Monday assorted links

1. California law vs. the arts.

2. Robert Cottrell, infovore.

3. Politically correct takes on The Rise of Skywalker (full of spoilers).

4. “Across race, teen childbearing leads to negative consequences for white teens but no significant negative effects for black or Hispanic and Latino teens.

5. Grand Rapids, Rochester, Buffalo, Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City are the American cities with the shortest average commutes.  On the other side of the distribution: “In the New York metropolitan area, 3.8 percent of traveling commuters reach their jobs by transit in less than 30 minutes. The San Francisco is second, at 2.7 percent, more than one quarter lower than New York.”

6. “Rio averages 24 shootouts per day. Large hours-long gun battles often don’t even make the headlines.”  The link focuses on data on the bullets.


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