Loo markets in everything

If you need a toilet while on the go, trust Toto Ltd. to come up with a solution. Just summon one up with your smartphone, the company says.

The toilet manufacturer unveiled the “mobile toilet concept” at the CES tech show held in Las Vegas in early January. The company intends to develop an exclusive app that brings a portable restroom trailer to a spot near the location the call is made.

Here is the full story, via Nigel B.


This would be a lot more helpful if they could provide a guaranteed time for delivery.

Thirty minutes or it's free.

Sez Cap Slime... I wonder if you can "s-wipe" the app? Upwards, never downwards.

And what's the privacy policy? Will they be selling data to third parties?

Maybe they should also offer fresh undies

If it matters, Toto has a reputation for building the best toilets. Part of the trick is a design that positions the user just right so that the drop occurs in a place that makes it more likely to flush with least resistance.

Amen! If there’s a toilet company to trust for all of your toileting needs, it’s Toto. Their Drake toilet can handle anything. I’ve mocked Trump for lots of things, but I was with him all the way on his multiple flush rants, until I got the Toto Drake. It’s high efficiency, too, but works.

Looks very high tech. They have this wonderful video where they test the flush with blobs of brown soybean paste:

The secret is: Add vegetables until pooping improves.

Given who was mentioned, I'll point out that the vegetables are meant to be added to your diet and not at the end of the digestive process.

An "app"?

The next innovation is Uber/Lyft contractor/capitalists buying portapotties they tow around???

Reading the first sentence I imagined someone refining composting toilet technology to increase capacity so a robot based on the package/pizza delivery robots could be built that needed to dump waste only during recharge. Maybe even generate power some how from the waste it collects.

Moving around the office on demand, opening up privacy curtains, then moving on, increasing worker productivity by eliminating the need to stop working during bathroom breaks.

...to just have everyone wear astronaut diapers.

They can serve those Google contactors living out of their vans on peninsula roadsides. Poop management is a major issue in that lifestyle.

They should name the app "CrApp"

This is great. I hope it works out.

I'd pay a few bucks to quickly have access to a clean toilet on occasion.

One problem: this isn't a new idea. There's also the fact that it is NOT for someone "on the go". Reservations are accepted via smartphone and gps is used for delivery. Delivery time is likely days or weeks. Generally, the industry has more requests for rentals than it does units (in high season in a given local). It's unlikely the economics of this will change.

This sounds like an accurate assessment. Renting a portable toilet is something that people have been doing for decades. Unless the delivery is super-quick, I think the real innovation is contained here:

"The portable toilet system is also aimed at familiarizing people with Toto’s popular warm-washing feature."

I.e. it's a way of advertising and getting people to try their product, similar to food giveaways at the supermarket. Except for Americans who've been to Japan, how many of us have used anything but an ordinary toilet (or an outhouse or composting toilet if you go to a campground, or a self-dug hole in the ground if you're backpacking)?

Yes! Not new! Louis XIV would call for his 'necessary closet' to be brought to him while holding court at Versailles, where there were no bathrooms. This was a royal prerogative, the sycophants and toadies surrounding him had to go on the back steps, which were cleaned every day after court was over...

At the Tudor palaces visitors having an awkward moment would duck outside behind the shrubbery. At least they fertilized the landscaping.

I presume the roll downhill. (Blinks innocently)

Of course, America is neglecting public infrastructure, including water and sewage facilities, so I would expect soon enough that a private company will charge Cowen to take a dump.

It's George Costanza's iToilet, the app that put him on easy street.

The Toto toilet arrives
Using the Toto app
Which you prepaid with your Visa card
And then you find
That there is an add on
Toilet paper surcharge.

This is known drip or ad on pricing.

And, to make matters worse,
Toto followed
The Uber surge pricing model,
So you pay a higher price
When there is a higher demand.

Also called surge pricing.

And, to make matters worse,
There will never be
Enough toilets
For Women.

Tyler made no mention today of his wonderful new column (except on Twitter). As a pro-science person, this is easily my favorite:


There are some good observations there, e.g. this one from his column is similar to the theme of Deresiewicz's book _Excellent Sheep_ about how students at elite high schools and colleges mostly follow a safe but narrow and unimaginative path to success: "Instead, the smart graduates of America’s top universities will seek relatively thick, liquid job markets, with high upside but also protection on the downside."

But I think Tyler conflates two different policies when he complains that young people don't or can't (Tyler is unclear here) lead important modern organizations, vs calling for them to have more opportunities to run start-ups, get grants for innovative research, etc.

It's not clear to me that we can or should do anything about the former -- do we want a young inexperienced person in say the White House? Sanders is rather low on my list of preferred Democratic candidates but I'd rather have him in the White House than say Andrea Ocasio Cortez.

In contrast Tyler's other call, for letting young people run innovative start ups or receive support to do groundbreaking research, sure that's unobjectionable. Tyler would probably agree that when it comes to tech start-ups, young people already do have plenty of opportunities to run things. He also cites research that shows that federal research grants should perhaps be more heavily allocated to young or new researchers. What I'm not sure of is where else he thinks there are too many older people and not enough younger ones. Econ departments? Owning an NBA team? US Congress? Restaurant entrepreneurs?

If you are in a major city and dressed like a professional and need to go to the bathroom, just pop into the nearest large hotel and go the area where they hold public meetings. There will be public bathrooms there that no one will question if you are a quest or not.

I did it for years in numerous cities in both North America and Europe with no problems. I do not need your app.

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