San Antonio Zoo Valentine’s day markets in everything

For $25, you can name a rat after your dreaded ex. This rat, who now bears that terrible person’s name, will then be fed to a snake on February 14.

And yes there is price discrimination too:

FYI, you can also pay $5 to the San Antonio Zoo to have a cockroach named after your ex if you’d like to go a cheaper route.

Here is more, via Ellen F.  Should this be understood as a reductio ad absurdum of “takedown culture”?  Somehow I don’t think so.  I am in fact surprised that our gentle age would permit such an emotionally hostile practice.  For what is this a “gateway drug?”  What if you believed in a strange kind of voodoo and thought such feedings in fact placed causal pressure on the so-called real world?  I would be surprised if this market still were up and running in three years’ time.


That's not price discrimination, a cockroach is not a rat.

So this is it. America has become a nation of meanies. What has happened to the Western virtues of humility, temperance, justice, and prudence?

He didn't say that the San Antonio zoo had any customers.

Maybe Cowen lives in a gentle age, but my observation is that we live in a hostile age. Has there ever been a president more hostile than Trump: MAHA (Make America Hostile Again). Since I ride a road cycle, I am well-acquainted with "hostile culture". As I have pointed out before, Republican controlled state legislatures are making America safe again for hostile speech, guaranteeing the right of right-wing provocateurs (rats and cockroaches for sure) to insult black and brown people.

Let go of the hate rayward. It's burning you up inside.

Yup. rayward is “bitter” and “deplorable.” To quote some people we know.

But I’d forgive rayward his bitterness if he didn’t drone on, in his repetitive way.

On a more interesting note, I acknowledge that Trump fights back. He’s got a long memory for slights. I remember the Bork unpleasantness and the attacks on Clarence Thomas, a man we now know as a decent person, and I recall thinking: there must be a way to fight back without stooping to the left Dems’ level. Trump hadn’t found that way — and hasn’t even looked for it — but for better or worse, he isn’t a pushover.

There is no force in heaven or on earth that can make Trump act presidential. But I'm glad you are successfully suppressing your urge to commit murder.

I'd pay $50 to feed JWatts to the snakes.

The path away from hostility starts with calling your political enemies rats and cockroaches. Let's not lose this momentum people!

Yeah! Lock that bitch up! #maga2020

But fine commentary like this is just fine

“Jane!” he said, frowning. He had a black jacket and a black tie with green pants ruffled perfectly at the bottom and reached out his hand and held hers for a while. Neither spoke, but went on remembering, Jane the animals of a safari she had gone on in Swaziland when she was Yara’s age. The Rhinoceros a rook of pride, the prickly, adjacent moon of dancing, the adorning crown of a cigarette between two boulders on Sita’s road, The gazelle drinking without twist, a painter planting spring’s first seed. The wild turkey, spitting and jabbering, an old lady on the newest sunspot of, The Tiger Shark sheltered by commonplace, the earth’s landline, forward, stochastic, the Turtle sliding out to sea, so built with infirmity and travailed with the sinking steps of the giraffe. Those creatures living with Free minds, waiting for a better tomorrow while the sparrows also on their sides, at least waving though, filled by calling Throat, Thrilling, without the coats the others adorned.
“Where were we?”

Interesting offering, and borderline on the socially acceptable, I agree. Yet we are confounded by our emotions especially in our social relationships where irrational behaviour flourishes. In these emotional brezel-like situations when shrinks are too oft needed, these kind of services me be very helpful for people to let go and move on. I don't think this is a gateway drug for anything, giving a label for a standard, one-time, necessary act (the animal has to eat). You can watch Hollywood movies if you search for gateway drug methods?

Brezel? Are you German?

While we are on the subject of stupid ideas, could we get rid of the NBA all-star game?

Markets in copy cats, though without the extra cruelty - "Looking to get yourself a present this Valentine’s Day? The El Paso Zoo has you covered. It will name a cockroach after your ex and then feed it to a meerkat live on camera."From the 2019 edition of MR's Valentine's day markets in everything.

Those roaches are gonna get eaten by the meerkats no matter what they are named.

This a hate crime is the ex is a female. The entire zoo would get cancelled.

But if it's a guy? Well, then it's just hilarious!

These markets were around in Texas -- and advertised in MIE -- last year too!

So that's where all my alimony has been going...

Cancel your bigot ex

Does the countdown clock for this naming market start in 2019 or 2020?

And how many imitators will there be outside of Texas? Sounds like a cheapo way to make money.

Presumably this was "on topic," because it disparaged Democrats?

I agree with Tyler that this is bad. In fact it is such a simple moral question that it seems a bit boring. I'm not sure where this 3 years business comes from though. More on that in a moment.

As Bill and Ted said, be excellent to each other.

rayward went a bit overboard, and after spotting the low ground, did not keep to the high ground himself. But you have to admit he's right, that name calling has taken a place in the corridors of power. Funny names and insults, even misreporting people's height, is accepted many places and perhaps in this blog, as completely normal.

If we were truly going to clean up our act, where would we start?

Really? I thought I was the one who had gone on and on about the importance of nonviolence in politics.

And truth, justice and the American way.

Oh yeah and rule of law.

Not to mention constitutional democracy.

Good stuff, right?

"If we were truly going to clean up our act, where would we start?"

By banning you?

Something is deeply broken here, and maybe the hosts should consider it. I have been nothing but polite on this page, nothing but polite all week, iirc.

And in fact I speak above for kindness and civility.

For that the denizens of MR want me banned.

Sometimes I think Tyler weeds his garden a little bit like Morticia Adams and her roses, and this is the result.

You need to own your past misconduct. Good behaviour, so short in duration, does not make up for it. Perhaps you should apologise sincerely and repent further.

Speaking as somebody who has done wrong in the past.

It is possible that at times I have been a bit unrestrained in my arguments for values and virtue ..

Nah, forget it. You might as well keep on your current path. I have been on the other side before (your situation) and you are clearly not willing to make the effort.

That being the case, you might as well enjoy the fruits of being disruptive since you already won't be accepted by the community at large.

Misreporting someone’s height? Should be impeached for it. Lol. +1 for the Bill and Ted reference though

The height thing was a little bit light-hearted, for anyone in the mood.

Is offering a lower priced option an example of price discrimination or market segmentation?

Apropos for Valentine's Day, one of the sponsors on the Penguins radio network tonight was a divorce attorney. Whatever happened to beer, hot dogs and car dealers?

San Antonio has struggled with their relationship with animals for some time. Not long ago, when the city shelter was trying to go "No Kill", they paired adoptions with tickets to SeaWorld. It didn't go very well.

I am still optimistic about San Antonio and it's relationship with animals, though. Some very fine, thoughtful humans live there. And for the rest, the only way out is up.

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