Tuesday assorted links

1. The new left-wing critique of Facebook (and I predict it will stick, even if not always articulated as such).

2. How the internet is changing Russia’s most isolated major city (NYT).

3. Claims about Fortnite.  And transcript of my Elucidations philosophy podcast with Matt Teichman.

4. A rising expectations theory of the Chilean protests: ““Piñera’s government has always been preoccupied with reducing poverty, and has also designed policies that help the rich, so the middle class feels abandoned,” he said. “The middle class has been growing in Chile, but with a slowing economy, they feel like they were offered a path to the promised land and were never really let in.””

5. Ross Douthat on Watership Down (NYT).  And you can pre-order the new forthcoming Ross Douthat book The Decadent Society: How We Became the Victims of Our Own Success.

6. Republican control of state governments has not stopped the growth of government at the state level (median voter theorem still underrated).


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