Canine collar markets in everything

There are a lot of great options for dog collars on the market, but none of them will amuse you quite like the Cuss Collar from Mschf Labs. It’s a relatively simple product that combines a patent leather collar strap with an injection-molded speaker that does exactly what you think it does–it swears every time your dog barks. After all these years, it turns out Fido wasn’t saying things like “I love you,” “let’s go for a walk,” or “feed me,” he was saying things like “motherf#*ker,” “shit,” and all kinds of other expletives.

Here is the full story, via Michael.


My dog woke me at 5:00 am every morning for months. I told my friends my dog could read the clock. Then DST ended and my dog started waking me at 4:00. My dog can't read the clock. Alas, my dog is a dog. Thank goodness. That means she responds to control by the dog owner (me); dogs, like children, feel safe when they are controlled. Forget harness collars or cursing collars, an old- fashioned choke collar or halter collar works best for dogs. The dogs are happy and the owners are happy. Dogs are actually smart, simple creatures, it's their owners that are stupid.

Your post is sensible, almost insightful, actually. More of this, Rayward.

Yep, more rayward please. After all the interweb is running low on generalization.

One function of having a dog is that you can let it express your socially unacceptable impulses while pretending it's an innocent child. A collar like that would throw away plausible deniability.

Which confirms - there's a sucker born every minute. On the other hand - YAY for capitalism!

Isn't this exactly the mechanism through which capitalism decentralizes "unearned" wealth? "Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations": Seems like socialists (even the democratic kinds) should be in favor, no?

CNTRL + F + "patent" --> FINALLY YIELDS A HIT!! (but it's for 'patent leather' not patents...)

I want a dog collar that mocks Trump. It would be cool to have a dog with fake TDS. It will get a rise out of all appropriate parties.

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