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It would be terrible if a hostile doreign power, auch as, say, Red China, were to acquire an unwarranted influence over America's youth. I have decided not to watch Disney movies until a proble clears it of all allegations. Eternal vigilance is sometimes said ro be the price of liberty. Sometimes the price of slavery is a movie ticket.

I think Congress should get involved. Brecht had to testify, why not Liu Yifei? If she has something to say, let her say to a Congress committee. Will the corporations' power trump national security?

That's pretty cheap. Maybe we ought to get back in the slavery business.

No, it is not. Movie tickets are getting ever ore expensive:

And, anyway, it is not about money. It is about liberty. Liberty is said to be the soul's right to breathe and, when it cannot take a long breath, laws are girdled too tight.

I'm going to watch Disney just to own libs like you.

1: Another excellent idea from the Trump Administration. Quick, let's get this guy out of office, before he fixes everything!

1) I was thinking, what an unusually straightforward and useful NYT article -- until it dawned on me their subtext must be that Trump is the cause for all these suicides

If you believe the Hillbilly Elegy angle, the social dysfunction produces both Trump and the suicides, in parallel.

No access to the article, but a 3 digit number seems reasonable on its face.

I do tend to agree with that, plus the homicides.

Most people aren't suicidal, and will not bother to memorize a 3- or a 10-digit number. Those who are concerned about suicide will place the number in favorites menu, which requires only a tap of a finger or a voice command to launch the call. For those who do this, it doesn't matter whether the hot line contains three or three hundred digits.

Or better yet, why not create an App ...?

#1. A good test of "nudge" theory?

2. Klein makes perfect sense: a country like Sweden, which is center left, is not constantly fighting against the majority of the Swedes, who are for the most part united as a people, unlike America, which is center right or right, which is constantly fighting against the majority of Americans, who are for the most part divided as a people. Sure, some politicians in American promote division, but it's not like Americans aren't prone to division. Swedes trust each other because of social cohesion, or lack of diversity, while Americans distrust each other because of the absence of social cohesion, or the result of diversity. Those on the left in America don't get it: every time they promote diversity, the less likely Americans are willing to accept diversity. In the past, America was able to get through periods of division because left as well as right opposed diversity. Supporting diversity may well get one in Heaven, but it will be Hell on Earth until one gets there. I actually favor diversity in the gene pool. Otherwise, we might end up like the British with our eyes too close together, a pear-shaped body, pale skin, bad haircuts, and crooked teeth.

"Those on the left in America don't get it: every time they promote diversity.."

A pragmatist might observe that diversity is de facto, and longstanding, and so the only rational politics are to make the best of it.

Any "rejection" of American diversity is denial and inherently dysfunctional.

There are "natural" diversity and there are sleight of hand "manipulated" diversity which sometimes even the polar opposite of "quantitative" diversity measures from the social justice wankers.

The only rational politics is to accept the "natural" diversity.

My very Southern (now ex) wife would describe the diversity of Americans one sees in the airport as mongrels. That always struck me as ironic given the diversity of the gene pool shared by most Southerners.

well first off, everybody sees everyone else as mongrels
when you grow up you will understand\\\\
second, sorry about your divorce

well everybody sees everyone else as mongrels ////
except Joe Biden, he was kind enough to note that Barry Soetero was "clean",
and that was a couple decades ago, he has even more dementia going on now ....


I don't often step in to defend Joe Biden, but "clean" means something different on the south side of Chicago, which is basically run by a crime syndicate, than it does in ordinary English.

Well Joe's not from Chicago, so he wouldn't be using south side vernacular. His comment was like calling a black man 'articulate'.

Maybe you can give your ex-wife a call, tell her you want to
"fight for your marriage"

Good luck!
God loves you!

and I hope no offense was taken

that was what is called

"locker room talk" among guys

“ I actually favor diversity in the gene pool. Otherwise, we might end up like the British with our eyes too close together, a pear-shaped body, pale skin, bad haircuts, and crooked teeth.”

You do realize, do you not, that bad haircuts have nothing to do with genetics? Watson and Crick, you are not.

As for Sweden, it’s a thoroughly capitalist “social democracy”, and its vaunted social cohesion is fraying at the edges a bit (something you’d only know if you’d actually visited which I doubt you have), largely due to an exceptionally liberal immigration policy that simply let in too many foreigners too quickly. I say this as someone who is pro immigration but suspicious of massive/wholesale social change without wait-and-see monitoring.

A sense of style could certainly be genetic.

One time I was meeting with a banker who said she liked to guess people's professions. She sized me up -- and guessed my father's profession.

This might be a fake rayward, but this is a current gag in real genetics circles.

If you look for a gene for haircuts, you'll find it.

For reasons obvious with just a little thought.

Balding patterns present challenges to good haircuts. Balding patterns are influence by genetics.

The British are cucks. Cucks that eat biscuits.

#3. "Meaningness" or "Meaningless"?

As of 16 Aug 2019: Stripe is paying for "commercial carbon sequestration". Hoorah hooray.

(Historical? Hysterical?)

Prior to 16 Aug 2019, no one on the entire planet spent one red cent planting trees, crops, or foliage for "carbon sequestration": no one, anywhere, at any time.

What an amazing planet we've installed ourselves upon.

#2: "I’ll bet that per capita the US has ten times as much litigation and ten times as many lawyers as Sweden does."

Making a bet like that is the true sign of an idiot. How dumb would you have to be to believe this is true?

'Ten times' is a fairly common way for Americans to talk, but I decided to check into some numbers. Not easy to find in a sense, but in 2014, Germany had 163,690 lawyers (CCBE LAWYERS’ STATISTICS 2014 should be enough to find the PDF link). Over the last several years, the U.S. has 1.35 million lawyers. As Germany is about a quarter of the population of the U.S., that means America has around two to three times as many lawyers as Germany. As for the amount of litigation - I can easily believe the 10 times, as the German legal system has a lot of more or less built in barricades to American style litigation - broadly, Germans view American litigation with amused horror, and never want anything like it to happen in Germany.

And using that later information (the first numbers found for Germany were from 2006, and Sweden was not included), it seems Sweden has 5,456 lawyers, using a bar/Advokat definition, which is certainly an undercount. Basically, the Swedish population is a 33rd of America's, meaning that Sweden's (understated) per capita lawyer total is 1 lawyer for every 1830 Swedes, whereas the U.S.'s number is 1 lawyer for every 244 American. I think the fact that the U.S. has more or less 7.5 times as many lawyers per capita as Sweden would mean that it seems like this true idiot is actually pretty well within the ballpark, to use an American expression, being off by 25%. No idea about Swedish litigation - always a bit of a problem to make conclusions without a bit of knowledge of what is involved.

Fun thing, the ABA quotes around 1.3 million lawyers. The BLS 642,750 (2018).

Such a dramatic change might best be explained by the difference measurement. The ABA quoting those who are credentialed and the BLS quoting those actually working as legal experts.

There are many "lawyers" in the US who rarely, if ever file lawsuits and often serve roles that are more business administration in other countries. For instance, Germany has many worker co-determination positions that get staffed by JDs over here.

More generally, if you look where US attorneys are concentrated you find that a huge bulk of them are found in NYC and then another few huge blobs in California and Texas (well beyond their population ratios). Why?

These would be for the very large corporations that require vast amounts of legal legwork or tangential services to manage the most powerful corporations on the planet. Finance, tech, entertainment, and energy all require a disproportionate amount of legally trained individuals … but somehow the jurisdictions lawsuit burdens are not widely out of tune to their population.

I don't doubt that Americans sue more. I don't doubt that we have both more lawyers and more lawsuits per capita. But just looking at the number of lawyers seems insufficient to establish a 10:1 ratio.

Yep, I don't think you can really establish anything meaningful by looking at credentialed lawyers per cap anyway; systematic variation in procedures, use of support staff and how guild-like (or not) and artificially limited legal education, use of lawyers in non-trial facing roles is will render comparison a bit meaningless.

Maybe you can infer a parasitic loss from the numbers.

Classical liberalism = guilting Swedes into being more polite to actual neo-Nazis in their actual homeland. Anyone remember small steps, better worlds?

The modern liberal is only liberal with other people's money.

The modern conservative also fails to conserve other people's money.

True enough if you consider corporatist, chamber of commerce, country club, globalist RINO's and career politicians (not a dime's worth of difference from democrats) to be "conservative."

It is alarming how so many not-actual neo-Nazis have been the target of a "neo-Nazi" accusation that now the lunatic wing of the left needs to change the accusation to "actual neo-Nazi." And how "actual neo-Nazi" is now being abused to the point where it is also losing its salience. And so the treadmill continues. I can't help what wonder what's going to replace "actual neo-Nazi."

You're diminishing the very super real threat of actual Neo Nazis. You're Literally Hitler.

Killer point-anyone that opposes 60 percent implicit tax rates on income, crippling regulation, and unlimited immigration is a neo nazi! Nice job weaponizing conflation techniques-I award you a six out of ten for your efforts!!!

#2 Alvin Rabushka writes to me about Swedish banks as government informants, chalk up another one for the US:

#1. If speed-dialing or app-dialing a telephone number to hear specious counseling from a perfect stranger (or from a computerized "help line") does not help promote suicide, why not? (Or: why do wireless phones STILL not come with a "suicide app"? [I exempt "death-by-selfie" fatalities as the accidental deaths most seem to be.])

While we may not want to promote suicide on a planet swarming with over eight billion rational egoists, why exactly "should" anyone intervene? Leaving suicide rates unmolested can supply us with key metrics that can at least suggest whether vaunted, mythic "progress" has in fact helped create any society with enough intrinsic appeal to make it worth sticking around for.

Perhaps for this latter reason we "should" promote suicide just to see how many succumb to the philanthropic advice.

--or: has the advent of global Technogenic Climate Change already obviated any need for suicide promotion?


Ebullience was contagious—with mergers and acquisitions came the nobles oblige of task-setting, and loyalty to a cost-basis since the nineteen sixties had snapped. There was too much convincing. Campaigns pulled due to turnover, creative pulled due to politics. Price had turned into a verdict of guilt or innocence. We were on a milk-finding expedition, under the assumption that strictness had stunted the performance variable, and the adoption of new vehicles had devalued the statistic.

2. Sweden has less than 10 million people. A bit more than New York City. I think it can be safely said that nothing they do would scale to 327 million.

Derek gets it.

It is well past time that we stop pretending that Sweden and Denmark and Norway are "countries." They are big cities, and that is all.

If Sweden was a US state it would be the 3rd largest by area, 8th largest by population, and 11th by GDP/capita. If anything it's the US that's too large to be considered a country, and should really be split up into about 50 parts.

#5 - opponents of Vatican II often use pictures of post Vatican II churches as evidence that the Vatican II church is run by the devil.

Just like the preVatican RCC was.

During the unfortunate events from 1939 to 1945 that we now refer to as WWII about 500 thousand Christians were martyred and immediately went to heaven, as martyrs.
Think about it, Half a Million People accepted death rather than betray their church, and here you are, not that many years later, saying something very nasty about the church they DIED FOR ....
Sure the church was infiltrated back then, and in later years, by evil people - everyone knows that ===== and lots of the decent people were not all that decent - for example, let us pray, my friends, for Maximilian Kolbe, who was instrumental in introducing Jew-hatred into Japan (I hate to point that out but it really does appear to be one of those things that are probably true, unless I am mistaken, and sadly, I usually am not mistaken - O GOD I WISH I WERE ) and the honest but - we all know this - not very kind men who are known as Pope John 23 and Pope Paul 6 and - well, this guy was kind but not all that compassionate when he was feeling angry and righteous, John Paul II -
but all that should mean nothing to you if you care about what is real in this world, and this is what is real ====

there are millions of good people praying for people like you every day, and all their guardian angels are praying too,
and if you just want to TRIUMPH in your hatred by pointing out the obvious fact that lots of sinful and evil people have, in countries where the Catholic church was powerful, done lots of bad things,

go right ahead

but one more time


all those martyrs and all those good people

They remember you


So give us a break with your hatred of Christianity
and in doing so you will be doing yourself a favor

I guarantee you this - there will never be a moment in your life where, if you just ask God this question - "is anyone praying for me?" ---there will never be a moment where God answers -well, to tell the truth, no there is nobody praying for you.

5 HUNDRED THOUSAND. Maybe I know all their names, but I am just some pseudonymous guy on the internet.
Still, that being said, maybe I know all their names, better than Kolmogorov or Jaki von Neumann, bless their little aspergerian hearts, knew the first half million primes or better than Poor Ramanujan knew the NUMBERS OF INTEREST, in their multitudes, towards which he had so much attraction.

(By the way the Hungarian names are a little difficult for me but I know almost all the names in all the Romance languages, all the Slavic languages, all the Germanic languages, and in almost all the other families of European languages).

To date nobody knows them all MAYBE YOU WILL BE THE FIRST

why do I bother

Just kidding Hungarian is an easy language once you get the way the vowels differ from vowels in other languages

(consonants are always easy)

I guarantee you this - there will never be a moment in your life where, if you just ask God this question - "is anyone praying for me" - there will never be a moment where God answers - well to tell the truth there is nobody praying for you.

there are millions of good people praying for YOU every day, you are a one of a kind occurrence in all of eternity, and I don't know much about this world (sad!) ( :) ) but I do know that if someone is praying for you their guardian angel is praying for you too.

and trust me, I know an awful lot about guardian angels .....

Good night and good luck ...
if you ever, millions of years from now, meet one of us who prayed for you in these HARSH DIFFICULT NIGHTS, here is your password

the praise of the glory of his Grace ....
from the Letter to the Ephesians.

3. The progress of carbon sequestration.
Run he carbon sequester with surplus solar energy. Generate methane from the carbon. This is an energy storage system for renewables. Turn the recovered carbon into construction stones.

#4 $250,000 for a four stall public toilet with interesting features. First that money might buy a set of plans and permits for the facility in most big American cities. Secondly, I think I would hesitate to use this toilet fearing a malfunction.

While you stupid cucks are discussing portapotties there’s a deep, existential crises brewing with this Jeffery Epstein story and you cucks are just clueless.

Moab is my washpot.

We won, and Epstein apparently decided that the death sentence was appropriate. Well, he was right and he was wrong. Cause he was a cuck like you.

You are the fucking cuck in this scenario, except you probably never found a woman desperate enough to be your wife in the first place, so

Cuck level, as sad as it is, is way above you.

That being said, you have energy, and fat women like that,

Find yourself a fat wife.

Don't worry, nobody is gonna wanna make a cuckold out of you looking at your fat wife, but hey, if you find her to be beautiful, that is a good thing.

Best of luck in the future, you fucking idiot.

Seacrest out.

One hopes you are a woman, fat women are happier with fat spouses than fat men are, but even if you are a guy, look, a fat woman is better than no woman at all, and to tell the truth, lots of fat women are hot.

Not that you would know that, sad cuck boy, before I told you, but now I have told you, so go forth and prosper!

God loves you!

For the record I have a few kids and a lot of grandkids and at least one of them is as (in a definite way) fucked up as you, cuck boy, and I really mean it when I say

God loves you!
Put some effort in to being a better person, lots of us are rooting for you,
this world is a good place for good people

Efim, you have some issues to work out. I just pay taxes and make cuck jokes.

Is it always cloudy in Poland? Not one of those Polish churches was photographed on a clear day. Most are overcast skies - only 2 pics show any blue sky at all.

Poland is basically Russia.

As Russia has repeatedly pointed out. And will do so again.

Photographing architecture under sunlight is very difficult, as there is a lot of contrast in the scene. Overcast is usually preferred. I would not be surprised to learn that the photographer waited for such weather.

If San Francisco can have 311 for poop alerts, surely the nation can have 988 as a suicide seeking-help number.

+1 sounds like a good idea

What do you know about the murder of former Les Wexner attorney Arthur Shapiro?

#3—In the course of the Garbage Project, archaeologist William Rathje discovered that paper and yard waste made up a very significant fraction of landfill contents, and that these decayed very slowly, with decades-old newspapers still readable.

In other words: plants were converting atmospheric carbon into cellulose, which humans were harvesting and then storing in conditions that tended to prevent the release of that carbon back into the atmosphere. In other words: carbon sequestration.

So, presumably, people who are concerned about the buildup of greenhouse gasses are pushing for the development of larger and deeper landfills, and urging cities to increase the amount of yard waste that gets landfilled...

"...old newspapers still readable."

People always cite things like this as surprising, but when you look at what modern landfills do, what the point is, it's significantly less so. The whole point is to keep things as they are, as long as possible. Decay is actively avoided.

It'll be interesting to see when old landfills become economically viable to mine.

#2..If Americans are so divided, why do they accept a tax system that transfers wealth from wealthier states to less wealthy states? Why don't states demand getting back only what they put in? I would say that there is an overarching national sense that acts implicitly because its not disputed. We accept helping other sates because they're part of the US. Telling people they're divided favors the interests of some groups in our society, I believe. In the same sense, to the extent that it makes sense to call a country great, this one is right now, and things are much better than they used to be even 50 years ago. It's a matter of perspective, The bilious you always have with you, but life is too short to wallow in their worries. We have disagreements, but take a breath.

I don't think that 50 years ago, stars in Disney movies would be have supported communist police brutality or American movies would be changed to appease Red China (or, say, tye Soviet Union). I think America is at a all times low right now.

Yes you do know what I am talking about.

Only 170k?! A public bathroom with none of those interesting features is 4x as much!

3. I can buy low grad barley and load it onto a ship for $160 a tonne at the moment. If I dump that just off the edge of the continental shelf it should be sequestered long term at a cost of around $90 per tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere. Obviously, I'd be better off buying chaff. Oddly enough, once it's bailed up it's not that much cheaper than barley, but maybe sequestration could be done this way could cost $50 per tonne of CO2.

There are a number of reasons why this won't work. First and foremost: The ocean is an ecosystem, and "bits of organic matter floating down from above" is actually a common food source in the deep oceans. The deep oceans are custom-built to keep such a scheme from working.

This is why I dislike this sort of geoengineering. It sounds easy--right up until you study the relevant fields of science at an undergraduate level. Once you do that, they become nighmarishly difficult. Not, perhaps, impossible, but certainly nothing that can be adequately explained in a single paragraph.

Yes, nothing that can be explained in a single paragraph. That's why, if you see a problem with a one paragraph explanation and want to know more you need to ask questions to see if it is an issue. If you simply dismiss the issue then, in Australia at least, people will tell you to fuck off.

It's weird having to explain basics of communication to people I often presume are North American. You have a great reputation for face to face conversational skills with strangers.

"That's why, if you see a problem with a one paragraph explanation and want to know more you need to ask questions to see if it is an issue."

If you can say that with a straight face to someone who's studied both paleontology and environmental remediation, you're either the most brilliant person alive or have no idea what you're talking about.

#5. Ugly. Give me gargoyles.

#4: I'm not sure what the state of the art is with public restrooms. Seattle famously failed after spending millions on self-washing restrooms, due to them being used for drug abuse and prostitution.

But the lower-tech "Portland loos" are still being used and cities continue to buy them:

Used and abuse by the public is obviously a key factor, but it's not obvious to me that Portland's public is better-behaved than Wales'.

I noticed this summer that downtown Denver has what appeared to be public showers, mobile ones mounted on a big truck chassis. But these had live attendants, and presumably operate only during the day and return to a parking lot for the night.

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