China facts of the day

Sports Business Journal recently estimated that the NBA’s presence in China is worth $5 billion to the league.


Nike, with [Lebron] James as a primary spokesman in China, received 17% of its $37.2 billion in brand revenue from Greater China in fiscal 2019…James also has served Tencent as a spokesperson, consultant and endorser of the NBA 2K League in China.

From a marketing expert who knows China:

“The NBA is nothing but good; it provides entertainment, keeps people busy, gives them something to talk and be passionate about, and if they’re doing all that, they’re not on the streets complaining about the government.”

And to close the joke:

Said [Bill] Bishop, referencing the pingpong diplomacy that initiated a warming of relations between the countries back in the early 1970s: “One of the jokes going around is U.S.-China engagement started with pingpong and ended with basketball.”

Link here.


“The NBA is nothing but good; it provides entertainment, keeps people busy, gives them something to talk and be passionate about, and if they’re doing all that, they’re not on the streets complaining about the government.”

Bread and circuses. Same as the sports scene in the US and other countries.

"Hey, Volkswagen used enslaved labor, but what the Hell! We all must go from point A to point B." I really don't know what is the problem with those shills.

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Bread and circuses indeed. They even wear helmets and body armor!

Sorry, I was thinking of the NFL for a second there

Circuses are boring. That's why the Roman empire failed. Basketball is much better entertainment. Capitalists and communists agree.

Wish I could find the link but alas....

Last night I was just reading a Korean news story on the, alleged, diversionary tactics by (I think) Chun. The basic claim was that under his leadership following the coup the policy of promoting more social distractions was enacted. Sports was a big part of the supposed plan. As was liberalization of cinema allowing more erotic themes in movies for people to watch.

There seems to be some debate if that was or was not a plan by the regime, however the article did point to the same approach by McCarthy in Japan in the post WWII occupation period.

What to make of that in light of the relationship between the NBA and CCP these days....

China's CCP is a pathological and existential enemy to free world societies. I'm glad we can finally talk about this seriously out in the public now, some of us were losing our sanity waiting for others to realize the severity of the situation.

One can only imagine what you must think of the current President of the United States then.

That he was the first US President in decades to take on the CCP instead of being their lapdog and has been talking about the dangers China poses since about the 90s.

I'm old enough to remember when Trump was criticized for "starting a trade war" with China - even though China has been fighting that trade war since the 80s, the only difference is that until Trump, the US never retaliated.

You are shitting me, right? You can't think of any time the US has restricted trade with China before the 20th of January 2017?

The real truth about corrup NBA:

Of course, the China fact of the day is that American big business shifted production to China, resulting in enormous profits for American big business and the China miracle. Profits for American sports came much later, as the marketing potential of American celebrities became the marketing potential of Chinese celebrities. China is America.

>and if they’re doing all that, they’re not on the streets complaining about the government.

Same game plan as in the USA, in other words.

Maybe China should legalize weed, too!

This is the sixth single-topic MR post in the past 13 days dedicated to the China NBA brouhaha, not including two assorted-links line items during the same time period, plus one assorted link about online gamers brouhaha which is really just a spinoff of the same story. (Note I count the "companies standing up to foreign governments" post as a dedicated China/NBA post).

There were also three more single-topic MR posts during the same time period about China but not NBA-related. Although maybe the "national humiliation education" post was part of a halo effect. A rising tide lifts all boats?

Must be some kind of record. By contrast, in the entire month of September there were only three single-topic China-related MR posts.

The point is, seems our freedom's up against the ropes. Does the crowd understand? Is it East versus West or man against man? Can any nation stand alone?

Good points. Food for thought.

Thiago, you can't use the same quote from that Survivor song in "Rocky IV" again so soon, -5 internet points

My friend printed a lego block using a $150 3D printer. Actually, that would be about $100 US. That's amazing because the tolerances on lego blocks are actually pretty tight. There is some give in the plastic, but I didn't think it could be done. He should have bet me some money first.

American Big Businesses love Marxism more than leftwing academics. Viva la NBA!

So we should not expect Nike to support any athletes who decide to protest the Chinese government's treatment of Tibet, Hong Kong, the Uighurs, etc.

Nothing wrong with bread and circuses. People like them, creates jobs, fosters subjective well-being. Worked for the Romans.

Also, celebrities endorsing political views is a double-edged sword. Their view get much attention but are nothing more than the opinions of any other average uninformed person on the street or internet. As Elvis said when asked, "I'm just an entertainer".
Why should anyone care what an actor or guy who throws balls for a living thinks about China, Tibet, or Hong Kong?

I see. So they should they should get a free pass to betray America.

Betraying America is as American as Mom and Apple Pie.

Jaw jaw jaw is better than war war war.

And in this case, bounce bounce bounce is better than pounce pounce pounce.

Well it seems that China may have more leverage over internal USA laws and rights with basketball than ping-pong so it would be a natural stopping place.

Providing Zyklon is worth one billion Reichmarks to I.G. Farben...

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