Thursday assorted links

1. Leela Chess Zero.  And the latest in computer chess.  And podcast with Ken Regan.  And Shelby Lyman passes away (NYT).

2. The culture that is India.

3. Not a mistake, but touch football is now requiring helmets (NYT).

4. Cinematic markets in everything for Canadian service dogs.

5. “Teacher-designed practice was perceived as less relevant to improving performance on the violin than practice alone. Further, amount of teacher-designed practice did not account for more variance in performance than amount of practice alone.”  Link here.

6. Software Engineering Daily podcast with me.


Why on Earth would a sport that requires two people to run full speed and try to catch the same ball without looking at each other NOT require helmets?

Is this one of those "I've never watched a sport in my life" issues that confuse Tyler?

Yet, people have been able to play it without helmets for generations.

Gosh, what a cogent argument!

My point is that it is a solution for a problem no one ever had. Do we need even more bureaucray and red tape?!
I have never played touch football wearing a helmet and I have never seen anyone play that way.

But then soccer needs helmets, because of headers.

But then the helmets will make headers impossible to perform, so you won't need them after all.

So then full field soccer would become more like futsal?

I thought the economics take on football helmets was they made the injuries worse by encouraging players to hit harder, which if true, might mean adding helmets to touch football would make it more dangerous

Thank God only a miniscule number of snowflakes do anything more perilous than carry (in their PJs) laundry baskets for their mothers.

It's the nanny state on steroids.

Unless they require soft helmets, like those rarely worn in Rugby, the introduction of (hard) helmets will cause more injuries not fewer.

The picture looks like they are using soft helmets.

Like lemonade stands, they'll need to obtain a state-issued license to play.

Yes. Of course, this works in both directions. The safest football helmets of all are pickelhaube-style with razor sharp spikes coated in curare extract. Contact with the other players is very carefully choreographed and minimized.

That is the impersonator.

how about you get Thiago odd days of the month
and we get Thiago even days of the month from now on


The kite’s bronze tail ruffled the mulch beside the sidewalk. The boy’s eyes looked beyond the kite. Acrid color, tart motion, murmuring contrast, the light on the beach stung Jane. Emmanuel played three notes, wheezy, absent. He shifted the saxophone in his lap. His black shoes mulled over strewn pages of a Somerset Gazette. He ambled backward.
“What do you think?"
“Turgid,” she said.

#2 I do not think worshipping Satan is good.

As a proud, God-fearing Mongolian-American, I agree. Red China and heathen India should follow God, or at least God's representative on Earth, President Captain Bolsonaro, or be nuked for their own salvation.

It is not that simple. Brazil's President Captain Bolsonaro is said to have been chosen by God to lead Brazil and deliver it from socialism. It does not mean that foreigners need to follow him. He, hower, seems to be a good examp.e of godly leadet. His middle name, Messias, means Messiah, and he has is a born-again Catholic, who has been baptized in the Jordan River.

He saved America from Hillary.

That is for a land down under.

Up north, The Chosen One Is President Donald J. Trump.

Trump 2020!

#1 - a treasure trove of chess links! That's why I come here to read...

Bonus trivia: GM Kaufman is a (was a?) resident of the Washington DC area.

It works for me, too.

No Volcel programmers buddy. Volcels are saintly. It’s all beta incels.

#3. It's time we also mandate SCCA certified crash helmets for kids in cars.

Violators would be easy to spot - so Government Revenue+++. And only Haters who Hate Kids would dare oppose such progressive progress. So Another Win+++.

A few of us survived the 1950's-to -980's genocide of American children riding unrestrained (in fact, jumping up and down in the back seat) in huge cars.

Exactly. Brazil is reverting and scrapping regulations on children riring in cars.

#4: Probably more theatrical markets than cinematic markets, AFAICT the Stratford Festival is live theater.

Which might make it extra challenging for the dogs, I'd guess they'd be more likely to be distracted by live goings-on on stage than by video.

Meta study showed years ago that deliberate practice only explains about 20-25% of variance in complex tasks such as music, and nearly none of the variance in really complex tasks such as the professions, or education.

#1. The publication 7 months ago of the full AlphaZero paper in science and the reproductibility of its performance as evidenced by Leela Chess Zero shows that it is not a scam. This is certainly a milestone in AI whose significance goes largely beyond Chess and Go, and which is under-commented here. Wake up, the singularity is near!

#6 - the influence of social media on politics seems very overstated. See "The Big Hack" - they just assume the premise and pretend to support the premise ( that Cambridge Analytica presented a direct threat to democracy ). That does not follow from anything presented, either there or anywhere else.

A Cambridge Analytica is nothing more than expanded "computer dating" stuff. If people are convince-able by persuasion, then all media do that. There's no magic there.

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