Vending machine markets in everything

The engagement ring (size 6.25) is in the fourth machine in the B3 slot, almost hidden among the more colorful gifts. Made by Fitzgerald Jewelry of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, it features a yellow rose-cut diamond surrounded by gray-colored diamonds set in 14-karat gold band with matte finish. It costs $800 before tax…

Ms. Kelly jokingly added that you could almost pull off an entire wedding with items from the vending machines. Grooms can wear the Duncan Quinn cuff links ($525) and a necktie ($285). Brides can carry a dried bouquet that stays fragrant for three years ($25). Photos can be taken with a Polaroid camera ($100). The machine even sells Polaroid film in color or black and white ($17 each).

Here is more from the NYT.


Sounds like capitalism in action.

Marriage is socialism. The state forces you to share property.

Marry me, Greg.

"We are all losers, and a few of us who are less loser-ish than others establish a world of our own, sometimes in a family home, sometimes in a vocation, sometimes in just simply being real artists, not necessarily talented artists but real artists: these are ways that some people who were born to be losers achieve an unexpected happiness and leave behind whatever it was that made them losers"

a quote from Gene Wolfe, 1985, in National Review, in the same issue that featured Erick von Kuehnelt-Leddihn sadly remarking on Nietzsche's lack of familiarity with the latest speculations on the real provenance of Homer's poetical power and Ralph de Toledo trying to make us believe that Hayek knew the difference between the Bellini-inspired melodies of the Chopin waltzes and those few fleeting years in which the young Wagner had the sort of awareness of diatonic melody that in later generations Prokofieff and Gershwin ( a friend of a friend of a friend of mine, by the way) expressed.
and on the cover was a picture of a vending machine in Reno (not Vegas) in a candlelit bar (not an oxygen-pumped casino) with artistic touches - here, a pewter spittoon in candlelight, there, the charming dark silk of the croupier's bow tie, and off on the side a hint of an anachronistic nautical theme -
Poseidon calling on his horn for the sea-nymphs who eternally ignored him, because

HE DID NOT CARE, the poor creature

(It is no small thing to be a kind and honest friend to a creature who never had a friend in this world).

If I have said it once I have said it a million times.

that was an Anthony Powell pastiche in case you are keeping track

copyright free as always.

Moliere, back in the day, used to wander the streets of old Paris trying to hear the sort of thing you have heard tonight.

Thanks for reading.

What does your post have to do with Ray's comment?

responds to the implicit pessimism that people like Ray have that there is not a meaning behind all that happens to us (hence the pastiche of Anthony Powell, the writer par excellence who treated the coincidences of life as intimations of immortality).
Thanks for reading.
Here it is in Aristotelian dialectic


(Sounds like .... something a beneficent God would not approve of ,,,,

The State forces you .... to appreciate something you would not want to appreciate ....)

and then, from me , the counterpoint ----

a pastiche of what Moliere, the literary patron saint of free will among the losers in life would have written if he had been pastiching Anthony Powell with an effective life-affirming response to what Ray said.

and now, tonight, what Hegel would have remotely recognized as my contribution to

thesis antithesis synthesis.

Why do I bother?

Because I care.

also it was a comment not a post.

Professor Tabarrok and Professor Cowen are in charge of the posts here, I just comment, every once in a long while.

Thanks for reading, sorry if I wasted your time.

If it makes you feel better, my best guess is that I usually do not waste people's time, sorry if you are one of the people for whom that general proposition does not have specific application.
God loves us all , in any event.

sorry for the typo I did not mean to say

"you have no idea"


and what I meant to say was

"well actually maybe you have an idea"

not the nihilistic "you have no idea"

Dante's little rhyming poem was a trite limerick compared to the real truth

and you my friend are no nihilist

As always, thanks for reading.
And as always, thanks, Tyler and Alex, for the bandwidth.
It is not really my fault that I understand THE GENERAL THEORY almost as well as I understand FINNEGANS WAKE and that I hope that one or two or more readers HERE might understand what I say, but if you wanna delete, that is fine.

Cor ad cor loquitur.

I think I'd rather have the Ruth Bader Ginsburg bobblehead. Just kidding.

that sounds beautiful

I bet it has a cute Tushy.

The doll actually tries to thrust its wooden penis into your hand. It didn't work for me but seven of my other friends saw it work.

Money laundering.

Give your drug dealer

An engagement ring.

Any comments on this story about a homeless former investment banker Yale economics major? Quite stunning.

He should have gotten a job at a Soros or Koch funded think tank. Those sinecures are more stable and you have plenty of time to blog or tweet if that's your thing.

Thanks for the NYT link warning. I almost clicked it!

Ha! Take THAT New York Times!

So they fixed that vending machine problem where the product only falls halfway and you can't get it?

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