Friday assorted links

1. Are the Republicans embracing industrial policy?

2. Dominic Cummings advertises for talent, recommended if you haven’t already read it.  They are hiring “assorted weirdos.”  (Is it better to advertise for weirdos, rather than just hire them?  I’ve never advertised for a weirdo — or have I?)  And commentary from Henry Oliver.

3. Henry Olson’s WaPo column on State Capacity Libertarianism.

4. What Devin learned in 2019, part I.

5. Might Maryland and Virginia move toward YIMBY?

6. “Why do we care (should we care) so much about the distribution of something that is essentially impossible to measure or define?”  More on Saez and Zucman, which really is not holding up very well.

7. Why do doctors think they are so great?


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