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The links to books on progress is especially self-recommending!

I'm not saying I agree with the shooter's motives or actions but we need to look deeper why Whites feel like they are being replaced culturally and ethnically by these invaders down south. The lying media doesn't ask real questions.

do you ever wish you send your kids to the miami university back in the
1970s like Ohio Gov. Dewine

I think the artist painted kitchen almost worked. It needed a little restraint. The *fully* carpeted bathroom looks like an art project misclassified.

Yeah I kind of liked the blue wave wall design over the sink.

Bonus trivia: my gay interior decorator friend tells me the 1960s/70s style plastic minimalist interior look (my term) is back.

The blue wave over the sink was fine, but the sink was missing a faucet.

1. People have stupid ideas about all sorts of things, including home design. I remember when I purchased a townhouse years ago in my sunbelt city and the foyer had wallpaper that looked like aluminum foil. My interior designer looked at it and commented "people actually believe that looks good". He wasn't being judgmental, just making an observation about peoples' taste in home design. My taste in most things is conservative, from home design to politics. It reflects order and stability. Aluminum foil on the wall did not strike me as reflecting order and stability. The top 1% owning 40% of the nation's wealth doesn't strike me as reflecting order and stability either. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that many in the 1% have aluminum foil on their walls.

TE Lawrence's (of Arabia's) 1930s Dorset cottage, which he decorated himself, has a wall of cork in the bathroom and what certainly looks like aluminium foil in the bedroom.

I believe the foil wallpaper was mylar. I saw a lot of that when looking for a house in 1983. Very popular in the 70s, you can find it on etsy, if you're looking for a disco-era look.

Of course, everyone has her own style. I recall several years ago attending the high school graduation of my godson from an elite private academy, a co-educational academy. And indeed it is. The girls wore shoes that I'd describe as platform shoes. As they strode across the stage, no, stumbled across the stage, I asked my friend sitting next to me, what's with the shoes. She shushed me. But then came another, and another, and another, all of these girls, many on their way to Princeton and other elite schools, wearing what can only be described as torture wear. Why? The shoes certainly weren't appealing, and neither were the girls the way they stumbled across the stage. But this isn't all about girls. Has anyone noticed the suits billionaire male bankers wear? They look like they were made for Pee-wee Herman. Aluminum foil as wall paper seems rather stylish in comparison.

#1: I like the elaborate kitchen with all the tiles, the four-poster bathtub, the mini-balcony on the second floor, and the cow-themed kitchen. And sure, the toilet next to the kitchen table is not ideal, but I'm guessing the residents were financially constrained and didn't have much choice -- maybe the other rooms are used for the kids, or for an unexpected long-term guest in the form of a sick relative? And then a trusted realtor posts the pictures online for the whole world to make fun of. Sounds like a person of very poor character.

"the toilet next to the kitchen table is not ideal,"
does that look like a modern era photograph?

School shootings are not anywhere near as close to as common as Monday Night Football games. They remain rare events that - despite their impact on the news cycle - few are likely to experience, much less die from.

The stories being told by the "clergy" of security consultants and school administrators who *do* nothing serve only to terrify children in service of their narrative that guns are bad and shooters are everywhere.

School shootings are not yet a childhood ritual in America. Being scared of a school shooting, on the other hand, is well on its way.

The link compared the frequency of "mass shootings" to MNF, though it does specifically reference drills in anticipation of school shootings.

Wiki says that there were 323 mass shootings in 2018, using a definition based on a mix of criteria and aggregating from a number of different sources. It's definitely imprecise, probably overinflated, but still: there were ~20 MNF games last season.

Actual mass shootings are no more than a few a year. They are massive media events and everyone in the country has heard about every single one of them.

These estimates are intentionally maximized to support a narrative by including all kinds of domestic and gang violence. Even if you accept those are problems, they are different problems.

What are "actual mass shooting"? Genuine question. It seems like it should be defined by a mix of (a) number of casualties and (b) lack of motive other than shooting (i.e., a gang dispute might lead to a single gunman shooting a large number of victims, but the purpose of the shooting would be to advance some interest of the gang, not just randomly shooting people). But lack of precision bedevils the debate.

'Actual mass shootings are no more than a few a year. '

Or a couple in 24 hours, depending on the breaks.

Or four since July 28, again depending on the breaks. What, this was not a massive media event with everyone hearing about it? 'A Wisconsin man killed three of his family members before blasting his way into the home of a stranger he had been harassing through text messages and killing her, authorities said Tuesday, speculating that he may have been trying to imitate last year's home invasion and abduction of teenager Jayme Closs.

Ritchie German Jr., 33, shot his mother, brother and 8-year-old nephew at their home in Lafayette, likely on or before Saturday morning, Chippewa County Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk said at a news conference. On Sunday night, he drove about 10 miles (16 kilometers) to the Lake Hallie home of 24-year-old Laile Vang, blasted his way inside with a shotgun, and shot and wounded her parents before killing her. He then killed himself in the home, where several others were hiding, the sheriff said.'

Or maybe the reason that event was not prominent is that July 28 was another 24 period involving two mass murders.

This list is amazing to scroll through, though essentially all events are counted, but the totals are sobering -

Mass killings are primarily caused by media contagion spread to susceptible violent people.

We could reduce them by 90% by holding mass and social media organizations civilly liable for any mass shootings where the perpetrator(s) consumed content about mass killings produced or hosted by those organizations.

Would you be happy about this imaginary conversation?

Google exec to schizophrenia patient: “Here, read this stuff on Facebook. Remember, you read it only at Facebook.”

Why not just link firearms acquisition to police records and mental health / violent issues records?

mebbe sumbody should call john hopkins "public" health hospital1
and objectively examine the results those expensive toxicology screens routinely performed on shooters and shootees?
ask for the toxicologist
the code word is "optics"
x3 moderately loud into the phone
1 410 955-500

they have the data

The article is about school-shooting prep-drills as ritual, not actual shootings.

Re: #1 — I guess I know which Buzzfeed article my wife will share with me on Facebook today.

And that’s fine. Unless you two are planning a reno, and she’s seen something there that she likes.

That’s what I’m afraid of. Her brother has a similar toilet seat, except his has fishing lures. And one of our rooms is already yellow.

I see the common thread running through all of these, except for #2.

Very good links, indeed.

You didn't like #2 because you oppose the message or because you think it was written poorly?

The common thread being what?

The book list is amazing, but I think it could use something from engineers about how they view lifecycles. Anybody worrying about progress should read The Innovator's Dilemma, recognizing of course that the formal Dilemma is only one way technology life cycles play out.

Of course we've seen an example of the Dilemma itself since that book was published in 1997, with Tesla founded in 2003.

Looking now I'm surprised at the lack of general reading. The technology lifecycle is a great concern in industry, and the subject of many meetings and slide presentations ..

From 5. "Walmart is one of the wonders of the modern world ... saving billions and billions of dollars for everyday Americans without costing taxpayers a dime."

Well, maybe except for that Walmart that the police turned into a substation rather than drive there all day answering calls, what with Walmart's well-known aversion to paying for security.

otoh mebbe the police get/got a free/cheap location for a substation
in a neighborhood that needed a substation? win-win!

If by "neighborhood" you mean the Walmart and its anvil of parking - I reckon so!

ok so you "hate" walmart!
we meant was it
-a good deal financially for the police
-what sort neighborhood was the polixw substation in
& was it effective in reducing crime?

I don't "hate" Walmart!
I "buy" my
-glasses there, at the one where the city
-forced them to plant some "trees" when they expanded
-as Walmarts go, it's a very nice one indeed.
so nice in fact that people want to "camp" there - they let them, at night - maybe they figure that's even better than security, & maybe it is.
-it's the "more fortunate" class of homeless people - instead of just tents and recliners, they have cars, even "campers"
-presumably refugees from the "dying" small towns (100+ counties lost population) of my "state"
-now I know somebody who thinks Walmart is actively "dysgenic," but I can't be held responsible for the people in my "orbit"

-so are you taking the position that the police substation at the walmart is there to only serve the interests of walmart and not also serve the interests of homeless encampment that walmart informally allows for free ?
-anybody wanna guess how many shootings have occurred at walmart
in the last 10 years?

mebbe those are different walmarts
mebbe not
-wanna guess?

your comment is a non sequitar not a guess
any sociologists in the house!
wanna guess on how many shootings at Walmart?

Nice of WM to gather them all up for you.

It's paradoxical. The low-cost place attracts the trashy people with poor impulse control. And the business owner rightfully protests that they shouldn't have to pay the freight for the risk of general criminality.

One resolution will be charter cities, just like we're now seeing charter schools to escape public education dysfunction. If the business owners have to pay the freight for general criminality any way, then just give them the polity and let them run it.

I don't know - I'm just (just!!) old enough to have walked around barefoot in a TG&Y looking longingly at the decidedly cheap goods and I do not recall it being a place of mayhem.

"It's paradoxical. The low-cost place attracts the trashy people with poor impulse control..."

Some Walmart stores are in lower-income, higher-crime neighborhoods. The vast majority are not. What is being suggested here -- that peri's local government should tell Walmart, "Hey, there are too many shoplifting incidents in your inner-city store, and responding to these crimes is costing us too much! So you're on your own!" And then, I guess, Walmart hires their own cops and puts jail cells and a private court system in the back to punish those they catch? Or just ignores shoplifting? Or what exactly?

And if Walmart does decide to shut down the location because security costs and losses from theft are too high, won't they be pilloried for 'red lining' and creating 'food deserts'?

Personally, I rather like Walmart. We very rarely shop there at home --they're not conveniently located, and the closest one kind of sucks (they're not all the same), but when traveling, Walmart is quite handy. It's a known quantity, and you can order ahead and pick stuff up in the store (which is very hard to do with Amazon when traveling except for small items).

If police are responding much more often to Walmart than to the competing grocery store, or to Target or the mall or other big box stores, perhaps that indicates Walmart needs to put more resources into staffing its stores, or security; or maybe it needs to reconsider its hours. Would that cities had the spine to tell police departments, and police departments the spine to tell residents - Walmarts included - you are on your own. You have chosen to fashion a world which you can best bring order to yourselves, or not. I would love to see police pull back, and their budgets plummet. Dodge City and a police state are an unworkable combination. Ditto, for that matter, Sanctuary City and police state, which is what my town is.

Though it didn't then have much in the way of groceries, Walmart was actually a more useful store 15 years ago, before it "streamlined." More of a general store - many more individual items on its shelves.

“You have chosen to fashion a world which you can best bring order to yourselves, or not. ”

This is certainly a novel use of the concept of choice. Just because there are people interacting, and social events occur as a result, doesn’t mean all of the consequences were “chosen.”

Where did the libertarians go?

I guess I’m a small l libertarian and a big C conservative... as in tragic pessimist conservative. I think there are bad people out there amidst the good ones, and when those bad people try to get their way, bullies that they are, I don’t want my fellow citizens to say “I wish that cities had the spine to tell the police, and the police the spine to say to residents, tough luck!”

I guess I believe that the quickest way to bring on a return to decency and community is - not to blunt consequences, not to in some sense officially countenance or normalize antisocial behavior by setting up the police as its permanent opposite and complement, which is not "working" well anywhere that I can see ... Even if you believe strongly that they should be armored tactical units, the police are never going to be able to impose order. They can only reflect what we are. See the recent LA Times story about police "gangs."

"If police are responding much more often to Walmart than to the competing grocery store, or to Target or the mall or other big box stores"

But ARE there malls and big-box stores in Raytown? If so, google maps doesn't seem to know about them -- it can't find a Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, or Macy's anywhere in or near Raytown.

"Would that cities had the spine to tell police departments, and police departments the spine to tell residents - Walmarts included - you are on your own. You have chosen to fashion a world which you can best bring order to yourselves, or not."

Seriously!? It looks to me that Raytown needs Walmart much more than Walmart needs Raytown (Walmart is the largest employer next to the public school system). In fact, it apparently took a tax break even to get Walmart to put a store there. Perhaps not surprising, given that Raytown has a crime rate well above the national average and property values well below average. If Raytown were to say, sorry folks, you're on your own when it comes to crime, wouldn't the natural response of citizens and businesses be to get out and go somewhere else where the the local government could afford keep order?

3. One can't help but notice that the books on May's reading list are of the past. He lists only some books under "General Economic History", but they are all history. Yet, economists today seem focused on the future, or more accurately, predicting the future. And behold, they aren't very good at predicting the future, not any better than the Christ. May does have one category of books called The Distant Future. I'm reminded of Luke 9:27: "Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God." What is The Distant Future? And what's the probability of someone today accurately predicting it?

The two toilets are like the family stall in the restrooms. I suspect they're there for a good, sad reason.

"If your working toilet is installed at a 90 degree angle to your non-working toilet, you might be a redneck."

I was hoping the bathroom was in transition and that the pic was right before the old toilet was to be removed. Probably not, but I'm an optimist.

That's a good thought. I was just riffing off a Jeff Foxworthy line about when the working TV is mounted on top of the non-working TV.

They looked useful for toddler training, although you must be expecting a lot of toddlers coming through your home for the investment to be efficient.

5. Interesting. Kanter doesn't mention that (a) Walmart, for all of its innovations in retailing, prospered mostly by shifting production to China (to achieve those everyday low prices) and plummeting advertising costs (at the expense of newspapers and other old media) and (b) Amazon, for all of its innovations in retailing, prospered mostly by selling products at or below cost because it didn't need to generate income, its stock pricing rising steadily in the absence of current or projected income that could be sold to fund expansion. Kanter points out that Walmart stores are local stores, dependent on local management, and as such can't compete with Amazon's scale. Kanter also points out that Amazon has become a digital advertising company (the Facebook of retail), which Kanter believes is Amazon's downfall: giving preference to so-called Sponsored Products is good for Amazon, not so good for customers. Anybody who regularly shops on Amazon can attest that product quality has suffered; indeed, Amazon often sells knockoffs without knowing it. It's true that Amazon now produces large amounts of income, but most of it comes from cloud services and advertising. Is Amazon's retail business suffering because the profits used to fund growth and Bezos's vision don't come from retail?

Walmart, for all of its innovations in retailing, prospered mostly by shifting production to China

Agreed. Comparative advantage is awful.

It's not even clear to me what rayward thinks Wal-Mart "produces."

I know this will be a shocking revelation to Tom T., but Walmart built the supply chains in Asia that produced the appliances and household goods Walmart sells to Americans at its stores at everyday low prices. Does Tom T. actually believe Walmart is so stupid Walmart simply bought what suppliers in Ohio offered to them. Cowen has been on a run of blog posts at what can be done to advance "progress". I suggest a start would be stop promoting stupid.

If you mean purchasing, say purchasing.

"(b) Amazon, for all of its innovations in retailing, prospered mostly by selling products at or below cost because it didn't need to generate income, its stock pricing rising steadily in the absence of current or projected income that could be sold to fund expansion."

Amazon has plenty of current, projected and past income. They have invested heavily which was wise.

Amazon's income does not come from retail (which produces billions in net losses), it comes from cloud services and advertising. Amazon is, truth be told, a pyramid scheme, the pyramid being its rising stock prices to fund other operations that defies logic.

Lulz. Have you told the SEC about this, rayward? They typically frown on pyramid schemes.

That is not correct. Amazon's retail segment is now a money maker as well as their cloud services. Last year, North American retail was about as profitable as the cloud services. They lost money on international sales, but even if you subtract that from the North American profit, they made a ton of profit off of retail.

According to their latest 10Q, Amazon Web Services generated 1.6 billion in operating income for the company out of a total of about 3 billion, in total, so just over half. Not sure where these supposed billions in losses are in their retail business...maybe back in like 2004 or something they were, but they appear to be doing fine now.

Wrong. A pyramid scheme implies zero-sum, ultimately unstable organizations. Amazon is currently operating on a business model of perpetual growth, but in the process laying down *real* innovation and infrastructure. If and when the infinite growth proves unsustainable they can easily pivot to rent-seeking/revenue generation part of the business cycle.

For the curious, 60+ years of retail failures.

But it can't happen to Amazon, right?

Jeff Bezos disagrees that it "can't happen to Amazon".

#1 One should recognize this a a Realtor-eye view. From a Realtor's viewpoint, a "good" house is one that can be sold quickly and easily. These are houses that appeal to most buyers, and thus any house that's at all personalized (whether well or badly) is, to a Realtor, a "bad" house.

Presumably the degree of "badness" correlates with the difficulty and cost of removing the personalization, and perhaps of convincing the owner that, as much as the owner may like something, that something is just not going to appeal to most people. Thus one would think a prospective buyer would simply ignore a garish toilet seat, considering the low cost and effort needed to replace it.

Finally, one might note that some Realtors have bizarre ideas themselves. Because, really, making the house smell like vanilla (or lavender, or whatever) is just going to cause buyers to wonder what stench you're trying to cover up. And, no,that "beautiful" elevator music wafting from some hidden source is not going to sell the property, it's just going to annoy the prospective buyer into wondering, "How do I turn that damned thing off already?"

You're supposed to have the aroma of fresh bread baking to help speed the home sale. I don't know if you can get that in a can. I guess a bagel in the toaster oven will have to do.

And from a realtor's viewpoint, twisting the owners' arms to do all kinds of renovations before putting it on the market is always a win. Paint everything white! Replace all the carpeting! Update the kitchen! These things are never going to turn prospective buyers off (even if they decide to redo it all after the sale). If the changes increase the selling price at all, the realtor gets a higher commission. And, of course, the original owners can never be sure that all the money they spent didn't pay off (hint -- it didn't).

1. The last one will pass. I'm wagering that's the work of an affluent mother of young children who wanted to be able to bathe the kids while fixing meals (or wanted the help to be able to do that). The elements of #10 are kinda cute, but all of them assembled in one kitchen is almost migraine inducing. The 2d place pictured is just banal. The rest are unworkable, garish, silly, or some combination of same.

I wouldn't mind living in a few of those "bad" houses. Some of the bathrooms seem a bit illogical or unsanitary, but otherwise there's nothing too horrible.

Not a ritual, an anti-ritual. The loners were not allowed to or chose not to join the teen "American" rituals. Their response: destroy; the author's attempt to blame society illustrates the failure of the non-discipline.

"Crucially, those involved all see one another participating in the event. By doing so, they enact their collective life in view of one another, demonstrating its reality, expressing its meaning, and feeling its pulse in their veins. That, Durkheim thought, is at root what a society is."

He doesn't have practical ideas. He's just striking poses, like every other twit with a faculty position.

I'm surprised the first communion tale didn't finish the Irish story. The one where the small children are handed to the pederast wearing a cross.

A more appropriate ritual for Americans of that age is a group of school psychiatrists gathered around to tell the youngsters parents how their child would benefit with daily doses of ritalin.

1. The upside-down door is glorious. A lot of them seem like desperate compromises made due to lack of floor space.

I choose to believe that was done for the benefit of the pooch.

#3.. I love these lists, which lead me to buy a bunch of books I might need someday. That's my criterion for buying a book. I might need it someday. I still find" Mechanization Takes Command A Contribution to Anonymous History" by Siegfried Giedion the best book on economic history, loosely defined.

I am not Siegfried Giedion, although he is probably a friend of a friend of a friend (I have lots of Scandinavian friends)

don't read this if you do not like long = as in long Scandinavian summer midnight long = comments ....

but if you have tolerance for the sort of comments that Transtromer and Undset would have liked to read, if they had been fully familiar with colloquial American English (God bless 'em) would have liked to read, read on ......

The best books I have ever read are all long vanished from this world.

Trust me .... I have seen the ocean in its humblest moments .....
at the side of Poseidon ....
total respect!!!!
God loves the ocean, it is usually up to the task of being an ocean (I remember all the times when the ocean was not up to the task it had been given, but I do not talk about it ---- total respect!!!! me and the ocean are pals ....)

One of the books told me (this particular book was more popular than the Lord of the Rings back in the day, but here we are in 2019 Chicago and in 2019 Chicago there IS NOBODY BESIDES ME WHO REMEMBERS THIS BOOK) the best secular advice I had ever gotten was in this now unobtainable book, and this book you will never read (beyond my kind descriptions of it, I am kind that way) had this secular advice to give:

every night, before you go to sleep, think of some person who knows you well, maybe someone who you have not been able to talk to for years or decades, and pray to God that when you wake up the world you wake up in will be the world that the person you were thinking of, who knows you well, really really wants you to live in ==== because hearts speaks to hearts, and there are lots of us here who are faith healers, who pray for others without any chance at all we will ever let you show gratitude, at least not before all of us who will be saved have been saved ----and as God is my witness, I mean that ----

so in the elevator today I see this old guy talking to this middle aged woman, he tells her, hey, I went on a date last night with this woman 20 years younger than me, and I said, I know you are young and I well am not young, but think about it like this, Donald Trump was a lot older than his beautiful wife Melania a few years ago, and while he is richer than me we are approximately equal when it comes to energy and testosterone .....
so maybe it is not you who would be doing me a favor but it would be the two of us who are right for each other ,,,,,

and no I do not spend all of my time on elevators, here is the really important thing I know, and that you might not know ....

give up your vices for a few days

lay off the weed, step away from the bong, stop watching porn, tell your friend of the opposite sex that you don't want useless sex anymore you want to take a break in order to consider

LOVE AND MARRIAGE (and a baby carriage)
and give up the slots, stop binge watching mediocre "shows",

including everyone you ever cared about or ever thought you might care about .....

and when you have done that, my young friend

pray to God to teach you to be a faith healer like me, I sometimes stare at the losers of the world in a way they cannot see, and I am praying with all the intensity of SOMEONE WHO HAS KNOWN MORE CHALLENGES THAN YOU CAN (probably) IMAGINE (well at least I hope so, I am the most easy-going of people but after all 50 years of physical pain has not been as easy for me as you might think if you could look at me ---- everyone who looks at me thinks I look happy .....)


never ever ever think God loves you because you can simply pray for someone and know

and know in your heart

that God will heal them or at least give them consolation .....


Deal with it

Proverbs 8, Romans 8

wake up God loves you

never, my friends, take a single penny for any successful faith healing you might be able to engage in.

think about it.
no matter how good a person you are there is a chance you have no idea how much God loves you, and of course you want God to think of you as the sort of friend who does not brag about your friendship
to the contrary -----

God wants you to get this message out ----

There is nothing more important than being kind when someone needs you to be kind or to be brave when someone needs you to be brave

the greatest artists never fully expressed that
take my word for it I am a big fan of Bach and Shakespeare and their pals but the WORLD IS SO MUCH MORE ARTISTIC THAN THE ARTISTS WHOSE NAMES ARE SO WELL KNOWN WERE ABLE TO EXPRESS THE WORLD AS BEING .....

and ....

all those people who their kids said were great parents, or all those people who liked to think that their grandkids thought they were great grand parents, ran the risk of not understanding ....


Be better than you were before you read this

Maybe you will be a faith healer one day
or simply the brave kind intense person God always expected you to be

that will be good

and if you do not have it in you to be what you ought to be

well, at some moment in your life, please remember this


maybe that is why you are in the world


as always, thanks for reading.

I have so many good memories of people laughing along with me, at Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, or in sad little elevators in those long bureaucratic decades, or in cars on road trips, or at the DMV, or even in the hospitals and courthouses where I tried SO HARD TO LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT GOD LOVED THEM and if they would only follow the commandments they would know SO MUCH MORE than I , just a fellow human, COULD POSSIBLE KNOW about the great expanses of countryside in heaven that GOD wanted them to live in, with their friends from ALL THE YEARS OF THEIR LIVES and with their habits of kindness and bravery, developed over the years in THIS WORLD WHICH I KNOW SO WELL

and if you can , tonight, pray for someone who is going through difficult times


As God is my witness I know that God will pray that prayer along with you

And you will have helped someone who needed help.
trust me
if you are reading this with mockery in your heart,
no big deal,
God still loves you,
or hatred in your heart,
no big deal,
God still loves you,


(by the way, if you think "wall of text" is a bad thing, well, maybe it sometime is but not when the point of the words is to lead to this


If you think "wall of text" is a bad thing

read Ecclesiastes 7:8-12
then think about this:
I, the "wall of text" guy you felt (trust me, I get it) a little bit of condescencion towards (I don't care, I have seen the look on the face of people who have suffered from sickness and who know that God listened to my prayers of healing ....only God, though, I am no professional preacher, God bless their hearts, I get nothing for all the prayers I pray for the losers in life .... well, all the FORMER losers in life, I KNOW HOW HAPPY THEY ARE WHEN THEY REALIZE GOD CARES ABOUT THEM AND VICE VERSA)
I basically rewrote it (Ecclesiastes 7:8-12) in a way that the average person born circa 1920-2010 can understand

I have spent twenty minutes to make you the sort of person who knows that Ecclesiastes is just as much a joyful and hopeful book in the bIble as any other book in the Bible ....

you are welcome

God wants you to have respect for yourself


stop being anything less than a faith-healer, anything less than someone who


it is not good enough to be anything less than someone


Be the best person you can be
God loves us all

I remember

Strangely, I was thinking the same thing.

Not so strange, my friend.

I know my limits ....

but, as limited as I am ...

I am going to tell you something that has happened to me thousands of times ....

so often, in a crowd, or at one of those "parties" that are so difficult for so many people, but so easy for me BECAUSE I AM HUMBLE

I am able to say something that someone completely understands!

I am sure you are the same way!

2) Fire drills have long been a school ritual too but nobody waxes all wistfully regretful about them, for God's sake

5 fascinating article. I've wondered about Amazon cost structures where the handling costs of each item sold seems more expensive than a retail store. And I've noticed how other businesses are doing well filling the holes that Amazon and Walmart leave. Example. I needed a watch strap. Walmart didn't have stock. Amazon had thousands. I want to a jeweler so in town, they sold me one for what Amazon would have cost and installed it. And i could see what i was getting.

Isn't setting up a marketplace ebay? I find Amazon looks more and more like eBay, a search giving me three pages of identical items. Shelf space is in fact limited.

They are not lone wolf, they are open source. Big difference.

Today I learned Ted Kaczynski wasn’t a lone wolf.

He was open source.

Reading Rantt media twitter again? That you like to spam in these threads?

This is anonymous’ source of “information”:

KULT (Kennedy's Uber Leet Terrorists) was an organization spawned by Kennedy's anti-establishment rants, described as an ungoverned network of "digital-wet-wired-cyber masons with shovels" who recognize "the dark cyber-world that is coming." As of September 2000, more than 1,000 new visitors logged on to the KULT website each day. Members were divided into "klans" and one went so far as to receive a tattoo of the KULT symbol on his chest.[8] The group was disbanded among great controversy in 2001, remnants of the membership regrouped into several splinter sites, all of which subsequently dissolved by the early 2010s.

Moderate republican indeed.

This is why I have no respect for you. You don't know. You don't even google to see what it means. You don't want to learn.

The Austin bomber and our new age of open-source terrorism

The communication methods and the radicalization are not just similar, they are the same.

But to take it home,

Why Won’t Twitter Treat White Supremacy Like ISIS? Because It Would Mean Banning Some Republican Politicians Too.

Stop dancing around this stuff, fix it.

For anyone serious, I guess this would be the jumping off point:

The dufus thinks all he needs to check is who said it, to see if it's true or not.

Pure 100% partisanship with 150% blinders in place.

Partisan ?

You’re delusional. I don’t vote for Republicans, which is your obvious definition of partisan.

You need to understand that you get your media from fringe Social media sources, just like the recent mass shooters.

You literally fit the profile of a mass shooter. Loner, white, male, feeds on a news diet of extremist social media content....obsessed with posting partisan rants and extremist internet links on an academic economics blog.....

You’re mentally unbalanced. You’re obsessed with arguing with anti-Trump libertarians.

Hi FBI. There’s an extremist who spends hours reading Rantt Media. He’s obsessed with linking any non democrats to mass shooters. He’s been radicalized by reading extremist Twitter for hours a day. He’s obviously either divorced or never married. Alone, white, male and angry. Fits the profile.

To make sure this hits the filter: ISIS Al Queda, Bismillah, Inshallah, Allahu Akbar.


Of course you are a partisan, who has spent the last two days throwing up misdirection, hoping people won't put 2+2 together.

And not to mention,

"Shortly before the shooting began in El Paso on Saturday, Mr. Trump retweeted Katie Hopkins, a right-wing British political commentator who has said Islam 'disgusts' her and urged her fellow citizens to 'arm ourselves' ... against foreign infiltration."

I think you are trying to bury the right wing, to racist, to terrorist connection.

Even if you didn't vote for Trump, it's too close to home.

And you aren't out there trying to make a better conservatism which can forcefully reject this contingent.

Wasn't it a Bernie bro that shot up a bunch of people in Ohio?

We had two young lads kill three people and elicit a massive manhunt in Northern Canada this week, some indications that they are suicidal nihilists on a quest of some kind.

There are lots of very confused young men around right now, someone or something got missed. There are communities of like minded who egg each other on, feeding on conspiracy theories. The age in so many ways is nihilistic, and a young man who is nihilistic usually will take a few others down with them.

Copy and pasting some text to make up some statement that will be pored over by CNN for political gain isn't Open Source. Whoever came up with that is an idiot.

Your reaction is guaranteeing that some other lost loser is going to see a way to make a name for himself by shooting a bunch of people up. That guy in Arizona dominated the news and political conversation with a few well placed words for days. Pretty good for a loser. Why are you playing along?

66 shot and 6 dead in Chicago this weekend. What is it with Democrats and shooting people? This likely is real organized violence among gangs.

In all cases a working class man or woman of a whole variety of political persuasion went in, sometimes at risk to their lives to try to sort things out. Get off that damn internet and into the real world. You are no different than the 4chan idiots blathering on about what they know nothing of.

I didn't read "Rituals of childhood" until just now. Maybe it's fitting to see it after so many "what's he complaining about?" comments are in place.

This is a choice, and we can change our minds. Requiring a stricter license for assault rifles(*) is a good first step. Group them with full auto.

* - before you @ me, know that I've shot a lot, and a lot of different guns, dozens, starting with a .22 Benjamin when I was 16. I *know* assault rifles are different in kind. BS aside.

What's the sign for body bags? That's what they'll need when Chinese tanks roll down Nathan Road.

Are we handing our visas as fast as the photocopier can print them? Or are they "too asian" for this age?

Just noticed this, good on Alex

The HK protesters are resourceful and driven - the spontaneous logistics arrangements have been incredible to watch. Even if you disagree with their cause or their general methods, you have to give them credit for that (unless you're one of those who think they've been trained by the CIA!).

When the big crackdown eventually comes, Taiwan should treat them all as refugees and recruit them into their military. A Cantonese regiment specializing in urban guerrilla warfare.

Re #2 - long before the "institution" of mass shootings children were prepped for death with things like learning to look both ways before crossing the street.

I don't think we consider recognition of dangers and teaching the young how to avoid and deal with them in quite the same way the author or that piece seems to want to cast how we deal with the potential of shootings in schools.

I might also add the old "take shelter under your desk" if there were some nuclear war that started and bombs falling. (Interestingly the desks I had in high school would not support that tactic like the one's in elementary school did".

What is so special about the shooting case?

#1. The one with the two mirrors is ideal for seeing the back of your head. So you can check that your hair looks good from behind, and/or examine that zit between your shoulder blades, etc.

Also useful if you are trying to braid your own hair or put it in curlers or use a curling iron. Although it would probably take some practice to get over the disorientation of doing it in a double mirror.

We women who never had girlfriends to give us a french braid know the value of being able to brain your own hair in a mirror!

#1: Most of these are superficial--paint or minor fixtures that anyone who's watched a Bob Villa episode can fix in a weekend. The ones that aren't are odd, certainly, but I'd be curious as to why they are there. As Hazel Meade said, the double mirrors are useful for looking at odd angles--and anyone who works in tick country knows the importance of that! Some of the others seem to be in a similar vein: Things that serve a useful, but not overly common, purpose.

On Bloom's tutoring and mastery learning: good retracing of what's been learned.

Also see this about Zuckerberg "moonshot" effort

Kieran's argument that only the US has institutionalised mass shootings is pretty laughable from someone who grew up in ireland in the 1980s, as Kieran says he did. I think they are showing Derry Girls now on NetFlix in the US. I think any episode of that falsifies his argument. Oh there is a difference with Ireland - Ireland had to institutionalise bombings, sectarian assassinations, etc. as well!

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