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The President will squase those bugs the same way he squashed the RINOs and their Weekly Standard.

You mean like he did with the Kurds? There is no greater enemy of radical Islam than the Kurds yet Trump twists the knife in their back. This man deserves to be impeached.

It is not that simple.

1) A President can't he impeached just because one doesn't like his policies. That is nit what the Founding Fathers wanted.
2) We can not be the world's mom.

A President can be impeached for anything from blowjobs to cowering and showing weakness in the face of the enemy. Trump has committed both.

No, he hasn't. Turkey is an American ally.

At least 16 dead Kurds. Trump murdered those soldiers who are our blood brothers that fought alongside us against radical Islam.

Blowjobs is a fascinating way to term sexual abuse of your underlings and a long history of rape and rape accusations.

You running your mouth about our savior Trump again? He didn't rape anyone! Fake news!


3. Maybe, by the end of the week, Lindsay Graham will subscribe.

But I must admit my expectations are darker. Conservatives will murder the Kurds, if that's what the Dear Leader wants.

Spot the troll. Even I wouldn’t say Dear Leader or Murder the Kurds.

Come on guys.

If you had a little more guts you'd use another name and make an actual argument.

Lindsay Graham seems like he's melting down on Twitter, but I think it is a performance. If he actually wanted to rein Trump in, he'd "wobble" a bit on impeachment.

But he doesn't seem to be wobbling, nor is any conservative here. That puts you in Trump's pocket. A vote to murder the Kurds.

What was it Grover Norquist used to think was a cute answer to every question? "I don't care, as long as my taxes go down."

Murder the Kurds? "I don't care, as long as my taxes go down."

Well folks, there's more to life than money.

Obvious bait. Ignore the troll.

I’m not a fan of Trump, but I’m not delusional. I have a firm grasp on reality.


You don't know the Kurd situation?

And why would we pull out of the Open Skies Agreement?

Ignore the troll.

Well, see in the end that's what it is. Gaslighting in the most primitive form.

Don't look up Kurds, or Open Skies, in the news. Trust the troll that nothing is happening today.

Ignore the bait.

Everyone should stay on top of current events though.

As long as you do nothing, and continue to support Dear Leader.

I have strong and well informed opinions. I’m not a blind partisan who thinks the President of the United States is on par with a North Korean dictator.

I’m not crazy, and it goes to show how all of you conflate a moderate independent with a partisan whacko parody that spouts liberal conspiracy theories on par with QAnon.

You used to pretend that you didn't like criticisms of trump when you thought they were "off topic."

Now we have revealed but you don't like criticisms of Trump ever, even in a "never Trump" topic.

That is what makes the words "Dear Leader" work.

A Dear Leader, and the people's commitment to him, must never be questioned. Even as he murders our allies and corrupts our national security.

Sure, troll.

I make pointed criticisms of Trump consistently here at MR and on Twitter. I call him and his supporters out for their terrible policies and cognitive dissonance. I cite facts and link research papers and news articles.

What I don’t do is throw around the terms “murdering allies” or “dear leader.” I don’t make unsubstantiated claims either.

Oh and another thing. I embed my links. HTML - look it up.

So you try an argument, lose it, and take refuge again in impersonation. Sad.

Are you finally done following me around? Are you done making these stupid parody posts ?

Because you trivialize constructive criticism, which is an American virtue, with this trolling.

Be a loyal American. Ignore the trolls.

Anonymous DESTROYS Trump supporters with FACTS and LOGIC

Kurds have been screwed for at least a century, dating from the end of WWI.

Kurds are well-acquainted from long history with the perfidy of America and other Western powers.

Kurds have endured, and will continue to endure, for one reason: they are prepared to fight for their homes.

Turkey can make a bloody mess out of Kurdish land, but they will pay a helluva price and, in the end, will have about as much success as America had in Iraq, maybe less.

Simple question: should we abandon them now?

Is that your preferred policy as a citizen in a (representative) democracy?

Abandon? The hubris in your comment is typical. Playing world cop produces a lot of bodies and hatred of America.

As a junior NATO ally, there is plenty of pressure we can put on Turkey to dissuade them from what would surely be a calamitous move for them anyway.

Dissuade? The genocide has already begun.

The Kurdish Workers Party has already reported tens of thousands of dead. American made F-35s are napalming Kurdish toddlers.

For the record, Trump’s own admitted reasons for allowing Turkey to commit mass murder of our allies and their children?

Trump hotels in Ankara and Istanbul. Breaking news for all who have eyes and ears. Might not catch it on Breitbart.

Is it my "hubris" that put the word so many times, said by so many people, here?

The WSJ uses it too.

No, here's what interesting. MR has a set of "centrists" who set themselves apart by never, never, criticising Donald Trump.

These fake centrists are clearly Russian operatives trying to poison the well.

And I didn’t dodge the draft in Vietnam just to see internet discussions tainted with fake Russian posters.

I am pretty much done for the day. I think we have identified our positions. But one more to close:

Mitt Romney: "Reports indicate Turkey is predictably attacking the Kurdish allies we abandoned. It’s a tragic loss of life among friends shamefully betrayed. We can only hope the President’s decision does not lead to even greater loss of life and a resurgence of ISIS."

Brian, if you are a moral Christian, and I think you are, be Mitt Romney.

The Kurds do not owe their existence to American protection, they have never been stupid enough to rely on that.

If Turkey persists in attacking Kurds, they will get sucked into a guerilla war with no way out.

What's the point of NATO if we can't restrain an "ally" with its own grim history of genocide?

There are bad things in the world, and we shouldn't think we can just go in and fix them, especially when we end up making them worse. Syria is a great example of this. Not too long ago, we were covertly funding the other side there to the tune of $1 billion+ per year.

"I just spoke to a distraught US Special Forces soldier who is among the 1000 or so US troops in Syria tonight who is serving alongside the SDF Kurdish forces. It was one of the hardest phone calls I have ever taken.

'I am ashamed for the first time in my career.'"

"We met every single security agreement. The Kurds met every single agreement. There was NO threat to the Turks - NONE - from this side of the border." "This is insanity," the concerned US service member told me. 'I don't know what they call atrocities but they are happening.'"

The MR readers looked from troll to anon, and from anon to troll, and from troll to anon again, but already it was impossible to say which was which.

All trolls are equal, but some trolls are more equal than others.

Simple questions: Is Trump right to abandon the Kurds? If not, will you oppose it? How seriously? And if not seriously, how do you judge your personal responsibility?

Hint: you are a citizen in a democracy.

And it’s not just the Kurdish Workers Party.

Remember, we have been at war in Afghanistan for 18 years. Is Trump right to abandon Afghans? Iraqis? After 16 years of war.

Will you oppose this abandonment of our allies, who have fought and died with us? Shoulder to shoulder?

And I ask again, will you oppose it? Will you stand up and finally say enough?

Hint: You have personal responsibility as a citizen

Okay, as a responsible citizen in a great republic, here is how I would say it:

I would like to see US obligation across the Muslim world wound down, but the right way to do that is with the whole national security apparatus, and open debate in Congress.

We are not supposed to be a dictatorship which changes direction after a phone call with another dictator.

I thought we were storming the White House together, man. You were going to be my human shield. What happened?

Wait for the signal!


It is not the dish.

3. Absolutely, the two #NeverTrump twits will resonate with the over-8% of registered Republicans that aren't supportive of President Trump's hugely successful policies.

You apparently are ignorant of when US Democrats murdered (your rules) at least one hundred thousand Vietnamese in 1975.

Ending the unconstitutional and unnecessary Syria war simply is President Trump correcting one of numerous awful situations that your Idiot Obama left the USA.

Come on Dick, don’t take the bait.

I would never post something as stupid and partisan as this.

I know plenty of Vietnamese, accepted as refugees, in the 1970s and 1980s.

Non Sequitur.

51% of Americans want Trump impeached and removed
Source: Fox News

NeverTrumpers are energized and growing.

#6: Looks too much like abolishing mandatory retirement.

Decades ago when I was in graduate school, students seeking a PhD were generally anxious to finish their degrees and get jobs as a "professional PhD economist" (in academics, or public sector usually). But students seeking a PhD in geography knew that completing their degrees was the end their academic careers in geography: there were so few academic jobs for Phd geographers, that the only way to get paid for doing research in geography was to stay in the PhD program and work as a teaching assistant. Therefore 10 years or so in the program was not uncommon.

#3: Bill Kristol has proven himself a wise and prescient observer of the human condition. I'm glad to hear he's returning to the punditry scene. Ever since the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq wasn't renewed, I've been thinking "if only Bill Kristol had a more prominent media perch with which to shape public opinion!"

3: Never once in his life has Tyler ever wondered what Kristol and Goldberg are up to. I wonder what changed?

This is what's James Taranto used to call a "strange new respect."

I think Goldberg spends most of his time gamboling about with his dogs in some woodsy L.L.Bean-ish place.

That’s possible when one doesn’t have kids. But he’s prolific enough.

I don’t care for him but he’s not as incorrigible as Kristol. In fact JG has articulated the best argument against supporting Trump. It goes something like: “We spent years claiming [moral] character matters and now we are being asked to support Donald J. Trump? No way.”

Fair enough. But there’s also the lesser of two evils argument and that says Trump, warts and all, is still preferable to the likes of Hillary and Schiff let alone The Squad.

He writes well whenever I've run across him on NR. I'm sure he's a good guy.

But that argument against Trump? Whatever direction it has come from - left or "right" - I look around at the culture, the legal system, the academy, etc. - and all I can say is, oh, now you want us to be prudish - you're saying we're not prudish enough? That's convenient. How stupid do you think we are?

Give me five seconds to think of a better argument aga- okay, got it. In electing him we tipped our hand to the world maybe a little too early, that America is in such straits we were moved to throw this wild Hail Mary.

Kristol and Goldberg are NeoCons -- moderate socialists.
Romney is a NeoCon. Who here really likes Romney's politics?

NeoCons dominate the GOP establishment and hate Trump.

Actually, neocons are conservatives who happen to be hawkish on defense.

I really like Romney's politics.

#3: what they're up to is setting up twee ventures on the patronage of liberal centimillionaires like Pierre Omidyar. (After Kristol's previous set of patrons pulled the plug on The Weekly Standard when it ran out of readers). That's in lieu of what they don't want to do, which is to admit explicitly that they misjudged the situation in 2015 and 2016. The NeverTrumpers are far more common in the media than they are in any other venue, because they're who the liberal moneybags and the Democratic operatives with bylines wish to promote.

#6. "Limit the time to graduate" suggests termination after a given number of years in a program, no? The goal of the announced plan is to incentivize completion in a timely manner, and reduce non-completion.

Among the changes: "Moving forward, Humanities, SSD, SSA, and Divinity will have total program size; that is, the total number of PhD students across a particular school or division will be a fixed number, and new students will not be admitted until currently enrolled students graduate or leave their program."

Much like taxes, the "who pays" can be tricky for rules like this.

Nominally, it's a rule that works against the student, who can be cut loose after a certain number of years without a degree.

Practically, it's a rule that works in favor of the student. Students who are close to graduating are great bargains for their advisor, who gets to employ a fully trained worker for a tiny salary. Occasionally, their advisors will try to seize this surplus by not agreeing to let them defend, even though they are well qualified. This puts the student in a very difficult position, as the advisor's agreement is usually required in order to graduate.

This is more true in the natural sciences, which are externally funded, than the social sciences, where students tend to support themselves by teaching rather than being paid for research.

#4 - Looking around me, I find giving this study any credibility at all is impossible. The time span may be wrong - IDK - but something is definitely wrong with their conclusion.

I feel there now is less political acrimony than in 1860, but not much.

2. When might tech begin helping humans communicate with humans very well?

Pair of dice: each rolls 2 or less 1/3 of the time. Both roll 2 or less 1/9 of the time. That's why when 25 polls say candidate D beats candidate R 9/10 times, it's dead certain that D will win. It's less likely that rolling 25 sixes in a row!

4. Perhaps partisan prejudice is not getting worse (pdf).
The prejudice is sufficient to separate the partisans and no more, it will be eficient.

let us apply our abstract tree. We have a limited set of 'semantics', sets of word groupings to separate partisans. The partisan groups, together, must for m a coherent political discussion, a hologram of separated political thought along know axes. So, there must be an unconscious process that optimally group our political semantics to get maximum utility from a limited set of semantics. Our groups are optimally separated by the natural efficiency of grammar and language. Abstract tree theory. It again boils down to queuing, language is about queuing up ideas, and minimizing the queue lengths via reduction of a semantic graph.

Gestalt - an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.

That is another term for the Hologram process, the idea that a constrained channel can be filled via quantization of passage with package sizes. Ther new idea is simply that quantization adds tmomentum, and momentum makes the Hologram, it supports the extra holographic daxis.

A gestalt is like that, it is like a deJa vu; in both cases a sudden realization of a connection that envelopes and simplifies a process. We find the dimension along which everything i a sequence can be measured. In semantics, it is the central ides, as represented by a connect graph with no loops between distinct semantics of the language, or set of idea. A symbol set to be minimized by connected graph such that all concepts maximally use the minimum set of semantics..

Kristol and Goldberg started some blogs! How starty-uppy! Or just some vanity project for anonymous never trump sugar daddies, at least until the funding runs out.

And I don't give a sh**t for Trump either. Let me guess, they'll have articles on rationalizing Bush's Iraq failure for the nth time again.

Blame these losers and other "Centrists" if Trump gets re-elected again. DNC is actively trying to think on how to bring these ne*c*ns as if they represent undecided voters - not the out of touch coastal elite that they are.

Any president would catch hell for trying to pull out of Iraq/Syria/Yemen/Somalia/etc. anytime whether 'Obummer' or 'Orange Man' as it reduces the "credibility" argument of the US since the US is the paragon of credibility for the past 20 years in the Middle East and Central Asia. Just ask any Iraqi/Syrian/Yemen wedding goer, school kid etc…

What's one more end-stateless, pointless "commitment" to some proxies? There will always be proxies for the US begging for US arms and tax dollars otherwise they will jump to the highest bidder.

Turkey is an actual ally and these internet geopolitical analysts fail to note that.

Is the US is not fulfilling it's obligations to the Kurds by unilaterally carving up Syria, Iraq, and Turkey for the Kurdistan? Another factor to consider is that the Kurds do not speak with one voice as there are many factions within despite the media always showing some random platoon of woke girl power/sex appeal with decent looking Kurdish female trooper to stir up internet anger.

Though in the end, Trump does the amazing feat of pissing off both the proxy "ally" Kurds and the actual treaty bound allies Turks.

In 2019, what's the difference between a conservative website and a worm farm?

The website has more worms.

Keep your day job

I can't fathom how backwards and uncritical the press is given the situation with Syria and the US political climate.

Just seeing the reaction on how the Natsec blob and it's media base and fanboys are reacting regarding a "post-US" Syria as if the Syria was always the US's as some normal state of affairs. Half these clowns can't even name the various factions on their own hand.

It's an even more thoughtless version of the lemming patriot reaction of rallying around the flag for Bush's Iraq invasion that the media and the elites coalesced with back then.

Jonah Goldberg was much more interesting before he became a virgin.

#4 Or perhaps the measurement instruments suck.

Re the new anti-Trump conservatives: If you were a Nixon conservative about the environment, a Romney conservative about health care, an Eisenhower conservative about taxes, and a Reagan conservative on immigration, you'd be a left wing Democrat.

It's been many years since the median Republican politicians has been conservative.

Partisan ship has not gotten worse since 2014 (Obama = Kenyan Muslim Socialist)? BFD!

1. 60% of the time, it works every time.

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