Sunday assorted links

1. “The style of play is a key factor in the home advantage. Teams that make more two point and free-throw shots see larger advantages at home. Given the rise in three-point shooting in recent years, this finding partially explains the gradual decline in home advantage observed across the league over time.”  Link here.

2. “Vigorous effort by several top-flight physicists has produced theoretical evidence that networks of entangled quantum states weave the spacetime fabric.

3. Tiebout Twitter.

4. “A giant tortoise has been reunited with his owner after the “world’s slowest police chase”.”  Left- or right-wing link?

5. Javier Marías remains “old school.” (NYT)


#1 - Last MLB series in Boston, the Red Sox won three of four vs. the Yankees. This weekend series in NY it's the reverse.

#3 - In the 1960's, people thought there would be flying cars by 2019. In 2019, people are arguing whether men can have menstrual periods and owning pets with white fur is racist. And, when you give the wrong answer, you are a Nazi.

Cue The Hysterics!

2. “Vigorous effort by several top-flight physicists has produced theoretical evidence that networks of entangled quantum states weave the spacetime fabric.”


This one needs reading, but here is what I 'expect' how I am biased. I think they are going to find nature makes a good tree trunk and gets the hologram effects, and natures does this on all scales. Put the little pieces of vacuum under a little channel compaction and watch them quantize.

2. I read this a couple of days ago. I've lived most of my adult life in a city with a large Spanish population, a rich culture that is at once admirable and offensive. The infatuation with titles and ceremony and authority and ornate uniforms, what I will call old school, has always fascinated me. The short fuse has too; observing my Spanish friend challenging the CEO of a very large corporation to go outside and settle their differences in negotiating a business transaction is something I won't forget. I'm a Gringo (that's what they call me), so my Spanish friends give me a little slack in my ignorance of their ways. Remembering and forgetting, the theme of this article, is something that one cannot help but consider in our own cultural moment. We don't have a real Franco to remember or forget. Our Franco, a former reality television star not a general, whose past (and present) is fantasy; but he does have an infatuation with titles and ceremony and authority and ornate uniforms ("my generals" he calls them). The reality of the past 24 hours is something some wish to remember, while others wish to forget.

That's my kind of fantastic: record low unemployment, accelerating growth, large numbers of conservative federal judges, . . . For you people, truth and facts are inconsequential.

Of course, I'm a racist. I misspent much of 40 years working around Hispanics, mainly in less-than-effective attempts to stop them from screwing up. They can be seriously fun to watch.

Thank God for Our President Trump. Like Spain's Franco and Chile's Pinochet, is saving our country.

The dictator worship and admiration coming from the right is quite a thing to behold by us libertarians.

The political implications of the turtle pursuit are hard to quantify. It's a story celebrating the state enforcement of turtle slavery, and the success of the ubiquitous surveillance culture. I forget, is that kind of thing left or right these days?

In the future, turtles will roam freely.

Self-driving cars will avoid hitting them, and all vehicles will be self-driving. Any person who harms them, or tries to, will be caught on surveillance camera and sent to reeducation camp. If turtles are capable of causing harm (perhaps biting off the fingers of incautious children?), then they will be fitted with shock collars that stop them from doing so, which will be activated by real-time AI monitoring. Robots will spring into action to clean up any poop occurrences.

When real-time monitoring and control proves to be sufficiently reliable, other forms of wildlife will also live among humans. Forests got chopped down for palm oil plantations? No problem, orangutans will wander among us. They may even have jobs, some kind of street busking perhaps.

The same surveillance society (and self-driving travel) will also enable free-range children. Urban centers will once again become places where it is possible to raise children. Hipsters will hate it and parents will love it. The parents will win.

As with so many other things, the future will happen in China first.

2+4: It's turtles all the way down.

3 why use the service at all? Twitter encourages people to say what they are thinking in the moment. A stupid idea. Profoundly stupid. Turn that garbage off.

Tyler posited that the most influential intellectuals have a religious bent. I posit that the most reliable journalists are the ones who don't use twitter.

Why stop at "journalists?"

"I get that it's a bad idea to republish the El Paso shooter's manifesto because you are spreading his propaganda.

But I think it's also a bad idea to ignore that much of his manifesto is ripped directly from Trump's Twitter feed"

I presume Tyler's filler, "Left- or right-wing link?", was written earlier, and in the queue. Because it is a helluva time for "both sides, both sides"

Thanks for making my point quite forcefully. You got suckered into immortalizing some loser's incoherent rant. And you actually believe what someone says on Twitter. Take my suggestion and shut the damn thing off. Wait the days for the noise to settle then read about the event. You will be far more informed than letting that stream of excrement define you.

Trump is making policy, and inspiring hate, on Twitter.

Until we get a president who is more moral, calm and considered, turning it off is just abdication.

Turning it off is just another way to pretend it isn't happening.

You do realize that you are making sure that some other lost loser is given reasons and a roadmap to celebrity to do the exact same thing. All they have to do is quote someone, use a name and some triggering words and the whole Twitterverse will go mad for three days. I'm beginning to think, as a Canadian watching this gong show that you deserve each other.

It is designed to make people angry and aggressive. It has worked. I suspect that most of what you are bothered about is either not true or vastly overblown. It has actually convinced you that it is real and important. It isn't. No one i know it's active on Twitter. It is a small group of people pulling each other's chains. The stupidity ends up in the media, which no one pays attention to anymore because journalists hang around on Twitter so they don't have to spend money to research a story.

Anyone with a byline, anyone who makes a living from the written word, needs to use Twitter. As does any sufficiently famous person or organization (a low threshold — a Wikipedia article about you is enough).

The rest of us need not bother.

So how is it working out? I'm sure I'm not the only one who recognizes a Twitter driven story and so reading.

2. Vigorous physics (identical to "rigorous physics"?) generates questions. E. g.:

Of what might the quantum dimensions of "theoretical evidence" consist?

Does "theoretical evidence" possess status identical (or only similar) to "empirical evidence"?

Does "theoretical evidence" permit or require "empirical confirmation"?

Could our "Zone of Avoidance" still be concealing from our vigorous physicists that our heliosphere totters on the cusp of a hungry black hole's event horizon?

3. France just passed a law largely inspired from the anti-hate speech German law.

#3: I'm a casual Twitter user (mainly as needed for work and some promotional stuff). I have yet to see a single neo-nazi thing on there. What I do see is my friends spreading hatred regularly by calling 50% of their fellow Americans idiots on a daily basis. Is there a country I can escape to to protect my delicate feelings when I voluntarily use a non essential free service?

This was my thought as well: I don't spend a lot of time on the platform, but I've never once seen actual neo-nazi or pro-nazi content. Are they defining 'nazi content' as "men aren't women" style insufficient wokeness?

I've tried to move to minds/bitchute/mastadon, etc from established tech, and yeah, there's plenty of actual nazi stuff flying around out there, but it's pretty easy to ignore and block.

Change your gender to neutral or put up a black person's profile or be obviously Jewish then watch the internet become alive.

ok. go.

so far
so good

I'm with everyone else on #3. I don't use Twitter but am pretty active on Facebook and Instagram. I have done literally zero to "hide" from neo-Nazi/hate/whatever-you-call-it content, and it just isn't showing up.

Are these people searching for it and then complaining it exists? Or are they posting about their plans for Passover and getting strangers sending them threats? I suspect the former but if the latter is happening on a larger scale I'm all ears....

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