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7) They've read Lionel Shriver's The Mandibles and know how coveted tp will be in a societal collapse

3) If Jamaica can have a bobsled team then Zambia can have a space program. Let the warm and fuzzy movie scripts roll in ...

I have a Disney movie knock-off, "Jamaica Bobsled Team - Cool Runnings" tee shirt.

That was necessary.

And in the interest of fun, which statements sound like MR commenter quotes?

“From a societal perspective the benefits of giving everyone modafinil once a week are probably worth a dead kid once a year.”

“One way to get around the problems of unplanned pregnancies, creating a permanent underclass, would be to legally enforce universal uptake of long-term contraception at the onset of puberty. ... Vaccination laws give it a precedent, I would argue.”

I'll go with the second one:

"And in the interest of fun, which statements sound like MR commenter quotes?"

This is clearly prior just trolling. I saw this on SSC. From a described Guardian hit piece on some dude named Sabisky.

Apparently from his online musings on hypothetical dystopian futures.

Yep, I agree that it was prior. It was his standard passive aggressive sniping.

That's why I highlighted his comment about "statements sound like MR commenter quotes?", because his post was exactly what he would normally post.

It had implicit irony.

Sabiskygate is hilarious. It's a reflection on how much Cummings' "assorted weirdos" plan backfired on him, a Major Level shitstorm now.

Bloomberg, and now this. Lots of Kinlsey gaffing lately.

7 - Suggested Subtitle: "Dazed And Confused Over The Rise of Populism."

What has the ruling elite done right in the last 20 years? go ahead, dazzle us with the spectacular record of successes.

They gave us many reasons to fire them.

"Even a journey of a thousand miles ..."

You're aware the ruling elite is still ruling, right?

Well, they are still ruling. Like they always have and always will. You don't think electing Trump has any effect on that, do you?

7. Tom Cotton, Republican Senator from Arkansas, says coronavirus is a biological weapon created by China, creating the potential for widespread panic in the U.S. if the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. spikes, and for the Trump base to demand retaliation against China.

A friend in the PRC emailed me, "A Red Army biological weapons lab is sited 300 yards from the wild animal meat market. Best regards, Your friend, Ho Lee Fohk"

I understand that Trump is preparing for a coronavirus outbreak by directing Homeland Security to distribute massive amounts of toilet paper to Americans to wrap themselves in as protection from the virus. Trump says he got the idea from the folks in Hong Kong. There's a rumor that Trump directed Homeland Security to distribute unused toilet paper to white people and used toilet paper to black and brown people because Trump was concerned the supply of toilet paper wasn't adequate.

It could happen here.

HK organized TP thefts are symptomatic of a failing state with many other necessary consumer goods vanishing from store shelves.

My China friend, Ho Lee Fohk, would say, "That is total spucatum tauri." You see. He knows Latin, too.

I'm don't know that he said that. It is based on a report from biological scientists at the South China University of Technology saying it may have been the source of the coronavirus outbreak.

Senator Cotton said that China is not providing information on the Red Army bio weapons lab near the open-are wild animal market.

Facts Don't Matter.

Good point. China is certainly a challenge, a threat and an opportunity to China. The incumbent's approach to this momentous problem has been to put it, mildly, an unmitigated disaster. That is why I intend to vote for Mator Mike. Mike gets things done.

See the Ho Lee Fohk email quoted above.

Meanwhile, Trump allows fourteen people infected with coronavirus to return to Texas this morning after being quarantined on a ship in Japan. The infected passengers on the return flight to Texas were placed in a "containment area" in the aircraft. Trump defended his decision by stating the aircraft was self-driving so no flight or crew members were exposed to the air circulating in the aircraft. The 14 arriving infected passengers increased to 29 the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. Meanwhile, the Texas Legislature went into emergency session this afternoon to consider secession from the U.S. so as to prevent more return flights with infected passengers from entering the Republic of Texas. Trump supposedly won't resist secession provided Texas casts all of its electoral college votes for Trump before the effective date of the secession.

I can't tell, is this the real rayward or a funny troll?

If it's the troll I think I prefer the troll.

Funny, so not rayward.

So is the point where rayward has verifiably gone insane?

China does not hold a monopoly on occult dietary habits.

During the midwinter festival, porrablot, Icelanders ejoy an attractive entrée called svio. It consists of a sheep's head split in half, singed to remove the fleece, and boiled. Yum!

Global warming will be good for the Icelandic diet.

2. Today, Mr. Forget said, the city has a system that allows police to call designated approved towing companies on a rotating basis.

So how many towing companies in the US are owned wholly or in part by policemen, retired policemen, or their relatives? This problem doesn't seem to exist south of the border.

in chicago at least its mob ownership

Just another side effect of immigration. The Globe and Mail is leaving out details of the ethnic makeup of the industry. Thus is just a case of a clash of cultures, nice Canada versus act-like-we're -back-in-the-home-country immigrants. Diversity is their strength.

2. Unfortunately, "tow truck wars" of various kinds have been around in the USA for decades. See for just NY and Philadelphia:

indeed. stay the hell out the way when they are racing to be first on scene

"3. Zambia had a space program in the 1960s (New Yorker)."

Clearly that was all just cover to divert attention from the successful and clandestine Wakanda space program.

"6. The Economist lead book review is for Garett Jones’s 10% Less Democracy."

From the article:
"In light of the use of state apparatus by elected leaders to undermine an opponent in America, "

They are probably referring to Trump's Ukrainian scandal, but it's of course, true of the Obama administration's FBI lying to Federal Judges to spy on the Trump campaign.

". . . use of state apparatus by elected leaders to undermine an opponent in America, . . ." Does that mean the Trump apparatus would be undermining an opponent, here Crooked Joe Biden, if they arrested him for shooting someone on Fifth Avenue?"

I think it means that Trump would be impeached if he asked that Joe Biden be investigated for shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.

That should be:

I think it means that Trump would be impeached if he asked that Hunter Biden be investigated for shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.

Carter Page was 1) no longer affiliated with the Trump campaign and 2) at the time, was routinely dismissed by people in Trump's inner circle as a minor player in the campaign. Some of these senior Trump people didn't even know who he was and others didn't know what, if anything, he was doing for the campaign.

Any lying under oath by FBI agents needs to be punished but describing the result as "spying on the Trump campaign" is not correct. Carter Page's activities in Russia deserved scrutiny by any intelligence agency worthy of the name.

6. The university system in the USA is run entirely by elites with minimal democratic interference from the hoi polloi. Even state universities are beyond effective reach of the people.

How is that working?

There is some price inflation and the usual generational upwelling of leftist stupidity, but American Universities remain the greatest in the world by a significant margin.

Maybe pick a better example of an elite screwup?

#5: good fun. I was delighted to hear that sunlight reaches Cleveland. Does it ever reach Buffalo?

Absolutely, but then the glare off of all the snow causes chaos.

2 - There's a Canadian discovery channel reality show about tow truck drivers in GTA - my family watched more than a couple episodes during hotel downtime during our recent Quebec City vacation.

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