“Let’s Play Two!”

It is always difficult to figure out what influenced you as a child, but I commonly think back on this saying of baseball great Ernie Banks.  When a doubleheader was coming up, he said “It’s a great day for a ball game — let’s play two!”  This became a very well known phrase in baseball lingo.

It always seemed to me like a very good attitude.

If, ever in life, there was a chance to do more, or take on a new project, I would always think “Let’s Play Two!”

Here is an earlier Robin Hanson post on stamina.


There's a similar quote in Office Space where Peter asks his roommate Lawrence what he'd do if he had a million dollars, and Lawrence replies, "I'll tell you what I'd do, man: two chicks at the same time, man."

Lets do ONE, but do it right. Put twice as much effort into the one important thing.

A ball player making millions of dollars a year, sure, no problem. A salaried grunt expected to come in Saturday with no overtime pay, fuggedaboutit.

Anyhow, "Life is hard. Then you die." works for me.

Does your employer allow you to come in on Sundays, too?

When Ernie Banks first said "Let's play two" he was making $2,000/year equivalent to $19,232.88 in 2019 dollars.

I do not think that is correct:


Using his rookie salary listed on baseball-reference and an interview that with a former team mate who indicated that "when he first came up" he used to say "let's play two" on double header days.

I see the reference--it still does not seem right. Median family income in the US in 1953 was about $4000. I suppose that between discrimination and less market power, he could be making that little. It just doesn't seem likely--though someone did the research to make that table, and it ain't me, so... thanks!

I should have posted this at the time, but a month ago I looked at the teams the LA Dodgers might meet in the postseason. The Washington Nationals struck me as very impressive. And now they'll have a few days to rest their overworked starting pitchers while the Yankees and Astros finish their series.

Delivering yesterday's winners....today!

Y'all are very lucky. On both Saturday and Sunday there will be two quarter-final matches of the Rugby World Cup.

If they are even half as good as the wonderful Japan-Scotland game last weekend they'll be worth watching.

Two of my sons played university rugby; later, one of them played on a team in Tokyo. "A hooligan's game played by gentle men." Great game!

I thank President Captain Bolsonaro for his leadership.

So do I.

His leadership is like the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps.

You know who had great stamina? Jimmy Hoffa. It made him a real tough opponent in contract negotiations. I await the low-hanging fruit of organized crime comments.

how about a little aukward frau-tata demo dance stamina!


How are you doing?
"Excellent, but the day is still young; could get a lot better"

but not three.

He is so wise.

And when the Cubs had a doubleheader, Banks said, "Let's play three!"

My Chicago friend would always say exactly that when imitating Banks. My Kansas City friend on the other hand preferred "Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse."

My own favorite baseball expression may be the mildly inebriated Mike Shannon's "Just like Abner Doubleday planned it!"

Mine is, “they don’t call ‘em the tools of ignorance for nothin’ “

Perhaps - but for a baseball player there are a fixed number of games for his major league contract - 162 today, 154 when Banks first started playing, not counting Spring Training or postseason games (alas, poor Ernie never got to experience the postseason).

One could argue that the worker just wants to get more of the required work to be completed in a single day (I'm here anyways, let's finish more of this work), thereby opening up more free time at a future date. I'm going to guess everyone has done that - let me knock this out today so that I don't have to deal with it tomorrow.

Of course it could also just be that Ernie Banks thought playing baseball was fun, in a way that I'm guessing that Tyler thinks blogging is fun. "Let's blog two (more) today!"

Reminds me of another recent article regarding the word used most often by CEOs ... "no". If you want to be successful at what you want to do, you have to say no to a ton of things you don't.

the great filter for stamina is on the female gene line.
Women who can go through the really difficult marathon of pregnancy more than once pass on their genes to further generations unattenuated (mothers who go one and out do not keep up with mothers who go two or more).
Almost no woman can easily do that (have two babies) and every woman who can do that can not easily do much more --- women know that, and men who have wives know that.
We are all very very close to each other in our genetic level of stamina, due to this filter.

pay attention, what follows is called a transition:
it is not the best form of rhetoric (but I am not getting paid to write this)
My theory is that divine inspiration is the only reason Vergil read enough boring Latin poetry to write the Aeneid, which is 100 times more worth reading than the average epic. The stamina that went into the divine inspired epic ----- empyrean, right?

Other examples are easy to set up. As far as counter-examples, well, maybe I am not all that bright, I can't think of any.

So, after many many generations of difficult childbirth, we are all very close to each other in our genetic endowment for stamina; those with much less than most of us would have been born to mothers who did not bear us, and so do not figure in this, and those with much more than most of us are biological impossibilities, due to the really large coefficient of difficulty in ANY childbirth, except I guess for midget babies. And this is not Munchkin land - I am not judging, I am just observing.

Like I said, maybe the problem is that I am not very bright. That is always a possibility for thinking feeling people !

tldr: as there is no plausible biological mechanism to explain huge differences in stamina, huge differences in stamina are only explainable by divine inspiration (my favored theory when the person with the huge amount of stamina is a force for good) or really successful training regimes (nurture not nature)

actually I do not care about this subject I just had a few extra minutes at the airport and wanted to correctly use the phrase "this is not Munchkin land" in a sentence,

there is this really large family waiting for the same plane I am waiting for and the oldest person in the group - maybe a grandmother, maybe an aunt ---- just used that phrase while trying to encourage one of her fellow travelers - apparently a younger relative, guessing from the fact that they speak the same language (Basque or Albanian or Romani - has to be one of those three, those are the only three European languages I do not almost immediately recognize) not to run around in circles between the lounge chairs, or whatever you call those lines of chairs in airports near the place where the little desk is where the flight attendants hang out until you are ready to board

update -


Albanian after all.

and the 30-something woman of the group (there are about 5 women in the group, and only one is 30-something) does look a lot like Rita Ora, but with slightly less of that instagram look, I mean, this is after all an airport.

No doubt I will not sit next to her on the flight, I will sit next to one of her portly aunts or uncles, but I do not care, God loves me and that is more important than getting to sit next to someone who is not portly on what is after all only a 10 hour flight, assuming we do not spend a lot of time on the runway.

I am so so sorry if you think I wasted your time. That being said, my American version of English is as idiomatic as it gets, so there's that, at least if you like idiomatically perfect versions of American English - there is a lot less of that in this world than you might think (and yes I get it that is probably not a big priority in your life).

Oh and if you are a fellow aficionado of the writings of Dunsany of Ireland ----

(a good chess player, by the way, although I doubt he memorized as much as I did of the Paul Morphy extravaganzas of his youth)

yes RITA ORA really did sing a song whose first verse quotes Dunsany

Over the Hills AND FAR away.

I notice these things, so do you, we are both human.

I'm a gonna let you finish but you aint gonna ever tell me i am off my meds ever again

show a little respect

5 percent - maybe 5 percent - of my inspiration was what you read here

probably a lot less

I have said this in thousands of venues, this is only one out of a thousand, probably less than that ....

GOD LOVES YOU and God knows exactly what I meant when I said that

GOD LOVES YOU and God created you

I have said that to so many people.


Hate on me all you want but I know how important your specific gifts in this world are.

It kind of cheers me up when people hate on me after I have told them something like that.

Because I know that they know I am right.


That being said, be kind, follow the very simple and easy Commandments that poor Moses walked down that little mountain with, and

trust me


God loves the individual creature that you are.

And if you are having a bad day, don't worry, there are tens of thousands of angels who are ready and waiting to pray for you.

Proverbs 8.
I never forgot.

Tens of thousands of angels.

I know all their names.


Hate on me all you want, I am used to it (you have no idea) but remember this ---- once, on some internet site, some person who you never met told you the most important thing you had ever heard


That being said, be kind, follow the very simple and wise Commandments that poor Moses walked down that little mountain with, and trust me and remember that


and if you are having a bad day, and as God is my witness I know how hard life can be, if you are having a bad day....

Don't worry, there are tens of thousands of angels who are praying for you.

I know all their names.

And I know they really do care about you

I know all their names, and they know what I am saying when I say

God loves you more than God loves me
this is your world

Proverbs 8.

Thanks for reading.

this is your world, not mine

those tens of thousands of angels are praying for you and not for me

this is your world

not mine

I know all their names, in their thousands and in their tens of thousands.

once on some internet site, some person who you had never met told you the most important thing you ever had heard


as for me, this is not my world, and even though I know the names of tens of thousands of angels not a single one of those angels is praying for me

they know I don't need it

I have seen the faces of the best of the angels while they were looking at the Lord

this has never been my world from that moment on

I don't need the prayers of any angels and they know that

I don't need this world

God loves us all.

did I mention I know the names of tens of thousands of angels?

if I did mention that one more time than I should have, sorry that is not important, the only important thing is this


Trust me I know how much God loves you. This is not my world, but if it were, I would know how much God loves you in this world.

This is your world, not mine, and GOD LOVES YOU and understands all your specific skills and talents.

God loves you, never forget that, that is an important thing to remember.

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