particular price is to be insured by the government, I certainly am, because it means the price system of competition is completely ineffective. MR. MERRIAM: You think, then, that if we are to avoid the road to serfdom, we must repeal all tariffs and the price parity for the farmers? MR. HAYEK: It would be one of the most certain means to avoid that path."

Ponder that Nationalist Conservatives, as best you can.

Thiel jumped the shark a long time ago, if he was ever really under it to begin with. Just because someone calls themselves a 'libertarian' doesn't mean they are one.

Typically it is a good indicator they aren't.

It is so disappointing to me to hear him talk. I agree that this is very puerile. Yet I will always be fond of Peter Thiel for introducing me to René Girard.

Part of me once looked up to Thiel many moons ago. The evolution of his views, which I allow in any thinker, do leave me with a failure to connect. What he said about Google, who I'm no fan of, serving China's military is an outright lie and the accusation of treason is always a serious one. I didn't realize Thiel gave up truth for Trumpian style wild accusations. I agree that the university needs reform in the areas of debt but calling for the abolition of lower tiered schools because it "means" the student couldn't get in to a better school is just flat wrong. Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College, a school nobody's heard of, to found Apple, a company everybody's heard of. Young minds need exposure to things outside their previous experiences and the institution that best serves that for the masses is still the university.

6 - This surprises absolutely no one who remembers the history of AI boom and bust cycles. Why should this time be different?

Wha ha ha ha!

4. Interesting how the WaPo article doesn't want to speak the truth, but dances around it. A $15 minimum wage, with no tip credit, which is where the Democrats are taking us, will eliminate the restaurant industry except for (i) fast food restaurants where you order on a touchscreen and pick up you own food at the counter (because they don't have much in the way of labor cost) and (ii) really high end, white tablecloth restaurants (because their customers can absorb the cost of a $15 per hour waiter). There's no great mystery about this, but a Democrat like the WaPo reporter can't bring herself to say it. It's too bad for the chefs and restaurant owners who will have to find other jobs, but most of them are Democrats, so they are getting what deserve.

Not that I support the minimum wage, but this just inspired my to thinking ...
You could have mid-range restaurants with tables that have automated ordering kiosks on them, so as to eliminate much of the waitstaff function. The server just needs to bring your food out. The kiosk could even have features to allow you to ask for things like ketchup. This might actually be a service enhancement above regular waiters, since you wouldn't actually have to flag down the waitress/waiter in order to ask them for something. You just punch a button on the kiosk. I bet this would be really simple to set up with a tablet computer. Then one waiter/waitress could handle double the number of tables, since they wouldn't have to bother with taking orders or checking on people - they would just deliver food and take away the dirty dishes.

I believe that future has already happened. At least within a branch of the restaurant chain Red Robin I visited some time ago in So Cal.

Excellent. Soon I will be able to go through life without ever having to interact with a working class white person. *twists monocle*

Why not just put the ketchup in the kiosk. You could put the mayo and the chutney in there too. Then you could punch a button and it would come out on some sort of sliding tray. If you really want to get fancy with this, you could have a tube or series of tubes where you spin a dial and get sprinkles, or M&Ms, or, what the hell, blueberries. Once you made the tube big enough for the M&Ms it could probably handle blueberries.

The kiosk could also be programmed to talk, in a voice congruent with the type of restaurant (e.g. BBQ, Afghan, whatever). It could suggest the specials and annoyingly ask if everything is OK before you've even had time to take a bite.

"Restaurants Unlimited declared bankruptcy Sunday and closed six units, as the Seattle-based casual-dining operator faced dwindling cash reserves after struggling for three years to find a buyer amid heavy debt costs.

The company in legal filings largely blamed rising minimum wages in many of its biggest markets, along with costs from two restaurant openings that didn’t work out as well as planned.
In legal filings, the company said that higher minimum wages in cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Portland, Ore., cost it $10.6 million in higher wages through the end of its most recent fiscal year, and it expects more higher minimum wages in the coming year."

The minimum wage hikes were only half the story, they also lost another $10 million on failed new stores.

A higher minimum wage and serving shitty food will do it every time, Restaurants Unlimited.

Australians eat out about 2.5 times a week. In the US it's about 4.2 times a week. Australia's minimum wage is roughly $15 US an hour. Part of the difference in eating out frequency is presumably due to Australia being over all less rich than the United States per capita. Whether or not any of the difference is due to cultural reasons, I don't know.

Speaking of dining out in Australia, I just read about the following dining experience at the local Kentucky Fried Chicken. Here's part of the newspaper article:

The woman was trying to pay her order via bank transfer because she did not have cash or card on her.

“Then she got very aggravated and started screaming and yelling,” he said.

The woman in the video can be heard asking staff “Are you actually retarded in the f***ing head?”

During the outburst, the woman can be seen picking up various items on the service counter, including credit card machines and hurling them across the restaurant, with one hitting and damaging a menu screen.

“That almost got you,” she shouted towards the kitchen area.

The video was sent to the ShitAdelaide Instagram account and has been viewed more than 39,000 times since being posted.

After he stopped recording, Mr Moschakis said the woman grabbed a 24-pack of 7Up cans sitting on the counter and threw it to the back of the store.

“Then two guys came, they said they were from the store across the road, they both pinned her down until 4-5 police on horses came and put her in cuffs,” he said.

#6 Had a conversation with the manager in AV Policy at a major automaker about a year back while job shopping, and he gave me an example that really gave me pause.

So you approach a stop sign at an intersection at roughly the same time as a pedestrian. You look at the pedestrian, the pedestrian looks at you, and some indescribable nonverbal interaction happens. One of you now crosses the intersection. How do you program that interaction? How do you replace it, if you don't program it? How do you test that the interaction works? How do you make a policy or regulatory recommendation on that interaction?

I think about this every time someone tells me full Autonomy is coming. I can believe SuperCruise and its ilk for divided highways, but once you have to deal with mixed transportation? That's a tough nut to crack....

#6...I'm not an expert on human fear, but if one of these vehicles speeds up out of control and mows down some pedestrians, seemingly on purpose, and I said appearing as if acting on its own initiative, will people continue to trust them. One whiff of sentience and I think it's game over.

could you have phrased that differently?

think about where the line is between sentient organisms, that have a reward mechanism of some sort, and organisms that are not sentient but have some form of allotropic desires -

the question is not what degree of distance there is between the most complicated of machine based learning machines and the level of sentience of, say, a single cockroach, considered outside of its hierarchical place among its fellow vermin, the more complicated and only essential question is how to limit the next generation of people from adding sentience where sentience is not needed.

Future disasters will more resemble Chernobyl (messing with the protocols out of stupidy) and the Notre Dame Fire (overcomplicating protocols out of lack of engineering skill) than Fukushima and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (underestimating risks).

Yes, but I was trying to be funny.

nothing is as simple as the words used to describe something or nothing ....
but that being said, I would like to humbly point out that connecting phototropism, which is fairly easy for the cognoscenti to mimic with electric currents, with the learned drift towards habit which is ****difficult not to mimic**** with any complicated set of algorithms interacting with each other .....
gets you part of the way to sentience, and we are only talking about silicon and luminescence, imagine a 4D chess version, of the baseline 3D 'silicon and luminescence' example.

(In the National Gallery of Art there is a great series of Florentine paintings - the younger Lippi, Botticelli, Leonardo - with groups of 3 or 4 trees here and there in the subtly portrayed valleys of the "background" landscapes. 3 and 4 are very different numbers! We generally think in terms of one and ten and so on (basic Western number theory) or one and two (computer language) but that is out of personal convenience, lack of ambition, and limited practice with numbers.

Filippino Lippi, Adoration, oil on poplar panel
Botticelli, Madonna, tempera on panel
da Vinci, Ginevra de' Benci, oil on wood

Three paintings that are not only masterpieces but that show the key to a vast amount of number theory

try and tell me I am not on the right track

you may be amusing with your detraction

or you may be able to something interesting from which others may learn

7. Matt Levine on Libra.

JPMorgan, ha, no, it’s a bank. The idea of a permissionless blockchain, in which anyone can be involved in confirming transactions, is just facially insane to JPMorgan: You need to do diligence and know-your-customer on every counterparty, you can’t just open up your network to any hacker who wants in.

Absolutely JPM wants every hacker to jump in. And no, they would not execute KYC in JPM Net, JPM Net is automated by the traders themselves, JPM's only real requirement is KNY customer when they enter and exit the system. That is the whole point, to avoid the huge compliance costs by deferring the liability to the trader herself.

Hackers are not a problem, except on entry they need collateral and need to identify themselves. If the hacker has iPod with ppleID, then they simple execute the app that prepares the KYC report, underneath with no human labor. With AppleID a trader can enter, trade indefinitely, then exit and JPM would never know unless it is looking.

JPM Net and AppleID is what Facebook is responding to.

so todays wapo is also now using the new "reckoning" buzzword!
first they wrote the news
then they constructed narratives
now everthings
gonna be a "reckoning"

#6. A few years ago I read on this site, multiple times, that self-driving tech was done, polished, and tested, all the kinks had been worked out and the holdup was strictly legal + regulatory... Now, the industry leaders have reversed that. That have full legal go ahead, but gee, it's hard to predict all the crazy situations that happen on public roads.

I think an important unanswered question is: Do software engineers sleep or watch movies when they know the self-driving car will be moving at 100 km / hr? As a programmer not in the self-driving space, I would from the outside, guess the answer is "no". Writers at the NYT and elsewhere haven't thought to ask. How can you get an honest answer when engineers have an interest.

Correct, although some of us have been warning the others that they were being over-optimistic.

Other news that's not in the headlines but perhaps should be: online education is not going to displace bricks-and-mortars schools, except in niche areas (some graduate programs, traffic school, etc.). And computers and robots with artificial intelligence will make only limited inroads in replacing human workers.

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