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Yes, Nebraska is somehow the only state left with just one house of its legislature. All the others somehow adopted the Federal model, no matter how sparsely populated they are.

Two house legislatures are colonial in origin. One house represented the colonists and the other the crown.

Unicameral—-> Unicucked
Bicameral——> Bicucked

I am a morning person, but I was also awake enough to spot the points where things turned bad. Iraq II. Trump.

...was also awoke enough ....

You mean woke. I think I've been paying attention long enough to see the whole "woke" cycle.

Fwiw, I read something recently from a center-left commentator who said "forget it, the right have made the term their own." By that he meant that the right-wing myth-making about what "woke" means has become wholly detached from previous left-wing authorship. So, he advised, let them have it and their fun. No reason to think it has any serious meaning anymore.


But, the original 2014 meaning, as a shorthand for recognition that institutional prejudices exist, was legit.

This is what the left always do when the evidence begins to mount that the conservatives have correctly identified and described a bit of their most recent branding and slang is generally being used by rather ridiculous and ignorant individuals.

They pretend that its all just a fake stereotype being blown out of proportion (by "The Right Wing"!) and quietly drop it. They largely did the same thing with "social justice" in favour of "wokeness", when it was obvious enough to society that most people using that term were generally part of vicious and simpleminded online shame mobs and the like. And now the cycle probably begins once again.

But the fundamental problem that left wing middlebrow wannabee activist/rebel types are generally not the brightest bulbs in the box will basically remain and follow along to whatever faddish term comes next.

Funny. You just did it in 3 paragraphs.

By the way, here's a woke (in the original sense) article by Alex from March 2015.

What you're trying to do now, whether you know it or not, is bury such realization beneath "scary woke monsters."

Ask yourself if Ferguson is safer now than it was before the riots and looting? Does it make more sense to enforce all the laws or to look the other way as the city becomes unsafe for everyone? If you are so woke that you think Ferguson is better now I challenge you to move there...

That's a very emotional reaction, and I don't see how it moves the ball down the field.

This is ALEX speaking:

The worst abuses of government happen when an invading gang conquer people of a different race, religion and culture. What happened in Ferguson was similar only the rulers stayed the same and the population of the ruled changed. In 1990 Ferguson was 74% white and 25% black. Just 20 years later the percentages had nearly inverted, 29% white and 67% black. The population of rulers, however, changed more slowly so white rulers found themselves overlording a population that was foreign to them. As a result, democracy broke down and government as usual, banditry and abuse, broke out.

That was sure as hell woke, and we'd do well to address such things.

"That was sure as hell woke, and we'd do well to address such things."

Basically, you're going to pat yourself on the back for having been woke enough to recognize the problem, and call it an "emotional reaction" when asked how well your side's solutions worked in practice.

I am a displaced Republican, and I certainly see what you did there.

By moving any criticism, from Alex or me, to "the other side" you can discount it.

Is Yemen better now after Trump invaded it? If you are so woke, I challenge you to move there.

I don't know what you're trying to show here since Tabarrok does not use the word ('woke') and the people who did begin to use it at that time were a bunch of left wing 'take the red pill' cynical conspiracy theorist idiots.

You can lead a horse to water.

An example which does not use the term "woke" and is probably wrong in all its substance is no more 'the water' than I a horse.

On the article you're raising though, on violent crime, it looks established now that underlying crime rates drive Black "death-by-police" differences, without residual differences between White or Black force composition, or between Black and White areas with similar underlying crime rates.

So what are the chances of disparate enforcement of fines and fees, as Alex claims, being correct? It's probably the case that any differences between Ferguson and the national average tend to reflect that the people there live much more chaotic lives. (Though he's also wrong that colonial governments had the highest rates of extraction, as an aside.)

Still, even if they were disparate, a literal "$321 in fines and fees and 3 warrants per household" (to which he gives no national average for comparison), to be paid off in installments over the course of however long, and probably mostly not for jaywalking but more serious offences which they simply do at higher rates, is not to be equated with a 'debtors prison'.

#5 is kind of stupid given that the only known life exists on Earth. By definition, from what we know, it's the best habitat for diversity.

#3 Yeah, this is news? You have to get up when you have a job.

Depending on what they controlled for, this could be picking up on the tendency of younger people, people in flexible work (e.g. freelancing) and yes, under- and unemployed* people, to be liberals.

*As well as the number of young people trapped in underemployment.

Haven't done this in a while, but I'll spend five seconds reading every post (equal to about 50 seconds for most of you) and comment.

1/ Read it, Beijing real estate is cheap, see the comments section.

2/ Harvard right-wing economist accused of sexual harassment, defended by a right-wing talk show host

3/ Title says it all (BTW: Morning Larks have lower IQ than Night Owls)

4/ Title says it all

5/ Title says it all (bonus trivia: having a harsh environment does NOT mean fewer species: Australia has a much drier and harsh climate than North America but has double the bird species and incredible diversity. If anything--and this was the thesis in a economics book--a harsh "Robinson Caruso" environment forces innovation ("Necessity is the Mother of Innovation") akin to how ancient Greece, with a rocky environment, surpassed in creativity fertile Egypt with the predictable Nile. Another analogy would be labor-sparse England surpassing labor-rich China with labor saving inventions; ditto Roman Empire vs Roman Republic.

6/ Confusing social study that found, at least initially, a unicameral legislature spends less, due to possible fewer vetoes (so you can easily undo or sunset any spending program) than a bicameral legislature. But the effect diminishes over time.

Lack of resources, mostly phosphorus, has driven speciation in Australian plants and herbivores, which are mostly insects. We have thousands of plant species in the east adapted to making the most of resources in various niches and thousands more species in the south west, separated from the others by an ocean of desert.

But apparently there's no incentive for Australian birds to migrate much, unlike in North America (which you will note has deserts) because of the relative uniformity of temperatures and food supplies (relative to say North America or Europe). Consequently Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand has a large proportional of nearly flightless or flightless birds, including a recently extinct flightless wren on one island.

There are migratory birds that fly between Australia and the northern hemisphere, but there isn't bird migration within Australia that I know of. Birds will fly massive distances seeking food and water -- it's just not regulated by the seasons.

They often have breeding grounds they return to at particular times of year.

#5. Work based on a model which takes many months to run to get 10,000 yrs. Model can't handle more than 10 atm pressure, is limited to thin atmospheres (altitude wise) and oceans of about 5 km max depth. And did I mention that temps have to be below 130C. And it doesn't handle compositional changes of atmosphere. I doubt if the session paper (IDK if any peer review) tells us much. Its about kids playing in a sandbox.

#5 - why would longer days be more conducive to life? The planet is receiving the same total amount of energy input from the star regardless of its speed of rotation. I would think that a shorter day/night wavelength would allow more rapid chemical cycles/trials for abiogenesis.

#3) So does mere statistical sleep inequality between conservatives and liberals indicate some sort of systemic discrimination that should be redressed through affirmative steps? If not, why not, and how does your answer change if the inequality of outcomes is in income, college admissions, or tech employment and the demographic groups are racial or by gender?

Sumner either posted the first two pictures in the wrong order or he has very different taste from mine. The first building looks like a fancy apartment building in a nice part of Chicago and the second looks like a depressing Second World architectural abomination.

#3: - Creatures of the night: Chronotypes and the Dark Triad traits - Dark Triad was linked to a night-time chronotype.

We propose that in order to best enact a “cheater strategy” those high on the Dark Triad traits should have optimal cognitive performance and, thus, have a night-time chronotype. Such a disposition will take advantage of the low light, the limited monitoring, and the lessened cognitive processing of morning-type people.

This is not to say that liberal general pop have dark triad personalities (the statistical evidence seems to say not), but there's probably some shared underlying causality there.

#1 - "China’s government is a big problem if you are an activist on controversial issues (or a Muslim in Xinjiang), but otherwise I suspect it’s not really a 1984-type society for most people."

Its interesting how difficult it seems for a western intellectual to grasp the reality of life in a society where you can go to jail or dissapear for a social media post or a strike or environmental protest.

Not much changed since Cold war's "Useful idiots".

2. Of course it's political.

#3. This is certainly interesting since morning types and night owls seems to be biologically determined. I recall reading some article on how people whose body clock runs fast become morning types and those whose body clock runs slow become night owls.

An interesting experiment would be to take some early risers and try to get them to be night owls and see if they have an easier time becoming late sleepers than the late sleepers have becoming early risers. And then maybe see if that causes personality changes. Do people become more liberal if they are forced to become late sleepers, or only if they are naturally predisposed to it.

My explanation of the tendency is that it is related to having children. People who have children tend to be more conservative, and also having children makes you more of an early risers. One of the guys in my office was famous for late starting, he just had his first kid, now he in the office at 7:30.

+1, unless they controlled for children, I expect the results were a proxy for having children.

I was a late riser in my youth. For a while I worked at a bar which got me on a 3am to bed, 11am to rise schedule even on days I didn't work. In college I chose afternoon or late morning classes. What changed me was getting a "real" job, which meant getting up early. I've been at it for so long even on weekends and even with Ambien I can't sleep later than 8am no matter how late I went to bed.

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