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Edward Luttwak predicted Antifa?

Who's in charge of antufa these days? I haven't kept up.

That you Andrew?

A liberal activist disguised as a member of Patriot Prayer released footage from a May riot and claimed it plainly showed that Ngo didn’t turn his camera on as the group discussed their plans for an attack, just smiled along as they cracked jokes.

Are we supposed to be upset about this? I'm not seeing anything wrong here.

Upset? No, maybe not even surprised.

The antifa death toll is still zero, the white nationalist number is still climbing, but we should all understand that IDW and alt-right types are trying to frame it as "antifa are the real terrorists."

A very disturbing form of partisanship.

"Stalin killed more people than Hitler therefore Hitler isn't bad."

What part of zero didn't you understand?

You guys are whack.

What part of "whatever it takes" or "the end justifies the means" don't you understand.

It's zero KIA because they are amateurish clowns who can't decide what shit house to use. It's not for lack of trying.

To wit, I give you James T. Hodgkinson who was a failure, no KIA - erased from History.

Other, more-recent (erased from History) unsuccessful, clownish alt-left, black/brown supremacist terror incidents/attacks since June 2019, four unsuccessful attacks on four different ICE installations around the US. I blame AOC.

The healing begins when we take a real hard look in the mirror.

Yeah, every time a campus (Notes From The Higher Education Apocalypse) goes violently crazy because a "right-winger" comes to speak . . . But, no one got killed.

I was going to type "What part of 'political violence' don't you understand?" Then, I realized that for you, leftist, political violence is justified so long as there are no KIA.

For you, right-wing speech is violence and left-wing violence is speech.

You can't decide who may and who may not have opinions; but, Hitler, Mao and Stalin could.

I'm trying to imagine what type of person would think that one side would justify the other. I can't come up with anything except a disgusting human being.

White nationalists are very bad, including killers, as they do. Antifa opposes them in a not very enlightened way.

What's your solution, not to oppose white nationalists at all?

Write annoying comments in the MR comments section.

Trump 2020!

Do you find reminders of reality annoying? Maybe that's something for you and your shrink.

I prefer nonviolent protest, and I think these things where Proud Boys and antifa face off are really stupid.

But pretending to see antifa as "the real fascists" or "the real terrorists" is pretty stupid as well.

It's a painful reminder that a certain sort of IDW or alt-right can't really face who is killing people.

Imagine if you will a conservative (who you call, "alt-right" or "white nationalist") who won't shut-the-fuck-up because you blame him for crimes committed by others thousands of miles away from where he ever was.

First of all, I think smart conservatives are leaving this whole "antifa are real fasicts" thing alone because it is so stupid.

So responses here are on the wrong side of that filter.

But certainly it is trivial to say "I deplore violence and support democratic, constitutional, change in America."

It is harder to say you are white nationalist though, while ignoring the outcomes.

Antifa creates the violence. They often and intentionally vastly outnumber whatever group shows up to speak and once the violence starts it is Antifa that is responsible for the results including those who get killed.

Calling everyone you disagree with a "white nationalist" is stupid. I'm not sure there is such a thing.

Also the results of Antifa violence are usually and typically aided by the local and state governments who allow the two groups to meet (sometimes engineer it) AND who tell their police not to interfere with Antifa violence. As a result some people have been run down as the attacked try to escape.

Did the concrete milkshake destroy your brain? What you are inventing doesn't match reality.

I guess disgusting human being is right.

All the white nationalists who have committed the crimes you describe are either dead, or in custody awaiting trial. That is what decent human beings do. They delegate violence to the state.

What's that, your personal guarantee there will be no more right nationalist terrorist attacks?

I'll add blitheringly stupid to the description.

The world would be such a better place if everyone with an axe to grind created their own private militia.

I'm truly amazed that someone could be so ignorant and stupid. I shouldn't be, you would have been one of the people who enthusiastically went after people who wore glasses.

You call me names, but you paint yourself into a smaller and smaller corner.

You say you want the state to address this, do you support cuts in that direction?

To add to my comment.

Those who attack Trump rallies are literal anti-fascists. Beating an elderly lady who supports Trump or Republicans in the head with a bicycle lock is a legally wrong blow for freedom, AND should be condemned. But morally its iffy.

She’s white and heterosexual.

Aka Trump supporter. And they’re both fascists no different from Himmler.

We’re anti-fascists.


"What's your solution, not to oppose white nationalists at all?"

1) Let them hold their pathetic, tiny rallies peacefully and ignore them. 2) Send law enforcement after the ones who are actually committing/plotting crimes. 3) We don't need a #3.

That's fair, possibly with 2.5 "increase spending"

And even 2.6, deplatform the worst

We oppose fascists.

But also gay conservatives, Hitchens, Dawkins, free speech rallies, the Berkeley civil rights movement that began in the 1960s in opposition to Vietnam, the Protestant mainline churches, American Legion, VFW, Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Association, and the Fraternal Order of Police.

That is not true. Captain Bolsonaro will destroy the Paraguayan fascists who invade our homeland. Totalitarianism has no home in Brazil.

6. Here's a non-pay-walled link:

Thank you for that link to the full article. Rather frustrating to see that there didn't seem to be any actual definition of fascism given, but if you accept that fascism is control of the means of production by the government for the common good (as opposed to the communist ownership of the means of production for the common good), I would suggest that the Left is far more fascist than the Right and Antifa has no idea what the heck fascism even is.

Such a party could even be as free of racism as Mussolini’s original was until the alliance with Hitler, because its real stock in trade would be corporativist restraints on corporate Darwinism, and delaying if not blocking barriers against globalisation. It is not necessary to know how to spell Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft to recognise the Fascist predisposition engendered by today’s turbocharged capitalism.

I am confused by that "delaying if not blocking barriers against globalization" - surely if globalization is one of the aspects of turbocharged capitalism leading to the middle-class economic insecurity, he would mean just the opposite?

By your own definition, that makes Trump the most fascist leader in recent US history. Neither Clinton, Bush, nor Obama ever ordered all US companies to change out their supply chains. That is literally telling business what they can and cannot do.

How long until Jonah Goldberg's stale meme die out?

4. We still have that. Now it's called cosmetic surgery.

Seriously. The ads back then didn't want to outright state which parts women were trying to add those pounds too, but to this day women are still trying to add inches in those specific places.

2: Well, that's dumb.

Lefties have higher BA because they start closer to first base and have a natural advantage against right handed pitchers -- which are the majority of pitchers.

When you go drafting for high-BA hitters from global baseball deserts like Canada, you are going to be drafting a lot of lefty batters.

Ergo, a lot of good Canadian draftees are lefty batters. Saying "and maybe it's because they are exposed to hockey!!" just makes you look stupid -- although it will get you a link on MR.

Hey, I've noticed that a lot of Canadian actresses are hot. Maybe it's because they were exposed to hockey????

A lot of Canadian actresses have the gift of pulchritude.

It’s either hockey or maple syrup.

2. “Sinister right-handedness provides Canadian-born Major League Baseball players with an offensive advantage: A further test of the hockey influence on batting hypothesis.”

Canadian Larry Walker, who batted left and threw right, had some phenomenal hitting stats on the rare occasions he was healthy, like 409 total bases in 1997.

He was going to be a hockey goaltender up through age 16, when he switched to focusing on baseball. Walker was born on December 1, 1966 so he was always younger than average for a hockey player of his age group, which might have hurt him getting enough recognition to keep him playing hockey.

Being a hockey goalie is kind of like being a cricket batsman, which is kind of like being a baseball hitter.

In contrast, Wayne Gretzky was born January 26, 1961, so he was always perceived as The Hockey God among all the 7 year olds, 8 year olds, etc.

If we could examine tennis players who converted to baseball, we might see the same result, many left handed batters coming from the two handed backhand.

Many lefthanders play golf right handed because they started out with borrowed clubs for righthanders. Phil Mickelson, in contrast, is a righty who plays lefty because when he was a toddler he wanted to imitate his dad hitting golf balls, so his father got him a left-handed club so he'd stand in front of him and wouldn't get killed by his dad's swing.

In general, two handed swinging is not terribly handed.

On the other hand, in MLB, switch-hitting isn't increasing. A half-century ago, the Dodgers organization tried to get their minor leaguers to switch hit. It seemed like the wave of the future at the time. But it turned out to be something that didn't work for many players. So many only 8 or 10% of big league hitters are switch hitters most years.

Being a hockey goalie has very little in common with hitting a baseball lol.

#4: between 1930 and 1950 tuberculosis was still killing lots of people. A vaccine was first used on 1921, but a manufacturing mistake killed dozens of babies in Germany in the 1930s and caused a panic. The vaccine went mainstream only after WW2 ended. The curative treatment for TB was only ready by 1944.

So, being extremely thin before the end of WW2 meant you will die coughing blood along relentless diarrhea. It's a surprise why people would go for quackery to disguise the grim end.

It looks like the "weight-gain" language in the ads was mostly a polite and then-socially-appropriate way of claiming "bigger breasts."

Yet, even after the "weight-gain", the model's target looked thinner than today's average.

4 they seem to be more about breast enhancement.

7 this is the nightmare that has kept the Chinese Communists up at night. I think the writer is wrong to suggest that there isn't a Chinese Model International. Smart and effective repression is a killer app. The trick is to make sure that people have something to lose. Isn't that what was behind Trump's victory, the flight 93 election? And why the end of the world prediction of the remainers didn't win the day? I don't know how that Hong Kong situation will end but i get an all feeling in the pit of my stomach when i think about it. The ideology is that of the apparat.

5 likely the kids of immigrants. They aren't dominating in business by being subtle about it. An interesting story, not sure how accurate. A hotel that has been a client for years was sold. A South Asian group of people, and supposedly they have a small investor system where you buy in with small amounts, and they get enough to buy existing businesses. These are profitable businesses but not crazy expensive assets.

2 I shoot left throw and bat right. Not sinister enough.

China will hesitate a long time before unleashing any major repression in Hong Kong, because they are slowly reeling in Taiwan and that is a much bigger prize. Preserving the optics of the "one country two systems" offer to Taiwan matters more than the diminishing economic importance of Hong Kong.

China will copy the strategy that dealt with "Occupy Wall Street": just let it fester and accomplish nothing until the public is tired of it and it falls apart on its own. When the US police cleared away the final diehard Occupy encampments (in Oakland or wherever it was), nobody much cared and there was no "Paris Commune" martyrdom.

The Hong Kong protesters have serious complaints. The okupiers were worthless.

I was in Tianjin about two years ago. Pollution so bad they had us wearing masks. The business about all the foreign imitation is correct. It is my understanding that the economic decline in Tianjin, tied to the Binhai bubble burst, is the worst among major Chinese cities.

So again, wewill watch idly while totalitarianism carries the day and squashes freedom. As in 1937, as in 1938, as in 1949, as in 1950, as in 1956, as in 1961, as in 1968, as in 1970, as in 1981 and as in 1989. I feel ashamed of being American. One day we will pay for it.

Maybe one of the Camp Millionaire kids will grow up to be an eccentric millionaire and use her fortune to unfreeze your head and get it talking again. How baffled science will be when you talk Portuguese; hopefully there will be an Oliver Sacks-type to do it justice - the fathomless mysteries, the fascinating nimbleness, of the human brain.

I have no idea what you mean.

That's because your brain has been cryogenically frozen for 17 years, Mr. Williams. Once we get you thawed out, it'll all make sense.

My brain works remarkably well.

Ah Thiago, you are too funny! You have to do a little more research if you want to pretend to be a legend. You got caught out in the open again.

Probably the only thing holding them back is the unstable genius in the white House. If they shot everyone he might order American companies out of China, or he might not.

I think it is a time for acting, not for acting or maybe not.

I won't be idle, I have a new hobby.

I am talking about watching Red China's regime mercilessly squash Hong Kong freedom fighters. Why isn't our government acting? This is the Munich of our time!!

There is no 'rise of fascism', current or forthcoming. There is immense political tension, but that's been brought about by professional class tendencies that academics pretend are not there. Christopher Lasch called attention to them, not Luttwak.

I don't see fascism either. I think it's an elite boogeyman - anyone they don't like is a fascist, especially if (s)he challenges the prerogatives of those same elites.

From his Wikipedia page:

'Christopher Lasch analyzes[26] the widening gap between the top and bottom of the social composition in the United States. For him, our epoch is determined by a social phenomenon: the revolt of the elites, in reference to The Revolt of the Masses (1929) of the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset. According to Lasch, the new elites, i.e. those who are in the top 20 percent in terms of income, through globalization which allows total mobility of capital, no longer live in the same world as their fellow-citizens. In this, they oppose the old bourgeoisie of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which was constrained by its spatial stability to a minimum of rooting and civic obligations.

Globalization, according to the historian, has turned elites into tourists in their own countries. The de-nationalization of society tends to produce a class who see themselves as "world citizens, but without accepting ... any of the obligations that citizenship in a polity normally implies". Their ties to an international culture of work, leisure, information - make many of them deeply indifferent to the prospect of national decline. Instead of financing public services and the public treasury, new elites are investing their money in improving their voluntary ghettos: private schools in their residential neighborhoods, private police, garbage collection systems. They have "withdrawn from common life".'

Correct. Virtually everyone, including Trump, condemns white supremacists, but half the country has a soft spot for these antifa LARPer clowns.

The other half has a soft spot for Trumpy clowns. So, a total clownshow with no place for sensible moderation?

How many predictions has Luttwak gotten wrong over the years? Back in June, Donald Pretari commenting on MR gave one example.

Meanwhile in the last two paragraphs of the linked article Luttwak wrote: "And what does the moderate Left have to offer? Only more redistribution, more public assistance, and particularist concern for particular groups that can claim victim status, from the sublime peak of elderly, handicapped, black lesbians down to the merely poor."

Thus he explicitly considers, but dismisses as inconsequential, the powerful appeal of the wokeness and identity politics and neosocialism that has now become the dominant force in the universities, mainstream media, Silicon Valley, and the political platform of the Democratic party. He simply missed the mark.

Except intersectionalism is a fringe belief whose influence is magnified because that fringe encompasses the media, the entertainment industry, and the University system. It's a tribal marker of the communications class, but outside those limits it has no constituency.

#5. Professor Cowen, please consider why you think teaching kids to aspire to better themselves economically is "bad" or sends "the wrong signal". Irregardless of your own views, your word choice suggests you're embedded in a culture that is anti Capitalist. You've ceded the high-ground? Edmund Burke's quote about good men seems appropriate here.

I wonder if they teach the the efficient market theory there? It seems their approach is get rich through active trading which unless you are Warren Buffet or the principal of a hedge fund is a sure fire way to get poor.

' “Camp Millionaire”: can you imagine a worse name?'

Camp Gulag? Camp Great Forward? Camp Final Solution?

Clearly that question does not conform to Betteridge's Law.

Leap, forgot the leap. Reeducation required for this comrade, clearly.

“Camp New Green Deal” sounds rather ominous.

For the record, I’m obviously in favour of a clean ‘n green environment, but I’m not sure the current ringleaders for a new green deal are the right people to have in charge. Perhaps the whole thing should emerge organically with the backing of industry and government.

Gurri: "One of the most remarkable developments of the 21st century has been the decline of ideology as a political force."

What planet is he living on? The nadir of ideology occurred during the heady, foolish days at the beginning of the 90s when people discussed the "end of history" with a straight face. Nothing but upswing since then, and accelerating in recent years.

#6..Before we can decide if anyone predicted what's going on today, can someone tell me, at least, whether the problem is fascism, populism, nationalism, ideology, etc ?

Also, when we had the crisis in 08, some people were said to have predicted the crash, only the crash was going to be hyper-inflation, not debt-deflation. You don't get points for just predicting a crisis without being right about what caused and is the crisis.

Hyperinflation was oil at $140. Debt was the result, long term deflation is predicted by debt. We are entering a downturn with the appropriate deflation.

Matt, Are you saying that's about to happen now?

The ten year rate hit 3.2%, and yields have been crashing and going inverted since then. Yes, I fully expect 1,000 years of debt deflation, or another Nixon shock, which ever comes first.

Nouriel Roubini in the fall of 2008 overstated the dimensions of the coming contraction by about 2-fold. When the Depository Trust Clearance Corporation announced they expected about $6 bn to change hands in order to settle credit default swaps on Lehman debt, Roubini's crew said it was rubbish and that a disaster was coming.

Yves Smith / Susan Webber was another Cassandra who proved to be hit-and-miss. Worst of the bunch may have been Nassim Taleb, Peter Boettke, and David P. Goldman.

A Caning....Yes, it's interesting and important to look back. Luckily, MR posts and comments are on file. I appreciate your
comment as well as Matt's.

#6.."even better-known than the amorous escapades of the former University of Czernowitz professor" ( Schumpeter )

Lame. Plus , he taught at Czernowitz for two years and Harvard for eighteen. Why choose Czernowitz? Okay, it's not really a big deal but for the fact that I'm a Schumpeter fan.

2. Baseball has become more of a fountain of meaningless statistics than the field of economics. A radio broadcast of a game is a steady stream of numbers, most of which have zero to do with any particular play. They're available because the announcer/statistician is sitting in front of a computer and tied to the bogus Rapsodo and Stat-cast feeds as well as arcane numbers that don't matter from years past. They use them because the must fill up valuable airtime with verbiage or the lack of sensory stimulation for the listener will cause him to immediately switch stations or fall asleep and drive into a bus load of kindergarten students.

#2 " being Canadian-born does not provide a direct offensive advantage"
Of course not. Canadians are always very polite, never offensive, even the sinister right-handers. Sorry, eh.

#6) If people really craved economic security more than the higher incomes made possible through capitalism, then why does there seem to be no demand for private unemployment insurance? The only way we can get people to buy unemployment insurance seems to be through government-mandated unemployment insurance, i.e., by requiring employers, under threat of criminal punishment, to include unemployment insurance in lieu of higher wages as part of workers' pay packages. We know that government unemployment insurance is more than most workers want because, if it wasn't, then unsatiated workers would create demand for additional, private unemployment insurance.

Also, why don't more workers indicate willingness to accept lower wages in exchange for long-term contracts or guaranteed severance benefits? Academics seem to be one of the few groups of workers that are willing to accept lower wages for security, i.e., tenure, and many of these articles that tell us how much workers prefer security over higher incomes are written by academics. Hmm....

We already have an advanced, well-developed system for explicitly trading timing and risk of cash flows. It's called the financial system. Maybe, it's better to allow workers to maximize their incomes and trade those higher incomes in financial markets for whatever risk and timing best matches their preferences than to force those workers to accept lower incomes for some government-determined risk and timing profile which, by necessity, will not match all workers' preferences simultaneously. That seems to be most workers' revealed preference.

We also know that American savings rates tend to be low, another indicator that workers prefer higher wages and consumption over more security.

Government unemployment insurance is really mortgage, rent, car payment insurance. Businesses like the construction industry are able to lay off workers whenever they wish, knowing that they're still able to keep body and soul together and be available when the next project begins.

American savings rates must be low or the economy would be in a permanent recession. The US depends on high monetary velocity for its supposedly high standard of living.

4. Yes. "Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Antihero"

Speaking as a longtime Hong Kong resident, I think too much of what is happening now is being ascribed to conflict over democracy, rule of law, etc. It is generally agreed upon here that this is about identity and status.

Ten years ago, Hong Kongers were still the kings of China. They had been out from under the thumb of the British for over a decade and their money, expertise and class were highly valued on the mainland. Hong Kong movies, TV and music were eagerly consumed. Hong Kongers were super-Chinese.

But over the past ten years that all changed. Seemingly all at once mainland Chinese learned to do everything on their own. They made their own movies, TV and music that spoke more to a mainland audience. They learned management skills, putting the days of expat HK managers behind them. And they earned money - lots of money - such that although investment THROUGH Hong Kong still mattered, investment FROM Hong Kong no longer did.

Most importantly, they gained an immense amount of pride over all of this. This is partly due to party propaganda, and indeed there has been backlash from what is seen by some as excessive back-patting and crowing. But propaganda aside, there is a grain of truth in this pride. Many mainland Chinese people (all but the poorest) see in Hong Kong what they see in the West - old, outdated infrastructure, a happy insistence on inefficient ways of doing things (cash payments and credit cards vs. WeChat Pay and AliPay stand out), and yet a stubborn insistence on looking down on them.

So suddenly Hong Kongers find themselves in a world where their society is both outdated and out of touch with the growing behemoth of a society that is increasingly swallowing them. They have gone from super-Chinese to sub-Chinese, more likely to encounter sneers than admiration in the mainland and yet unable to divorce their society from the mainland. So they withdraw, understandably, into their unique Hong Kong identity. They lash out at China over whatever they can, even if it is legal technicalities they don't actually understand or particularly care about, simply because they are fighting for a distinct identity that they will carry with them throughout the remaining half century or more of their lives, and also the status of that identity.

A great example is the latest large march. In response to various forms of interference in their actions by mainland Chinese, protesters shifted their widespread communications about the event from Chinese to a uniquely Hong Kong written language - mostly Cantonese written phonetically in English letters mixed with a few actual English words, plus a few numbers meant to phonetically represent similar-sounding words (this arose from the pre-smart phone era when texting Chinese was prohibitively difficult, though it is still occasionally used due to a lack of an official written version of spoken Cantonese). There was an immense amount of pride in this act, not only because it seemed clever, but also because it emphasized a distinct HK identity that excluded China while also conveying an element of superiority (mainland Chinese can't read English!).

Unfortunately current trends seem to indicate that the Hong Kong identity will indeed become less and less distinct, as well as less and less high status. The protesters and their many, many silent supporters are fighting against the inevitable in that sense, which only makes them more desperate and more willing to bring the whole system down if necessary.

I completely understand their desperation and their actions, but I think it would be a mistake to attribute too much of their motives to any sort of ideals.

Interesting and new to me, thanks for explaining it so well.

Do you think Hong Kong would be better off if they had embraced English language and culture, and en masse refuced to deal with Quislings like Carrie Lam?

English simply isn't important to most Hong Kongers, and probably never was. Cantonese is what matters - the native language of the vast majority of Hong Kongers. A Singapore-style embrace of English (language) was never on the table, because it is completely unnecessary in 95% of communication in Hong Kong. The status of spoken English in the city is vastly overrated, although written English continues to play an important role for various practical reasons.

One reason for "sinister" lefty batters is that four positions -- second, third short and catcher -- pretty much require you to throw righty even if you're a natural lefty.

I bat and throw overhand righty but throw underhand lefty, bowl, kick and play hockey lefty. I should leave my brain to sports science.

I am a sinister lefty, and because of that, every time I play a swing-based sport with a person for the first time I have the same conversation about it. "Wait, you're a lefty?" "Well I swing left but throw right..." "Oh that's cool, I actually do xyz random activity lefty." As a result of these anecdotal surveys, I'd say that I'm not sure I've ever met someone who throws in a way that is not their natural "handedness." Some people only shoot basketballs opposite, some people play only pool opposite, lots of people (lots being relative) swing everything but golf clubs lefty. But I can't ever recall someone throwing a baseball that way.

My comment is moot I meant sinister righty!

Madison Bumgarner is a close to Hall of Fame level pitcher who pitches lefty but I believe is a natural righty (he bats righty for example). There have been many others.

But which hand does Bumgarner write with? If it's his left hand like his pitching hand, then he's a left-handed person who just happens to bat right-handed.

Which would be easy enough to understand, when he was five years old or whatever and learning to bat, he probably emulated what the other kids were doing (or was told by his dad or mom or coach to bat that way) and so he learned to bat right-handed and has done so ever since.

But if he writes right-handed but pitches left-handed then he's like Larry Bird, except the opposite: a basically right-handed person who does athletic activities left-handed. That'd be rare, I'm sure it happens but I don't know of anyone like that firsthand. Except for maybe Bumgarner.

Whereas I do know of a handful people who are like Larry Bird: basically left-handed but do athletic activities such as shooting a basketball right-handed; I'm such a person myself.

From Wikipedia:

"Much like fellow major league pitcher Brett Cecil, throwing a ball is the only thing Bumgarner does left-handed"

Man, that must be the rarest of all. Pretty much a true right-hander who, somehow, trained himself or got trained or decided to be a left-handed thrower.

If Brett Cecil is another example, there've probably been others, not just in baseball but conceivably tennis players or fencers who did everything right-handed except for one single athletic activity. There's some incentive to do so, left-handed boxers and fencers are well-known to have an inherent advantage over righties. And perhaps left-handed pitchers, who tend to be rare and sought after, but OTOH they have an inherent disadvantage because they'll tend to face a lot of right-handed hitters.

I think we see more of the opposite situation: natural left-handers who do just one thing right-handed -- throwing a baseball or football, or golfing, or playing the guitar. Because their teachers and mentors and peers are probably all throwing and golfing and playing right-handed and thus the natural leftie will have to learn that skill right-handed.

#2: I don't know much about ice hockey. The article seems to say that players choose a certain grip (left hand higher on the stick or right hand higher) and stick with it forever. Moreover the player's handedness is largely irrelevant to this choice. So player's don't switch grips in mid-game?

Aside from sinistral righthanders, there are also dextrous lefthanders: people who are basically lefthanded (writing, eating, etc.) but who do sports and athletics (throwing, shooting a basketball, kicking, etc.) righthanded. I am one -- and so is Larry Bird. He signs autographs lefthanded, but was righthanded on the basketball court (obviously he was a dangerous shooter with both hands, but given a choice e.g. with free throws, he shot right-handed). I think Danny Ainge is also a dextrous lefthander.

#4: I like how the third ad was a virtual copy of the Charles Atlas ads where the skinny weakling guy got sand kicked in his face by bullies, but in this case the skinny girl gets insulted and rejected by the bullies.

The data only counts through '93, before the ubiquity of the of the defensive shift. I wonder how this impacts the more modern data.

#5. Camp Millionaire

Not the same as the Millionaire Boys Club is it?

see Simone Biles brother who apparently went to that one.

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