Totally false thoughts about the coronavirus (overheard on the street)

“Yes, Trump’s poor coronavirus response is inexcusable. But let’s get real people, the Dem candidates have been holding mass rallies and only today did Bernie and Biden cancel them.  Are they so ahead of the curve?”

“Reductions in air pollution due to COVID-19 in China have probably saved more lives than have so far been lost to the virus.”

“Thank god for the automatic social distancing effects of NIMBY.”

“If you want to get ratioed, try suggesting that climate change will help all the more.”

“In part we should be happy to hear there are so many cases in Iran, because the country still seems to be holding together.”

The pattern I see developing in the West: either do nothing or cancel everything. People seem unable to accept the only solution that works: go on with life while being controlled


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