In honor of Neil Peart, RIP

A sad day for me. He was a big influence on my life growing up in Toronto and I’d always hope to meet “the professor.” Here is Red Barchetta one of Rush’s great liberty songs.

Addendum: Rolling Stone on Peart.


Greatness - in drumming and with lyrics.

It's very sad that he didn't get many more years with his second family.

I didn't realize they ended up playing gigs in laundromats. Kind of sad for an excellent band, even if it was a big laundromat, packed with fans.

So, is "rush" the name of a band or something? Or the man's name or the name of a song?

Everyone would gather
On the twenty-fourth of May
Sitting in the sand
To watch the fireworks display
Dancing fires on the beach
Singing songs together
Though it's just a memory, some memories last forever

One of our "shining stars on summer nights" lost forever. RIP


Actually, Rush's Tom Sawyer was used as Intro to MacGyver in Brazil.

The libertarians do love them some Rush. But regardless, he was the GOAT rock drummer. It's still astonishing to hear their songs and just listen to the drumming...even though it's played all the time, go back and listen to the drums on "Tom Sawyer" again. Crazy good. That whole album was definitely their peak.

Not this one -- I could never get past the music part of Rush (especially the Geddy Lee's voice -- fingernails on a chalkboard) in order to appreciate the liberty part. My Canadian rock tastes ran more toward Barenaked Ladies (who included a bit of Tom Sawyer in one of their songs -- enough Rush for me).

And anyway rock music tends toward being libertarian even when it comes from performers who fancy themselves socialists. The biggest lefties in rock music wrote libertarian anthems of freedom and escape -- they couldn't help themselves. Nobody ever wrote a rock song suitable to play at the 25th Party Congress. It was the big lefty Lou Reed who inspired the Velvet Revolution, not Rush.

Sad day indeed. IMHO best drummer ever and supposedly a decent guy as well. RIP

The whole Rush - Ayn Rand thing seemed contrived, but I have gotten a lot out of their songs: they work great when I'm pushing it on my road cycle. To me, Rush appealed to the out kids. In any case, it's understandable that the out kids would be drawn to Rand: the out kids believe they are on their own (they are out kids, right). Sad, actually. Oddly, today's youth, who feel they are the out kids, cling to a different drummer.

I literally shouted "Oh no!" when I opened up MR. Dammit this is not what I come to this blog for. This man's focus and genuineness have always inspired me and always will.

"what about the voice of Geddy Lee, how did it get so high? I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy?"

"I know him and he does"

"Then you're my fact-checkin Cuz"

Lol -Pavement! -great lyric. But back to reality - we’ve lost famous rock stars - some more so than Neil but for some reason, this one really really hurts.

He was the best.


I'm not clear why there's a guy in a suit on stage?

Very sad news. Many of his lyrics resonate very deeply with me.

Got to see them twice. Absolutely fantastic shows.

I looked up at about 6:58 tonight and saw his face on the TV and knew it couldn’t be good.

Peart would've been fabulous in a Conversation with Tyler. Check out his blog and travel writings for a sense of the breadth of his interests and his deep thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

Terrible news. Thank you for posting about this.

Thanks Neil. I had to buy another copy of all my Rush albums bcz I played them so much. 2112 changed my life. Adieux, my friend. An epoch has closed.

Nice (though maybe not that surprising) to see this here. Neil brought a lot of joy to my life over the years. Loved his drumming, loved his lyrics. The themes evolved, and even he would look back on the early stuff as a bit simplistic, but even the simplest stuff had more depth to it that pretty much anything else in rock.

Except maybe Passage to Bangkok. Thematically, that was fairly standard.

Readers do do realize that Peart later renounced his Ayn Rand phase as a fantasy he grew out of, right?

Geddy Lee’s parents were holocaust survivors, something I did not know. God bless Geddy and his family.

Been away from MR a few days. Scrolling down, catching up, wondering if TC did a little Neil Peart sendup. Nice! Tyler posted one.
Thank you Tyler. Most appropriate. Missing Neil. RIP Neil.

Correction: Thanks Alex. Sure Tyler approves.

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