Monday assorted links

1. Did Wicksteed discover the Coase theorem?

2. “But two other mothers who have met him said in interviews that he is clean-cut and polite. One described him as “hot.” Another said her first impression of the donor, who showed up wearing khakis and a nice shirt, was that he is “brave” and “generous.” The parents had happily connected on Facebook and Yahoo groups for “donor siblings” — and then were shocked to discover that many of their children seemed to have the same types of developmental challenges and diagnoses.”  Link here.

3. Can innovation be sped up?

4. The rise of peer review.

5. “Antisocial behaviour was consistently rated as less genetically influenced than prosocial behaviour.

6. “While the costs of RE [renewable energy[ have substantially declined in the past, here we show that rising interest rates (IRs) can reverse the trend of decreasing RE costs…


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