Friday assorted links

1. The French may be moving back toward nuclear power.

2. “In fact, it is the least selective schools that are driving the national gender gap in bachelor’s degrees. For example, at for-profit colleges, most of which have very low admissions standards, 63 percent of students are female.”  Link here.

3. “…students at Oxford University are to replace clapping at student union events with “silent jazz hands” amid fears that applause could trigger anxiety.”  Link here.

4. David Brooks calls for 20-30 percent tipping (30 percent for smaller bills, say below $25, NYT).

5. Predict science to improve science, by Stefano DellaVigna, Devin Pope, and Eva Vivalt.  And here is a beta version of the associated “predict social science” website.

6. Who deserves the Nobel for China’s economic development?

7. Charles Barkley opines.


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