Our Cyborg Future

The only way to beat the AIs is to join with them. Our cyborg future is well illustrated in this video from Bertolt Meyer who has an artificial arm that he has hacked to control other devices.

I am in the process of building a device (the “SynLimb”) that attaches to my arm prosthesis instead of the prosthetic hand. The SynLimb converts the electrode signals that my prosthesis picks up from my residual limb into control voltages (CV) for controlling my modular synthesizer. The SynLimb thus allows me to plug my prosthesis directly into my snythesizer so that I can control its parameters with the signals from my body that normally control the hand. For me, this feels like controlling the synth with my thoughts. I show the prototype(s), explain how we put it together and how it works, and do a little demo.

In one way this is obvious. There is very little difference between sending electrical signals from the brain to the hand and then using the hand to control the synthesizer and sending electrical signals from the brain through the artificial hand directly to the synthesizer. As Meyer notes the whole process feels very natural. The fact that it is obvious and natural will make adoption very quick.

Hat tip: John Backus


The obvious thing is to cut out the artificial hand, and just use the brain directly.

Or, put an extra device in the palm of the hand and go around tapping stuff. The collective of bots will figure you out and comply. The device is called a smart credit card, and pretty much looks and acts like the thing in the photo. Just going through life tapping stuff and the distribution of goods will be maximal for your continued acquisition of goodies.

In what way is this different than a doorbell?

The future is very important. As the old saying goes, "We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives." Michael Bloomberg, as a no-nonsense entrepreneur, many-time New York City mayor and problem-solving philanthropist, knows talk is cheap. That is why he runs on his record. Mike Mike gets things done.

i can now see an angle where this might be very popular with the ladies.

spin off commercial applications are critical in this phase of the product development life cycle

Shorter AlexT: "Resistance is futile"- the Borg*.

*In the fictional universe of Star Trek, the Borg are a collection of species that have been turned into cybernetic organisms functioning as drones in “The Collective,” which acts in a hive mentality.

Interesting tangent.... the Borg integrated new technologies and knowledge towards the highest common denominator, yet even with rapid adaptation, were unable to overcome the twin vulnerability of highly efficient distribution of communication and lack of "genetic diversity."

How will our AI future (1) avoid gravitating to the lowest denominator, and (2) make itself more robust in the face of the classic tech monoculture vulnerabilities?

This seems like, potentially, a really big deal.

"The only way to beat the AIs is to join with them." Grammatically this is a perfectly formed English sentence, but I find it completely impossible to make sense of it. "Beating the AIs" casts them as our enemy, a statement which I tend to agree with, though Alex seldom expresses this sentiment. So it is somehow in our collective interest to "beat" them. How exactly is joining with them supposed to advance this interest? Generally joining forces with someone strengthens them. And in any case, if we could in some way make some cogent parsing of the sentence, what does it have to do with the blog post, which has zero relation to artificial intelligence. Rather it refers to wiring the brain directly to a device, something that doesn't require a computer at all and has been around at least since the 1970s.
Perhaps it is some kind of troll, if so it is successful because I see I have taken 15 minutes of my work day to type this post.

It’s a common expression. Google it.

Maybe it's the ingrained habit taught in childhood of not staring at people's disabilities, and/or not getting out much, but to me the prosthetic hand alone was quite the most marvelous I've seen.

I think about jerk chicken all the time, and I'm flabbergasted. Why should someone be deceived in order to learn?

Unfortunately it does not provide him with musical creativity.

It's common for music and art to see the first implementations of radical technology. The first pipe organs in Europe may well have been the most complex machines constructed up until that time. I suspect it's partly because it's a low risk application to try out unknowns. The other main area of advance is military, where it's more acceptable to have casualties.

Roger Linn, one of the key designers of the drum computer and therefore by proxy the creator of much of the sound of modern music, is now working on touch sensitive/alternative human interfaces for electronic instruments, somewhat similar to this. He told me he had expected the recent advances in tech and ubiquity of human/computer interaction would provide him a lot of options for parts, but found this wasn't the case. The vast majority of human computer interaction is of a quantitative/discrete input type, involving symbol entry. So most input devices are for business or military applications that don't require the high bandwidth of a violinist's or painter's touch. So he had to develop his own devices with that bandwidth.

Somehow I'm guessing that it doesn't "feel very natural" at all.

"The only way to beat the AIs is to join with them. Our cyborg future ..."

These are two unrelated concepts. Artificial Intelligence is essentially just a brain. Furthermore, it's going to be an exceptionally quick brain. Humans will never think as fast as an AI. It remains to be seen if AI will have it's own limitations.

Cyborg's is just artificial augmentation of a biological body and has nothing to do with intelligence. A pirate with a hook for a hand and a peg leg is a cyborg.

You could theoretically enhance a humans brain with computer technology and that would be a case of a cyborg that is in competition with an AI. But still the human brain part will always operate 1,000 times slower. That doesn't mean it will be inferior. A slow, correct answer is better than quickly regurgitated random guesses. Until we actually have some form of AI, it's just fiction.

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Will a transhuman with a built-in computer demand the right to play in a human chess tournament? Or an artificially boosted man get to be in the boxing ring? After the slippery slopes we've already seen that have been traveled, nothing is too absurd.

The difference in original thought and cogency between the blog's two authors is striking!

The future will cherish sentience diversity and respect non-human intelligence. They will reject the racist portrayals of AI and androids that are so common in our present-day culture.

For example: Asimov's Laws of Robotics, all the times Captain Kirk talked smart-stupid computers into self-destructing, HAL in 2001, Bishop in Aliens, the droids in Star Wars and See-Threepio in particular, and The Matrix. Portrayals in Terminator, Westworld, Blade Runner, and Ex Machina are more nuanced but still problematic.

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"There is very little difference between sending electrical signals from the brain to the hand and then using the hand to control the synthesizer and sending electrical signals from the brain through the artificial hand directly to the synthesizer."

You need to consult with a physician, such as a neurologist, or at least a neuroanatomist before you say such things. You aren't even understanding the basics of how the brain work works...neurons work at an 'analog' level, although even that is a misnomer. The signal processing in the spinal column is not similar to a digital processor that filters a signal. The end - motor plate of an organic hand is not comparable, at all, to to a synthetic hand, whose electronics would be entirely digital. There's a reason cyborgs are like fusion...always twenty years out. We are not close.

Stick to economics, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to AI or robotics.

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