Tuesday assorted links

1. “We find a small hot hand effect for free throws, concentrated in second and third shots in a free throw sequence, in players shooting at least 100 free throws in a season, and in games where players shoot four to five free throws. We find the opposite results for field goal attempts. If a player makes a field goal, he is less likely to make his next field goal attempt. These results are robust to controlling for the characteristics of the previous shot. Interestingly, both offenses and defenses respond to made field goals as if the hot hand effect exists.”  Link here.

2. “[German labor in the boardroom] …lowers outsourcing, while moderately shifting employment to skilled labor.

3. Do good teachers make you taller?

4. Claudia Sahm podcast with David Beckworth.

5. Alex Bell is now awesome and not just apparently awesome (NYT).


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