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I would think Steve Jobs would be buying #5, and maybe getting a few more made.

I think he had better taste than that...

1) render unto Caeser, unconsciousness

Suicide is mostly a mental health issue.

on communist misunderstandings, the reason we worry about atrocities in war is because simplicity provides guidence, when history is complex. If you look at the Bolshivek Revolution, the moral is trust patience over change.

Maybe we can't pin it on the Industrial Revolution.

Solzhenitsyn asks, "Why is it that Macbeth, Iago, and other Shakespearean evildoers stopped at a dozen corpses, while Lenin and Stalin killed millions? The answer is “ideology.” Ideology makes the killer and torturer an agent of good, [Solzhenitsyn] “so that he won’t hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise and honors.” Ideology never achieved power and scale until the twentieth century.

"Ideology never achieved power and scale until the twentieth century."
Oh, God.

You're smarter than me.


Wonderful! Simple and to the point.

take a data management platform, which unifies discourse but compartmentalizes it; a sense of rootlessness will still, but it does replace ruthlessness. I the beholder can pick from mine own eye. This cheddar cheese no holes bullshit. The mirror of commonality, eventuality, child-rearing, isn't knowledge or power or achievement but rather is always rest. Hate/no hate see a chic military ethic//the ingenuity of a flutist. .

hilarious! I love humorous humility.

#3 "Founder Ren Zhengfei has a well documented background as a senior commander of the People’s Liberation Army."
So should we pretend we don't know that Sony's founder (and technology robber) Mr. Morita was a Japanese Imperial Army officer in WW II? Should we pretend Toshiba did not arm the Soviets? Or that Fiat and Pepsi worked with the Soviets? Or that IBM helped Hitler to round jews up and, consequently, exterminate them? Or that Coca Cola created Fanta for the Nazis? What about IG Farben?

But that awful Fanta soda helped to defeat the Nazis. Not surprisingly, Brazil is currently the largest consumer of Fanta in the world (

It is different. Brazilians like Fanta because they have a sophisticated taste in drinks and other creature comforts. It is different from inventing a soft drink to quench Hitler's military machine's thirst.

This comment is peak Thiago. Coke helped the Nazis with their delicious, sophisticated beverage that Brazilians love. This translates to Coke = Nazis but Brazil = awesome.

Viva Thiago.

And no I'm not mistaken and yes it is you.

It is quite different. Evidently, Fanta qua Fanta is a morally neutral object, neither good nor evil per se. As famous American economist Henry Hazlitt famously pointed out, saying gasoline is not to be drunk is not the same as being against gasoline or denying it has proper uses. Likewise, there is nothing inherently wrong with drinking a gulp of Fanta in a tropical climate after a day of hard work. But Coca Cola created Fanta to supply the Nazi regime with a soft drink option and help powering the oppressive war machine that threatened to enslave mankind.

I love this show!

What he ^^ said!!

3. We've been so infatuated with tech that 5G has raced passed us. I understand the Congress intends to appropriate funds in an effort to catch up, but the amount won't do it and the lack of enthusiasm (as compared with tech) won't either. Face it, we've banked our future on Cowen's friends in tech. It's likely to be a bleak future.

Um...what exactly do you think 5g is ?

And Congress is considering appropriating $1 billion because? Tech is in the advertising business. Duh.

rayward never responds to questions, but man I wish he would on that one. What he doesn't know about technology would fill a library. I don't think he even knows what the word means.

5G is productive capital. I've been screaming form the rooftops that we aren't investing in productive capital. Software (tech) for sure (what else can the boy wonders produce), but not the hardware that makes the U.S. competitive. Software is the easy money, advertising the source. If U.S. tech is so great, why is China so far ahead in 5G? Indeed, why is China so far ahead in electric cars? Why is China so far ahead in modern transit? Get over it.


First of all, tech is about $1.7 trillion a year. About $100 billion is digital marketing. So you’re off by an order of magnitude. Google and Facebook != the tech industry.

Secondly, China is not “ahead in electric cars” by any stretch of the imagination. Nor, for that matter are they ahead in energy storage that makes the industry possible.

Thirdly, China is not “ahead in 5g technology” at all. Huawei is expanding their client base by selling at a probable loss for obvious national security reasons. The government is funding their expansion to aid in intelligence collection.

Now it IS true that China has built more literal 5G infrastructure, based on government backed loans and SoEs. US companies will only build the infrastructure if there is a reasonable ROI, whereas China is funding a rapid 5G infrastructure expansion to villages without indoor plumbing. It’s the modern version of a bridge to nowhere.

It’s capital. But whether it’s productive capital is an entirely different story.

+1 Skeptical

Thank you for adding some reason to rayward's nonsensical babbling about technology.

Huawei is "leading" the market with sub-6GHz 5G equipment, that is, not real 5G as most people have been imagining, which is the mmWave (24GHz+) frequencies that offer the low latency - in addition to the higher bandwidth and throughput - that makes 5G special.

They are working on massive MIMO antennas and beam-forming, electronically steered antennas for non-line of sight applications, but they aren't exactly a leader at the moment. US companies, many of which I work with, are going to win the deployment of this technology. When it is ready the US will finally be the ones to have taken the time to do it right (instead of being stuck on 110V while the rest of the world is on 240V).

Steve - as an industry expert, what do you think of these claims that Huewai can access private communications? I naively thought that end to end encryption would prevent this. Presumably if any transmission system could access encrypted messages passing on it, this would be a significant security issue for everyone. I mean a message from my phone doesn't stop at the cell phone tower, it could pass through multiple cable systems before say it gets to my friend in China.

#1 The minimum wage is $0. These people would be paid more if it was in policy what it is in nature. If the true value of their labor was allowed to float you would see what you can see at Costco or with temp Census workers starting at $15/hour or $21.50/hour respectively. A mandate, by setting a floor, also sets a ceiling and destroys price discovery.

#3 Can anyone please explain to me what the marginal increase in utility is between 3G, 4G, and 5G? Perhaps it's because I don't watch Netflix while roaming or something, but I didn't even recognize a different between 3G and 4G.

If you don't notice any difference between 3g and 4g, even with just loading webpages or apps and leaving aside streaming, you are misunderstanding when your phone is on 3g vs. 4g.

With 5G maybe we can all dump our ISP and router?
Of course pay our Telcos more, and I guess we'll need a different modem...

5G for mobile devices is kind of a distracting side-show from what the technology is really about, which is low latency high throughput connectivity for vehicles and IoT devices.

All anyone talks about is faster download speeds on your phone, which many people at this point do not care about. But what 5G really allows for is for sensors and vehicles to communicate in real-time and allow driverless cars and other tech to rely on each other and not onboard sensors for information.

At a high level, think of a driverless car just scanning its environment with a LIDAR, infrared camera, etc. It can only see what it's own sensors allow. With 5G, the car can now receive signals from every other car on the road nearby, and every camera on every stop light nearby to determine what is around it.

Thank you. That makes sense although I'm dubious personally as to whether that's a maximum utility reason for an upgrade. I'm technical but also something of a crypto-luddite with a rational fear of over-sharing.

#4: it better be free; 'cause I'm skeptical there's real demand for such a service.

Oh come on now. Fake news outlets aren't the problem.... all we need are people trading fake news stories with each other, and enlightenment will surely ensue!

Can a media trade be closed out, like a financial derivative, by net settlement (here the side with the most lies wins?), or must one party take possession?

I smell dialectical materialism. But I always smell that.

+1 heh

It's "free" as in "you are a product," because it requires two "simple" things - (1) identify yourself as left or right, and (2) sign in with your Twitter or FB account. Ahem. "Look how easily we sorted our marketing lists this time! Who needs Cambridge Analytica!"

I don't get it

Mandatory assigned reading and composition... wonderful. And the reading material is guaranteed in advance to be annoying at best. Is there some other site where I can sign up to retake high school math classes, while we're at it. Just kidding, I ♥ STEM.

It figures that this was dreamed up by a liberal arts college. The world needs more... campus? Hammers see nails everywhere.

False News is a modern day version of the "false consciousness" theory which was part of the Soviet Union's propaganda system. The Soviet Union promoted this theory because of the lack of popularity in democracies of far left communism. The idea being that people were being brainwashed by the media against their true instincts, therefore it was legitimate for small minorities to seize power even if they were not democratically supported. This meme persists even today, because the left simply cannot believe that people can legitimately disagree with them, it must be because of Facebook false news from the Russians (in an amusing reversal).

#2. Which is why Piketty is now hailing Thatcher as the great and vital reformer who is responsible for modern British prosperity, right?


That was my take! Fairly sure that's not what Piketty is arguing of course

4. Rosa "granny" Millard "and how would it be if, when [Father] came home and looked about at his desolate future, she could take fifteen hundred dollars in cash out of her pocket and say, 'Here. Start over with this.'" -- you take 200 dinar and put in a foreign exchange market, like a Pharisee market, and when it comes out, its not like balance of payments ...its a settlement

2. We've reverted back to attacking the data. One will recall the stages of PDS: attack the messenger (he's French!), attack the premise (inequality is good!), attack the data, attack the methodology, attack the theory (r>g). Whatever. Maybe if Piketty had banged his shoe on the podium PDS would have subsided.

Attack the data is a good idea, no? Unless we want nice lies?

Agreed, Piketty's work is faulty along any number of dimensions.

Abolish the collection of statistics which arm troublemakers with 'weapons' they employ to fabricate fell, new laws, rules, taxes, etc.

Yes, how dare anyone criticize bad data and methodology.

I'm pretty sure the cost of the iPhones alone would have exceeded the selling price, $6000.

And I'm pretty sure they didn't buy a bunch of brand new iPhones to make that.

#1 "Effects appear greatest during periods of high unemployment."

Seems counter intuitive. People already unemployed seem to have the most to lose with a higher min wage. How could this be explained? Do the unemployed and desperate just move away?

People often help each other out.

I believe I have found an article that might just be enough to bridge some of the chasm between Red and Blue, R and D, rural and coastal, whatever. The tribes.

It's about the deaths of despair of the white working class. It's about their plight, why it's a thing. It tells the story with anecdotes and data and anecdata.

Here's the problem though: it was published in the NYT. Now to many here, including the ones I want to reach, that means they won't read it. While this is obviously idiotic, some pretty smart people go by that rule.

Please, just read it first. Then if you want to flame me go ahead. The article doesn't blame Trump, or Bush, or Republicans in general. It doesn't blame white people, it's about how vast swaths of white people are showing pathologies that used to be considered 'black': drug abuse, broken families, arrests, drug dealing...

It's the central problem of our nation and it's not a Rep vs Dem thing.

Please read it, and then you can criticize it. If you really want to advertise your stupidity by saying you can't read it because of the source, I guess I can't stop you.

Incentivize sterilization. Problems solved.

ladies and gentlemen, to kiss an exile is to study the art of warfare; I am aware.

BOHICA - Bend over here it comes again.

An unkind, uncaring, society might be part of it.

Americans became more unkind and uncaring one generation to the next? Hmmm...

Assault is down
Homicide is at an almost multi decade low
Property Crime is down
Drinking is down
Drug use is down
Graduation rates are up
Philanthropy is up

Everything in the article is a story of specific self inflicted misery through drugs and alcohol. Want to help these people? Prioritize Economic growth and tight labor markets. That way if/when they get clean they’ll have a chance at landing a job.

Want to get really weird with it? Tax alcohol 25% more and use the funds for a $2 an hour subsidy to employers hiring an addict in recovery (ex con) and set addict minimum wage to $3.

You kinda make my point. Your sudden suggestions are far, far, off the American political landscape.

And rather than such constructive proposals, populism of both the Trump and Sanders variety just channels anger at out groups.

(Warren could probably name a plan, but since it might tax billionaires, forget it.)

How about "just say no" - which we all used to think was so hilariously out of touch. You may not be personally responsible for how rich or poor you are. You can lose your job for no good reason.

But you don't have to drink, you don't have to take drugs, you don't have to overeat. All those things are 100% under your control.

We should be promoting the cultural meme of "NO".

Shall I take this drink? NO. Shall I use this recreational drug? NO. Shall I eat this pie? NO.

Being an adult means saying no. A LOT. Our culture has a serious maturity problem.

That's really the problem, culture. If you are born in Yamhill, OR or Watts, CA or the south side of Chicago, IL, you're basically f*cked. The culture you grow up in, the choices everyone around you makes, the norms of what is ok to's all completely degrading to human flourishing. You just assume that's how you are supposed to live.

And the parents are caught up in it too. It's not like you have any good role models.

So what's the solution? I don't know. But it's so sad that basically if you are born in certain places in the US (not Africa or Asia or desperately poor countries) you have almost no chance to rise above.

He’s the only one registering any real support. He has the following.

This is another Democrat Shill campaign to trash Sanders. He speaks his truth. Truth is apparently the Kryptonite for anonymous.

So anti-Trump is just an act. It’s just about making sure Sanders doesn’t receive votes.

#3 Good article, and as the author stated, this information has been public for some time. Huawei defenders are nuts.

#3 was weak on facts. " Huawei devices have significantly more known vulnerabilities than comparable products." - which means non-Huawei devices also have known vulnerabilities, just not as many.

Truth is, Huawei is guilty of nothing except making cheap, "public domain" type proto-5G devices, that arguably don't even infringe anybody's patents (or they'd be sued by now). Huawei competes on price, not quality, hence the 'vulnerabilities'. Also Baldwin, who seems like a decent guy, was kicked out of China, (July 2018) "I leave thankful for the time I spent in Shenzhen, China, and working with elite students in China. Despite technical protections, I knew and accepted the risks of working for the primary university in China run by the Communist Party in China as a self professed libertarian" - so that's possible bias.

Don't get me wrong: I'm strong IP (in theory) and thus (in theory) I'm anti-China, but the actual case against Huawei is weak. TC bought into it, and that's fine, but TC also has a chess player's paranoid mindset (e.g., TC thinks Cuba has developed an anti-personnel sonar device for example, which was targeted against western diplomats brains, but I'm more open minded).

Bonus trivia: me and my hot Filipina girl half my age bought a Huawei laptop, it works fine in PH and insofar as we can tell it's not spying on us.

There are many other examples of senior Huawei personnel past and present with similar links to the military or security services.

It's illegal for former US military or espionage figures to accept employment in government or industry. George H.W. Bush was the head of the Connecticut Insulation Association.

Chinese firms are required to help with all requests of intelligence gathering or requests for information by public officials.

The military is all over Apple to break into the I Phone of Saudi maniac Ahmed Mohammed al-Shamrani. Attorney General William P. Barr and other law enforcement officials have said that widespread encryption on consumer devices makes those devices effectively off limits to investigators even with a court order, hampering investigations into terrorism, child abuse and other crimes.

We have clear evidence of Huawei personnel gathering technical data on competitors products.

Pretty unusual for a company to investigate the products of its competitors, especially in the US.

Huawei devices quantitatively pose a high risk to their users.

They also have human spies, operating clandestinely in US research universities for decades at a time. Fortunately they are being discovered and forced back to the Chinese version of Hades. Authorities in the US would never stoop to intercepting the communications of foreign governments and businesses or infiltrate their research efforts. After all, foreign research is simply of historical interest to the US, that's why the Chinese want what we got.

these 2-d objects that lift off the page, the battler are not objects of worth but determination.

If the Times cut the price of the paper in half, would it reduce the number of suicides in Manhattan?

Does anyone doubt that if the conclusion of the study were that a rise in the minimum wage would not cause a drop in suicides--it wouldn't get this play in the Times? Get real. With its partisanship credibility is lost.

By the way, I used to wait at 96th an Broadway for the Times to arrive on Saturday evenings around 9. I wouldn't use it for toilet paper today.

This is what I was talking about. I know you think it makes you smart to refuse to read things. But, buddy, it don't.

Coincidence or not? I clicked on the NYT subscription options today and they were essentially half price. They almost got me. I may have to ask the Mrs for my allowance early.

#2 - 1980 is exactly when oil prices peaked, which raised Soviet PPP and lowered the UK's PPP. The Arab oil embargo only lasted from 1973-1974. However, it kickstarted a surge in oil prices that not only improved intra-year performance, but also boosted counter-cyclical capital reserves and paid for research activities and infrastructure. This wasn't just a tailwind for the Soviet Union, it was a lifeline in disguise. On the flipside, America and the U.K. languished under the burden of crushing oil prices and hyperinflation. A lot of slack in the economy that could have gone towards other things was wasted on oil, enriching corrupt and ineffective regimes with failed economic systems. The "Reagan/Thatcher" booms could potentially have started a decade earlier were it not for the embargo. The same goes for the demise of the Soviet Union.

Economics is not the only reason for regime survival, look at Cuba, North Korea today. The drop in oil prices, along with the drive against vodka were some reasons the USSR collapsed, but the main reason was the people themselves envied the West. But those are not sufficient reasons for collapse (viz., Cuba, N Korea)

3. Of course. We like American companies because, if they put in backdoors, they're American backdoors gosh darn it.

But as others have asked, what value proposition do you offer customers who are neither American nor Chinese?

Apple seems to be trying to make a credible offer of secure communications. Is that solving for equilibrium?

The real Trump Delusion Syndrome is all of the people who have jettisoned principles in order to poodle up to Trump. The great thing about the can more easily look up what people have aid in the past. We'll be giving out Best in Show awards soon. Look for it.

Trump is pro-life, and you are a middle-aged man who supports abortion on demand. You probably even support the currently fashionable support for late-term abortion on demand.

Think about it.

I don't like Trump. But I absolutely love the way he pisses certain people off.

Tip to Dems. Nice politics is broken and you won't get it back. There will be no road to a universal utopia. No annealing victory to unite your country behind your "progressive majority". Even if you "win" (and, yes, you may win), it will be over a smoking, polarised, Republic, where you will be forced to become that you hate most. Your proclaimed ethics will be a mockery and your triumph will be ashes in your mouths.

Just sayin'.

Seriously. This kind of scorched earth tribal partisanship is incredibly immature and toxic.

#3 Somebody is after Ron Vara's job.

GDP/capita in UK and SU may have been the same with half the Soviet output made of useless military goods and personal consumption half that of UK. When the market collapsed, half the physical and intellectual capital became useless.

Thanks for the Huawei link, prof Tyler Cowen. Very interesting.

The US is pooping it's pants over Huawei. Meanwhile an Australian state government is subsidizing electrical equipment that can be and is directly controlled from China. But don't worry, it's also subsidizing electrical equipment that can be directly controlled over the internet from the United States as well. (Unless of course, that function has been outsourced to China.) The US also sells cars here they can brick from across the Pacific, but we haven't bought many yet.

Hmmm... I don't think this is where the above comment was meant to go...

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