Monday assorted links

1. New book on Never Trumpers by Robert Saldin and Steve Teles.  And should a Fields medalist be mayor of Paris? (NYT)

2. A dollarized and somewhat deregulated Caracas is booming, sort of, at least relative to the immediate past (NYT).

3. Jennifer Doleac on Thomas Sowell.

4. Interns: “A résumé audit study with more than 11,500 applications reveals that employers are more likely to respond positively when internship applicants have previous internship experience. Employers are also less likely to respond to applicants with black-sounding names and when the applicant is more distant from the firm.”

5. “The criminal activity around avocados bears striking similarities to “conflict minerals” such as tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold…

6. Solve for the equilibrium.


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